Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

 (8,009)5.91 h 45 min2012X-RayR
HD. President Lincoln battles a confederate bloodsucker outbreak by night in this exciting revisionist action-horror tale.
Timur Bekmambetov
Benjamin WalkerDominic CooperAnthony Mackie
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Top reviews from the United States

sixthreezyReviewed in the United States on December 2, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Abe Lincoln Vampire HUNTER - A Bloody Good Time!
Verified purchase
I had seen this movie when it first came out on video and was kind of surprised honestly at how good it was. During the craze of vampires (Twilight, etc.) and Abraham Lincoln biographies, Seth Grahame-Smith created a story blending these two things together after his success with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (which took a lot longer to get a movie and is nowhere near as good). For $5, this was absolutely worth another watch and adding to the collection as a fan of horror flicks.

I've read parts of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and it's definitely much drier than the film is. During the special features and movie commentary, you hear the author explain how the idea of this book basically spawned the film. He wrote most of the book while getting the film started up at Fox and is why there's more action & the like in the movie. They also added a lot of the action scenes and even a few of the characters to give the movie more of a story that a viewing audience can follow. They do this well without damaging what already existed for the movie, especially because the book was being written during this process.

This film is what happens when you take a good, corny idea seriously and play the balancing act perfectly. The director does a fantastic job of making this a non-stop action/horror thrill-ride, but also not straying too far away from the legend of Lincoln. I particularly love the way they tie in race issues and slavery to the overall vampire story, it's quite inventive and doesn't really pull away from either subject. There's a very fine line here with this either being too silly or too serious and everyone involved seemed to have a good grasp on what this film was. I think Ben Walker does a fantastic job of making Abraham Lincoln believable in this context, and really capturing what makes this movie tick.

Something like this easily ends up sitting in the bargain bins, but it's entirely worth the purchase if you're even somewhat interested. There's a lot of great talent in the movie, including a few familiar faces. Great character actors including Anthony Mackie (who in the commentary they say isn't "quite a star yet" and boy didn't they find out), Rufus Sewell, & Dominic Cooper. Also, Axe Fu is quite the treat to watch on screen. There's a lot of CGI in the film but it's done really well and some 5+ years later doesn't feel completely outdated. Even the director's signature speed ramps do not come off as annoying or out of place.

A good helping of special features here, though most of them use the same clips when talking about different aspects of the film which is kind of boring. The feature commentary on disc is always good, though it's from the writer of the screenplay and author of the novel, not the director. Benjamin Walker was interesting to listen to about his perspective on the role, and the director Timur Bekmambetov definitely has an eye for stories like this one. Case was in good condition, came with both Blu-ray disc and DVD disc (which doubles as a digital copy). I believe this came with a digital code too as the movie is in my MoviesAnywhere, but I cannot remember.
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Samantha FennimoreReviewed in the United States on August 21, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
I just absolutely love Dominic Cooper
Verified purchase
I am adopted, but was born in Romania. I have always been interested in vampires and I guess it is because of the fact that I am Romanian.
I just absolutely love Dominic Cooper, who is from Mamma Mia (Sky), Captain America (Howard Stark), and my new obsession The Preacher (Jesse Custer). Yes, he has been in many many shows and movies. I just find him very attractive and I would love to have a guy just as silly and amazing as he is.
I love Benjamin Walker because he is in my favorite romantic movie The Choice which is yes a Nicholas Sparks movie.
This movie is both fiction and nonfiction at the same time. I was never really a big history buff, well not until my junior year of high school when my teacher who ended up being my all time favorite teacher. She was the one who really got me into liking history.
But politics, that is something that I am very passionate about. So basically just mixing the two president and vampire stuff together. It just blew my mind away and it is on my top five favorite movie list.
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ibuyamazonReviewed in the United States on December 14, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Suspend belief and trust in Honest Abe to entertain you.
Verified purchase
The Title Screams, "Watch Me". The previews with honest Abe swinging an axe to eradicate the evil lurking among us, seemed both ridiculous and inspiring. Here was our war weary president trying to reunite the country while kicking vampire *ss!. I mean, what more could you want?
As it turns out the movie pretty much lives up to the hype. There is an actual plot with characters we can get behind.
Of course some scenes are over the top or just plain silly, but to slay vampires you probably need a good sense of humor. The action is cool and it comes at you fast. When Abe wields his unforgiving axe at Vampire flesh, mayhem ensues. Just make sure to check behind you every once in a while...
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on November 15, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Tried something new with the vampire genre but failed
Verified purchase
The premise of the movie was that Lincoln’s mother was killed by a vampire when he was a kid and he spent his life as a young man seeking revenge. He then meets Henry Sturges that teaches him everything he wants to know about vampire hunting. The added twist was that most of the southern slaveholders were actually vampires that used their slaves for a food supply.

The problems with the film are many. First, these vampires can walk out in the sun and the way you kill them is by taking their heads or by using silver. That seemed like taking too many liberties with the vampire genre. Second, and more important is the overuse of CGI. There’s one sequence where Lincoln is chasing after a vampire and gets caught in the middle of a horse stampede. All the horses are made by special effects and Lincoln keeps jumping off and on the horses as they go running by. None of it looks good.

The slaveholding vampires was interesting and the story goes up to the Civil War where the South starts employing vampire soldiers as well. That’s probably the best two parts. Otherwise this is a movie that tried to come up with something new but failed.
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Veronica LReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Should have been a good movie
Verified purchase
The book was quite good. The movie made no sense whatsoever. It was an inchoate mess, relying on special effects and spectacle rather than character, plot development, and motivation. I noted that the author of the book wrote the screenplay. I can only imagine that he wrote what the producers told him to write because the movie, even if it was a flop (which it was) would in the end garner him more than a successful, well-written book. I saw the movie a few years before I read the book. After reading the book, I did not understand why I was so underwhelmed by the movie, so I watched the movie again, and it was still a fractured and incomprehensible mess. My advice, just skip the movie, read the book.
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Harry MillsReviewed in the United States on July 19, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Marvelous Mythology.
Verified purchase
Great concept that is well-executed, except for shaky-cam + CGI notions of action that permeate Hollywood. Since Bourne did it, apparently to save on the action sequences, this is what some people consider to be good action. It's animé meets fight scenes, where the SUGGESTION of action takes the place of actors/stuntmen with actual movement skills actually doing the movements.

Hollywood could do a lot better job with the tools at hand. I don't know why they don't. This is true of all action/adventure films coming out, these days, with few exceptions.

But other than the action gripes, this is a good 2-hour movie, which is increasingly unsatisfying to a culture that can binge-watch 10 hours of one story, and is setting higher standards for storytelling and writing than Hollywood is used to producing, with their old-fashioned 2-hour-standalone notions of story.

That being said, this is one of those rare stories that can be told pretty satisfyingly in the legacy format.
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Richard The Buying HeartedReviewed in the United States on August 13, 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
I enjoyed the heck out of this
Verified purchase
I enjoyed the heck out of this. It's an amalgamation of a book that was itself an amalgamation of history and high (dare I say it????) 'camp'!!! Not since the sixties and movies like 'Casino Royale' and 'What's New Pussycat' came out did you have this meshing of genre's with sly tongue-in-cheek humor (and maybe an 80's Most Excellent movie or two). Of course today with all the special effects and violence and 3D in your face action there's much to lampoon here and they do it with more reverence than you'd imagine. Of course knowing that Timur Bekmambetov (Director of Night Watch and Day Watch) is helming assures that you're not going to get your run of the mill Hollywood movie marvel (nee: Marvel Movie).

I'm sure that's what killed the box office, because the audience having been trained in the Hollywood Gerbil cage were not ready for this break the mold and run free kind of treatment. There is a story. There is lots and lots of action. And the Director certainly understands 3D...but most of all...he has that Russian sense of humor that comes through in every frame (do they still have those???). The whole movie is a kick and I enjoyed myself immensely.

So before you rush back to that Gerbil cage and start the coming Marvel Wheel Of Fortune spinning cash into Hollywood's bottomless craw again take a moment out for this prim and proper, sly and sedate, erstwhile look at our beloved 16th President in a new light.**

**(the views expressed in this review do not reflect per se the opinions or judgment of the author...but rather...per laugh)
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Critic's CornerReviewed in the United States on April 29, 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
Civil War Horror -- Lincoln Swings a Mean Axe!
Verified purchase
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Great story, but I would think that the viewer must have some understanding of Civil War history to understand the goings-on with the film.

If you don’t know who Harriet Tubman is and the Underground Railroad, or Jefferson Davis, or Stephen Douglas, you might struggle through this story.

We meet young Mr. Lincoln as a boy, whose mother is killed by a vampire. At his mother’s grave, he resolves to kill the guy, not knowing that he is part of the undead.

Lincoln meets a man who claims to know how to get revenge, teaches him in the ways of whipping around an axe until it goes faster than the eye can follow. Lincoln also learns martial arts moves and runs up walls so he can jump down and swing faster.

Obviously one rolls one’s eyes, since martial arts was basically unknown in American society in the mid-19th century.

Still, it’s fun seeing the vampires get together to create a nation of their own, complete with a 5000 year old vampire who supports the South, so the slaves can be a constant source of blood for them. Yikes!

An ocean of horses, as a vampire runs and jumps from horse to horse, and breaks a few of the animals’ necks as he is chased by Honest Abe. No animals were hurt, since the CGI horses cannot be killed. But wow, so realistic!

The story is even better when we get to Abe stumping for president. When we see the guy before a mighty (CGI) crowd, giving his Emancipation Proclamation (look it up!) it is an amazing thing.

Tim Burton helped produce this one and it shows with the crazy imagery and the horrific attacks by the vampires.

Historic Perspective:

Yes, little Willie Lincoln did die at 11 years, though I’m doubtful it was by a vengeful vampire back from Abe’s youth to wreak havoc on his family.

Yes, the Union had a hard time at Gettysburg, though I doubt it was because of vampires being indestructible to lead bullets, nor that getting silver bullets and silver cannonballs turned the tide of war.

If there was a 5,000 year old vampire who witnessed the Jews being slaves to Egypt, why did it take Adam so dang long to get a following and a nation? You’d think after the first 2000 years he might get bored or something. Oh well.

Bottom Line:

The film is gory, horrific and a lot of fun. If you’re a Civil War enthusiast, you’ll have a lot more fun pointing out inaccuracies and such or even understanding the puns and humor of the tale.

I enjoyed the special features too, though the meeting of Lincoln and Poe and such were stretching it a bit.
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