Afternoon Delight

5.71 h 37 min2013R
In this sexy comedy starring Glee's Jane Lynch, Transparent's Kathryn Hahn, and Juno Temple, a Los Angeles mom puts her idyllic life in jeopardy when she tries to rescue a stripper by taking her in as a live-in nanny. From the creator of Transparent, Joey Soloway.
Joey Soloway
Kathryn HahnJane LynchJosh Radnor
English [CC]
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Athena AuraNovaReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Strong beginning then it took a turn for the grossest female bashing there could be
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I really want to believe that this movie was written with a a different ending than it did. It could have been an EPIC movie showcasing the deep levels of competition and even class structure that leads to women not supporting each other. Or better yet it could have been a movie about women defying those odds and becoming truly supportive of each other.
As a long time stripper myself, I was hoping for such a film and in the first half I believed I was finally watching that kind of movie.
The story centers around Rachel a bored housewife that is unhappy but why? She has everything. A wonderful house in Silver Lake, a couple kids and doting and successful husband, but she's still unhappy. Not unbelievable. It's all a matter of perspective. As a dancer I have met many woman such as her but more so the likes of her overlooked doting husband who isn't getting any at home. Those kinds of men go see strippers, not prostitutes. They want attention, not to cheat. Not Rachel's husband though. He is all kinds of loyal. Rachel and him go to a strip club together with another couple where they meet McKenna, a young and muse like stripper. This scene is so believable and accurate. Rachel's curious mixed with apprehension -adorable!
Next Rachel basically stalks McKenna outside of the club in order to make friends. Incredibly creepy and not appropriate. People, if want to say hello to a stripper and become her friend, don't stalk her. Instead, go to her place of business where it is appropriate and safe for her.
Rachel and her husband end up giving Mckenna a home and job because they want to be saviors to her. McKenna is not only a stripper but also a sex worker with regular clients. But she is turning a new leaf thanks to Rachel and her husband. She wants a different kind of life. McKenna is kind and loving and great with the kids. Everyone loves her. McKenna also had family members that take advantage of her monetarily and when they call, she needs to make money fast so she makes an appointment with a client. Rachel objects at first but then goes with her because at this point in the movie Rachel still sees the glamour of sex work and is somewhat aroused by the idea. What she finds is the reality. McKenna's client is a nice guy who communicates well, doesn't cause drama, is kind to Rachel as well as McKenna and pays well but he's not glamorous. Far from it. I loved this scene! It was so real.
This is when the movie takes a turn for the grossest kind of judgement. Rachel freaks out and wants to fire McKenna b after witnessing McKenna working it sinks in that she has a sex worker as a nanny. Even though McKenna has been a stellar nanny up until this point Rachel now judges what McKenna does professionally as immoral and now fears that others will find out. Or perhaps that she will corrupt her kids? Why? There is room for a lot more conversation on this topic than the movie goes into. She doesn't talk to McKenna face to face about her fears. Instead, Rachel tells her husband to fire her! At this point I realize Rachel is an ANTI hero. Rachel is spoiled and bored and is now playing with HUMAN beings as her toy and when that toy turns her off she is going to get rid of it - NAY - ask her husband to get rid of IT. Rachel knows McKenna (who is only 19!!) has mommy issues and she has happily been like a mother figure until McKenna became too real for her. So now Rachel is going to abandon her and shame her for something that Rachel asked to be a part of. F*^% Rachel! She's a sub par human when it comes to empathy. McKenna has a breakdown and drinks a bunch (she was actively sober til the abandonment from Rachel) and comes on to Rachel's husband - because that's what dirty little sluts do I guess. Groan! How generically stereotypical!!
The movie ends with Rachel and her husband having a heart to heart as Rachel had finally become grateful for what she has because a slutty tramp almost ruined it. WTF? Where is McKenna? Are they going to look for her? Shes a teenager who has began drinking to do drama that happened in their home. A home Rachel offered her in hopes to better herself. But really McKenna is way worse off then before she met Rachel. At the beginning McKenna was supporting herself and practicing being sober. Now she is traumatized by bonding to a family including the children. Thinking she had a new life. Did nothing wrong and got abandoned. Now she's homeless and drinking. But who cares about her... a rich spoiled couple are happy in Silver Lake.
McKenna is the hero of this story. She is nothing but sweet and kind and attentive to everyone she meets. She sees everyone as a human and gives them love including Rachel, the kids and her John. She's grateful for the little she has. She doesn't lie. Rachel Lies. She doesn't destroy lives. Rachel destroys lives. This story is about a crappy person who has it all meeting and using a great person who has nothing but is willing to give everything. If the movie was simply edited to show the reality of the story, it would be one of the most honest looks at sex workers and how they are really seen and used by a more elite class. It could have been a movie to win awards. Instead it took the slut shaming route. Too bad. Great actresses.
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JenniferReviewed in the United States on September 13, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Why I regretted watching this movie
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Although the acting is good, the themes in this movie are a sad reflection of our culture's short sighted and often contradictory engagement with the women and girls victimized by pornography, stripping and prostitution. Unfortunately, people choose to be ignorant of the ugly realities of prostitution including the heavy psychological and physical toll on women who trade sex for money or commodities, and the undesirable modeling of the sex work industry which imprints young men with streeotyped rape culture beliefs even as it legitimizes the objectifaction of women and girls and links sexual gratification with sexuallly violent behaviors. Even worse, adult women who prostitute themselves on weekends to pay for college are extremely rare compared to the vast majority of abused women and girls who are forced into prostitution secondary to poverty, drug addiction, abusive boyfriends, incestuous fathers, pimps and traffickers. When they first start prostituting, some girls do outwardly behave like Juno Temple's character McKenna: drunk on the easy money, intoxicated by false power over men and reveling their chaotic lifestyles. They may seem happy and carefree, but are actually spinning out of control. As time passes in the sex industry, they experience layer upon layer of sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse equal to or greater than the trauma Vietnam veterans experienced in the war theater. (Yes, there's actual research on PTSD among prostitute women to substantiate that claim -- go to Melissa Farley's webpage for more information). And in order to cope with the accumulated traumatic events, including frequent violence at the hands of sociopathic pimps and johns, these girls numb the pain by becoming heavily addicted to alcohol and hard core drugs. Almost without exception, their lives plummet downwards in a dramatic tailspin.

In light of what a prostitute woman's life is actually like, Rachel's middle class housewife boredom and curiosity which led led to her exploitation of McKenna (the prostitute), as well as the breakup of a friend's marriage and the near destruction of her own marriage, is distasteful and offensive. She is a myopic and selfish woman, incredibly short-sighted, and these qualities do not make her a particularly sympathetic or likeable character.

Spend your time and money more productively and rent "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (2011)" and "Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017)." You owe it to yourself, to your marriage and to your children to understand why the Pretty Woman Myth is nothing more than that -- a myth.
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sadie marieReviewed in the United States on June 18, 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
is it an interesting movie? yes. but they paint the sex worker as this disgusting, less than human thing to be used and discarded. SPOILERS but once one of the husbands bangs the sex worker, she is discarded like trash. the story never comes back to her at all. there is no wrap up or resolution. she is a disposable character. i am absolutely SICK of seeing sex workers depicted as throw away trash.

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StephReviewed in the United States on July 13, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Honest & Unaffected Character Study
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Definitely not the borderline-silly comedy I was expecting from the trailer, but I was not disappointed.I found this film plainly but artfully delivered, peppered with dark wit, and refreshingly real. I STRONGLY disagree that it paints sex workers negatively. In fact, I'm not sure where those reactions are rooted other than knee-jerk withdrawal from the stories being told, based on misconstrued, if not prematurely misinterpreted evaluation—like a person who interrupts someone else mid-sentence to express their offense at what they erroneously believe the other person was going to say, though the other person didn't, and wasn't going to.

No one is the hero, and no one is the villain—it's not that kinda jam. In this almost voyeuristic peering into both the surprising dynamics and minutiae of the characters' day-to-day lives, we're offered what I count as an honest (at times uncomfortably so) un-photoshopped look at humans being humans.

At any given point people are happy and unhappy, judging themselves and judging each other, being kind and being hypocritical, casting blame and accepting responsibility, making amends and withholding forgiveness, poorly navigating their way through their relationships and then figuring "it" out. For anyone who needs a break from fluff, and appreciates a good character study, this piece is quite worthwhile.
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AMPReviewed in the United States on February 10, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
Tough to review
Verified purchase
This is a difficult movie to review because it was occasionally entertaining and I could empathize with the characters, but it was a sad story with a moderately uplifting ending that resulted from the lead character hurting others for her own satisfaction. The characters were well portrayed and they did a great job with the soundtrack, acting, and filming, but the story was sad and represented a lot of heartbreak. The sex workers character was exceptionally unfortunate because she was used by a middle aged woman looking to feel alive again and then carelessly discarded once the lead character didn't need her anymore.
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LuReviewed in the United States on February 11, 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
... it was billed as a dark comedy and I like Kathryn Hahn i didn't find it at all funny
Verified purchase
I rented it because it was billed as a dark comedy and I like Kathryn Hahn i didn't find it at all funny. I did find it a little depressing and a little boring and very smug. I will say it was well acted, just wasn't what I was looking for. If you have ever watched a movie centered on a bored housewife and have already seen Jane Lynch play a therapist, the only reason to watch might be Juno Temple's portrayal of an unapologetic and un-remorseful "sex worker."
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Mr. Muh4kin ExQuireReviewed in the United States on August 23, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Sexworkers mad! But film was fairly good, funny, well-acted.
Verified purchase
Cant say ive seen a film like this. It's a weird comedy-drama (more drama tho) that takes on a SUBURBAN MOM with a MID-LIFE (or rather MID-WIFE 😉) crisis. I mostly recall the midlife crisis drama centering around the husband. I really like how they applied the standard DEAD BEDROOM and droll life of suburbs routine in this film. Good casting as Hahn really looks like an aged mom. St. Claire is still comedic. The lady who played the overbearing PTA mom looks the part. Dads were all fitting in their roles. I love the natural nonessential sidebar dialogs. It was totally believable and someone took great care in crafting them for both the wives and husbands and they pulled em off great (esp St. Claire)

Anwyay tis the story of Miss MID-WIFE CRISIS and trying to spicen up her life by taking in a 22 year old street girl (Juno Temple) who works as a downtown stripper-prostitute. I think she wants it to be symbiotic where she learns things from her that'll excite her life while also playing "Captain SaveAHoe". Well things start off ok but then compeltely go awry for the suburban wife when she learns you can take the whore outta the street but not the street outta the whore.

Anyway, a fairly good watch. Im glad i watched despite the top reviews hating it. And to that point it seems like the haters are all sexworkers 😂. I in my lifetime been friends with about 4 or 5 of them (since sexworker is the umbrella term i should specify one occasional dominatrix, one stripper, and three escorts). Other than that I have engaged with more than my fair share of escorts. I think the issue here that angered these Amazon whores is that the stripper-tute got used as the chaos element and then thrown out of the house. ...basically they mad because it's an imaging problem for them! Cant be seen in a negative light ever by these bozos. 😂
I guarantee you it's the "activist/twitterfeminist sex-workers" that are mad. So the Stripper and Dominatrix who i knew where some of those types and trust me when i say they are some of the most entitled and annyoing losers on the planet with an added side of VOCALIZED distaste for men (hate for men in the industry is common but the twitterfems are the ones that encourage it outside those spaces disgustingly. But dont you dare retweet or say something antagonistic toward them!). Anyway most of the other NORMAL SWers in real life would not be tripping about the one featured in this movie. I kinda blame the director. They used a street stripper-tute but the casting and actions wouldve had you believe that she is a suburban privileged camgirl variety and not the one from downtown . Minus the abusive boyfriend who is there for only a half a sec they shouldve gave her a drug habit and ratcheted her up way more as the chaos element. You cant just randomly throw someone that looks like the "privileged sexworker" that most of these bozos online in that industry see themselves as in a film like this and expect to survive their mob mentality. As theyre very entitled. We're in the middle of Only Fans saying theyre gonna get rid of SW content for investors and banking purposes and look at their temper tantrum on social media about it. Dont wanna be seen in the negative light but then you see clown tweets on Twitter (sydneyelainexo/status/1428453443929247749) "Since you wanna get rid of OF we're going back to sleeping with your husbands" which hilariously relates into the wntire plot of the sexworker being chaotic element.

Anyway as them not streeting up the chaos element enough might be the only failing this is 4 star movie if you mess with comedy-dramas. But giving it 5 to offset the online SW bozos.
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Gerard BriardyReviewed in the United States on November 27, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Depressing story goes nowhere.
Verified purchase
Story was pointless and depressing. The movie should have been called "Illustration of the empty and shallow lives of the American middle class." I can't believe this thing was listed under comedy. Predictably at the end the couple gets back together and somehow magically solves the angst that began the whole sad story. I guess they had to do that to sell the production for American audiences. But the story line was absurd anyway so why not end it with an implausible finish too. The acting was well done but could not hold the terrible plot together. Don't waste your time.
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