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Oscar winner Helen Hayes and Burt Lancaster lead an all-star cast in this gripping film about the manager of an international airport who struggles to rescue a bomb-damaged jetliner.
George Seaton
Jean SebergDean MartinGeorge Kennedy
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Top reviews from the United States

Dennis BellReviewed in the United States on January 23, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Reminds me of simpler times at the airport
Verified purchase
I like this movie because of the actors, but also because it reminds me of earlier times at the airport before the need for lots of security. When I was growing up and my Dad worked for the FAA, I would go to work with him on a few occasions and was able to go pretty much anywhere in the airport (Dallas Love Field) that I wanted to. He would take me up to the control tower where I could watch from the stairwell (totally cool) but I could also go to any gate and watch flights come and go. There was even rooftop access over one of the concourses that allowed you to watch flights up close. I very much miss those days but this movie reminds me of how it used to be.
The characters are also fun, especially the stow away portrayed by Helen Hays. While that sort of thing is almost impossible these days, I can see where it could have happened in those simpler times.
If you are old enough to remember what it was like back then, you might enjoy this flick. If not, well, it was actually like that back then. This is one of my "comfort" movies. It was also the first of the "disaster" genre of movies.
Check it out if you are into the way airports used to be.
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LuvBooksReviewed in the United States on May 31, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
I Hate the Horrible Acting
Verified purchase
I just recently bought this DVD and wish I'd saved my money. Many years ago I bought the video recording of "Airport" and still have it (as well as two different VCR's which still work), and THOUGHT I remembered loving this movie. I am so sorry I bothered to update to the DVD. The acting is TERRIBLE and corny and believe it or not, despite having seen the VCR version several times in the past, I didn't remember how bad the acting was. They sound stilted, clearly enunciating every word, as though they are reading the script aloud and every time one of them speaks, he or she seems to put the emphasis in the same place in each word, as if they're copying each other.

It's a totally all-star cast. So why is the acting so corny???

When I tried to watch my new DVD last night, I literally only got through about ten minutes of the movie and couldn't take it anymore and removed the DVD from the player. So at this point I won't ever bother watching the movie again. I may donate it to the local library for an income tax receipt.

Waste of money, totally.
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Chrystalia99Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Definite Classic--Glad I Watched It Again, While it's Still Around
Verified purchase
I had forgotten what this movie was like--then my other half wanted to see it one night. I love the book (who didn't?). I was pleased to find that the movie had aged well, so to speak. The acting was what you expect from the actors used--no bad ones in the bunch. Of course it was "dated"--everything from the laissez-faire security of the airport (boy, I miss THOSE days), to the fact you could smoke, EVERYWHERE. Of course it is NOT "politically correct" thank goodness. It has worn well over time, though, and is worth watching again if only so you can show your children/grandchildren what things were like in the "good old days":

The politically correct parents can use this for tons of "teachable moments"-- obvious sexism, out moded gender roles, stereotyping of all kinds.

The rest of us can enjoy a good, old, classic movie that had some real engineering skill involved in the making--yes, that those were REAL AIRPLANES they were playing with in the movie, not models or CG --before someone decides to ban it :-).
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John J. Poister Jr.Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
A fun Guilty Pleasure
Verified purchase
One of my great guilty pleasures. "Airport" has it all--a good cast, an interesting plot and some unintentional laughs and typical "aircraft-in-trouble" cliches. Somehow it all works and is actually entertaining. "Airport" was so successful when it was released it not only spawned several (increasingly ridiculous) sequels and quite a few star studded disaster flicks that filled movie theaters back in the 1970's and '80's. Burt Lancaster (who reportedly hated the movie) phones in his performance--but Dean Martin actually does well with his role and keeps the movie aloft. George Kennedy as "Petroni" the TWA maintenance genius steals the picture. (A side note--Kennedy's character is based on a real TWA employee). Helen Hayes is hilarious as the professional stowaway. Suspend belief, sit back and enjoy the flight.
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G. MausReviewed in the United States on April 17, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
blu ray bug?
Verified purchase
I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this film, because "Lincoln" International was actually MSP airport and being from Minnesota I remember MSP when it actually looked as it does in the film. I have the DVD but I "upgraded" to Blu Ray recently. The Blu Ray has a weird "candlelight" flicker through the entire film. It subtle, but it's there. No other discs have this so I think there's something amiss with the transfer of this film to Blu Ray.
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Philip LaFranceReviewed in the United States on May 15, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
In the beginning...
Verified purchase
This is the original air disaster. Every airplane movie that followed could not match this fine direction and production. With a cast of Jean Seberg, Jacqueline Bisset, George Kennedy, Helen Hayes, Van Heflin, Maureen Stapleton, Barry Nelson, Dana Wynter, Lloyd Nolan, Barbara Hale, Gary Collins, John Findlater, Jessie Royce Landis, Larry Gates, Peter Turgeon, Whit Bissell, Virginia Grey, Eileen Wesson one could not go wrong.

The movie starts out by introducing the main characters; Burt Lancaster(always serious)as the airport manager, Dean Martin as the veteran pilot and his paramour; Jacqueline Bisset. In the beginning Helen Hayes is seem walking into the airport.

The plot revolves around a distraught man(Van Heflin) who brings aboard the aircraft a bomb. Too add to the suspense snow storms prevent Martin from landing at the nearest airport once the explosive is discovered. Helen Hayes(Academy award winner) sitting next to the bomber is called to the cockpit were Martin tells her they know she's a stowaway but ask her to help. She agrees to help but the bomber gets his briefcase back and detonates the device. The suspense begins as Martin tries to keep the 707 airborne while his lover lies aft with an eye injury.

On the ground Lancaster fights with the local politicians to close a runway down that Martin needs. The games begin as the cigar chomping Kennedy and crew work feverishly to remove a stuck aircraft and remove the snow. All this occurring while blinding weather slows their progress.

No spoilers here. The movie is well acted and can be taken seriously as we all know the dangers of landing in inclement weather.

Helen Hayes is a sweetheart and earns the respect of the crew and is awarded with a fee first class seat back to LA.

If you like seventy era disaster movies with actors who unfortunately are no longer with us this move will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After watching this flick turn around and take the edge off by watching "Airplane". A belly laugh a minute!
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University DocReviewed in the United States on December 21, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Classic film is worthy to see again and again with great audio & video quality.
Verified purchase
The original Airport is still the best! Yes, it is a bit melodramatic at some points, but overall it's a fast moving story that takes you inside the workings of a fictional airport in Chicago. The real airport used was the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Minnesota.
Great casting and acting by all the cast. Audio and video quality is consistent throughout.
Love disaster films or ensemble cast films, Airport is the way to go. Only con I noticed is there are no special features on the DVD.
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ModrnknghtReviewed in the United States on November 8, 2012
4.0 out of 5 stars
Still enjoyable all-star disaster movie from 1970
Verified purchase
"Airport" was basically the start of the 1970s disaster films. There had been "disaster" movies before: "San Francisco" with Clark Gable, "In Old Chicago" with Tyrone Power, and "The Hurricane" with Jon Hall, to name just three from the 1930s, but they really took off in the Seventies ("The Poseidon Adventure," "Earthquake," etc.). But what was at the heart of "Airport" was...heart. It came from an Arthur Hailey novel, one of those thick kind filled with character plots. Anyway, "Airport" brought together old and new stars in this story of an unhappy marriage, a love affair, a man so driven by desperation who brings a bomb on board to get insurance money for his wife, an old lady stowaway, and a heavy winter storm causing havoc on the runways of the airport.

This was a very enjoyable film in its day and still is today. It was one of the major inspirations for "Airplane!" ("Zero Hour" was another.) The stars of this production were all perfect...except for one. Dean Martin, famous in show business life for his image as a harddrinker, as the co-pilot? (Mad Magazine had fun with that in their satire of the film, named "Airplot".) Burt Lancaster is the general manager of the airport, trying to balance the needs of the many in the terminal and up in the air with those of his demanding wife at home. Jacqueline Bisset is the stewardess whose affair with co-pilot Martin has resulted in her being pregnant. George Kennedy, Van Heflin, Maureen Stapleton, Dana Wynter, and Jean Seberg round out the cast. And, oh, yes, Helen Hayes as a charming old lady who has gotten quite good at slipping unchecked onto different flights in order to be able to see her family around the country. Hayes was so delightful that she won the Best Supporting Actress for her performance. (By the way, "Airport" was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture.)

There was one other element to making this picture successful and that was Alfred Newman's musical score. It comes in powerful at the beginning and plays under the dangerous landing, helping to project the tensions. He is also equally romantic in several sections. If you don't know of Alfred Newman, I highly recommend you watch movies with his scores. Actually, you probably do know one piece of his music without knowing you do. The 20th Century Fox fanfare at the beginning of a film is his. Some of the titles on Blu-ray with his scores are "How the West Was Won," "The Greatest Story Ever Told," and "The Robe" (one of his very best scores).

The picture quality is very good, probably as good as we will get from this.

Audio is excellent. While dialogue is front and center, you may not notice it but you do get a subtle use of music and sound effects that adds to the whole experience.

Extras are on the extremely slim side. A trailer and two retrospective featurettes (100 Years of Universal: The Lot and 100 Years of Universal: The '70s).

This package comes with a DVD and a digital copy.

Very much recommended.
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