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Whether you’re intrigued by the founding fathers and the birth of the nation, or you want to know what led up to some of the biggest cultural and scientific discoveries, the biography ebooks available on Kindle can be a personal, involving way to experience history through the stories of fascinating and inspiring history-makers. From previous presidents, civil rights pioneers, and great historical figures, you can find riveting portraits of some of the most influential leaders and political figures, and real-life accounts of what it was like to live through the most globe-changing times in history. Artists, writers, and cultural figures of all sorts have also played a major role in shaping our world and the way we communicate, and with the Art & Literature biographies and memoirs of professionals, academics and scientists, you can get an inside look on all the events and effort that went into changing the world for the better. Increase your understanding of history, the music scene, artistic movements, technology, fascinating people, and more, with the Kindle Store's selection of in-depth biographies and memoirs.