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From the producer of Knocked Up, Bridesmaids takes Maid of Honor, Annie (Kristen Wiig), and four wild bridesmaids on a hilarious ride to their friend's wedding.
Paul Feig
Kristen WiigMaya RudolphRose Byrne
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Top reviews from the United States

Double HappinessReviewed in the United States on July 22, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Was this a comedy? I never laughed.
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There were so many disgusting scenes in this movie that I lost count.
The movie dragged on, and I didn't find anything funny.
Most of the characters were losers and fools.

The most disgusting part was when the bride and her bridesmaids went to a salon to look at dresses. All of them were wearing sample dresses and, suddenly, all of them were attacked by food poisoning - - there was nothing funny about this scene - - it was extremely disgusting - - and the scene ended without an explanation of what was done to fix all of those destroyed dresses, including the cost.

The main character, Maid-of-Honor Annie, was a total loser from the beginning of the movie, and as the movie progressed, she just kept getting worse. It was depressing to watch her. She had no self-respect. I couldn't even feel sorry for her because she was responsible for her own ridiculous behaviors. The cop that she had a one-night stand with was a really nice guy, but she was too much of a loser to see that, and she deserved it when he refused to forgive her...I hated the "happy ending" where he suddenly forgave her because it made no sense and it turned him from a nice guy into a fool and a loser, just like her.

I couldn't stand the character of Helen. She was married to the groom's boss, which was the only reason that the bride gave her the time of day. She used that to push herself into the wedding party. She continued to push herself on the bride, purposely getting in between the bride and the maid-of-honor to try to ruin their friendship. It was disgusting the way that she threw her money around (which was really her husband's money) to get close to the bride. She took over the plans for the shower and the wedding to the point that the bride didn't want to show up on her wedding day. Giving away puppies as wedding favors is horrible - - pets should never be given away like that - - they need to be given to people who will seek them out and want them and love them and give them lifelong homes, not given away like silly souvenirs. It annoyed me the most when she was whining and crying in the car - - I couldn't feel sorry for her. The scene where Helen and Annie were fighting over the microphone, each attempting to have the last word, was extremely annoying.

I didn't like the bride, Lillian. I was surprised at her for letting Annie, her maid-of-honor and lifelong friend, be hurt and pushed out. She got on a plane with all of the bridesmaids in first class and left Annie out in coach - - she should have insisted that Annie somehow be seated with them. When Helen gave Lillian a gift of a trip to Paris, Lillian should have said, "Thank you, but I can't accept an expensive gift like this," especially because it made Annie feel so bad. It was also a meaningless gift because the money meant nothing to Helen - - and it ruined Annie's gift which obviously took time and was made from the heart. Where was the groom while Lillian took trips to Vegas and Paris? The movie didn't show Lillian and her groom together enough, and Lillian never talked about him - - I didn't get the feeling that the bride was in love. The character of Helen was horrible, taking over the plans for the shower and the wedding, raising costs for the bride's father to pay for, even changing the wedding dress into a pathetic mess - - but it was up to Lillian to stop her.

The only character that I actually liked was Megan, the groom's sister. There was nothing phony about her. She presented herself to everyone "as is" and if they didn't like her, then she didn't care. When Annie was kicked out of the wedding, Megan was the only one who cared enough to visit her to see if she was okay and try to help her out of her depression.

The other bridesmaids were married and unhappy. One complained that her husband had sex with her constantly, but she hated it, and she had teenage stepchildren whom she couldn't stand. The other complained that she was a newlywed, but they rarely had sex and she was unhappy. These two women get drunk on the plane and kiss each other, but no one notices.

Annie's two roommates -- the incestuous brother and sister - - were so disgusting that I was glad that their parts in the movie were small. I love Rebel Wilson, and I would have preferred if she had a larger role in the movie, as a more likeable character. She is a good actress and I think that she could have made this movie funny if they had given her a decent role.

The movie was horrible all the way through, and I didn't like the way that it was suddenly wrapped up quickly into a happy ending. The performance by Wilson Phillips was the only part of the movie that I actually enjoyed, even though it didn't make sense, like the rest of the movie. (I understood that the song was special for the bride and made-of-honor, but it absolutely was not an appropriate song for a wedding.)

This movie didn't make me laugh, but there was one thing that made me smile - - when Annie was lying in bed with that creep - - she said that she could go out with "George" - - and I instantly thought of "George Glass" right before she said it... For those of you who didn't get that joke, that was a reference to the Brady Bunch, when the character of Jan made up a fake boyfriend and named him "George Glass."
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on September 1, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Tour de force for the female cast as their jokes escalate as the film progresses
Verified purchase
Bridesmaids was about friendships falling apart and then reconnecting. It focuses upon two best friends Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lilian (Maya Rudolph). The latter is getting married and has to plan everything. That brings in Helen (Rose Byrne) who takes control of the situation to the detriment of Annie that drives a wedge into her relationship with Lilian. The movie also draws a comparison between the two as Lilian is getting her life together with her marriage while Annie’s life is taking one bad turn after another starting with the loss of her business, and then her apartment. The comedy comes from the bridesmaids who all play great comedic parts. For example, during the wedding shower Annie and Helen get into a competition in giving the best speeches going back and forth over the microphones with Helen giving a phrase in Thai and Annie responding by making up a bunch of words she claims is Spanish. Or when Annie and Helen play tennis and they try to hit each other in the chest with the ball. The jokes actually escalate as the movie goes on. This was a really hilarious film with great female actors.
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DJHReviewed in the United States on September 22, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
The best female lead comedy since Mean Girls. Seriously.
Verified purchase
This was the first comedy I had seen in a long time that actually made me cry from laughing so hard. It was hilarious from start to finish. I went to see it with my family, 17 year old at the time, I loved it. It was amazing. Best movie of 2011, in my opinion. Still one of my favorite movies ever. I would say it follows the non-canon storylines of Mean Girls to Bridesmaids to Bad Moms. All hilarious movies focusing on female groups of friends. No, it is not a chick flick. Grow up. Don't even use that term any more. It's 2017. Man or woman, I recommend this movies. It has a little something in it for everyone.
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john smithReviewed in the United States on January 6, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
I don’t rewatch, but this movie I DO!
Verified purchase
This is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s definitely going to be iconic like the breakfast club, and dirty dancing. I know they plot lines are vastly different, and this is more of a comedy. But this is definitely an original movie. The character choices were great, you can’t pass up a movie when you see multiple familiar faces. And I don’t usually rewatch movies, but this one I can.
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TheTuneHeadReviewed in the United States on January 4, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
OLD COPY of the movie
Verified purchase
What do I mean by old copy? Well, the packaging was made back in 2011, when the movie was first released on Blu-Ray, so the digital code that was included in the packaging EXPIRED IN 2012. I paid extra money to have a disc AND digital copy, and turns out, the digital copy technically doesn't exist anymore. Also, the disc will not function properly on our Blu-Ray player . . . sometimes it will not advance to the menu, and other times, there is severe lag time between the time you press a command on the remote and the time the disc responds. I don't have this problem on any of our other Blu-Ray discs or DVDs. Might be a coding error, might be disc rot.

Requested a refund, and am sending the disc back to the seller.
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MissParkerReviewed in the United States on October 14, 2022
2.0 out of 5 stars
Maybe 5 Minutes of Funny
Verified purchase
Despite a talented cast, this script was boring, low-brow, and unfunny. The entire movie was like watching a crass, uncomfortable train wreck. I wasn't expecting this to be some grand cinematic experience, but I WAS expecting it to be really funny. The only scenes I found humorous were the ones involving Melissa McCarthy, and a portion of those were too crude for my taste. The acting is very good, but the characters and script are weak. I question the credibility of anyone reviewing this film as "my favorite" or "hilarious".
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SnakeyReviewed in the United States on March 11, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
You'll laugh, you'll cry
Verified purchase
Really funny, but surprisingly emotional. I heard this movie had some really hilarious scenes, and it lived up to expectations. What I did not expect was an underlying story of an "every girl" hitting rock bottom in her life. Kristen Wiig's character deals with the sense of panic and self loathing one feels as they watch their childhood friends excel in both their careers and personal life, while simultaneously dealing with their own shortcomings in both areas. In my case, it cut very close to home, and there are several parts of the movie you spend movie in tears. With that said, there were plenty of uplifting moments and laughs to pull you out of the sad points in the movie. The ending is a little cliched, and the overall plot is very predictable. Yet, there is enough heart and comedy to make this a really satisfying movie.
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vince westReviewed in the United States on June 14, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Bridesmaids DVD
Verified purchase
One of the funniest movies EVER. A girl that's life is kinda in a low point and doesn't look to be getting better soon is asked to be friends maid of honor. A LOT is asked including bachlorette party. The bride has a new friend with a lot of money. A jealousy war between the two happens with SO MUCH funny stuff all through movie. The life long friend cracks and falls in love with a cop. A dress fitting scene makes me cry laughing and choking every time. ALL STAR cast of terrific comedians. All great too. HILARIOUS.
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