The Carpenter's Miracle

5.11 h 27 min2013X-Ray7+
A small-town carpenter becomes a local celebrity after resurrecting a dead child, but strives to get back to the life he once had before the miraculous event.
K.T. Donaldson
Cameron MathisonMichelle HarrisonRyan Grantham
English [CC]
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4.2 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Carmen L.Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022
2.0 out of 5 stars
Dog is neglected, animal abuse and child neglect but otherwise ok story
Verified purchase
I was most upset by the dog which was filthy and neglected the entire time with no one trying to take the dog to a vet or an animal chiropractor to heal his leg. These things can be healed with surgery and chiropractic manipulation if a bone in the leg is sublimated or dislocated. Because he was also totally filthy, he likely had fleas and other parasites and badly needed a bath to get rid of them and heal his itchy and infected skin. I recommend vitamin E oil. I also saw him eat whatever was on the table and never saw him get fed by the guy who was supposed to take care of him, so I feel he was starving all the time.

This dog needs to be taken away from the man who is possibly not capable of taking care of an animal, because of his mental disability. Or they can both go to an assisted living facility for the mentally ill where staff can take care of both the dog and the man, so the dog doesn't have to suffer and be in pain and run around randomly and get hit by a car at night.

I also was really mad that after the man hit the dog with his car and the dog got up and ran away that the man did not actually go after the dog and catch him and take him to the vet for a check up. If you hit a dog with a car, you must take them to the vet afterwards immediately to check for head trauma and internal bleeding. Adrenaline can make animals run away even though they might be bleeding internally. To do a hit and run and not tell anyone, especially the human who has bonded with the pet (the pet parent) is not okay and that is animal abuse. You need to treat pet parents the same as parents of human parents and let them heal their fluffy children and cry over their dead bodies and say goodbye and give them a funeral. You shouldn't treat pet death grief as less than the grief of losing a child in a drowning. The grief is the same. Pet grief is valid. The mentally ill guy with the sad disheveled dog that he did neglect to was obviously lonely and needed a supportive community to take care of him and his dog.

I liked that it showed the cynical New York media atheists and how they kind of act like vultures to kill a good miracle of God and how God actually continues to do good works through the hands of this dude. I think that God wants to help this dude know He is there and to continue to do miracles of healing. It's good that the dude realized he's not the miracle worker and he starts to believe God is working through him.

I was pissed off majorly when the man at the bar called the carpenter a pimp and was comparing women and objectifying women who the healer dude was interacting with. I was angry when the heater didn't shout at him to shut up and stop being a nasty jerk. I hated that they were actually friends. Because he is a monster. I hate it when nasty men like him say horrible misogynistic things. I would have liked to have seen the atheist reporter lady kick him in the nuts. I felt she had it in her. He also made a joke about the healer being an abuser of women when he accidentally opened the door and it hit reporter woman in the face, which usually means that is what he is. Basically if the man is happy to make a joke about being a wife batterer who assaults people and laughs at his own joke, he is a monster who assaults people, in my experience. If this is truly his character, I want him to know he will go to Hell in the end. Doesn't matter how well liked he is as a bartender, he will definitely go straight to Hell and will stay there for eternity. There will be no other people for him to be aware of there, according to the story of Lazarus. He will feel complete isolation from all people and God for all of eternity.

Anyway the story of Alzheimers and the healer was all right. The story of saving the drowning boy and dating politely without lust was all right. The son supporting dating was kinda sketchy because probably. he ought to have some sort of reaction like "you are not my dad" or some sort of trying to see where the guy fits into his life and his thoughts about not having a father. Living in a decommissioned church is all right. This is why I give the movie 2 stars. They made the rest of the story watchable and interesting.

I felt really uncomfortable with the adults constantly going off and leaving this boy all by himself with no adults to take care of him or feed him and everyone leaves their doors unlocked. How do we know someone won't break in the house and try to kidnap him or kill him? Can he even cook or will he set fire to the house and then get trapped? What if crazy reporter lady with zero boundaries or empathy decides to let herself in his house which is unlocked and says or does inappropriate things to the boy, which will traumatize him? On top of the trauma of drowning and being in the hospital and being teased at school. Isn't this why he was drowning in the first place? Because there is no adult supervision in his life? And his mom wants to disappear to Canada overnight after being gone for hours, while leaving her young son to fend for himself for days while she is in Canada? With some strange man neither of them knows? So irresponsible! Boo!

IDK why they don't give this child any therapy for having a traumatic experience of nearly dying so he now probably has PTSD but no one cares about him; they are too busy with their own issues like going on dates and seeing reporters. Whenever he tried to talk about his experience with nearly dying and then being teased at school about it, the emotionally abusive people were kind of like IDK I guess you're not dead, yay; tell me, do I look fat in my dress? He needs to talk about it at length and be validated for his experiences and feelings. He sounded like he's having some type of existential crisis. Get this boy some Hamlet and a Bible.

If it's true like another commenter said that the boy actor grew up and murdered his mother, well, this is a common outcome of childhood trauma in men. Men become abusive from childhood trauma not being addressed and women come abused when traumatized in childhood. Maybe the character the boy was playing wasn't so far from his own relationship with his mom. The mom in the story comes off as a massive narcissist who has fits of rage and sobbing. My mom was like this, I barely survived because she was way more violent than this narcissistic mom.

I thought that the police man insisting that he needs to talk to the mom alone was super creepy and suspicious and that he wants to get her alone to threaten to hurt her or molest her. That's usually why police want to get you alone. That and they don't want to have any witnesses when they threaten to shoot you when you refuse to have sex with them.

Cops are mostly pretty brutal. They grope you and demean you and try to force you to be naked and they taser you when you are naked and they threaten to rape you and they do rape you and they ask you for sex and say they will shoot you if you do not give it to them and then scream and curse and get mad if you do not give them sex. They also throw you on the ground when you are just a kindergartener and threaten to shoot you while holding a gun to your head and dislocating your arms because they are having sex with your mom and don't want their wives to know and they will force you to watch them do this even though you hate it and don't want them to rape you. They take drugs and the get drunk at school functions after they speak about not drinking in an overnight anti drug lockdown for middle schoolers.

They blame you if you are raped by an ex-felon or your family or a pedophile and then scream about you making them lose their job even if you are just a kid and need help. They drive you past places that help kids thinking you will be able to find your own way there even though you've been abused, you are a kid, you don't have a car, and you are exhausted because its 3 AM and you just want to cop to stop driving you around the city and put you somewhere so you can sleep. They take you to a women center when you are a child and when they throw you out saying you can't stay because you are a kid they blame you and talk about themselves while you wonder if they are going to kill you.

They try to sabotage you at every turn. They scream a lot to try to give you a panic attack and when they do they applaud themselves and tell you that they think your seizures are very interesting and they are glad to have a fun new experience. Then they consider raping you but one of the nicer quieter cops has to gently drag them away. They threaten to rape you in front of children and then tell you that you ought to thank them for not raping you in front of children. But they don't mind groping you in front of children while you collapse and have a panic attack from being groped.

They let homeless people be raped because they don't consider you a person or a citizen and not care if any crimes happen to you. They call you a schizophrenic if you heard a scream coming from a woman being abused and want them to investigate and rescue the woman. They tell you they beat their own kid and dogs at home so they refuse to follow the actual written law on domestic violence.

They threaten to make fun of you and refuse to give you justice if you get raped by a man who you've tried to report for giving alcohol to minors because they beat their own daughter at home. They kick their police dog in front of you, just to torture you. They refuse to follow animal abuse or neglect laws to keep animals safe from abusers even if you film it. They threaten to arrest you even though you are filming a crime scene of animal or child abuse in public or outside the home in a parking lot which is completely legal.

They try to convince you that you will fail if you take criminals to small claims court for abusing animals or making noise violations. If you say that other officers violated your rights by calling you a schizophrenic or abusing you they call you a liar and say it never happened. If you say that you have PTSD instead of schizphrenia they laugh at you and make fun of you and demean you for calling you crazy. If you try to stop people hitting dogs which is a crime they will psychologically torture you by creating gruesome word images of people killing dogs in very bloody and horrible ways and say to you that only that counts as abuse and not the actual abuse that you've been calling about (ignoring the fact that by that time, the animal is already dead and cannot be saved...and the whole point of calling them early on in the pet abuse is to rescue the dog while it is still alive rather than wait for the dog to be gruesomely murdered.

They constantly berate you for not having a man (father, brother, husband, boyfriend) and claim if you get a man that all your problems will be solved and you will never have to call the police again, because whichever man you get is supposed to take the place of the police and always be there to rescue you (which isn't realistic). Since you don't have a man they say you are not actually a person so they don't have to do anything when people torture you or you see crimes. Only women with men are persons.

They see you as a pest and not an activist that fights misogyny and abuse of animals or humans and they want you to shut up and go away. They don't care what is going on in your life, they just really hate you and want you to go away (and some of them want you dead.) They say this to your face. That has been my experience as a little girl, teen, and adult woman with the cops in the world in most states and countries. So it's usually a big red flag when one of these misogynists wants to get you alone with them. Bad. Bad. Bad! Oh and if you tell a cop you are an asexual celibate person and are fine without a man they will laugh at you and make fun of you and tell you that you are wrong and crazy. Which I'm not. I'm fine. I just want friends to care and a society which does not want to torture me or animals or other people. Just the basics.

This cop should have seen it would be better for her emotional health to not talk to her alone but with other women there in the hospital that could comfort her. Why would anyone ever want to go alone in a room with a cop? I have done it before and the only thing that happens there is police brutality and evil corruption and acts of physical or psychological abuse against women. This cop in the movie subjects the woman to psychological abuse by trying to deny her from seeing her dead son despite the fat that it would bring closure and give her healing to say goodbye. The police forces of San Antonio and Racine WI all hate women and refused to hire them until they were forced to for diversity. Then they hired the absolute bare minimum which was one woman for Racine and two women for San Antonio. Racine police apparently are majorly in favor of human trafficking based on my experience as a survivor who got raped by cops. Kill the Patriarchy!! Votes for women!!!!!! Sister suffragettes!!!! :-) I am alive thanks to Jesus. Some of those cops worshipped Satan knowingly (others unknowingly.) My family members worshipped Satan openly including some weird sadistic rituals and hoped to get others to join them, including me. I said No.

They all wanted me tortured and dead, and according to them sometimes I literally was dead (heartbeat stopped, no breathing, bleeding a lot) but Jesus wanted me alive and well so He gave my life back to me each time they killed me. I mean I still was bleeding a lot once I survived each rape and murder attempt and at least one coma, plus all the head trauma...but at least I remained alive after they killed me with their drugs in my food and their rapes which made me pass out and hyperventilate and become medically dead. Here I am! Alive and well. Christ redeeemed me and kept me alive through the hell. Now they will go to Hell. Judgement Day is coming for rapists hopefully soon for most, because some will die once and stay dead in the pandemic. Good riddance. :) Bu-bye :-p

Christ and God always win. I told them that thing; I gave them my testimony but they couldn't believe. I guess maybe they will in a few years or maybe they will when they are dead and burning in Hell. I am victorious through Christ Jesus who saved me by dying on the Cross to take away all my sins. He can take away their sins too if they do a complete and full break with the past sins and turn their sin and their lives entirely over to Jesus Christ. Like how Saul stopped murdering people and became a devoted follower of Christ. Thank you for reading. :)
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AliceReviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022
2.0 out of 5 stars
Pointless story, but nice..
Verified purchase
2 stars for nice story w/o profanity.. But what was the point? Thought it was going somewhere in the beginning only to completely nosedive beyond what I would ever have expected. . There was no point. Could have had good messages. No one even said the obvious that God worked THROUGH him, God can work miracles... Nothing with any message that made sense. No inspirational message of prayer, faith, hope, etc. It's like they exploited audience that welcomes good Christian shows w a logical Christian message, but deceives in the end. Like they said, let's make a movie that people will watch bc they think it has areal, divine message, but then it will end up having nothing to do w God, as he doesn't even pray when he touches the dog. at the end What, is the guy suppose to have super powers now? smh.
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DaleReviewed in the United States on June 26, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Good Faith Based Family Movie. A Bit slow but suitable for all ages and a decent story.
Verified purchase
As with all movies, you have your likes and dislikes of any movie. Overall, this was a decent movie that we could all watch as a family and it has a good storyline. Some of the characters were a bit off at times while others were spot on. Basically, you have a boy that gets stuck under water after a tree fell while they were playing at the lake. The boy drowns and is declared dead. This happens a few weeks before Easter. A man nearby that was fishing, who happens to be a carpenter/handyman jumps in to save the boy and performs life saving measures that fail. When taken to the hospital, the mother arrives not knowing what has happened and upon learning of her son dying, she breaks down but asks the man who tried to save him to go down with her to see her son. The man places his hands on the boy, says a prayer and wishes he could of saves him. The boy suddenly revives not knowing who took place. Thus, the story begins. A reporter from the city comes down to do a story on the events, and as more often than not, spins the story in a negative light and relentlessly harasses the boy, his mom and the man who saved the boy.

One thing that is very awkward is the boy's relationship with the man who saves him which seems completely indifferent at times, a complete disdain at others and acceptance, but he is rather emotionless overall. It wasn't a good fit in casting. You would think that one would be pleased with the very person that saved him and grateful. This isn't the case. Made the movie awkward and forced.

Naturally you hate the reporter from the beginning but that's expected. Other than that, it was well done for the most part, suitable for all ages and it is a faith-based movie about prayer with a bit of mild romance in it. Not sure why the total hatred in some reviews but it is worth the watch.
PamelaReviewed in the United States on April 29, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Watching this was a Refreshing Break from a Very Stressful Day
Verified purchase
My experience of this movie is mixed. Upfront let me tell you that it has a few predictable moments. But it also had several scenes that I didn't see coming. I found some of the actors and actresses endearing. The Carpenter's Miracle has the elements of a great story; a crisis, a villain, a rescuer, and some relationship dynamics that I found heartwarming. I haven't watched a movie in a long time and I needed a break from stress. This movie provided a nice break.
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D HerreraReviewed in the United States on April 16, 2022
1.0 out of 5 stars
I Stopped Watching It - BUT I Found Out Something About the Young Actor
Verified purchase
I was captivated by the action in the first 5 minutes, but it just went downhill, from there. I held on for 30 minutes and finally gave up. The, "I NEED to start dating you...NOW!" was ridiculous, but I held on. Then, a few "God"/Bible comments upset me because they almost seemed I stopped.

Anyway, I usually like to research new actors/actresses; so I found out that the young man that played the son/boy, just plead guilty to his mom's murder. It's sooo tragic...truly! May she rest in peace, and may her son repent for his evil crime!
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BethReviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
The movie will occupy an hour of your time if you stick it out....
Verified purchase
The acting was good by all but the female reporter who just makes reporters look slimy but then most are, the ones I've met, but the story line was poor. Yes miracles do happen, but they made this so cheesy, even the ending. It's like the writers threw something together figured you put in a few good actors and you have a winner...not this time. The movie could be saved but then that would take a miracle...... So the 2 stars are for good lead actors only.
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LeeReviewed in the United States on February 24, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Liked this movie a lot
Verified purchase
Good movie
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Tammy LodgeReviewed in the United States on May 30, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wonderful family movie
Verified purchase
This is a great movie and fit for anyone to watch. At a little under an hour and a half it’s not drawn out or boring. If you believe in miracles then you will enjoy this movie.
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