To Catch a Thief

 (3,074)7.41 h 46 min1955X-RayPG
Stars Cary Grant as a former thief suspected of a new series of crimes and Grace Kelly as the woman who romances him.
Alfred Hitchcock
Cary GrantGrace KellyJessie Royce Landis
English [CC]
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John WilliamsCharles VanelBrigitte AuberJean MartinelliGeorgette Anys
Alfred Hitchcock
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John FowlerReviewed in the United States on May 6, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
DEFINITELY NOT NEW AND IMPROVED + Hitchcock Checklist on Blu-Ray
Verified purchase
In 2012, Paramount issued ‘To Catch a Thief’ on Blu-ray: [[ASIN:B00AEBB8H4 To Catch A Thief (1955) (BD) [Blu-ray]]] (see photo)
It was a model of what a “special edition” should be. I gave it five stars:
---- Beautifully remastered 2K picture.
---- Audio commentary by film historian Drew Casper.
---- Nine well-done bonus featurettes (89 minutes).

In 2020, Paramount issued a “new and improved” 4k scan of ‘To Catch a Thief’.
But something went wrong in the transfer to Blu-ray.
Detail is lost - It looks closer to DVD.
Old film stock had something called “grain”.
Cinematographers knew how to use grain to add depth and detail to the photographic image.
Grain is good, but younger viewers, accustomed to the flat, smooth image of digital video, often think it is a flaw.
The new “4K” scan has been manipulated to remove nearly all of the grain that was present in 2012.
I could achieve the same effect by adjusting the “sharpness” setting on my TV screen to minimum, but why would I want to?
Skin tones are waxy.
And it is not an authentic 4-K Blu-ray anyway (those things are expensive).
The technical specs have been dumbed down to standard Blu-ray.

One other obvious difference: the night scenes had a greenish tint in 2012, and a bluish tint in 2020.
I’m not sure which is authentic, but you can make out more detail in the greenish picture.
Also, the film had a mono soundtrack when it was sent to theaters in 1955.
The 2012 Blu-ray gave you a choice of original mono or two channel stereo.
The two channel stereo sounds surprisingly natural - apparently separate music, audio and sound effects tracks survive in the Paramount vault.
For 2020, Paramount has created a 5.1 soundtrack - barely noticeable difference from stereo.
No mono or stereo option with the new Blu-ray.
Both Blu-rays have a wide-screen picture, filmed using Paramount's VistaVision process.
If the 2012 Blu-ray did not exist, I would give the new Blu-ray five stars, but the competition is too much.

The final nail in the coffin of the new Blu-ray is the lack of supplementary material.
The 2012 Blu-ray had 89 minutes of informative and entertaining featurettes, many of them featuring Hitchcock’s daughter and granddaughter.
For the new Blu-ray, eight featurettes, totaling 83 minutes were scrapped.
Only one featurette was saved, devoted to Cary Grant and Grace Kelly (6 minutes).
There is one new featurette with film critic Leonard Maltin (7 minutes) - nice, but certainly not an adequate replacement for all the goodies that were lost.
2012 = Nine Featurettes (89 minutes)
2020 = Two Featurettes (13 minutes)

---- Audio commentary by Drew Casper.
---- "Behind the Gates: Cary Grant and Grace Kelly" (6 minutes)
---- Original Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes)
---- English SDH subtitles for the feature film

---- “Filmmaker Focus”: an appreciation by critic Leonard Maltin (7 minutes)
---- English SDH subtitles for the audio commentary. This is actually a good idea. Now I can follow the audio commentary with the sound turned down and not disturb my dog who is sleeping next to me.

83 minutes of background material were scrapped:
---- "A Night with the Hitchcocks" (23 minutes) - USC symposium hosted by Drew Casper, with Hitchcock's daughter Pat and granddaughter Mary.
---- "Unacceptable Under the Code: Censorship in Hollywood" (12 minutes)
---- "Writing and Casting 'To Catch a Thief'" (9 minutes)
---- "The Making of 'To Catch a Thief'" (17 minutes)
---- "Alfred Hitchcock and 'To Catch a Thief': An Appreciation" (8 minutes)
---- "Edith Head: The Paramount Years" (14 minutes) portrait of the legendary costume designer.
---- Interactive Travelogue of the French Riviera highlighting locations seen in the film, from Nice to Cannes.
---- Galleries: scene shots, publicity stills and production photos

Alfred Hitchcock directed 56 feature films (not counting short subjects).
---- 'The Mountain Eagle' (1927) is a lost film.
---- 'Blackmail' (1929) is counted twice - it was Hitchcock's final silent film, and was also filmed as his first talkie.
---- 'Aventure Malgache' and 'Bon Voyage' (1944) are not feature films. These were French-language propaganda shorts (combined running time: 57 minutes) produced during World War II. Available on DVD [[ASIN:B00000G0DM Alfred Hitchcock's Bon Voyage & Aventure Malgache]] or Amazon Prime Video.

In the following list I give preference to Blu-ray over DVD, and to Region 1 (US) over Region 2 (Europe), but sometimes this was not possible:
The best copies of ‘The Pleasure Garden’ (1925), ‘Elstree Calling’ (1930) and ‘Number 17 (1932) are on Region 2 import DVDs.
The best copies of ‘Sabotage’ (1936) and ‘Young and Innocent’ (1937) are on Region B import Blu-rays.
There are no really good copies of ‘Easy Virtue’, ‘Juno and the Paycock’ or ‘Secret Agent’ - my stopgap recommendation is the Mill Creek four-DVD box which is inexpensive if nothing else.
A region-free Blu-ray player is a good investment.
They cost about $150 on Amazon or Ebay.
Under Electronics, look up “region free Blu-ray player”.
- or you can watch Region 2 DVDs (but not Region B Blu-rays) on your computer’s DVD drive.


All nine surviving silent films received new 4K restorations by the British Film Institute (BFI) in 2012.
---- seven of these 2012 restorations are now on Blu-ray.
---- two are not yet on Blu-ray: ‘The Pleasure Garden’ and ‘Easy Virtue’ - for updates, sign up for the Brenton Films Hitchcock e-mail list. See Comment One (sort by "Oldest").
1925 [[ASIN:B0032O66F4 The Pleasure Garden [Region 2]]] (Region 2 Europe DVD)
1927 The Mountain Eagle - LOST FILM
1927 [[ASIN:B06XP1WFQF The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]] - BFI restoration (coupled with ‘Downhill’)
1927 Downhill [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration (coupled with ‘The Lodger’ (1927) on Criterion Collection)
1927 The Ring [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration in [[ASIN:B07XR5HT4R Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection [Blu-ray]]]
1928 Easy Virtue - in MILL CREEK BOX (American DVD) **
1928 The Farmer's Wife [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration in [[ASIN:B07XR5HT4R Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection [Blu-ray]]]
1928 Champagne [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration in [[ASIN:B07XR5HT4R Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection [Blu-ray]]]
1929 The Manxman [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration in [[ASIN:B07XR5HT4R Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection [Blu-ray]]]
1929 Blackmail - silent version [Blu-ray] - BFI restoration (coupled with sound version)

1929 [[ASIN:B07SJ9H6PG Blackmail (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]]] (sound version - coupled with silent version)
1930 [[ASIN:B00I05PUIO Elstree Calling [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - United Kingdom ]]] (Region 2 Europe DVD)
1930 Juno and the Paycock - in MILL CREEK BOX (American DVD) **
1930 [[ASIN:B07SG7Q8D4 Murder! (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]]] (coupled with ‘Mary’)
1931 Mary [Blu-ray] - German language version of 'Murder!' (coupled with ‘Murder!’ (1930)
1931 The Skin Game [Blu-ray] - in [[ASIN:B07XR5HT4R Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection [Blu-ray]]]
1931 Rich and Strange - in STUDIOCANAL BOX (Region 2 Europe DVD) or LIONS GATE BOX (American DVD) *
1932 Number 17 - in STUDIOCANAL BOX (Region 2 Europe DVD) *
1934 Waltzes from Vienna [[ASIN:B0031SU2XS Alfred Hitchcock's Waltzes From Vienna]] DVD
1934 [[ASIN:B009RWRIP2 The Man Who Knew Too Much (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]] (first version)
1935 [[ASIN:B007N5YJWK The 39 Steps (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]]
1936 Secret Agent - in MILL CREEK BOX (American DVD) **
1936 [[ASIN:B00T87VXSE Sabotage [Blu-ray]]] (Region B Europe Blu-ray)
1937 [[ASIN:B001JV5BJY Young and Innocent]] (American DVD) - or - [[ASIN:B00MPOMWLO Young and Innocent [Blu-ray]]] (Region B Europe Blu-ray)
1938 [[ASIN:B005ND87JU The Lady Vanishes (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]]
1939 [[ASIN:B00TU29O88 Jamaica Inn [Blu-ray]]

* STUDIOCANAL BOXED SET: [[ASIN:B01CI2LHPE Hitchcock, The Early Years [DVD]]] - Region 2 Europe DVDs:
‘Rich and Strange’ and ‘Number 17’ are in this UK box, issued by StudioCanal.
LIONS GATE BOXED SET: [[ASIN:B000KJU12S The Alfred Hitchcock Box Set (The Ring / The Manxman / Murder! / The Skin Game / Rich and Strange)]] - American DVDs
- this is the American edition of the StudioCanal box, unfortunately not complete:
‘Rich and Strange’ is in this box, but not ‘Number 17’.

** MILL CREEK DVD BOX: [[ASIN:B000UVV25Q Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins - 20 Movie Classics]] - American DVDs
This is a collection of 18 British films, squeezed onto four DVDs in terrible transfers. But at least the price is super-cheap. It contains several rarities:
---- 1928 Easy Virtue - no really good alternative to Mill Creek
---- 1930 Juno and the Paycock - no really good alternative to Mill Creek
---- 1936 Secret Agent - no really good alternative to Mill Creek
---- also Number 17 and Sabotage, which are available in superior competing versions from the UK.

30 films: 28 are on blu-ray.
(some of them were filmed in the UK, but produced and released by American studios)

1940 [[ASIN:B071XF71K4 Rebecca (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]]
1940 [[ASIN:B00LUSUVQE Foreign Correspondent [Blu-ray]]]
1941 Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD - [[ASIN:B00OTADFTU Mr & Mrs Smith]] also on Amazon Prime Video
1941 [[ASIN:B01CZ2NDY0 Suspicion [Blu-ray]]]
1942 [[ASIN:B00BM79PB0 Saboteur [Blu-ray]]] *
1943 [[ASIN:B00BM79UO2 Shadow of a Doubt [Blu-ray]]] *
1944 [[ASIN:B01N33IYBI Lifeboat [Blu-ray]]]
1945 [[ASIN:B0065N6KNW Spellbound (hitchcock) [Blu-ray]]]
1946 [[ASIN:B07JVF7M7M Notorious (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]]]
1947 [[ASIN:B06XRV48SR The Paradine Case]] [Blu-Ray]
1948 [[ASIN:B00BM7A1AO Rope [Blu-ray]]] *
1949 [[ASIN:B07C53ZZXY Under Capricorn [Blu-ray]]]
1950 Stage Fright DVD - [[ASIN:B0002HOEQW Stage Fright]] also on Amazon Prime Video
1951 [[ASIN:B008DMQDZS Strangers On A Train (BD) [Blu-ray]]]
1953 [[ASIN:B01ACP5426 I Confess (1953) [Blu-ray]]]
1954 [[ASIN:B006LMIMW4 Dial M for Murder (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [1954] [Region Free]]] (2-D and 3-D versions)
1954 [[ASIN:B00J2R3W1G Rear Window [Blu-ray]]] *
1955 [[ASIN:B00AEBB8H4 To Catch A Thief (1955) (BD) [Blu-ray]]]
1955 [[ASIN:B00BM7A5RS The Trouble with Harry [Blu-ray]]] *
1956 [[ASIN:B00BM7AA1Y The Man Who Knew Too Much [Blu-ray]]] (second version) *
1956 [[ASIN:B019HPJBY4 The Wrong Man [Blu-ray]]]
1958 [[ASIN:B00J2R3VZI Vertigo [Blu-ray]]] *
1959 [[ASIN:B014IAWFU0 North By Northwest (1959) (BD) [Blu-ray]]] *
1960 [[ASIN:B00J2R3W52 Psycho (1960) [Blu-ray]]] *
1963 [[ASIN:B01FUYRK76 The Birds [Blu-ray]]] *
1964 [[ASIN:B00BM7AFKK Marnie [Blu-ray]]] *
1966 [[ASIN:B00BM7APUU Torn Curtain [Blu-ray]]] *
1969 [[ASIN:B00BM7ATXI Topaz [Blu-ray]]] *
1972 [[ASIN:B00BM7B0EK Frenzy [Blu-ray]]] *
1976 [[ASIN:B00BM7B4FU Family Plot [Blu-ray]]] *

* these fifteen films are also in bargain Blu-ray boxes (no new remasterings):
---- 2012: [[ASIN:B008DCAG9M Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray] (2012)]]
---- 2016 reissue: [[ASIN:B019329V7S Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray]]] (same fifteen films)
---- 2017 reissue: [[ASIN:B074Q1QHRW Alfred Hitchcock: The Ultimate Collection [Blu-ray]]] (same fifteen films + two blu-rays of Hitchcock television shows).
---- 2012: Fourteen film Blu-ray box: [[ASIN:B008RLD1VY Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection [Blu Ray]]] (minus 'North by Northwest')
This is a British import (considerably less expensive)
Unlike most British Blu-rays, these are region-free and should play on any US player.
The bonus features of the British and American Blu-rays are identical.
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Patrick RichardsReviewed in the United States on January 18, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
THE version to own. Major upgrade.
Verified purchase
The team that worked on this restoration did a fantastic job. I have seen this movie well over a dozen times on DVD and seeing it for the first time in HD was nearly like seeing it for the first time. The level of detail, the lushness of the colors and the overall image clarity make this a worthy purchase for your movie collection. Major sound upgrade as well. Not a groundbreaking movie, not one of Hitchcock's heavy hitters, but a great movie with a magnificent cast. Highly entertaining and the definitive release of this movie.
50 people found this helpful
A. Film LoverReviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
All you need to know
Verified purchase
Here's the deal - lots of pontificating by those who really know very little about film, color, and grain. So, let me say this: The 2012 Blu-ray is okay - it's reasonably sharp (perhaps sharpened) and a decent presentation save for one thing - THAT is the one with loused up color. The insane green tint for the night scenes was ludicrous then and ludicrous now. Those scenes were never tinted green like that - ever. They were blue with hints of green. So, in that regard the new Blu-ray gets it completely right.

However, the image has been brightened a bit too much, a day for night scene has not been printed correctly here (it is day for night in the 2012 Blu-ray but again with that stupid green wash over it), and the main titles are finally the right color here.

So, now, is this a "blurry mess?" Of course not. Is it a little soft? Absolutely. Should it be? Not really. VistaVision was a large format, although only two releases were actually projected that way originally - the rest were printed down to 35mm but those Technicolor prints were breathtaking even in 35mm. In the large format, the grain would be VERY fine. There's not much here, however, and yes faces can look soft and, if you must, a little waxy - NOT the skin tones, Mr. Fowler - those are perfect. Waxy is an image problem not a color problem.

In the end, neither Blu-ray is good enough for this delightful film, and it's a shame this release is a bit of a botch, especially not including the mono soundtrack.
22 people found this helpful
Clay GarnerReviewed in the United States on October 29, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
‘Searching for the truth - a hobby of mine’
Verified purchase
‘Searching for the truth - a hobby of mine’

This quest . . . this puzzle . . . this discovery of ‘Truth’ underlies the drama.

Superficially, the romance between Grace Kelly (gorgeous) and Cary Grant (seductive) drives the story.


The fundamental tension is the frustration Cary Grant feels because hated. Why?

His former comrades in the French resistance now want to kill him. He was (successful) American jewel thief turned (successful) underground resistance fighter.

Why now so much anger . . . so . . . much hatred?


Another facet of revealing ‘truth’ by uncovering lies — Grace Kelly piercing Cary Grant’s deception. She knows he is lying!

But — she likes it! Why? Because she is a phony! The ice maiden revealed as hot blooded romantic.


This interplay of hypocrisy/honesty provides interest, depth, that the surface romance/drama cannot sustain.

Maybe, indicates the genius of Alfred Hitchcock. His work has endured.
32 people found this helpful
Nature GalReviewed in the United States on September 3, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Dated film with a cliched romance
Verified purchase
The mystery in this is easier to figure out than those in a modern police procedural. It's obvious who the real thieves are. It has a bizarre romance in which Grace Kelly for some reason feels the need to throw herself at a 50-year-old Cary Grant. Kelly's character changes on a dime from being entranced by the idea that John (Grant) is a thief to repulsed by it. John seems to be a terrible thief and a terrible detective. His sole strategy for catching the thief seems to be sitting on a roof and waiting for the thief to climb through a window, which eventually happens after nearly 2 hrs goes by. Even the thief's motives makes no sense. The thief copies former thief John's robbing technique -- which amounts to climbing through windows -- yet the thief also cares deeply for John, meaning that John is the main suspect for the crime even though the thief would never want John to get into trouble. Really, just a boring cliched mess.
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classicalsteveReviewed in the United States on August 1, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Grant and Grace "Steal" the Screen in Delightful Hitchcock Action-Comedy Set in the French Riveria
Verified purchase
While he is most often associated with "Psycho", a dark brooding psychological horror tale, Hitchcock also knew how to have fun. "To Catch a Thief", which incorporates elements of action, suspense and comedy, is one of his best efforts of this type. Hitch often employed the likes of Cary Grant when he needed a more light-hearted character residing in Europe, and he used the incomparable Grace Kelly when he needed a witty love-interest to keep up with his male lead. This is a completely enjoyable and entertaining film with Grant and Kelly doing what they do best with Hitch at the helm.

In the French Riviera, near Monte Carlo and the Mediterranean Sea, some burglaries have disrupted this otherwise sleepy locale. The targets are jewels owned by French aristocrats and/or wealthy bourgeoisie in expensive houses. Nearby is a former jewel-heister residing in the same vicinity, John Robie, nicknamed the "Cat", played with subtle confidence by Cary Grant. The authorities are convinced the Cat has returned and is wreaking havoc on the community, but Robie insists he's not the one causing millionaire wives to sob at the loss of their priceless jewels. Robie realizes he will have to catch the burglar himself otherwise he'll probably be put on trial for the thefts.

Two Americans, Jesse Stevens and her daughter Frances (Grace Kelly), not only reside in the French Riviera but they also boast owning expensive jewelry. The Cat decides to solicit their help by pretending he's an American businessman who has taken a cursory interest in the thefts. However, Frances has heard of "the Cat" and the burglars, and she begins to suspect not only that he is the Cat but also he's responsible for the current thefts. Grant must play a game of "cat and mouse" in which he uses the Stevens as bait to catch the real thief and all the while staying out of police custody. We as the audience begin wondering who is the real thief and will he be easily apprehended, or have we been playing the fool in believing Grant?

A wonderful film, purely for entertainment value and not to be taken too seriously. The film was shot on location near Monte Carlo, especially on the narrow streets of the French Riviera. Legend has it that the Crown Prince of Monaco saw the cast shooting the film, spotted Kelly, and introduced himself. Shortly thereafter, they engaged in a media-driven romance ending with their marriage. In a tragic twist, Kelly, while driving on those same roads shot in "To Catch a Thief", lost control of her car which plummeted down the steep slopes, causing her death in 1982. Kelly was a real princess, both on and off screen, and hers was one of the most-publicized tragedies of a member of European royalty since before the death of Princess Diana only 16 years later. Interestingly, both princesses died in auto accidents.
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Y. CousseReviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent Blu ray version of this film
Verified purchase
I read the reviews before buying this version and I'm glad I did. There is a later version of this film on blu ray being offered and when I went to the reviews, someone rated it as awful. The person had a picture of this version and said it was much better. I bought this version and I could never agree more. The colors are wonderful. The images are crisp and clean. It was a stunning rendition of this great film as it deserves to be shown. I strongly suggest if you love this film it deserves to be seen in glorious color and this Blu ray is the one to buy.
4 people found this helpful
Matthew D'SouzaReviewed in the United States on June 26, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Relaxing and Endearing
Verified purchase
A relaxed thriller for creating a good time.

Alfred Hitchcock's crime thriller To Catch a Thief is more romancing and vacationing rather than a traditional crime drama. The jewelry plot becomes a subplot as you wonder whether or not Cary Grant and Grace Kelly will end up together instead. You are intrigued by the prospect of Grant catching a robber to clear his name. Though To Catch a Thief is most interesting as you try to figure out the identity of the cat burglar.

Hitchcock's direction is nice with many beautifully shot chase sequences, suspenseful quiet moments of capture, silent chases across darkly lit rooftops, and a romance scene in an atmospherically lit hotel room. Hitchcock's still shots instead between Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are the highlight of the film. He also directs with a new angle of many helicopter shots during the driving sequences down long winding roads. I love the scenic vistas of Nice, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco, however the green screen footage in the background of the driving clips look terrible. The dated editing of quickly cutting away from the fights, encounters, and chases feels lazy for Hitchcock, who could have filmed these scenes instead of cutting to the next scene. Grant literally gets arrested, then it immediately cuts back to him eating lunch at home, leaving the viewer to connect the dots. The pivotal encounter between Grant and The Cat is in darkness with rapid fire cuts that obscure the action so that you cannot see anything but the result. It's deeply unsatisfying.

I love Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief for his comedy relief. He looks like he was just swimming, eating, sleeping, and relaxing his way through this film. His sarcastic remarks and playful taunts make the movie.

Grace Kelly is lovely and alluring as the love interest. Her spoiled rich girl eager for a jewel robbery or sudden romance is an endearing character due to Kelly's charms. Her character is not so well written as she often speaks so on the nose in her dialogue that it takes you out of the movie for a moment.

To Catch a Thief basically ignores its plot so that we get to sit by the beach and enjoy the view. The pace is slow, yet enjoyable, but for those wishing for a gripping plot, try another Hitchcock film instead.

Jessie Royce Landis is a lot of fun as a wealthy widow on vacation. John Williams gets a comedic relief character to play with delightful attitude. I must mention Brigitte Auber is captivating as a young French lady with a desire to loot. Her performance is equally riveting next to Grant's as she is another love interest and foil. Her charming appearances are as fun as Grace Kelly's scenes. Auber brings a sweet innocence to her playful introduction, a seductive teasing to her beach encounter, a devastating fury to her father's funeral, and a stealthy intrigue and menace to her rooftop escapade.

Overall, To Catch a Thief is full of European sights, from locales to women and many lovely costumes from Edith Head herself. However, the languid pace and lack of a compelling story alongside bad technical aspects such as the dated green screen or the awkward English dubbed voices for the Frenchman leading the resistance restaurant make To Catch a Thief feel lackluster at times. The overall film is great, but it has notable flaws.
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