DCU: Justice League: War

 (2,994)7.31 h 19 min2016X-RayPG-13
When the powerful Darkseid and his forces invade Earth, the world's finest super heroes combine their talents in an all-out battle to save the planet.
Jay Oliva
Christopher GorhamJustin KirkShemar Moore
English [CC]
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Jason O'MaraAlan TudykMichelle MonaghanSean AstinSteve BlumZach Callison
James Tucker
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ChuckReviewed in the United States on May 30, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
I've read the comic, so I suppose that invalidates my opinion...
Verified purchase
Shazam replaces Aquaman, but other than that, it sticks pretty close to the source material.

Some people have said they don't like the voice actors, but I'm okay with each generation getting their own characters to appreciate. Just because I like Kevin Conroy doesn't mean I can't appreciate another Batman. Under the Red Hood is still awesome, and that one doesn't even have Mark Hamill!

I, like most, enjoyed the treatment Cyborg got. I think he's often underutilized, so it's nice to see him get some attention.
From my understanding, Superman is still supposed to be coming into his role, so he hasn't embraced his Beacon of Hope status yet.
I didn't like the treatment Green Lantern got, but he's the most true to form character from the comic... which was written by Geoff Johns.

Aside from the Divine Crowbar, there isn't anything that I don't enjoy/appreciate about this movie. I would love to see DC do all seven remaining volumes of this series.
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bbmReviewed in the United States on December 30, 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
Pretty good, but...
Verified purchase
I liked this. Grittier than most DC animated movies. I must admit, though, some of the other reviews I read were right about the Superman portrayal and, I have to add Green Lantern to that category of a little too arrogant and unlikable.
I am a Green Lantern fan, but, I always thought the Lantern was supposed to be someone who was more on the serious side, not the cocky, non-strategic thinker like this one was. Hal Jordan has always been confident, somewhat cocky but, more serious when the time came for the butt-kicking. This one was quite amateurish and got his buttocks kicked a little too easily.
Superman came off too cocky, too. I would expect, in the "real world" for these superheroes to be quite self-absorbed but, this was a big change in the Superman persona for me.
Batman was the only one who seemed to appreciate the seriousness of the situation they were in ahead of time. While I would expect him to be serious, the others were a surprise, to the negative. I wanted to see Batman do to Superman like he did in "Doom" or "Dark Knight Returns".
I did like what Wonder Woman was: funny, but darned serious.
Flash was as Flash usually is: some serious but, comic relief.
I did like the treatment of Cyborg. He, historically, is an afterthought. He played a serious and significant role here. Good.
It has been a long time since I collected comics and, I suppose there have been many new personalities instilled in the characters.
Maybe I'm just a dinosaur.
Overall, the storyline was well done. Darkseid is a big, bad guy. I do, sort of, think he went down too easily, though.
I would recommend seeing this. Not quite as good as Doom, but, worth seeing. I would give it 3 1/2 stars if I could've.
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Paul S. PersonReviewed in the United States on October 4, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Darkseid's First Attack
Verified purchase
This movie is about the /first/ attack by Darkseid on Earth.
It shows a seven disparate superheroes learned to work together well enough to be mistaken for a team by a grateful world.
Lots of action, lots of characterization, growing cooperation.
These are the events Superman refers to at the start of /Justice League: Apokalipse War/.
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Ace-of-StarsReviewed in the United States on February 12, 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
One of the common complaints I'm coming across regarding this new "Justice League" DCAU production (other than the replacement of "Aquaman" with "Captain Marvel" who is now "officially" called "SHAZAM" -- but if you watch through the end credits you'll get your answer to why this animated feature chose not to carryover DC's resident "pet fish" this time around) has to do with the "unherolike" behavior of our beloved "SuperFriends" -- they're rude, they're obnoxious, they're backbiting, they're pouty, they're haughty & headstrong... they're just not very likable people. Well, I for one do not see any of this as a problem! In fact, I think this take on the "Justice League" makes for better story telling.

Keeping in mind that this feature is the first one based on DC's "New 52" storyline (unless one wishes to include "Flashpoint Paradox," which I personally do not), I do not see the characters' behaviors as being any sort of a major problem. Nerve grating? You bet! -- that is, *IF* you're any of the "over 20" crowd who has grown up on a steady diet of archetypal "honorable hero" vs. "unambiguous rogues & villiains" who play their respective (expected) roles: whether these are characters as portrayed in comic books, professional wrestling arenas, first-person shooter video games, etc.

So even though it was somewhat "unsettling" to observe these great heroic figures acting all cocky and/or behaving so immaturely with little or no refinement, this set-up actually works and plays out more realistically (though admittedly it's a bit "overdone" at times) once we take into consideration that (in this "new" reality) these are in fact "NEW" characters with "never before seen" abilities who have been thrown into a society "unprepared" for them and often "unreceptive" and "distrusting" of them -- in other words, the people (of the "New 52" universe) have yet to view and embrace these "aberrations" as "heroes," even when they do things that clearly are "heroic" in nature!

So it "feels right" that these "unique" individuals who are just "starting out" do not feel a need to behave "stoically" or with a mind of "responsibility" and "respect" toward the public at large or even toward one another, thus they have this air of "self-importance" about themselves -- or to quote it another way, "With great Power comes great Arrogance." These characters with their "special abilities" which nobody (not even the "supers" themselves) yet fully understands or respects are more-or-less acting on "impulse," much in the same way that any one of us who found ourselves endowed with a similar "special ability" or "fortuitous advantage" which had just been suddenly thrust upon us would/might fall susceptible (think your typical newly discovered "hot" film/television/radio "overnight sensations" who rapidly expect to receive "preferential treatment" in all aspects of their public lives, for example). These are characters who are still trying to make sense of their world and to find a way to fit/work in and around it -- in fact, the whole time I was watching things play out with them, one though kept haunting my mind: "These guys are just within a breath and a half of becoming the 'Crime Syndicate'!" (see "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" to get the reference)

So watching these individuals not only coming to terms with their "special abilities" but also trying to "manage" them in ways just enough to keep themselves from crossing over that fine line into the "dark side," as it were, it was refreshing to watch "heroes" *GROW* into their own, rather than just being "born honorable" or having an "epiphany" which makes them instantaneously "angelic": these are "good" people who recognize that what abilities they possess could easily "corrupt" them, but who are still working their way through these abilities trying to find their "true calling."

I was initially afraid that they were going to try to go the "X-Men" route by making the "New 52" characters the objects of blanket hatred by the masses (perhaps they can still go back to their archives and reintroduce "G. Gordon Godfrey / Glorious Godfrey" from the "Legends" mini-series and work that back in into the "N52" line, especially since they decided to introduce Darkseid so early on in the new history), but the fact that after having been objects of so much distrust, theses "costumed vigilantes" have actually shown themselves to be on "our side" and have thus not only won the respect & admiration of the masses, but the "costumed" warriors themselves have also come to appreciate and have more respect for what possessing those powers and abilities truly means to themselves and to others, and that these chains of events with regard to the repelled intergalactic invasion becomes the catalyst which finally begins to transform what are essentially a group of reckless kids in adult bodies (though still quite literally in Cap.Marvel's/SHAZAM's case) into the "heroes" we know we can expect them to become in time.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on September 26, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Just bad
Verified purchase
Bad animation, bad script, bad story, bad voice acting. Spent the first 10 minutes of this movie getting over how incompetent these heroes were. The blaze attitude Green Lantern has in saving the lady taken by the alien. It's like he doesn't know what an enclosed shape is... How does he not notice Batman taking his ring? This movie was hot garbage, just avoid it and watch something else like the Flash Point Paradox.
Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on October 9, 2014
2.0 out of 5 stars
DC, you're better than this. What happened?
Verified purchase
I love the DC animated movies. They tend to be far better than their live-action counterparts, excepting the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.
This, however, was not great. Every single one of the characters felt a little off, and some of them WAY off.
Wonder Woman was played as a woman who had no concept of the outside world, and no desire to fulfill her destiny as an envoy of peace from Themyscera. She was ignorant of any and all customs outside of her Amazon culture. Sometimes, she almost seemed like an anime character, for instance, when she tasted ice cream for the first time and spread her arms wide to shout to the world that it was the best food ever created. Even the "camera" angle in that scene was something you'd see in an anime.
Superman was a brash, unthinking hothead. A lot like his New 52 persona in the comics, but taken to the extreme. I realize they always want to have the obligatory hero-vs-hero throwdown until they realize they're all on the same side, but in this case, the only justification for it was Superman's "heat vision first, ask questions later" attitude. He was a cocky jerk. Oh, and he killed a LOT of parademons... even after it was revealed that they were inhabitants of worlds conquered by Darkseid and mutated into their parademon forms. The Superman I love would have tried to find a way to save them, not kill them.
Vic Stone, pre-Cyborging, was an idiot, and his father was an egotistical jerk.
Green Lantern was a cocky but supposedly charming guy, but he really just came off as foolish and untrained. Which is sad, because Hal Jordan in my opinion always has the potential to be the bedrock of a team like the Justice League.

The premise of the story was mediocre, and the resolution was weak. The fight scenes were intended to be epic, but largely fell flat.
All in all, probably the weakest outing from DC's animated team ever.
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R. FosterReviewed in the United States on February 14, 2014
3.0 out of 5 stars
A solid work of comc art
Verified purchase
I'm getting more discriminating with more of these features, but I'll be fair. First off, the overall quality of the feature is, as usual, light years ahead of anything Marvel has put out, with the exception of Planet Hulk. The animation is excellent, the story is tight (no unforgivable holes; this is supposed to be fun, after all), and the voices all fit perfectly (thanks GOD for Andrea Romano!). It's a great way to spend some time; I liked the characters they chose for this group, although I don't diss Aquaman like others do, so I wouldn't have minded having him here.
I'll admit to being a little old fashioned, so I found the profanity to be excessive and distracting. It's as if the script writers had a severely limited vocabulary, and couldn't come up with anything more clever. Part of what makes these features so entertaining is the effort that the writers put into being dramatic without going for the cheap pop. Anybody can swear; we see it everywhere. But that's the problem; we see it so much, we forget that profanity is the language of the unlearned. I hold these writers to a higher standard. Don't get me wrong; I get that these are supposed to be edgy; I like edgy. But it has to help the story; it has to add to the drama or comedic effect; here, it just comes off as uninspired and lazy.
As I said, I like the characters they chose, but here again the writing fails some of them, especially Green Lantern. He comes off like a pretentious, self-absorbed idiot. Again, I like edgy; I don't like annoying jerk. Worst thing to do to a supposed "hero" is to make him a character that your audience can't empathize with. Before long, I was hoping they'd forget GL was supposed to be in the movie. Not good.
Cyborg is well done, and relatable; the Flash is surprisingly mature and engaging. Wonder Woman...........well, try harder next time; she doesn't have to be THAT ignorant, does she? And I definitely think they went in the right direction with Superman and Shazam (Captain Marvel).
Like I said, overall, a good piece of work, and a welcome addition to my collection. Just smooth out some of the rough spots for the next one, and I'll be happy to buy that one too. YO, MARVEL!!! Where are you?!?!?! Send somebody over to DC to see how it's done!
Lewis D. MedeirosReviewed in the United States on March 3, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great fun... if you're already a fan.
Verified purchase
To be brutally blunt: Justice League: War is probably not a movie you'll enjoy if you aren't already familiar with most of the cast, with the exception of Cyborg, who gets his origin story in this particular story anyway. While the New 52 comic continuity is a reboot, Justice League itself leaves the development of individual heroes to their individual comics for the most part, leaving the Darkseid story arc at the beginning of the Justice League *series* to focus on its own rather basic inter-dimensional invasion plot while featuring a lot of bombastic action sequences and witty banter. Infofar as loyalty to the comic story it's adapting, the major change this movie makes to the Darkseid arc is leaving Aquaman out of the equation entirely (Aquaman makes his debut here in the comic), and inserting Shazam (who wasn't involved in Justice League's opening New 52 arc at all).

While lacking in familiar voices for the cast that would present a familiar feel for those who enjoyed DC's previous animated offerings, the animation is a notch shy of top-notch and the performances are quite good. Other DC movies have had better action than this one, and more fleshed-out plots, though. Puzzlingly, though the first in line as far as animated "New 52" movies go, this one doesn't really try to establish itself as a starting point in the new continuity. It feels like a movie that should have happened after Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Shazam all had their own individual animated movies.

Nevertheless, the flaws didn't ruin the experience for me; if you're already a DC fan it'll probably be a blast to watch. Can't recommend it to newcomers, though. Dip into some other DC media first.
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