Date With An Angel

 (995)5.71 h 45 min1987PG
Aspiring composer Jim Sanders wakes up to discover a beautiful, broken-winged angel in his pool. When everyone finds out, Jim must cope with his jealous fiancé, his exploitive future father-in-law and his buddies who have an outrageous business plan!
Tom McLoughin
Michael E. KnightPhoebe CatesEmmanuelle B??art
English [CC]
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WMGReviewed in the United States on August 18, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Blu-ray review
Verified purchase
There are already over 300 reviews on this movie, so I'm only going to review the blu-ray release. First the cons. Actually, the picture quality is the only "real" con, and it's not all that bad. I would say it's what you would expect from a DVD of a 1987 movie. Not as clean and sharp as you would expect from a blu-ray, yet definitely watchable. But, what the H E double hockey sticks (Angel in the room), this isn't a Criterion product, and if it was you would be paying much more for it. The only "sort of" con is that the Bonus Features: Making of (6:08) and Selected Sound Bites (2:58) are taken off of a VHS tape. The image is bad and you can see some tracking waves at the very bottom of the image. Still, they are informative.

Now the pros. There are two big pros to the Blu-ray release. The movie is presented in widescreen, which is a big improvement over the old DVD standard screen release, and there is the Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Tom McLoughlin. When they say new commentary, they mean new commentary. Tom McLoughlin mentions that he is holed up in his house because of Covid-19.

So, this blu-ray is worth getting. However, I must put a parental WARNING out there. This warning is not for the "PG" rated movie, but for the "R" rated "Miracle Beach" trailer in the Bonus Features. I don't know what they were thinking. I'm talking full frontal nudity, people. So if you're watching this movie with your kids, you might want to skip that trailer. The other trailer "Teen Witch" is fine. (To, clarify, these trailers do not appear before the movie starts, as some trailers do, but they must be selected in the Bonus Features menu.)
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Mell LeonardReviewed in the United States on January 18, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
A movie that has remained as one of my favorites for decades
Verified purchase
When I was a movie theater manager back in the 80's, I had the pleasure of screening this movie and thought it was wonderful. Girls came out of the theater crying on their boyfriends shoulders and everyone had smiles on their faces. However, the critics panned it terribly and not many came to see this great show which I thought was a real crime. Because of these charlatan judges, this movie failed at the box office. I have never forgiven those who were responsible for this.

I just want to say, that I still think this is a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone, dated (pardon the pun) thought it may be. It is both funny, heartwarming and sometimes sad, but with the proverbial happy ending. You will do yourself a favor if you take the time to watch it.
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Mary EvansReviewed in the United States on March 28, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Beware: Poor quality, poor sound and the picture had not been upgraded.
Verified purchase
I didn't like anything about this purchase. I love this movie but why does it look boot legged? Why does it look cheaply made??
I brought this movie to take me back as a young kid when I first saw it and acquired chills. The movie was low quality, the sound was abysmal and the picture was like it was when I first saw it back in the very early 90s. I was highly disappointed. We're in an age of technology but No one could have upgraded this movie!?! Smh
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tbwcfReviewed in the United States on April 30, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Terrific director delivers a wonderful film
Verified purchase
A terrific, sweet, overlooked and somewhat forgotten film. Tom McLaughlin's deft, lighthearted touch creates an old fashioned romance triangle between man and woman and an Angel. Charming without ever becoming maudlin or schmalty.
Phoebe Cates in this film is just fantastic. I think it's probably her best performance in anything, showing what a terrific comedian she is. And Emmanuel Beart, is perhaps one of the most stunning women ever known to mankind, McLaughlin revealing her beauty in an almost heart stopping way.
The Blu-ray has a nice commentary track by McLaughlin. Is commentary track from Friday 13th Part 6 Jason Lives literally never stopped he's a terrific storyteller. And the track here is no different. The plus is, even the commentary ends on a sweet wonderful uplifting and caring note.
This film is fine for family, with the only questionable thing being the briefly seen accoutrements of a bachelor party.
For a nice old fashioned time you can't go wrong with Date With An Angel
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on August 11, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
It took me 2 years to find this movie.
Verified purchase
It took me 2 years to find this movie.
Belive or not, I almost watch it everyday the frist month after I find it.
This purchase is just for getting a legal copy, because I watched piracy copy all time before.
Edited Jan. 2021:
This is actually my 3rd purchase, DVD, online stream, this is the BD.

What I like:
1- Sbutitle. I am Chinese, with 13 years of English class in school (in China, just 5 classes a week), I can get about 50% of meaning without subtitle. So I know both Chinese voice version of the movie and Chinese subtitle from BT or eMule are crap, ruined this beautiful movie. But I can't figure out what roles actually said in movie. And don't know why, I can't find English subtitle before. Now I get it, and I have translted my own version. I havn't made the desision if share my new subtitle on internet, maybe just keep it as my own for the time I play this movie to my mother.
2- Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Tom McLoughlin. OMG, What a great value for money! THANK YOU Tom McLoughlin! GOD BLESS!
3- Making of and Selected Sound Bites, like Tom's commentary, just a bit short.

What I don't like:
1- Quote of @WMG: "the "R" rated "Miracle Beach" trailer in the Bonus Features." Seriously? If you must add trailers for other movies, why not Splash and E.T.? Tom McLoughlin mentioned both of them in his commentary.
2- Menu is not well made. I mean, there are tons of beautiful apperiance of the Angel. So, why not...

What I hope it have:
1- Subtitle for Tom's commentary, Making of and Selected Sound Bites. For people don't have good English and deaf people.
2- Original soundtrack. I mean original, right the version in the movie. Seems like they never release the OST. I never find it, all website claims OST is actually just a collection by name, like the soung "I come alive", the version they provide is not the same version in movie. "Theme From Love Story" is actually only a costum car horn of the love bug.

My story with the movie:
The first time I watched this movie, was on TV, with my mother. That's years ago, very very little memory left on it, only 6 moments: Jim said "you are safe here" to the Angel the first morning; Patty find the Angel then drive away with angry; the fat woman freak out in church (the memory actually mixed her with Patty); the Angel hit George in his face with her fist; the Angel took bath in the forest; Patty wear her underwear outside of her jeans. And to make it worse, I can only confirm the church and forest bath are from the movie, the other 4 are after I get the movie, I know they from the movie.
Then I watched Michael Jackson's music video "You are not alone", you folks might guess it, he got a pare of wings in the MV. This remind me of this movie, but I have no clue. I tried several time (in Chinese language and Chinese websites obviously), no progress, but I kept eye on it.
2 years later, I accidently find it. I was finding the movie "Thunder Run (1986)", both Date with an Angel and Thunder Run was played on TV channel CCTV-6. I was looking up the list, then I found the word "天使" ("Angel" in Chinese), then with just a little search, confirmed that's it!
Believe or not, the following half year, I must watch all Angel clips before go to sleep every day!
Those days I was in my college, I was a busy student, have many stress in my brain, watching the Angel is actually pretty effactive for reduceing the stress.

Why I love this movie so much?
This is probably the only one, that make the angel so beautiful like paints or statue in book or church. She is so simple, so kindness.
And they done a perfect job on the wings, feels like Emmanuelle Beart do have wings!
This movie made a good balance between godbeings and humanbeings.
The Angel, as a godbeings, her beautiful must be holy, not sexy, not dressed with belly button uncovered, or super short skirt. This movie made a perfect Angel appearance!
At the same time, the Angel also have the side of humanbeings, to make the movie happen, she collide with satellite, which actually never happen on a godbeings even they do have collide path. She is probably a kid girl in heaven, this is her very first mission, and first time enter human world, she is curious about everything she meet. She thought humanbeings and human world are as kind as heaven, but then get her lesson learned. Find out why Jim is eligible of going heaven(not all people, actually, few people are eligible of heaven!), then turn herself into Jim's guard angel, and finally, finished her mission, "Bring him home with love".

And I like details in this movie:
1- After wings got hurt, the Angel still have some limited superpowers:
1.1- Hypnosis, she used twice, first time on Eddie(42:10), second on Don(1:04:40).
1.2- Move object without touch. The second night, the Angel closed the bedroom doors without using her hands(45:25).
2- The Angel recognize Jesus immediately after saw his statue(30:05).
3- Angel stories on the book are true in the heaven. The Angel is excited and want to tell the story, but... of course you know what happened(50:50).
4- Angel's feather will disappear when reach certain distance away from the Angel(51:25).
5- Every attempt that Jim and Threesome about to uncover Angel's wings got interrupted(32:15,52:15,1:08:05), because godbeings can't expose to people casually.
6- The Priest probably have done many bad things, so he don't dare to see the Angel(32:15). You know many people claims they believe in and honest to GOD is actually...lie. They never do what their GOD teach them to do. And they know they have betray their GOD. They just deceive themselves that nobody see them doing bad things. But actually GOD knows all. There is a Chinese saying that GOD is right 3 feet above your head, 頭上三尺有神靈.
7- Animals can identify the Angel even her wings are covered(40:40,53:55), but humanbeings can't.
8- The Angel have great strength. When the threesome kidnapping her, they had hard time to deal with Angel's struggling(1:01:00). Then the most clearly moment, is in the stage of reporter club, the Angel kicked in Rax's leg, caused big pain(1:07:55), then hit George in his face with her fist, shoot him away(1:08:35). And looks like even the Angel herself don't know or not sure she have such strength before. She just tried out (she looked on her hand before hit George), then it works. She then showed her fist to Jim(1:08:45).
9- When the Angel call thunder storm to strike Patty and Eddie, her wings didn't throb like other time she flies(1:32:40). So her wings are not the source of lift force when flying. Flying is one of basic superpower of a godbeings, and not all godbeings have wings.

Thank god we have such a movie about Angel's beauty.
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G. stoneReviewed in the United States on June 23, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I was afraid that this would have been a MONO transfer from the VHS tape, but it was NOT!!! It is in widescreen, nice and sharp, in STEREO, with a menu. Fast shipping via USPS and really fantastic quality. Thanks guys! :)
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Stella CarrierReviewed in the United States on July 31, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Heart Centered Film
Verified purchase
This film Date With An Angel is a cute and heartwarming film. The movie plot of Date With An Angel deals with a man named Jim Sanders (Michael Knight) who has a successful career and is engaged to his boss’s daughter Patty Winston (Phoebe Cates). To put it lightly, Sander’s life is not the same after a mysterious looking woman (Emmanuelle Beart) comes into his life and turns out to be angel. There is more to this endearing film including other actors and actresses involved in the Date With An Angel film, yet I want to be considerate of the people who have yet to watch Date With An Angel.
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Tia Michelle PesandoReviewed in the United States on July 26, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Beautiful Angel Brightens A Mediocre Cast and Plot
Verified purchase
It is no surprise that Date With An Angel is often purchased alongside Splash!, for it is a similar fish-out-of-water story to the extent that the titular angel is first seen passed out in the protagonist's pool. While the film is by no means on par with the classic Tom Hanks mermaid movie, neither did it deserve the crushingly-poor box office reception and savage critical panning which brutalized it upon its release.

The overarching plot elements are all present: the ethereal innocent sent to save a sensitive man who has difficulty with earthly relationships, the annoying-yet-redeemable pseudo-antagonist(s) who seeks to use this ethereal creature for profit and recognition, and the rescue of this being leading to the satisfying-if-unrealistic conclusion. Where Date With An Angel fails, however, is in its apparent attempts to stray from the formula displayed so well in Splash! Michael Knight's character is nearly as flawless as his actor's name implies, the supporting (and I use the term loosely) cast is virtually entirely negative, and yet the antagonists are not so much threatening as comically sociopathic. Character growth is in essence absent save in Phoebe Cates' character, whose severe emotional problems remind us of her role in Gremlins and its sequel, yet her development only takes her deeper into a psychosis which is painful to watch especially as it is treated so lightly.

However the true sunshine in this movie is present in Emmanuelle Beart's portrayal of the angel. Though the magnificently-beautiful actress and her lovely French accent are muted throughout most of the film (either to prevent her character from revealing Heavenly mysteries or as another nod to Splash!), she nevertheless manages to convey an innocent and affectionate manner which seems genuinely ethereal. The animatronics/special effects department does not fail her either; she is equipped with feathered wings which are every bit as convincing as the mermaid tail in Splash! and accompanied by all the well-placed soft lighting which one would expect from a show about an angel. This, coupled with Beart's performance and the wretchedness of most of the human characters causes the gentle angel to literally shine far brighter than anything in the mortal realm.

Date With An Angel is worthy lighthearted viewing despite its faults. Its comedy varies from the slapstick to the comedy of contrasting ideals (much of which is offered by the angel herself) yet rarely descends into the crude. If one thinks angelically, one will easily be able to see the good in this film.
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