The Drop

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A phenomenal cast, including Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini, lead this gritty crime thriller about a bartender entangled in the dangerous criminal underworld of Brooklyn.
Michaël R. Roskam
Tom HardyNoomi RapaceJames Gandolfini
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Melanie "Vaxxed & Masked" GilbertReviewed in the United States on February 27, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Cold Blooded
Verified purchase
Blood has a starring role in The Drop. There’s literal bleeding befitting a story by famed crime writer Dennis Lehane: a dog bloodied by a beating, a robbery victim’s head split open, and more ominously, a suspect tortured by a ruthless Brooklyn-based Chechen gang. Then there’s the blood that runs deep: between family, the rush of new love, the blood of Christ in a fallen communicant, and the price of blood money.

All these bloody images and themes run through the movie from beginning to end giving it an edge-of-your-seat tension despite the slow pacing and deliberate storytelling that patiently introduces each character – living and dead, human and animal – into the plot. You can literally feel your blood pressure rising as each scene unfolds, knowing that something isn’t adding up and someone’s going to get hurt. But who?

“Now you listen," says Bob, the bartender at his cousin Marv’s dive bar to a would-be robber. The yarn he unspools near the movie’s end is cold-blooded revenge. It’s shocking and releasing at the same time. Bloodletting, as the ancients knew, purges both saints and sinners. The Drop is one of my favorite films and bears repeated viewings. It has a great cast, outstanding cinematography, and gripping tale that says sometimes good and evil isn’t black and white - it’s blood red.
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Pete wilsonReviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Another great (I've never heard of) movie.
Verified purchase
If you like those deep Boston Irish underbelly dirty mob type movies then you'll like this one. I'm discovering so many great movies that Hollywood never told me about. And now more than ever they're keeping good movies that doesn't fit their PC culture too well. Another is called The Gentleman with, Mathew McConaughey, Brian Hunnam and Directed by Guy Richie. Anyway, if you have any streaming apps like Prime or Hulu surf around. Don't allow the fact that you've never heard of it to persuade you into thinking it must not be any good bc today if you've never heard of it probably means certain people didn't want you to hear of it. It may have too much Toxic Masculinity, Violence, Sex between a man and women. Read reviews and comments about the movie. I've found that they are the most knowledgeable on the movie.
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Kiyo M.Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Worth watching the second time for a different perspective
Verified purchase
You will question who is the good guy or bad guy. Can "bad guys" receive forgiveness or feel guilt?

Viewing it the first time, the ending climax scene anticipation is the most interesting part of the film and intense; the second time, all the other scenes that felt mundane watching the first time becomes the most interesting parts. It's very interesting how human perception changes just like that.

No one ever sees it coming... This is a true statement for everyone.

If you expect fast paced action/car crashes/lots of shooting, you will be disappointed. If you're into analyzing character behavior/psychology, you will love it.

There's many subtle clues in this film, even in the way the character's act/eye movement/delivery, that viewing it the first time would seem unimportant or go right by you, but it's very intriguing when you see the significance the second time.

Dennis Lehane is also the author for Shutter Island and this film, what was originally a short story (so you can kind of tell they had to stretch the film bit and is slow-paced in the beginning); both are very interesting character study stories and makes viewing the second time a whole new experience.

Great performances by all the cast.

I bought this because I heard the ending is worth watching; the build-up anticipation is definitely there and then you realize the puzzle - and the clues were throughout the film; there is no way one would realize the subtle meanings unless they watch it the second time; without giving too much away, like the very beginning scene is quite significant clue that would seem very mundane or just a fill-in viewing it the first time.

While initially, the film seems very straight-forward and not much happens, but there are many many subtle clues throughout the film and mannerism. Watch it the second time and you will definitely see things differently.

There is no way anyone would see the twist coming. If you love smart dialogue crime and into dissecting characters, watch it. It's DEFINITELY worth watching a second time.
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Chris MReviewed in the United States on November 24, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Outstanding acting and plot!!! Tom Hardy shines.
Verified purchase
FIrst, the acting is tremendous. Tom Hardy has to be the most underrated actor of our generation. James Gandolfini, in his last role, is perfectly cast as a tough guy bar owner playing with fire. Gandolfini would have stolen every scene from a lesser actor than Hardy, but they play off each other very well. Noomi Rapace is 100% believable in every scene she's in, vulnerable but smart in a New York way, making for a perfect trio of main characters.

The writing....oh, the writing! "The Drop" is sharp and believable, delivered in a style reminiscent of walking into the surf, getting neck deep and realizing the tide is twisting and dangerous. The deeper the movie goes the more the tension rises to the point that I rewatched the final 20 minutes of the movie three times, simply to admire the climax of great acting and screenwriting. "The Drop" doesn't miss a beat, never drops the ball and never lets you down. An easy "5-stars" from me.
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David E. BaldwinReviewed in the United States on April 19, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Mean Streets Redux
Verified purchase
Those looking for a conventional crime thriller should look elsewhere because "The Drop" is more character study than mystery. One has to follow the deliberate pace of the film to reap the maximum rewards. This film has one of the best ensembles of any film released last year. The setting is the rough streets of Brooklyn where if you aren't tough you must have the pretense of toughness just to survive. Chechen gangsters run the rackets and use the taprooms to deposit the receipts from their illegal operations. The bar employees don't know which night the drop is going to happen until it actually does. At closing time on the night of the drop at Cousin Marv's the bar is held up by two armed gunmen which sets off a chain of events that resonates. It's secondary as to the identity of the stickup men and who their collaboraors are. Foremost this is a film about complex personalities none more so than Bob (Tom Hardy), the bartender at Cousin Marv's. Bob at first strikes you as a simple gentle guy but as the film unfolds darker shadings start to emerge which can be explained as survival instincts. Marv (James Gandolfini) seems to be a disagreeable sort but even he has good qualities such as a devotion to his dying father. There's a mysterious quality to Nadia (Noomi Rapace) the waitress with an ambiguous past who Bob takes a shine to. Then there's Eric (Matthias Schoenaerts), a local psychotic who may talk a good game but is probably full of bluster. Most impressive is Hardy who gave two of last year's best performances in this film and "Locke". Hardy knows how to dial it down and capture the soul of the characters he plays and mesmerize an audience. Schoenaerts is no less impressive and his tension filled confrontations with Hardy literally suck the air out of the room. It's fitting that this was Gandolfini's last film because it is a piece with the gritty work he is best known for.
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William E. WallaceReviewed in the United States on February 4, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Drop Everything Else to Take in This Marvelous Noir. . .
Verified purchase
This terse little noir thriller is one of my favorite films of all times! Every time I watch it I learn something new about the characters that appear in it -- and about how to tell a story in an economical, effective way.

Dennis Lehane's screenplay -- he adapted it from his short story, "Pet Rescue" -- is absolutely fine. The dialog is perfect and every character is either frightened or menacing, including the protagonist, Bob Saginowski, an easy-going guy who seems a little on the slow side.

Tom Hardy as Bob is a precious prize. Gandolfini's turn as cousin Marv, his last movie role, is a marvel of understatement. Noomi Rapace, the single woman with a major role in the film, is a fragile victim, as fearful of opening up her heart as Bob is desperate for a female friend.

No spoilers, but a warning of sorts from a cop who knows Saginowski from the parish church: "They don't see you coming, do they, Bob?"
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Robert HayesReviewed in the United States on July 17, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
A slow-building character piece with fine performances
Verified purchase
THE FILM: THE DROP is a film that I was aware of last year, but that I was still unable to see in theaters. And, to be honest, this isn't the type of film that stays in theaters for very long anyway. It's a slow-building, adult drama that focuses on character and story rather than inundating you with a lot of action and special effects, i.e., it's the perfect example of an indie movie. I don't really want to get into very much of the plot, because to do so would take away from the experience of seeing it for yourself. Basically, Bob (Tom Hardy) is a bartender at Cousin Marv's Bar, and Marv is played by James Gandolfini in one of, if not, his last screen performances. The bar serves as what's called a "drop bar" (hence, the title) where mafia and mob types temporarily stash their dirty money. One night they're held up at gunpoint and the people who own the bar keep pressuring them to find out who did it and get their money back. Also, Bob finds a beaten up pit-bull and starts taking care of him. That's the setup. What follows isn't really profound, nor does it look at the deeper meaning of anything. It's just a good story about a quiet man who stands up for the weak. Noomi Rapace was also in the cast, and is the only other actor I was familiar with, but everyone turned in a great performance. From a technical standpoint, like the story, everything was rather restrained, letting the drama unfold naturally and never forcing any feeling or perspective on the viewer. The score also helped a great deal, keeping the story flowing and assisting in building tension when necessary. If there's anything to say to the film's detriment, it's that it's almost TOO calm and composed. But still, it was such a great story that I didn't mind much. People with short attention spans will probably find this a bit slow and boring, but the patient will be rewarded. I suppose the closest comparison would be with KILLING THEM SOFTLY, in the way it favors drama over thrills, and the sparing but judicious use of violence. If you're looking for a crime drama that has good characters and story, and heart, THE DROP wouldn't be a bad choice.

THE EXTRAS: Aside from an audio commentary, THE DROP's Blu-ray release is disappointingly short on special features. There are about 6 minutes of deleted scenes with optional director/writer commentary. The main reason for their being cut was for pacing, although they were interesting on their own. There was also a handful of 2-4 minute promotional featurettes that come off as fluff more than anything. I also thought they could have involved Tom Hardy a little more here, in the absence of James Gandolfini. Besides these, there is a gallery of production stills.

OVERALL: THE DROP is an excellent film with an artistic and gritty visual style, interesting characters, and an outstanding cast who brings them to vivid life. Perhaps I liked it so much because I identify on some level with Tom Hardy's character, but even then the film is just so well put-together. Of course, one is also reminded of just how great of a talent that James Gandolfini was, and it's unfortunate that he's no longer with us. For collectors, there isn't a lot of supplementary material, but then again, this isn't Criterion. The film is good enough on its own anyway. A must-see for Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini fans.
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bookfilmlovrReviewed in the United States on May 17, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
LOVE THIS ONE. Can't get enough of this interesting, well acted, written, and directed film.
Verified purchase
This is an interesting well produced movie with top notch acting, writing, and directing. Both James Gandolfini and Tom Hard are playing very different characters from what we're used to seeing them create and its a wonderful sight. Add Noomi Rapace (Sp?) to the mix and "WOW", you get to watch artists at the top of their game. You think you know where the movie is headed but, in the end, " know nothing Jon Snow...". I bought this film over a year ago and it remains one of my staples when I just want to sit back and enjoy a good hits the mark for me every time. I always notice something new each time I watch it, which is the sign of a good movie, to my mind anyway.

The Drop is a place designated by the mob where money from criminal activities is "dropped off". That's all you need to know for now. Its nice when a movie surprises you with some unexpected turns. Enjoy how the movie unfolds, I surely did. This one is not for kids.
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