Everybody's Fine

7.11 h 39 min2009X-RayPG-13
When Frank Goode's (Robert DeNiro) children cancel a family reunion, the widower sets off on a cross country journey to reconnect with them. Expecting to share in the joys of their happy lives, his visits reveal a picture that's far from perfect.
Kirk Jones
Robert De NiroDrew BarrymoreKate Beckinsale
English [CC]
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4.1 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

mflybriggeReviewed in the United States on November 19, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
This movie is just fine
Verified purchase
This movie is just fine. DeNiro plays an aging father whose wife passed before the filming of the movie. You cannot seem to get his (now) three adult children to come home for a visit. So he decides to pack up some luggage and hop on public transportation to visit each one of them; Despite his doctors objection. Frank has a heart condition and his doctor is concerned for him to be traveling. Also stars iKate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell. Each other does the children have a secret that they are keeping from him that eventually comes up because his character is not a dummy. I won’t let out the secret here but you’ll see what I mean when you watch it. They also, collectively, have a secret about the first son he stopped to see you on his trip. Anyway I wouldn’t say it’s a brilliant movie but it comes together well enough to be a satisfying movie.
JazziReviewed in the United States on May 31, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Family Should Be a Close Knitted Breed
Verified purchase
I liked this movie because its so true to life. Unfortunately , many kids grow up and live on their own and forget their parents. They don't mean to I suppose but they get so busy with life with school or a job or just with their own friends and families. I feel that as a parent if we bond with our kids while they are young this might not be the case as it was in "Everybody Fine" but again it depends on how a family is united or not. Its a two-way street. Grown children do not necessarily share their everyday life with their parents if they did then this would not happen. They don't realize that parents are people who need to be involved in their children's life, so as sister's and brother's. Not to be in their business but to know that they are doing fine and when they are not. Whether you have a two parent home or you are a single mother or dad raising children it should not be that once they are out of the house your job is over, in reality your job is never over. Grown children should make time for their parents because no one lives forever. Parents need to know that you care about them. It only takes a phone call to keep communication open.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on July 28, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Bittersweet story of a dad who's seen as a burden by his kids
Verified purchase
This movie is very bittersweet. Robert De Niro plans for a big family reunion with his many children and they all back out on him. He then tries to go to each one of their homes to see them. It’s a depressing commentary on how some families treat their elders as burdens and inconveniences. It has a typical Hollywood ending but most of it is pretty downbeat and touching at the same time. You really feel for De Niro and he is the perfect old schoold dad figure.
Robin RobinsonReviewed in the United States on July 15, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great plot & great acting by an all star cast, but keep the tissues near because it's a MAJOR tear jerker with NO laughs at all.
Verified purchase
The moview starts out slowly but if you stick with it, you'll find yourself completely engrossed in the plot. Robert DeNero is on his game and as wonderful as he always proves himself to be. He doesn't play a "tough guy" in this film, but his acting skills are 5 star, as usual. The all-star supporting cast members also bring their A-game and their characters are interesting and believable. The movie is actually quite good. The reason I can only give it a 4 star rating is because the description of the movie tells you that you'll laugh and cry during the film, but in reality, there are not many laughs or even smiles, there are just a lot of tears. I'm talking about an entire box of tissues worth of tears. If you enjoy tear jerkers, you'll love the movie...especially if you're a parent. I'm a parent who needs a few laughs with the tears and since I didn't find anything humorous in any way, shape, or form, I can only give it 4 stars. I almost want to call it false advertisement because it clearly said to expect laughter and tears in it's summary preview, but all I did was cry...from the beginning to the end. The plot was good, the acting was great, and my tears were abundant. I was exhausted from crying so much. It's a very well written script with a plot and acting that will not disappoint...if you're in the mood to sob!
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Brian ReedReviewed in the United States on January 10, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
DeNiro, one of the best actors I know, makes a very touching movie about a father needing to let go of the Child in his children
Verified purchase
Really hard to say, cuz this is me. I'm not the usual "critic". Especially as I've gotten older, I find movies like these real tear jerkers. Especially because, and I can say this without ruining the movie, I see me in their father. I find it hard to see my children as the adults they've become. The letting go. I always will think of them as my children, but I need to let go of the CHILD in them, the child I protected, loved, adored, chased after (one more often than the other two), etc etc. It's especially hard as he's getting older and just wants to know his kids are okay. Is that what we all want? Robert DeNiro, woo hoo! Funny I just watched him in 1991's (that's not that long ago, is it?) Cape Fear (that scary MF'er) He's been an excellent actor. I'll never forget the first comedy I ever heard he was in and saw (not sure the title - about the FOCKERS - Ben Stiller is his soon to be son-in-law) I remember thinking, him? In a comedy. Nah! He is such a wonderful actor, so I guess not only the story itself, but the fact that his kids are all about MY AGE now (probably a good 5 years younger :) and I see him now, this regular OLDER man; and that's my dad now. NOT that scary tough guy from CAPE FEAR, like my dad used to be. A scary guy, thank God who never took us on a boat on Cape Fear!
A must see! I don't think the majority of you will cry like me, but sure there's others out there that can't help it. Holding it in just makes you flubber blubber a lot more :-) Very good ending; good script. I never heard of the movie till seen it here at Amazon Prime. One I would recommend if you have PRIME! One I would even say RENT!
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Rick MarchioneReviewed in the United States on August 29, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
It's Green Pastures time for De Niro. Great story, wrong lead. Perfect for Robert Redford.
Verified purchase
De Niro, the worst possible person to play the lead part. No matter how hard De Niro tries to re-image from a Back Street, Grease Monkey, Wino in his old age, it just isn't going to happen. This film was perfectly written for Robert Redford. Hands down! Robert Redford would have made this film an Academy all time Best film with record Box Office takes. De Niro just doesn't have what it takes to portray a father good or bad. It's really unfortunate for all of the film industry support persons that worked to make this film. Time to pull the plug De Niro.
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DataJanitorReviewed in the United States on April 4, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Well acted, not overly sentimental portrayal of a father's search for the truth
Verified purchase
So, do we call him "Bob," "Bobby," or "Mr. De Niro?"

Suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. But, here's a little warning, it is not your typical light comedy all filled with sunshine and Hollywood endings where everybody lives happily ever after.

This is actually a remake of an Italian movie. The story follows a widowed father dealing with his grown children who constantly lie to him, ostensibly to protect him. But, the lying has led to estrangement, that the protagonist seeks to remedy by journeying across the country to seek out his children and drop in on them by surprise.

One theme of the story is the importance of continued communication and it is beautifully represented in the film through the recurring motif of wires. The protagonist labored for many years in a factory that put the insulated coating on wires. This labor ruined his health, but ultimately enabled his children to enjoy a reasonable standard of living and build somewhat successful lives. Of course, they have all lied about the degree of their success, not wanting to disappoint Dad. The story build towards the inevitable reckoning with the truth.

The film is not overly sentimental and has lots of comic relief interspersed. Mr. De Niro's portrayal is spot on.
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NelsonReviewed in the United States on November 21, 2015
3.0 out of 5 stars
Low Key Drama Of A Troubled Family
Verified purchase
Strong Cast led by Robert De Niro. Intended to touch the heart but in the end is a long story about a families journey and how it relates to widower Di Niro. The story is about his now adult children who he seeks to bring together at a family dinner, and the failings along the way. All of the actors did well with their parts, aided by a good performance by Drew Barrymore. However Di Niro was forced to carry almost the entire on screen time of the story. The story line drags on and on as the relationships of Di Niro with his children is played out across the entire country. In the end I did not find the film to be very compelling as a drama. While Di Niro seldom falls short in the performances given, he and the cast were handicapped in my view with a story line that dragged on endlessly. In the end the punch line, which is the final scenes of the movie, were not sufficient to justify all that had been played out over the course of the production. While the ending suggested by the movies title, Everybody's Fine, may convey the final destination of the story line, I would say that would not be my feeling about this movie overall.
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