5.01 h 40 min2014X-Ray18+
The fate of the planet is on the line in this action-packed sci-fi thriller when a group of friends are terrorized by an alien invasion.
The Vicious Brothers
Michael IronsideBrittany AllenFreddie Stroma
Science FictionAction
English [CC]
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Melanie PapaliaGil Bellows
Martin FisherShawn Angelski
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4.1 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Original Toe KneeReviewed in the United States on December 10, 2019
2.0 out of 5 stars
Good film - my life got busy.... I wasn't able to finish it.
Verified purchase
I believe the BEST reviews I have read about this. So please forgive my low star rating.

I couldn't finish it because of MY SHORT-COMINGS, suddenly my life got too busy, and I think I am just not the demographic for this film.

IN other words, I suspect this film is a WORTHY 5 STAR rating for College and pre-College age young adults.

Here is what I can say; it is well made.... the story is plausible, if crashed UFO's are real. And by the way, I am not just a believer in the ET phenom, but an experiencer. There's no point in trying to convince others there is something to the sightings and stories, that is not my point. My point is that, as an introduction to the topic, this movie seems to have as much of a re-enacted truth as a "fairy tale/horror flick/ thriller" so far. I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH OF THOSE PATHS IT WILL BE TRAVELING, SINCE I STOPPED VIEWING ABOUT 1/3 INTO IT...that's really a god sign for a movie; unpredictable and keeps you guessing where it is headed.... ; Therefore I wonder about the promo and title of it, since it seems marketed directly as an ET movie, sadly a mysterious title and less promo in that direction would eliminate the predictability quotient....So, it drew me as a UFO buff/experiencer.... but I think that limits the impact, turns the movie away from being just a story and into comic book fantasy idea for most people while echoing reality for a person like me/ it makes sense to some others as a paraphrased fiction story based on reports we have all seen over the years - and therefore from that frame of reference can only be watched if YOU BELIEVE the reports of the abductees are REAL. I wish I were communicating this idea better. What I am saying is with a more mysterious title, and marketed as a thriller, change the graphic in the promo - the audience would be far wider and the film less predictable. It helps the film be experienced authentically.

Keep in mind I was determined to finish this movie, but I have some songs on the multi-tracker and I am "under the gun" of another landlord AGAIN... so I have to finish these albums and a few paintings for upcoming shows...I don't have the time to give this movie a full viewing and I am being totally honest this is the ONLY reason for the incomplete review. Notice I am qualifying my low star rating as the following idea " probably a hit/great movie for the college age demographic".

Lastly, what this movie reminds me of is how a masterpiece movie can be seen through several filters over a lifetime as I age.In other words, some of my favorite movies were first experienced/viewed while I was in art school I barely had my own opinion back then.... later on I saw them from the angle of a parent, then later seeing the same "master-piece" "from the viewpoint of a senior citizen....There are less than 40 movies over a lifetime that hold up from every angle of view... yes they are all on the "top 100 list"...yet, I see movies through Amazon Prime WEEKLY that touch me deeply in the heart, or surprise me/etc I wish I could find a way to create a list of THOSE... some have had me weeping tears and healing my heart...that's how far a good movie can go, but may never be on a list or get 5 star reviews... so the range of viewing angle is extremely wide over a lifetime for each of us... In my case, for example; I campaigned for Nixon, as a social science project as a senior in high school! Back then, I admit it, I thought I had ideas and opinions, but in actuality I had no idea what I actually believed, hadn't hitch-hiked across country, survived a deeply broken heart, my parents ere still alive.... As I got older, by the way, I did several cross country motorcycle trips since then solo, with no safety net...and on a couple of those I experienced "missing time".... so the subject of this movie is close to home...yet I didn't finish watching it.

Back to topic; a younger demographic watching this film would be very moved by it...and there's nothing wrong with that! And I am guessing a high percentage of that demographic gives it high stars! Nothing wrong with that either!

Tiny insight on my current angle of perception/what brings me here; I am enjoying my Prime Membership and I am trying out Independent Movie Channel on a 7 day free trial, this is how I came to find this movie...

I feel it's very important to contribute to the quality of other people's lives and experiences, so I ALWAYS POST AN HONEST MOVIE REVIEW. And this is one!!!!!

And there you have it, the reason I am reviewing a movie I haven't completed.... in hopes that one person who is ready for a movie like this can watch it without having the scenes spoiled. A movie review is NEVER an explanation of a movie or a review of the plot. I see famous reviewers describing scene for scene over-views etc... and I NEVER READ THOSE... I ALWAYS GO INTO A MOVIE BLIND... IF it stops holding up as a story in some way, I do not continue watching it...

This one is a toss up.... I may come back to it when I have more time....the production quality, acting and plot concepts all hold up... for me it seems a little like ET/Spielberg, but I cannot say that, since I haven't finished it. I am wondering if the outcome is going in several divergent directions. That's a good prognosis, because ultimately I love movies that i cannot guess or anticipate... I love the surprise of a good film.... to be honest, this is one of those I cannot predict.... so I know I will come back to it someday and finish it.
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G-ManReviewed in the United States on January 18, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Blew away my expectations! Great alien film!
Verified purchase
This is sort of like a Fire in the Sky Part 2, but where the humans fight back. I felt the more gruesome elements weren't necessary, but thankfully there weren't too many of those types of scenes. It was more of an alien movie than a horror film, which is exactly what I wanted to watch. Brittany Allen was a great choice for the lead. At the end of the movie I thought she was going to become a Sigourney Weaver type character, which I think she could have totally pulled off. But they didn't go in that direction. Also, I would have done the ending of the movie differently. It would have been cool if the aliens dropped the humans off on a remote earth-like planet, for them to populate. It would have been another one of the aliens' experiments. That would have left it open to an Extraterrestrial 2, and potentially create a whole new franchise. Brittany Allen could return in the second film to lead a rebellion against the aliens. How kick ass would that be. In any event, I still give it 5 stars because of its alien awesomeness.
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RivetheadReviewed in the United States on April 17, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Michael Ironside must have lost a bet.
Verified purchase
This was recommended for having "really good creepy aliens."
One of the stupidest movies I have seen in years. The plot made no sense, no character development, complete suspension of the laws of nature, science, and logic (and not in a "the paranormal is beyond our comprehension" kind of way). It is not worth the waste of my time to write a detailed review, but I wanted to write enough to warn people to stay away. This whole movie seems like it was thought up by a 12 year old, and written by his 16 year old redneck cousin who fantasizes about being far more bad@$$ than he really is and how he would "mess up those aliens if they came around here!"
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BReviewed in the United States on April 29, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
A lot better than I thought it wold be.
Verified purchase
There are some interesting things about this movie. Sure, it's a B movie, but I have seen a lot worse. Michael Ironside adds a little star power to it too. With events regarding strange violent mutilation of livestock and deaths of people, as well as alien abduction/experimentation, it actually covers a lot of ground in the alien genre. It has some nice sweeping cinematographic shots at times, a well as really good acting overall. There was obviously a fairly big budget for props and sets, so it's not like it was filmed in someone's back yard or anything. Overall, it held my interest and it was surprising at times, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be,
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Mr. FloaterReviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Waste of time
Verified purchase
The only redeeming qualities of this film are its classic title and its cover image. The plot is about aliens who don't merely torture and kill humans, but do so in the most cinematic way possible, given a meager budget. Character development takes way too long, ultimately fails to make the viewer care at all about any of the characters. Acting is mediocre. Cinematography and editing are too. Just a waste of time.
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Book NutReviewed in the United States on December 13, 2014
3.0 out of 5 stars
Is it worth $7?
Verified purchase
Maybe...it's touch and go. I give it 2.5 stars. Effects are very well done. Tension is there but not what it could have been. Most of it comes from ominous red lights. The aliens LOVE red lights. Maybe someone should give them a new color for Xmas. Acting sucked in general. Maybe the script didn't allow for acting potential to come through—who knows. Cinematography is average. The film is much much better than say, Skinwalker Ranch. It's perhaps below par in terms of overall satisfaction compared with something like Altered.
A minor annoyance is that the aliens who have mastered interstellar travel, as usual, haven't figured out how to land yet, and crash (it's getting old, people, seriously). A major annoyance is that the story is set against the backdrop of a bunch of superficial college kids on a roadtrip of sorts. So you'll have to endure the rather empty dialogue and pointless antics while waiting for good bits to show up. It's clear that the kids were just fodder in the story, and the film would have been better if they had been replaced by more interesting and entertaining characters/actors/backstory to make you care about everyone. It feels like the storyteller just wanted one point to come through (which is that the government is in cahoots with the aliens...don't worry about the spoiler, it becomes evident early on anyway), and as long as he made that point, everything else in the film was secondary. Too bad...because it just gave the film an empty feeling....didn't draw me in.
Two thirds of the way through, I got some hope for excitement, but the direction the film took turned out to be dumb and pointless. The last 3 minutes is predictable to some extent, but was perhaps the most entertaining part of the film for me. I wouldn't see it again, and now that I think about it, I guess it wasn't worth $7. $5 max and nothing else to watch on a rainy night.
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BamReviewed in the United States on April 24, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Extraterrestrial Delivers Great Entertainment!
Verified purchase
I don't care about all of the negative rewiews and I had watched it before, so when I found it on Prime Video I decided to purchase it. I think it's a good alien movie even though it is a "B" movie. Sometimes movies made on a low buget can be very good and this one delivers great entertainment. So you'll just have to watch it and decide for yourself if you like it. Nevertheless I highly recommend this movie! Spoiler Alert: after I viewed the ending of the video I found out it had a extremely sad ending, so if you don't like sad endings I recommend you skip this film.
More CowbellReviewed in the United States on October 20, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
It's Entertaining much better than most in genre
Verified purchase
This movie isn't meant to be taken too seriously. For what it is, it's entertaining. It's paced very well, and we actually get to see the aliens a few times which is a plus. The special effects are above a regular B movie, and way way above most of the crap Amazon recommends me. For the genre, it's very watchable.
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