Faucet Replacement

What's included
  • Removing old faucet and drain stopper
  • Installing customer-supplied faucet, handles, and drain stopper
  • Reattaching supply lines
  • Service is intended for indoor faucets only
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with faucet installation?

  • Removing old faucet and drain stopper
  • Installing customer-supplied faucet, handles, and drain stopper
  • Reattaching supply lines
  • Service is intended for indoor faucets only

Why should I hire a pro to do my faucet installation?

Faucet installation or faucet replacement seem like they would be easier to complete than they often are. First, the job requires the purchase of a few specialized tools to do it well. Secondly, you’ll need to determine how the water is connected to the faucet, and then shut it off from the shutoff valves, if possible, or main water supply to the house, if there aren’t shutoff valves. Finally, once the old faucet comes off, a pro can best evaluate the condition of the pipes and fasteners hidden beneath the faucet, determine if they need to be repaired, and then possibly repair the pipes if needed so that the faucet installation is successful. Also, faucet installation often requires removing other fixtures, like a garbage disposal and P-trap, and pipes under the sink to access the drain lines and faucet fittings.

Buying the right faucet:

The first critical step to a successful faucet installation or faucet replacement is to purchase the right faucet to fit your space. The right faucet will have openings that align with those already in your sink or counter, so that the faucet you purchase will appropriately fit in the space left behind by your old faucet. Faucets typically have between 1 and 4 holes to fit the different options in your sink or counter, and the number of sink accessories - like sprayers and soap dispensers - in your sink setup. Make sure you purchase a faucet with the number of spaces that fits your space and your needs to help make sure your faucet installation goes without a hitch.

Take a look at Amazon’s wide selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and find exactly what you need for your faucet installation to replace your old faucet with something beautiful and functional.

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Faucet installation on Amazon.com

There are a few reasons it’s a good idea to hire a pro to do a faucet installation to replace an old faucet with a new faucet. The most important is the working with your home's plumbing can be tricky. And a faucet repair can be required by a single tiny fitting that’s almost impossible to reach. In fact, sometimes the most cost-efficient solution to doing a fix is to simply replace the entire faucet. Whether your faucet needs to be repaired, installed, or replaced, it’s a good idea to consult a professional to do the faucet installation work. Pros are great at properly diagnosing the problem – and figuring out if there are any underlying issues – as well as doing the faucet installation work quickly and accurately.

Right on Amazon.com, you can hire a top-notch plumber to do your faucet installation or faucet replacement. Just as you can purchase a faucet on Amazon.com, you can also just add the service to your cart and pay the same way for the faucet installation service that you always have for products on Amazon. If you hire a plumber to do a faucet repair, and it turns out a complete faucet installation is needed, your plumber can simply do a change order, once you approve it. Nothing happens without your approval, and the pro isn't paid until the faucet installation is complete.

You'll never regret adding a faucet installation to your project list. It's amazing how just updating the small detail of a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom can give the whole room a fresh look and feel. You can easily find right on Amazon a wide variety of beautiful faucets to give your room the right look, and make your life easier. A faucet installation project can not only spruce up the look of your room, it can also make your kitchen more functional. Just make sure your new faucet matches your space and needs, with the correct number of holes, and find a top-notch pro to do the faucet installation properly.

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