A Home Of Our Own

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A widowed mother of six decides to leave the bad influences of Los Angeles and make a new start in Idaho in the hope of building a home of their own for her and her family.
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

RobNHoodReviewed in the United States on July 20, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I grew up in the early 60's and for those who haven't just cannot comprehend how things were back then so they give movies such as this that depict those times honestly without glamorizing and covering up low ratings because they are shocked and offended. Get over it. My father died when I was only 13 and my mother raised my brother and I alone. She never once dated after his death or even saw an interest in anyone else. Before my father died however, there were many times he took the off his belt to me. Nowadays they would call that child abuse, back then it was called discipline. School principles use to have huge paddles (at least I remember them being huge but than again my butt was much smaller) with holes drilled in them to punish unruly kids who had been sent to his office. Now a days that too would cost them their job and possible a prison sentence. But, I will tell you one thing. Kids were much different back then. Sure there were bullies, that has never gone out of style. But, kids didn't stock up on assault weapons and shoot up their schools as they do now on what seems to be a weekly basis. Kids were on the post part disciplined and usually had a much better sense of morals and pride and value for life.

Not many things have been improved from than to now but a few things have. For instance, when she got fired for defending herself from Mr. touch and grabby at work now that would be considered a viable sexual harassment suit. Back then a woman would have to grin and bare it and her job would be secure only as long as she kept her mouth shut.

The 60's were not nearly as bad as the 1800's but families still had to survive. There were just not any resources like there is now and for the most part pride in oneself prevented them from seeking charity. This movie was a prime example on if you touch someone's life it will come back to you 100 fold. Each one of those kids and their mother as well touched one life (or more) in ways that they may not have known at the time. When they needed help the most they thought they were all alone but because they enriched others they were never alone. They all came to repay their kindness with unselfish kindness of their own and rebuilt their house.

That was how it was back then. People helping others. People putting others before themselves. The Amish still live with that philosophy. If one of their houses or barns burn down they all immediately come to their aid without even thinking about it or wondering what is in it for them. Now we see homeless living in the park or walking down our streets and we turn our heads and pretend they are not there. Guess what they are there. We are all just one step away from being homeless ourselves. A tragedy or drastic change in our career or lives can lead to a downward spiral, one that seems impposible to get out of. Everyone has a story, some better than others but we all have fragile lives that could be torn apart without ever knowing what happened.

Me... I use to be a top programmer. I was making over 250, 000 a year. Had international articles written about me, national awards and had even been featured on T.V. documentaries. I hold 3 degrees. The stress and commitment and (burning the candle at both ends) lifestyle caught up with me. I had my first (out of 5) cardiac arrests. I was dead for just under 6 minutes. I was no longer in demand, now I was a liability. I lost my insurance and I was diagnosed with severe heart disease my health ate through my assets faster than anyone thought possible. I now live in a small (compared to what I am use to) townhouse. I am divorced (losing your wealth and stature sometimes has an adverse effect on some women), the many-many freinds I once had are now all gone (they claim that it was too painful to watch me whither away but I believe they left for the same reason I got divorced). But... you know what... I am happy. I defeated all odds and I am still to this day alive. The 6 months that they gave me to live has now turned into 15 years.

My point is, I once thought I had it all and I did and fate in one fleeting moment took it all away. My education which I had once been so proud of and struggled to get was wiped clean by what they call organic memory loss - what cardiac arrest leaves behind when oxygen cuts off to your brain. My beautiful home gone... my wife gone... my friends gone. But, life goes on and that is all life is about. The struggles every day to put one foot in front of the other every day. So, if you think you have it bad just remember there is always someone who has it much worse. Never be ashamed in what you have and never envy others for what they do have... and if you are comfortably off (for now, at least) help someone in need because you never know. It just one day may come back to you when you yourself need it the most.
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Amante dei GattiReviewed in the United States on February 12, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Engaging Story of a Visionary Woman
Verified purchase
If you're offended by swearing (no F bombs, but plenty of SOB's and G-D's), don't bother watching the movie, as you will be offended, but unlike a lot of the current movies where every other word is a profanity, this just sounded like a normal "unchurched" family back in the day. And IF it is actually based on a true story, the heroin (a young widow with six kids to raise on her own) must have been some kind of amazing woman. No, she wouldn't win any congeniality prize, and at times she was downright mean to her kids, but she had a vision and refused to let anything get in the way of that. Even her staunch refusal to take charity in any form was refreshing. And before the holier-than-thou climb on the nearest soapbox to say she was "prideful" at the expense of her poor, abused children, think of the education she gave her kids in how to survive and succeed. IF this was a true story, I'm guessing the epilog could have told that the kids all became someone--did something with their lives that mattered. This isn't a comedy; it's real life for a poor family who stuck together through everything and came out the other side having learned something along the way.
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A. PogueReviewed in the United States on November 24, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
NOT a family-friendly movie at all.
Verified purchase
This is not a family-friendly movie and definitely not appropriate for children. The ad-nauseum use of God’s name in vain ruined an otherwise okay movie. The not-so-subtle sexual encounters make this a movie not fit for family viewing with children as well. Dear God, no wonder this country is in the gutter when people actually believe this movie is a good one for ‘grandkids’ and the like.
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Lucky DuckReviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Absolutely Hated It
Verified purchase
Warning, Spoilers!

Okay, so we saw that Kathy Bates was in it, so my friend and I decided to watch it. There was practically no plot. Hard life, woman gets fired, uproots her kids, drives across the country until she finds the most decrepit house possible, works to fix it up while being angry with everyone, then it burns down and the town comes together to build her a new one.
The point? I don't know. Some reviewers are shocked to their lace handkerchiefs by the swearing, others find this life-affirming, we just found it to be absolute drivel.
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~ XLNTMOMMY ~Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Older Movie about Real Life .. Classic .
Verified purchase
One reviewer mentioned "grin" .. and that this is .. but there is definitely more to this movie .. its Touching and makes you Curious .. this are Real, Believable characters and while they are poor (nope, no action-packed anime', pixels or fantasy Star Rings of Hogwaorths here ..) its about Real Life sturggles .. the ones Out There that families go through .. its also about not giving up, not taking Hand Outs, about backbone and pride in its Truest form .. and its about about Forgivness, and Learning, at Any age . So while there might be a "god damnit" in there or a scene with mildly sexual innuendoes, its Part of Life and (nothing compared to One episode of South Park, which I guarantee you, your kids ARE watching !) This movie is older and while the scene that bothered me the most was with the (sorry, spoiler alert) belt, it also represents the times .. so dont buy into the terrible reviews, go ahead and watch this, but just know while you will feel for some of the characters, dont expect the heroic ending where Super Iron Magic Man comes in with his Wizard Wand and makes the King of the Mushroom People pay for all of his evil spells .. its a simple movie, with drama and valued lessons that we expect .. 4 stars easy for a decent cast and lasting classic ..
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Mark N.Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
It's a good, heartwarming family film and worth the buy.
Verified purchase
"A Home of Our Own" is based on a true story and released in 1993. Kathy Bates plays the role of Frances lacey, a hardworking widow and mother of six children. The year is 1962 and looking to find a better life, she moves her family ,by way of a beat up old car, from Los Angeles California to the small town of Hankston Idaho. There she barters with a resident widower for an unfinished, one room, skeleton of a house on a few acres of land that are almost in the middle of nowhere, and proceeds to finish building the house and live a family life as normally as possible. It has the usual heart tugging and heart warming scenes, hard luck scenes, hard lessons learned the hard way scenes and people coming together to help each other out scenes.There are a few instances where the dialogue is stunted and the acting is stiff, but all in all, it's a good, heart warming family film and worth the buy.
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LodestarReviewed in the United States on January 13, 2019
2.0 out of 5 stars
A Cautionary Tale
Verified purchase
I watched this based upon other reviews and all it left me with was contempt for the main two characters and appreciation for most of the rest.

Many people have or do live dirt poor and do not have a negative snarky view of life feeling like the whole world is stacked against them that leaves a burning desire for all the things they can't have.

This movie should have been called stubborn pride and how it hurts.

All too often society desperately wants to help in more real and meaningful ways only to be stopped by those who need it most due to pride that keeps them from taking help. In the end it hurts everybody.

The crux of the movie came when a saint stopped listening to the protagonist and wouldn't take the prideful no as an answer. That's the real lesson to be learned here.
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Here KittyKittyReviewed in the United States on February 25, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Worth watching
Verified purchase
First off there some foul language that could have been left out....its not really family friendly....there are sexual innuendos but not nudity or nasty talk, it kinda goes with the story line but is not so offensive it ruins the movie. I am not into trash and filth so this was still under my tolerance level (it really wasn't nasty). The language was more than acceptable and did not add to the movie, it hurt the movie and the quality. That being said...it was still a good movie but watch it first to see if it is acceptable for your older children. Not acceptable for younger children at all because of the language. A story about family, hard work, life and struggle....Lessons learned and the end is wonderful, makes you smile and a couple tears.
8 people found this helpful
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