Jersey Girl

 (1,124)6.21 h 42 min2004X-RayPG-13
HD. Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler star in Kevin Smith's romantic comedy about a former media publicist left to raise his daughter after a tragedy.
Kevin Smith
Ben AffleckLiv TylerJason Biggs
English [CC]
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Scott Mosier
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Obi WanReviewed in the United States on July 30, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
I adore this movie
Verified purchase

I liked this movie a lot before I had my little girl. Now I absolutely adore it!

I know this movie got panned by hard core Kevin Smith fans, but I don't get it. I'm a hard core Kevin Smith fan. I love Jay and Silent Bob as much as the next guy. But Jersey Girl simple isn't part of the Clerks story line. So what?

It's a story about a single dad who struggles with raising his little girl while working a career he hates. Along the way he meets a woman and an adorable story ensues. It's a sweet movie about a guy who loves his daughter. There is no going wrong here.

And not to spoil the ending, but when I see Ben Affleck dancing with his daughter to Pete Townshend singing Let My Love Open The Door.....the tears start flowing. The last time I watched that scene I went right up to my 4 year old's bedroom and woke her up just to hug her.

Also, the movie is really funny throughout. George Carlin delivers his brand of awesomeness perfectly. And can you really go wrong with Live Tyler?
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Carol PReviewed in the United States on August 1, 2017
2.0 out of 5 stars
It's not that we didn't like it - the movie would have been great if ...
Verified purchase
It's not that we didn't like it - the movie would have been great if it wasn't for the language!!! Seemed like every other word was a swear word. For that reason, we didn't even complete the movie - which we were enjoying. I don't understand why a movie that could have been so cute had to have such language through out - especially when a little girl had such a big part in it!!!! So many movies are ruined for so many of us because of the dirty language!!!! To us (my husband & I), this should have been rated "R" - not PG13. Would not recommend to any one we know to watch it.
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joe mReviewed in the United States on October 7, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
A jersey guy loved jersey girl
Verified purchase
GF and me were paging through Amazon's Prime movies when jersey girl popped up..I said that's the movie that was shot at a Berlin, Nj (08009) dinner (though no credit was given) a few years back..I distinctly remember driving past it the day or so of filming..we gotta watch it..maybe you'll see me drive by.. lo and behold. It was a very good story.. George Carlin shines..I didn't even know he was in it.. j lo is only in it for a short bit..but that liv who?.. what a great tale..all Nj from end to end..I empathize completely.. yes it's got some rough spots..and jersey don't? Heck yeah! But it never gets sappy.. the girl is adorable, and there's some genuinely funny stuff here.. no I didn't see me go past the dinner on the White Horse Pike (US 30) through the window in the dinner shot..and Kerns auto is now C&C auto.. but the dinner is still open..and it would be great to sit in that booth.. and feel the vibe from those seats.. I don't think anyone with a heart could be disappointed watching jersey girl.. I certainly wasn't. .and my GF enjoyed the movie too..I could tell..her eyes never closed.. she was deeply involved.. so much so, she forgot I was even there.. for was a good night!! Haha..highly recommended whether you're from jersey .. or way out in cali on the other coast.. Enjoy!!
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AngieBabe50Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Beware: Make sure DVD is US Compatible
Verified purchase
I received this DVD which would not play without a region code. When I contacted the Movie Mars, I was told this DVD is not compatible for US DVD players! There was no indication on the site nor on the packaging of this. They did told me I could send it back but no shipping charges would be refunded. Since replacement was not an option and the movie is showing out of stock, I firmly they never had it for US use! I am very disappointed!
H. BalaReviewed in the United States on September 26, 2010
4.0 out of 5 stars
"'Cause you're the only thing I was ever really good at."
Verified purchase
JERSEY GIRL got kicked to the curb when it first came out, and maybe part of the rancor is because the film was perceived as a departure for writer/director Kevin Smith; his fans maybe were jonesing for yet more Jay and Silent Bob slacker hijinks. Instead JERSEY GIRL unfolds as an unabashedly sentimental family film. And then there was also some of that "Bennifer" backlash still being slung around. And the festering ghost of GIGLI. Having said that, you've gotta be some kind of hard core cynic to not be swayed even a little by this film. Kevin Smith went for the touchy feely stuff, and it worked, worked for me, anyway.

Jennifer Lopez is around for the film's first thirteen minutes, time enough for her to establish her character as the love of Oliver Trinke's life. She dies giving birth to their baby, Gertie. As Oliver, Ben Affleck sort of channels the 1980s Tom Cruise. He starts out as this happening, work-obsessed executive in the music industry, and he is an asshat of the first order. Ollie's life alters drastically with the passing of his wife, the birth of his daughter, the loss of his career in the fast lane (thanks, Fresh Prince). He moves back in with his blue-collar dad (George Carlin) in Jersey and joins him as part of the city's public works department.

Kevin Smith, when not doling out the frat boy humor, is pretty skilled at pushing that emotional button. He certainly did it in CHASING AMY and, here, he throws in the warm and the heartfelt, and yes it is just a bit mawkish. But I bought into it, and I'm not even a fan of Affleck. But he convinces me, his character after seven years still grieving for his dead wife, his utter devotion to his daughter Gertie. It helps that the kid is played so sweetly by Raquel Castro who makes her film debut and instantly lights up the screen. Castro and Affleck play off so well against each other that it's startling to learn (in Smith and Affleck's audio commentary) that she and Ben simply had no chemistry for the first few days of filming. Apparently, Raquel was wishing that, in the script, Ben had been the one to die during childbirth so she could act with JLo instead. The kid got over it.

Kevin Smith plonks in three love stories. There is Carlin and Affleck's father-son relationship, and Affleck and Liv Tyler's growing romance, and Liv, by the way, is really good as the sexy but goofy video store clerk. But the central thread is clearly the father-daughter relationship, and these two actors' interactions really strike a chord. The conflict - because I did say that Affleck was channeling Cruise ala 1980s - rises from Ollie Trinke still hankering for his former slick big city smooth operator ways, except how does he balance that yearning with his role as a father who truly adores his seven-year-old? The acting is good, so the predictability of the story and bits of heavy-handed moments don't drag things too badly. I even liked Kevin's take on that patented plot device of the father trying to get to his kid's big school production in time.

Since this is Kevin Smith, you of course also get exposed to jokes. The story, when it starts, is set back in 1994 and so Kevin injects several hindsight is 20/20 jokes ("George Michael is all about the ladies. 'I Want Your Sex'? That sound like he's singing to a guy?"). There's even one gag about the Fresh Prince that really pays off near the end. Lots of good lines, but my favorite is the school principal emceeing the fall pageant: "First grader Gertrude Trinke and her grandfather will be performing what I can only assume is a hymn entitled "God, That's Good" from the musical Sweeney Todd." Heh.

It's just a really good cast. If you're familiar with Geoge Carlin's stage persona, know that he doesn't do that here, he plays it gruff and straight and he's effective. The hilarious Stephen Root manages to steal plenty of scenes, even some of the scenes featuring the very cute Raquel Castro. Matt Damon and Jason Lee stop by for a funny cameo. Jason Biggs looks like a waxy mannequin on the DVD cover.

The DVD's sizable bonus material, some of which even pertains to this movie: Stream of consciousness audio commentary with Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck; another audio commentary with Kevin Smith, producer Scott Mosier and special guest Jason Mewes; "From MALLRATS to JERSEY GIRL" - Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck shoot the breeze and spend maybe two seconds mentioning this movie (00:27:08 minutes long); You also get five installments from The Tonight Show's "Roadside Attractions" segment hosted by Kevin Smith (including On the Set of JERSEY GIRL); the Behind-the-Scenes special (00:16:20); and really decent text interviews with the cast & crew.
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Vitamanb12Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Filthy movie and they showed the little girl in her underwear and pulling her underwear up while getting off the toilet. Really crude. Really inappropriate. Guy hasn't had sex in 7 years, loves and misses wife them he's propositioned by a skit and he goose all in. Ummm no not realistic and filthy again. I didn't finish it.
Charles ConsaulReviewed in the United States on December 26, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Brilliant Film Disquised As A Throwaway!
Verified purchase
I caught this movie from what I thought was the middle, on one if the cable channels. I absolutely loved it and looked for another showing to share it with my wife, but there were no showings available. (It seems to be showing all over the place now though) I ordered it, as much to see it from the beginning as I did to share it with my wife, family, friends, and anyone else I can convince to sit through it. This movie shouldn't work. It is precariously balanced upon a delicate premise with a lead character who is not particularly likable. George Carlin does not generally come off as being comfortable playing roles other than himself, although this seems to be the role he was preparing himself for all his life! I would not have believed Liv Tyler could sell herself in the role of a down to earth counter person either, but I didn't even recognize her the first time I saw the film, so I was wrong before I even asked the question. I have a whole new respect for Kevin Smith, which means of course, that he has decided to stop making movies altogether. Serves me right, if this is what he was after all along.
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VReviewed in the United States on March 16, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Great Movie
Verified purchase
Ben Affleck stars as a successful publicist who losses his high profile job in New York when his explodes during a press conference. After the lost of employment and his beautiful wife (Jennifer Lopez) during child birth he moves to New Jersey to live with his father (George Carlin) and his infant daughter.
The movie is about Oliver Trinke (Ben Affleck) and his relationship with his daughter Gertrude (Raquel Castro). Castro is great as Ollie's daughter. Her performance is one of the best child performance I have ever seen. She makes you laugh and cry with her great acting ability. But to me Myia (Liv Tyler) stole the show. She is the love interest in Trinke's life. The Video Store scenes and Dinner scene between Tyler and Affleck are classically funny and romantic.
This movie had me laughing, crying and contemplating the value of career or family. My question to everyone who watched Jersey Girl is: did Ollie make the right decision by not taking a high profile position in New York as a publicist at Angelotti's (his life's work) or staying in a dead-end city job and living with his father and daughter in New Jersey?
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