Jingle All The Way

5.71 h 29 min1996X-RayUHDPG
It's a slapstick race against time! A beleaguered dad finds himself moving from store to store on Christmas Eve, frantically searching for the final present on his holiday gift list!
Brian Levant
Arnold SchwarzeneggerSinbadPhil Hartman
English [CC]
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Rita WilsonRobert ConradMartin MullJake LloydJames BelushiHarvey KormanLaraine Newman
Chris ColumbusMark RadcliffeMichael Barnathan
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Floyd PattReviewed in the United States on December 8, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Doesn’t deserve any of this flack at all!
Verified purchase
I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people like to tear this film a new one so much. Even that elitist dipstick, Roger Ebert trashed it. Let me tell you something. Me, my younger brother and my older brother all saw this together back when it was in theaters. My older brother was 18, I was 10, and my younger brother was 8. All three of us loved it, and all three of us STILL love it to this day. And the reasons I’ve seen people trash this criminally underrated film are ridiculous. Some act really offended by it as if it scarred them for life or something. And I remember one person from about 13 years ago who said they hated it because the Christmas shopping season is very serious and is nothing to laugh about and brings out lots of stress. Oh gee, you think?! You’re taking this way too seriously and personal for crying out loud! And there are those who hate it just because Arnold is doing another comedy role, ala Twins, Kindergarten Cop, etc. And then there are those who hate it because it doesn’t have any deep, thought provoking meaning behind it. It’s not supposed to be deep or have some meaning behind it! It’s just supposed to be a light hearted family comedy, and it succeeds in doing that. It’s a very funny film, I’ve watched almost every single holiday season ever since we bought it on VHS back in 1997. Oh wait, that kid who played Anakin Skywalker in Phantom Menace is in it too. So what?! You hate it just because of that too?! Gimme a break. What other lame reasons do you hate the film for? Do tell, because as far as I am concerned, their reason for trashing this film are stupid. Quit complaining about how Christmas shopping is so stressful or because of the actors in it and just have fun! And to those who haven’t seen it, just ignore all these negative reviews. Oh and, I’d much rather watch this than A Christmas Story, which I think is really overrated.
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Texas KnowHowReviewed in the United States on December 8, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Awesome fun! Reflection of commercialism in Christmas in America.
Verified purchase
Great movie at a great price. Believe it or not, I am upgrading the movie from a VHS in a clamshell case to this Blu-ray. The whole family had a good time with this one.

Sinbad is awesome and over the top and Phil Hartman cracks me up as the desperate and sleazy recently divorced neighbor who is hitting on Arnold wife all the time.

With this version, I got the HD digital code to stream anytime. Also the disk has the original and the extended cut. I can see why some scenes were cut from the original theatrical version: the musical scene with Jim Belushi is a little rough. But, it was nice seeing Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson) on the big screen again as the wrong "lady in the fur jacket."

Watch for the young Anikan Skywalker actor (pre Star Wars Episode I).

If you have young kids in the house you may want to steer away from this one or at least skip over the “bad Santas” scene. They are team of rag tag grifting Santas led by Jim Belushi. It is only one scene and not incorporated into the rest of the storyline. Still, this whole movie still really isn’t for young kids.
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LivingandlearningReviewed in the United States on December 4, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Even if you don't like Arnold, the movie is excellent
Verified purchase
Our family loves this movie long after our kids have become adults. Even if you don't like Arnold, the movie is excellent. Because he looks like the young Arnold -- you may like the movie even better as you discover what wise kids really want from their dads - a true hero. The movie also shows the other side of Christmas -- what parents go through to get their children the one toy the child really wants and how some efforts just aren't worth going to jail. Years later, there are moments in this movie that still gain a laugh-out-loud from me -- and its super hard to make me laugh. I recommend treating this movie like a movie theater with treats and drinks -- and a comfortable seat already prepared because events happen very quickly -- you may miss what's going on. If you found this review helpful, please click "yes" below.
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PeasMa_45Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Consumerism meets The Terminator!
Verified purchase
Yeah, I shamelessly adore this movie. It's one of my all-time Christmas favorites that I watch repeatedly along with "A Christmas Story" and "Santa Claus: The Movie." I prefer the extended addition because you get so much more. The additional scenes really do add to the mayhem. And mayhem will ensue when you add Arnold Schwarzenegger as a workaholic father who's neglected his son far too often. He's the sort of man who will schmooze his clients over the telephone about how they're his number one customer while forgetting his only son's karate class. Then when he realizes that he waited too long and the traffic will keep him in this movie for longer than he intended, tries to take a shortcut. He gets caught and tries to butter up the "I'm not having it today, and especially from you!" patrolman, played by the irrepressible Robert Conrad. He plays it straight and it's hilarious. While Arnie as Howard Langston makes it to his son's school, he quickly realizes he's late. And you will discover he's late to a lot of things. Like his son. His family. The Christmas decorations. He comes home to find the late great Phil Hartman on his roof and filling in on the house lights. Phil as Ted will do a lot of filling in as the movie chugs along.

Well, Howard gets both barrels from his wife, Liz, played by Rita Wilson. She's not having his excuses. Neither is his son, Jamie. The boy is the future Anakin Skywalker. It's all good. When the boy isn't shooting future Darth Vader death at this father for skipping the belt ceremony, he's busy drawing endless pictures of his hulking father. It's hilarious to see Howard try and humble himself before the boy. When he asks the innocent question of what Jamie wants for Christmas, we get "Turbo Man!" Turbo Man will be a running joke from now on. It's the "Tickle Me Elmo" of the 90s. And what The Cabbage Patch Dolls were to the 80s. It's the must-have toy of the year! And Howard is late to the party. As usual. It's never explained why Liz never went out and got the doll herself. I guess she must have been fending off Phil Hartman. Anyway, she had entrusted the deed to her hapless husband and you discover that was stupid. He has no idea what she's going on about. Who is this Turbo Man? He's about to find out.

And so begins poor Howard's quest to make up for all the times he was a lousy father. He waits until Christmas Eve to go searching for the toy that Jamie just has to have. Now we get to the good part. And the madness that ensues when greed and desperation collide. It's the stuff of Black Friday nightmares as Howard navigates his way through one toy store to another trying to find this doll that is the most popular toy ever! Along the way, he meets up with exhausted mailman and single dad, Sinbad, who's in the same boat. His son wants the doll too. He's Arnie's comedic foil and rival as they shove, trip, and annoy each other trying to get this stupid, plastic homage to every parent's worst Christmas fear---not getting that perfect gift for their precious child.

If you've ever had to plow your way through an army of angry, determined parents trying to get the hottest toy of the year, you'll laugh and cry right along with poor Howard as he's maced, bitten, assaulted by harried mothers, chased by a psychotic reindeer who makes the predator look tame, and taken advantage of by a group of shyster Santa Clauses who are running a counterfeit toy ring. The scene involving the pileup of Santas is worth the price of admission. Candy cane nunchucks! And you get cameos by Verne Troyer and "The Giant" before he was known as "The Big Show." He's going to deck Howard's halls. Nice.

Howard is so disillusioned by his failed trek through the Christmas toy rush that he tries to steal Ted's Turbo Man present to his son, Johnny. Sinbad foils him at every turn. And Phil Hartman's "Dad Of The Year" Ted, is trying to do more than eat Liz's sugar cookies. And Jamie. Well, poor Jamie just wants to see his dad at the Christmas parade. He'll get his wish and more.

All in all, a hilarious take on the evils of holiday shopping and what happens when you leave getting that perfect present until the last minute. There are some nice bits here. Harvey Korman as The President during the opening montage of a Turbo Man show. Robert Conrad shaking what looks to be a harmless Christmas package. Martin Mull as the ponytailed DJ. The tow truck driver who was Arnie's first Sarah Connor victim in "The Terminator" and Jim Belushi as the slimy conman in a Santa suit. The extended edition has the tow truck scene.

If you're looking for laughs and an addition to your Christmas movie library, I'd pick this up and set it beside "Christmas Vacation." Don't let the naysayers put you off this movie. It's really very sweet the way Howard goes to heck and back trying to make his son happy because he loves him. Most parents, I think, would do the same. And he also comes to realize how much his wife means to him too. But he seems to have neglected to buy her a present.

Five stars.
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Happy CamperReviewed in the United States on November 3, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Bad lessons in parenting
Verified purchase
A couple of things make this almost unwatchable for me. First, Jake Lloyd. For some reason I never could stand him and am not a fan. Sure, he's cute/adorable/etc but as far as acting, not so hot. His work here is a strange precursor to his even worse work in Star Wars as Anakin Skywalker. My take is that the casting directors who've hired him thought, "Oh my, how cute is he!" and that's what got him hired but they failed to take into account the quality of his acting, or lack thereof. He comes across as flat, lacking character, bland and uninteresting, let alone leaving one to wonder why they decided to hire hm over any number of other actors available.

My main problem with this film begins only minutes into it when Howard the father, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, treats his young son as if the son is in charge of his father, rather than the other way around. This is known as "parentification" in psychological circles and is an exceedingly unhealthy way to raise a family. Arnold acts submissive to the will of his very young son thus creating an unhealthy environment that would likely result in a number of dysfunctions Jamie would then have to rectify later in life.

While we all do put our children first and foremost in our minds and hearts it is not healthy to allow them to be in control of family dynamics and even more important for them to understand that we, the parents, are in charge of not only our lives, but theirs, at least until they are eighteen or so.

This example of parenting may simply be a result of the perceptions at the time the movie was produced in 1995 (released in 1996) and as the parent of a 5 year old at the time of release I can say that the world at that time was quite a mess. It wasn't easy being a parent, especially when you had terrible examples of parenting in popular culture. Whether those examples were a reflection of how the US population typically parented, or were trying to teach us how to, or whether they fully ignored both counts, remains unknown. All I can say at this point is that it is rather sad that our entertainment doesn't do more to at least try to make an effort to provide examples of healthy parentage, rather than the opposite.

That's just my $.02 on this one.
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Kevin HaleReviewed in the United States on January 5, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Corny, but a lot fun for Chistmas time!
Verified purchase
We have a growing collection of Christmas movies we watch every year in my house. While not my favorite Christmas movie, there is a lot of humorous scenes and goofy behavior that makes this enjoyable for kids and adults. I am a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger action movies and this one is definitely quite a contrast to his other work, though there are actually quite a few action scenes; as Arnold struggles to find a long sold out gift for his son. It is also really entertaining to see Phil Hartman's humor in this movie. If you liked his work on Saturday Night Live, it really shines through here in a character that you love to hate.

I am always joking about various Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes from this movie: "Who told you, you could eat my cookies?" and "Put that cookie down, NOW!" It has become a tradition to watch this along with many Christmas movies each year. I am glad to finally own it instead of renting it.
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MatthewReviewed in the United States on November 29, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
5-STARS for the movie itself, but 1-star for the "4K/UHD" version...
Verified purchase
Let me start by saying this is one of our all-time favorite Christmas movies, and it gets 5-stars for the movie itself!

That being said, when we saw that Prime Video had listed a 4K / UHD version included for streaming, we were overjoyed to finally watch one of our favorites in glorious ultra-high definition, as an upgrade from our Blu-ray disc.

Well, imagine our surprise when the streaming UHD version was absolutely *loaded* with noisy grit and grain! Like watching a DVD. It's as if the original scan was simply over-sharpened and thrown up without much effort. When the wife noticed, I knew it was bad. We swapped in the old trusty Blu-ray disc into our 4K player, and the upconverted picture was MUCH higher quality and clarity than the so-called "4K" stream.

If you're waiting for a true 4K version of this holiday classic, best to keep waiting for a disc release. Meanwhile, toss on the old Blu-ray and enjoy!
Olivia StablerReviewed in the United States on December 15, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Cult Classic Movie, DVD Plays Fine
Verified purchase
Our family loves this movie, even though it's got pretty terrible acting (sorry Arnold, Sinbad, and Rita Wilson). The story centers around a workaholic dad who never keeps his promises to his son and forgets to get his son the Turboman doll he wants for Christmas and so spends all of Christmas Eve bungling to find it. Hilarity ensues when he and Sinbad the mailman are both in the same position competing to find the doll first since it's sold out everywhere. Phil Hartman was quite funny in this movie as Ted. I won't tell the ending, but this one is full of laughs. It's a cult classic movie for us and we watch it every year. Finally broke down and bought it. And for $4, it's a bargain and plays just fine.
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