Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Original Japanese Version) (English Subtitled)

Season 1
The world is overrun with Kabane, zombie-like creatures with an appetite for human flesh. While the last of humanity has retreated into fortress-like stations connected by armored trains, there are few that remain as hopeful as Ikoma.
Tasuku HatanakaSayaka Senbongi
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  1. 1. Frightened Corpse
    April 7 2016
    Audio languages
    The immortal monsters known as Kabane have attacked Aragane Station. Ikoma, a boy who lives in Aragane Station, ran against the waves of terrified civilians to fight against Kabane using a weapon he has been secretly developing - the Piercing gun.
  2. 2. Never-Ending Night
    April 21 2016
    Audio languages
    Ikoma somehow survives and heads toward the last Hayajiro left in Kenkin Station, the Kotetsujyo. Meanwhile, Ayame and her people were left behind to fend off the Kabane when a young girl named Mumei appears before them.
  3. 3. Prayer Offer
    April 28 2016
    Audio languages
    Having escaped Kenkin Station, the Kotetsujyo heads for Kongokaku, the Shogunate's fortress. However, the people on the Kotetsujyo quickly turn against Ikoma and Mumei and attempt to drive them off the train.
  4. 4. Flowing Blood
    May 5 2016
    Audio languages
    The other people lock Ikoma and Mumei into the rear car, despite them being two of the best fighters. Just then, the Kabane attack! And among them is a Wazatori, a Kabane that has the ability to learn and become stronger with each battle
  5. 5. Inescapable Darkness
    May 12 2016
    Audio languages
    The Kotetsujyo picks up survivors from Yatsushiro Station which has been destroyed by the Kabane. Among the survivors is Enoku, an old friend of Mumei's. He points out to Mumei how weak she's become as she's grown closer to the people of the Kotetsujyo.
  6. 6. Gathering Light
    May 19 2016
    Audio languages
    The Kotetsujyo is standing before a giant cluster of Kabane, the Black Smoke, and all seems hopeless. Meanwhile, Ikoma and Mumei find themselves at the bottom of an abandoned station.
  7. 7. Begging the Heavens
    May 26 2016
    Audio languages
    The Kotetsujyo arrives at Shitori Station, the first populated station it's encountered since leaving Kenkin Station. Ikoma and the others go shopping for supplies, and experience their first moment of peace in ages.
  8. 8. The Silent Hunter
    June 2 2016
    Audio languages
    The older brother Mumei serves is Biba Tenshin, leader of the Hunters - a special division dedicated to hunting Kabane. However, while the people praise Biba as a hero, Ikoma does not trust him.
  9. 9. Fang of Ruin
    June 9 2016
    Audio languages
    The Shogunate closes off the path to Kongokaku because they are wary of Biba and the support he's managed to garner. Biba seeks an audience with the Lord of Iwado Station, though with less than pure intentions.
  10. 10. The Attacking Weak
    June 16 2016
    Audio languages
    The Kotetsujyo had been linked to the Kokujyo, and Takumi and the others were under the rule of the Hunters who demanded their blood be collected. While others fall into despair, Ikoma refuses to give up hope as he devises a counteroffensive.
  11. 11. Burning Life
    June 23 2016
    Audio languages
    Biba reunites with his father Shogun Koukyo after 10 years, as Mumei's Nue stands ready. Meanwhile, Ikoma has lost his confidence and willpower. He is now a mere shell of his former self and can only cower at the sight of the Kabane.
  12. 12. Iron Fortress
    June 30 2016
    Audio languages
    Biba's plan, Mumei's Nue transformation, and the influx of Kabane were all too much for Kongokaku to withstand. Ikoma arrives, having modified his body once again, and enters Kongokaku in order to rescue Mumei.

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Top reviews from the United States

Boba Fett on ClarinetReviewed in the United States on September 30, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Attack on Steamboy!!
Yeah, it's like Attack on Titan had a baby with Steamboy. Considering those are two of my all-time favorites, I liked this a lot.

Kabaneri really stands out visually; the world of samurai-era Japan hybridized with steampunk is richly imagined and rendered. The animation quality is excellent and the integration of 3DCG stuff like the trains is very seamless. Battle scenes are dynamically choreographed -- not up to the level of AoT but then, nothing compares to AoT.

The characterization is not that deep but I found the protagonist, Ikoma, on the more likeable end of the typical shonen MC spectrum. He's not infuriatingly emotionally stunted like so many MCs, nor is he annoyingly upbeat and unsinkable.

The female lead Mumei is, again, on the more likeable side of the well-trod "living weapon girl" stereotype. She's not cloying or emotionally manipulative, the way she grapples with conflicting and shifting loyalties feels authentic and her development is earned. Also refreshing is that there is absolutely no exploitation in this anime; nothing sexual at all is shown or implied.

The villain, as others have mentioned, is the weakest link, but not critically so in my opinion. None of the supporting characters was annoying, although none were deeply memorable either. Everyone behaves quite straightforwardly and in-character, and the plot also moves along quite logically. It's just solid, well-crafted, storytelling that doesn't go for anything too wrenching or philosophical, although the themes (fear vs order, the relationship between the weak and the strong) and relationships are well-established and consummated with quite a bit of visual symbolism and creative flair in the concluding episodes.

The level of gore is significant, but not nauseating. If you can handle Attack on Titan you will have no problem with this.

Kabaneri only loses a star because, again agreeing with other reviewers, the second act feels rushed. Stretching it out to 20+ episodes probably would have required the dreaded filler episodes, so in a way I like how tight the scripting is, but on the other hand, the villain needed more room to breathe, and I would not have minded some additional time for Ikoma and Mumei to develop chemistry and create some touchstone moments.

Bottom line is that this is an anime you will not regret spending your time on, and will not betray your investment of caring about the world, the plot and the characters. Also, while a second season would be welcome, you won't feel unfulfilled without it, the series is satisfying and self-contained.
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NidhoggrReviewed in the United States on April 29, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
It's a MEH AoT clone
My review has [SPOILERS]
This is yet another Apocalypse style anime where some monster/virus/human wipe occurs and humanity is left surviving in bastion style cities.
-Armored trains are the only means of communication/trade, and since they are apparently super easy for the kabane to attack and heavily damage/ destroy I'm astounded humanity is still alive. That and the fact that the tactics, logistics and defenses of the fortresses are so RETARDED or not even PRESENT, makes most of the series flat out unintelligible.
-Strategy of any kind to fend on the horde style attacks do not exist nor does an modicum of common sense. They will literally open gates for trains before they are checked for contamination, and bastions have ZERO way to stop trains from entering if they just come full speed (or stop literally anything else). The stupid level of people in this is so high that if something wants to get in a bastion it will.
-There are no contingency plans for bastion compromise and people make it as easy as possible for everyone to die. The bastions are built in a way as to make actually defending them strategically impossible, with completely random layouts that make it easier for the Kabane to cause chaos and create body counts.
-The soldiers are all storm troopers who weirdly can't hit anything unless it's a human and then they are snipers, and these TRAINED SOLDIERS who JOB it is to regularly fight the Kabane panic at the slightest hint of one and are slaughtered in droves.
-The main bad guy [obvious douche with pink hair who is obviously the bad guy] has the dumbest plot line I've seen in a while......... Revenge............ That's it, he has no overarching goal other than revenge against daddy. And though I don't blame him for wanting to kill daddy, his method to achieve that the the reasoning for the method is STUPID!
-Instead of going straight to kill his daddy, he literally goes through killing BASTIONS! Why? Because the LEADERS of these bastions at some point worked for his daddy, so he has to kill them....... and every single other person in said bastion because......... Well he doesn't actually give a reason for this that isn't nonsensical drivel.
-So in this world where humanity is almost gone and the number of habitations can be counted on your hands, this idiot is wiping out bastions because "daddy is mean". What is probably hundreds of thousands of innocent people are killed and added to the kabaneri population thanks to this guy just because they were living in the bastion where daddy's henchmen live (you know because it's probably the only place to live in what has to be several hundreds if not thousands of miles they can live).
-All these types suffer from this last gripe but I'm still listing it, and that is emotional OVERLOAD.... Everyone is screaming or yelling almost all the time, and that means things goes from having tension to just being annoying because there is ALWAYS tension. And when there is no tension then they are either talking about the when the next stage of tension is coming or ramping up for it.
"sigh" In the end it's OK. They do nothing special and once they bring out the titan style kabane monsters it makes me just want to go watch titan fall because that series is way better than this.
It's a series in continual chaos not because of the trials/creatures they face, but because everyone has toddler levels of intelligence and that's just lazy writing.
Also another person says the show is "not too gory" and if you don't consider FOUNTAINS of blood when ever someone get wounded "not to gory" then sure its fine, but otherwise it's a bloodfest.
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AaronReviewed in the United States on January 30, 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
Strong start ending in disappointment
The first half is phenomenal and does well to throw you into the world of the Kabane.
The second half is a disaster... the show begins to not make sense, villain backstory is weak and doesn't add up, frustrating character development/denial, typical "shounen drama+power-up", and the ending is quite abrupt with no purpose.
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FredTownWardReviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Zombies Versus Trains
After this, I may have to hurry up and watch Wit Studio's [[ASIN:B01NCB8380 Attack on Titan: Complete Season One]], but in the meantime I can say with absolute certainty that these people know what they are doing because in the best trainiac anime since [[ASIN:B019KDX8MO Rail Wars!]], they prove it!

Steampunk industrial revolution Japan ruled by the Shogunate is under assault by a virus that transforms humans into (mostly) mindless zombies such that normal humans now survive in fortress-like "stations" linked by armored steam trains. However, in the long run this is a losing battle as stations occasionally but invariably fall to the zombies; they are not taken back. As our story begins the station town of Aragane is assaulted and overrun by the zombies, but the survivors flee on the armored train Kotetsujo with a couple of aces in the hole, people who have acquired the power of zombies without losing their minds or their humanity, the kabaneri. The first half of this short 12 episode series mostly involves the trainload surviving various zombie tricks and learning to trust one another while the second half deals with the intricate plotting of the shogun's son. Though the series will apparently continue it ends on a good climax. All in all a cleverly handled, well thought out story.
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jinhaReviewed in the United States on June 4, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Fun action anime but don't think too deep
People seem to want to compare it with Attack on Titan but I think it's not fair for both. AOT is darker while this one is more optimistic, most of the main characters are quite safe with plot armor. No single work of fiction has a trademark on post apocalyptic creatures, steam punk tech, "I'll use this curse or power to save not hurt" and isolated walled in cities.

It's well animated. Even simple gestures are noticeable and there are really interesting angles during fight scenes. It's just nice to watch and they don't cut corners with stiff CGI or static panels while characters give 10 minute expositions. There's plenty of action scenes too.

Plot is pretty straightforward, old trope of "humans were the real monsters all long". The whole story begins because of carelessness really, they just decide to lower the bridge for a running train without halting it and checking for infected. Nothing ground breaking or something that will make you think, it's really just fun action entertainment. Train becomes less and less of a focus halfway through.

Characters are likeable but fall into the same tropes. Good guy morals, cold but warming up girl, traditional samurai doesn't like protagonist but becomes one of his best ally later on and so on.

There's a lot of plotholes and some illogical things happening to move the plot forward but it's still fun to watch and one can't help but root for the main characters.
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TerryReviewed in the United States on August 5, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Cool Concept With Mediocre Execution
3.5 Stars

Zombie-infested, steampunk Japan is a cool concept but this anime can be a bit lackluster in the logic, reasoning, and political motives department. The steampunk theme lacks in the hard science fiction department and is mostly just a cosmetic skin to set a sense of time period.

-Zombie drama
-Soft sci-fi steampunk era set in Japan
-Psuedo-American English accent guy
-Very strong & silent portrayal of a stoic leading female engineer
-Solid artwork and animation style

-Political motives are largely stupid
-Logic for how the world's science should work is pretty weak and largely left unexplained
-Feels a bit rushed at times
-1 or 2 weak "filler" episodes
-Another anime that doesn't really finish (unless another season comes out, but meh)

This is a cool concept given breath by the industry that unfortunately lacks the "oomph" to merit a second season. It has some moments but it would probably leave you feeling indifferent if a second season was announced.
Edwin SeniorReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Outstanding anime series but the streaming sucked!
(Note:I wrote this shortly after the series came out but I just discovered it was incorrectly posted under an audio cord I had bought so I've moved it here as almost everything about the review still stands.)

This is one of the most incredible animes I have seen in a long time. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a stunning blend of the steampunk and zombie genres by director Tetsurō Araki and producers Kōji Yamamoto, George Wada, Yuka Okayasu and Yōhei Shintaku. Inspired by Attack on Titan, it surpasses the earlier work with its breathtaking 80s-style visuals and gripping story, penned by Ichirō Ōkouchi. The music is lush and inspiring, even in the anime's darkest moments. I give the anime five stars. As for Amazon Prime's straming of the series... I'll explain later.

Tens years after a mysterious virus transforms infected humans into Kabane, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress's industrial revolution-era Hinomoto is overrun by the undead. With the only method of killing them being to shatter the kabane's hearts, guarded by an iron ribcage, the uninfected retreat to the relative security of train stations that they have fortified. The stations become city-states ruled over by noblemen. Travel and commerce between these fortresses is accomplished by armored steam engine-powered trains, called Hayajiro.

One day one of the Hayajiro, the Kotetsujo (Iron Fortress) arrives at Aragane Station with two mysterious passengers, Shimon and Mumei, who are allowed in without the required inspection to prove they are not kabane. A steamsmith named Ikoma is detained for insubordination after a guard summarily executes a passenger who refuses the inspection but is visited by Mumei, a young girl.

Another Hayajiro arrives before schedule and rams the defensive wall of Aragane Station. It is filled with kabane that have overrun the train to use it to gain access to the fortress. Ikoma manages to escape his detention cell with the help of Mumei and returns home to test the newest version of his kabane-fighting weapon, a bolt gun. He is successful in killing a kabane but is bitten in the attempt. He manages to stop the virus from infecting his brain but turns into a hybrid, the Kabaneri of the title. He manages to make it to the Kotetsujo , which evacuates those that it could, and is allowed on when Mumei vouches for him. Soon after, he discovers that she is also a kabaneri. thus starts their adventures as the crew and passengers of the Kotetsujo attempt to find sanctuary in the capital of Hinomoto, the shougnate city of Kongokaku.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is what Attack on Titan should have been. I stopped watching AoT after two episodes for many reasons--the gratuitous nudity and gore (even for an anime series), the plodding plot and the way the producers and writers couldn't decide if it was a horror series or a comedy series. This series, however, avoids all of those pitfalls and is a gripping story that moves at the pace of the Kotetsujo at full speed.

I wish I could say as much for the quality of Amazon Prime's video stream. Whether in 1080P HD or 480P SD, Amazon's streaming quality was lackluster at best. The 1080P HD stream suffered from constant stuttering that bordered on buffering and the 480P SD stream was reminiscent of the bad old days of YouTube. I don't think that it's a problem with my system (HP Elitebook 8540w with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M video card running Windows 10 and fed by Cox Cable 100 MBs internet) as I have little to no problem with Crunchyroll, Netflix or YouTube's 1080P content. Even with that, the 480P SD version of Crunchyroll, Funimation, The Anime Network, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube all stand head and shoulders above Amazon Prime.

To top it off, you are unable to choose to fix the stream on 1080P. The Amazon Prime player's setting are either SD or Auto and trying to get it to display 1080P when it has selected 480P is nearly impossible. I expect more from the streaming service that costs to most to subscribe to annually (even if it does come come with free two day shipping!) Jeff Bezos, you need to have your Amazon Prime streaming player improved!
DaveMFPerry(LastOfADyingBeard)Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
It DOES have an Attack On Titan feel to it! But with Trains and Kabane
The protagonist Ikoma is very likeable and the sort of character you would expect to see in this role. Hes smart and a bit of an engineer. Hes a "smith" by trade in the anime and has a bit of a MacGyver streak in him. Hes also seems the type to give up his own life to save others. Has a bit of savior or martyr in him... And of course hes hard headed and stubborn which is very cliche for main characters. Although his character traits are so cliche he is very likeable.. I just wish the mc could be a different type of person for once.
Now his closest ally or partner would be Mumei who is very secretive or mysterious (depending on how you look at it) and she does a good job at toughening Ikoma up and they end up becoming very good friends... Their relationship becomes a major aspect of the anime and is also a driving force for Ikoma moving forward. You can tell he cares for Mumei..... There are plenty of amazing characters in this anime that keep it exciting.
The ONLY thing I didnt like was how the antagonist Biba kept doing the most obvious things to betray Ikoma and Ayame but, Mumei refused to see or believe it several times. Plus, they kept trusting him over and over while giving him too many opportunities to get over on them while implementing his own personal agenda to destroy the shogun (who just happens to be Biba's father). So, there is plenty of story and character development to unflesh in this story but, I just wish they had found better and more believable ways to continue the ongoing feuds between Biba and Ikoma/Ayame. Some of the story just seemed like it was trying too hard.
All in all though I highly recommend watching this anime. The art is amazing and the fight scenes are sick AF! There is plenty of gore and it doesnt go out of its way to be gratuitous. It doesnt have gore just for the sake of it.
I recommend watching this anime. The first episode will pull you in.
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