Look For the Silver Lining

6.41 h 46 min194913+
Musical biography of Marilyn Miller, who overcame heartache to become a Broadway star.
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Top reviews from the United States

TheClassicsNut65Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2012
4.0 out of 5 stars
Not Betty! Not Alice! But June Haver!
Verified purchase
When most people think of 20th Century-Fox's musicals from the 1940s, they think of Betty Grable or Alice Faye. But a lot of people overlook that Fox had another beautiful musical film star during this era and her name was June Haver. She was nearly a decade younger than Grable and Faye and was just gorgeous! Though Grable and Faye's musicals were bigger budgeted and brought in more dough, Haver's musicals show that she was more than a Grable or Faye wannabe!

However, when Fox signed Haver in 1944, the studio quickly cast her in several musicals that were originally meant for Alice Faye who turned them. These films were thereby retooled to showcase Haver to her abilities. Though Haver's movies left a smaller impact, her film "Look For the Silver Lining" (1949), in which she starred as Marilyn Miller, shows that she was a superb actress and singer. Nevertheless, this didn't make her more popular. Though Haver's movies are enjoyable and have good numbers, sets, and costumes, I must admit that Grable and Faye's films have left a bigger and more permanent impact.

In my opinion, if you like Betty Grable or Alice Faye or both, you'll certainly enjoy the performances of the beautiful June Haver in her lesser known Fox musicals. You'll enjoy them... so... BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!
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A. J. De KoningReviewed in the United States on July 7, 2009
5.0 out of 5 stars
one of the best movie musicals ever
Verified purchase
When I saw my first musical movie "My dream is yours" in 1950, films were shown in the Netherlands much later than in USA in those days, I was nearly 15 years, I immediately became an admirer of Doris Day and that has never changed and I do have all of her musicals on DVD now, but at that sametime a few weeks later I saw "Look for the silver lining" and also became an admirer of June Haver. And the tragic story of this film impressed me very much and that still was the same when I saw it again on DVD. I hadn't seen it since 1950 as we don't have TV-channels overhere that show classic films over and over again and this was a film the regular TV-stations have ignored. But thanks to Warner archive series I now can see it again whenever I like. The titlesong has always been one of my favourites and still moves me. I am glad AMAZON makes available titles from the Warner Archive series, allthough they are a little expensive ofcourse, because else we couln't have bought them overhere in Europe. I found the image very good concerning it is not restored, and allthough it has no scene-selection you can push forward with ten minutes interval. I only regret it has no english subtitles.
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Lenore C. JacobsReviewed in the United States on June 10, 2011
3.0 out of 5 stars
A musical biography of the career of Marilyn Miller
Verified purchase
This is a simplified and "sweetened" musical biography of early Broadway star Marilyn Miller, featuring June Haver in the title role, and nicely supported by Ray Bolger and Gordon MacRae. Except for Bolger's fine dancing, I thought most of the musical numbers were only of average quality. Haver does a great deal of dancing, but nothing exceptional, and MacRae is not given an opportunity to really show off his tremendous voice; the two times he has a potentially nice number to sing, he is interrupted by Haver either talking to him or dancing. Still, it is an entertaining movie and fine for the whole family.
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MicaelaReviewed in the United States on June 13, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Not a Gordon movie
Verified purchase
It was a good movie, however, Gordon MacRae was in like 25 minutes of it. The first hour he wasn't in it at all, then when he was, it was very short and then he died and the movie went on without him. I was expecting a Gordon MacRae, which this is not.
The movie was a bit like "Daughter of Rosy O'Grady". Entertaining movie, but if you're expecting a Gordon movie, this isn't for you.
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B. WendlingReviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great musicals of the past.
Verified purchase
Love these old musicals. Love 💕 to rewatch them.
C. del UnoReviewed in the United States on May 11, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Great Movie
Verified purchase
Lots of memorable songs, good story line, great dancing
One person found this helpful
Fernando Monte JucáReviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
It is a good movie
Verified purchase
Good musical
One person found this helpful
Anne PhillipsReviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Lots of singing and dancing
Verified purchase
A great old musical
One person found this helpful
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