Men In Black 3

 (10,815)6.81 h 45 min2012X-RayPG-13
Agent Jay travels back in time to 1969, where he teams up with a younger version of Agent Kay to stop an evil alien from destroying the future.
Barry Sonnenfeld
Brad AbrellWill SmithTommy Lee Jones
Science FictionComedyAction
English [CC]
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Walter ParkesLaurie MacDonald
Columbia PicturesUniversal
PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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4.6 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

DPKReviewed in the United States on March 2, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Surprises All Good and All Around
Verified purchase
Expected this to be yet another "throw away sequel" even though I am a fan of MIB. The first one edged out the MIB 2 in my mind and as our daughter showed interest, we watched both of the first two (tough for a kid to not love Agent F, the talking pug) recently and she asked to watch the third installment. I've got to say it didn't disappoint and in fact, I think it had the strongest script of the three and definitely the most effective storyline. The end catches you off guard and also pulls a "refresh" of the storyline opening it up for effective future versions.

Let's put it his way. If you liked/loved either of the first two, you'll not be disappointed by this one as the sly remarks from Will Smith remain intact while getting plenty of the goofy / creepy alien characters. The villain is excellent and Griff is one of those special characters that is a pleasure to watch (assuming I remembered his name correctly). But for the first time you actually get a strong story that challenges you a bit and also mixes in your love for, "Back to the Future" movies (how can you not love "Back to the Future", right?

Enjoy it, you won't be disappointed.
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RDDReviewed in the United States on May 3, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Fun Conclusion to Agent J & Agent K's Story!
Verified purchase
In “Men in Black 3,” director Barry Sonnenfeld returns to direct the threequel in the franchise he began. This film see Agent J (Will Smith) having to go back in time to 1969 to defeat alien assassin Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from killing Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones in the present, Josh Brolin in the past). If Boris kills K, not only will J lose his mentor, but K will not have successfully deployed a defense network that protects Earth from a Boglodite invasion in the present. While the previous entry in the franchise attempted to give J a love interest, the emotional heart of this film is the paternal relationship between K and J.

There are some continuity issues introduced in this film, such as K’s line, “I guess you weren’t even alive in ’68” from the first film or that the ArcNet should have protected Earth against the Arquillian Battle Cruiser in that same film. That said, these films are action comedies rather than typical sci-fi movies, so continuity between films isn’t necessarily the writers’ biggest concern. The film is the first in the franchise not to feature Frank the Pug, Chief Zed, Jack Jeebs, or David Cross’s character, Newton. It does explain Zed’s absence while introducing O (Emma Thompson), who will appear in “Men in Black: International.” Usually, a decade between films would be detrimental, but each film in this franchise feels so episodic that it the passage of time doesn’t detract from the story. Further, having most of the story occur in 1969 helps keep the plot fresh. The way writer Etan Cohen describes time travel and Sonnenfeld films it is fun and visually distinct from most previous time travel films while still working for the aesthetic of the “Men in Black” franchise.

Bonus features on the Blu-Ray include a “spot the alien” game, a making-of special, background on the creation of the 1960s MIB aesthetic, a focus on visual effects, scene breakdowns, a progression reel, a gag reel, and the music video to Pitbull’s “Back in Time,” which recalls Will Smith’s video for “Men in Black” or “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head),” though it is somewhat sad that Smith didn’t contribute a third song to this entry. For what is likely to be the final “Men in Black” film with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’s characters, this offers a nice amount of closure while continuing the franchise’s themes of a larger world that most people fail to perceive.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
MIB3 returned with all the same elements in a fun but not really original story
Verified purchase
The third installment of the Men In Black franchise returned with the usual mix of aliens, comedy and action. The first time I saw it I didn’t think much of it but watching it again after some time and it wasn’t that bad. The story is about J (Will Smith) having to go back in time to save his partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) from the bad guy Boris (Jemaine Clement).

The main drawback of the film was that it didn’t seem like anything that new from the previous two movies. On the other hand there were an interesting mix of aliens and the J-K odd couple dynamic still worked even when they introduced Josh Brolin as the younger K in the past. What you get is a fun movie but not something special.
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Bob BoxbodyReviewed in the United States on October 29, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good movie, really good 4k blu-ray
Verified purchase
This is actually my favorite entry in the Men in Black series. It's honestly funny, and it's worth watching even if just for Josh Brolin's outstanding turn as a young Tommy Lee Jones.
I thought this movie was only available on 4k in a boxed set with the other movies, and I don't really care to own the others. But this one came up on Amazon for cheap. It took awhile to get to me, because it ships from the UK, but it arrived in good shape, and I'm very happy with the purchase!
The 4k transfer is excellent, very film-like. There's a good grain field, nice bold colors, tons of detail in the textures. I have no complaints, and I'm a stickler for image quality.
Carl P.Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
3D done right.
Verified purchase
I have made it a personal endeavour to find the best 3D content that the second generation 3D hardware is capable of rendering. It depends greatly on the context of the film and the director's vision as to what optical candy gets used where in equal parts of when why and woah. This is how 3D films are being made now. Gone are the days of smudgy gorillas growling at cameras and paddle balls bouncing off your forehead (all due respect to House of Wax). Now the viewer can be immersed into the environment of the antagonist or protagonist depending on your flavor, depth that once gave a simple reach in and touch the back effect to having objects or people or land formations or spaceships writhing with creatures alien bioware technology that pops off the screen with no artifacting in sight. Some of the coolest scenes in this gem are during up close and personal dialog between characters and there's all sorts of 3D weirdness going on in the shot in layers. What used to look like box panaramas can now be digitally enhanced in so many different ways you feel like your eyes are going to pop out. This is the only movie to date I've seen that makes a car ride look completely realistic and vibrant and I don't have to tell you what that means for the viewer of a car in an MIB film. If you know anyone who has or is thinking of getting a 3D home theater, I highly recommend getting them this movie. Bravo to the 3D design team on this one. I guess I should talk about the actual movie. Relax. I don't do spoilers. That being said this is a genuinely funny film. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments and the 3D complinents the story, the jokes and the weirdness with the adept professionalism of crystal glass juggler on on mind altering substances.
The comedy of Smith and Jones is spot on as your every day agent type team exchanging esoteric dialog in expository format, a lot of which are referencing the prior two films' character development and where they are now in the more than obvious father/son subtext. But its well done and presented in a somewhat more mature fashion than you might expect from the franchise. Again, the 3D is very much in a lead role along with Jones and Smith as you can almost immediately tell they are trying to carry on their daily routines while all the 3D mayhem takes centerstage. And that is when you know you're in for something special. Plus, field sequential digital 3D doesn't strain the eyes or hurt the head. Is this Martin Scorcese Hugo 3D? No but that's the point. Its Men in Black 3D.
Just for reference for anyone who has considered 3D as an addition to their home theater now is probably the best time. As of the time of this review, the second generation is being phased out with third generation hardware. Which looks fantastic by the way and if they've improved on immersion technology at all, combined with Windows 10 or the Xbox One, virtual reality is here. But I like many of you live in the real world and paying upwards of 6k for a tv with embedded 3D is out of immediate reach. But that is where 3D home entertainment is going. Its a luxury item. Why do I say this? Because the 3D second gen hardware is affordable now. I bought a Vizio 55" LED (the smooth motion makes the 3D look amazing) a samsung 3D bluray player and 5.1 dts theater for about $500 all told. Get the passive technology like in the theater. The active technology doesn't improve the image noticeably enough to warrant the upcharge not to mention they're rather expensive and they are fragile so if you have kids, the glasses like you get at the theater work. Inexpensive and you won't rupture a blood vessel if you have to replace a pair. I'm immensely satisfied with my system and Amazon here makes buying 3D movies a lot less painful. I just bought Antman 3D for 16.99. Is Antman's 3D good? That's a different post. Later. I'm going to play Star Wars Battlefront. In 3D
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Robert SchafferReviewed in the United States on June 10, 2017
3.0 out of 5 stars
Liked the movie, but the 4K HDR streamed version didn't impress.
Verified purchase
Liked the movie almost as much as the first one, but the 4K version with HDR was a let-down. Maybe a 4K bluray might look better, but the streaming version didn't impress. It didn't look sharp. Not even as sharp as a bluray, let alone a 4K presentation. Reminded me of an image on a TV with the contrast pumped up too far and blacks a bit crushed too. I expected to see a clear improvement over the 1080p version I already owned, but I just didn't see it. This is not a review of the film (which I liked very much) but of the 4K streamed rendition. Even three stars is giving it a lot of credit. If you already own the movie on bluray, don't spend the extra money to stream it in 4K. Watch what you've already got.
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EveReviewed in the United States on September 21, 2013
4.0 out of 5 stars
A great surprise after so many years
Verified purchase
A fitting sequel and end (?) to the series. The original MIB was a shock to the general system. It was unique in its humor and approach for a major film. It was both silly and intelligent, bawdy and full of heart. And then they made the sequel... which shall go unmentioned. I wouldn't have thought they could return to these characters and this world either believably nor in a way that would be interesting. I was glad to be proved wrong and I would watch it again.

14 years after the last movie, we pick up J and K with a new nemesis and, of course, high stakes. But this story is highly personal without ever becoming overly sweet or maudlin. It's still a buddy cop story, but it isn't about J's learning the ropes or a simple standard fate-of-the-world scenario, it is about their lack of communication--like most long term relationships.

It is a clever story with some good CGI and, despite being filmed for 3D, there isn't an over-reliance on that medium in the filming. It works perfectly fine in 2D. It isn't quite as snappy as the first movie in its humor, but it is comfortable and fun. And the retro look of the HQ and the design, in general, was really well executed.

The most impressive aspect, frankly, was Brolin's performance as the younger K. You will swear they CG'd Jones to simply look younger. It is one of the more remarkable pieces of casting and performances where an actor has to become another actor's younger self. Much like Looper, it was done subtly. But honestly, it was also done much better in Brolin's case. They lucked out with both the physicality and the voice match for sure, but he is also a gifted mimic.

MIB3 is a reminder that sequels can be done right if given time and commitment and when they're not just created to cash in on the fervor (can you say Iron Man 2?). Here's also hoping they know when to walk away. Smith and Jones are not replaceable and the story has really run its course in a satisfying way. I'm glad they came back to wrap it all up, but I'm happy now to let them exit the stage.
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teols2016Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2013
4.0 out of 5 stars
They're Coming Back...
Verified purchase
Rarely do you see a second sequel that can be considered "great", "enjoyable", and other such things. But when you line the three Men In Black films up next to one another, Men In Black III has certainly surpassed Men in Black II. While it is not as good as the original, this film can definetly hold its own. Of course, the highlight of the film was Mr. Josh Brolin, who not only had to step into the enormously large shoes temporarily vacated by Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, but he had to keep his performance as a younger Agent Kay consistent with Mr. Jones's as the latter appeared as the character's older self at the beginning and ending of the film. Of course, Mr. Brolin did this flawlessly and came off as the perfect younger Tommy Lee Jones while giving the character some perfect qualities we haven't seen before. Will Smith was back in his own, comfortible shoes, playing Agent Jay and my only complaint there is that we could have done without his rantings during the various neuralizing sessions. Men in Black and Men in Black II always did those better. If there was a joke in these new ones, I missed it. The only one that worked is the one where Jay trickes the 1960s NYPD officers into neuralyzing themselves...that worked perfectly. I wish I could have seen Rick Torn as Agent Zed again as he too was a classic character, as were Frank the Pug, Jeebs, and the Worm Guys, the last of which we only saw very briefly (too briefly). But for all my complaining, this film was still awsome. Jemaine Clement made an excellent villain as Boris the Animal (or "just Boris") and I enjoyed the plot twist of "Andy Warhol" being an undercover MIB agent. Had I known the specifics of the powers possessed by Michael Stuhlbarg's character Griffin ahead of time, I would have called them far-fetched even for a Men In Black film. However, not knowing allowed me to view all that with an unbiased prospective and that made all the difference. Those powers worked in this plot and Mr. Stuhlbarg was very enjoyable to watch as a being burdened by his "gift" and who choices to instead of moarning the loss of his homeworld, help prevent Earth from suffering the same fate. Also, his nervous ticks and related behavior were amusing at the proper moments. Overall, any MIB fan should get their hands on this installment and hope for more of this quality in the future. Enjoy.
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