Meraki Men's Sweat Jogger Trouser

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Size Chart
US Men's Jeans
Brand SizeUSAWaistHip
28W x 29L28W x 29L28.533.5
28W x 30L28W x 30L28.533.5
28W x 31L28W x 31L28.533.5
28W x 32L28W x 32L28.533.5
28W x 33L28W x 33L28.533.5
28W x 34L28W x 34L28.533.5
29W x 29L29W x 29L29.534.5
29W x 30L29W x 30L29.534.5
29W x 31L29W x 31L29.534.5
29W x 32L29W x 32L29.534.5
29W x 33L29W x 33L29.534.5
29W x 34L29W x 34L29.534.5
30W x 29L30W x 29L30.535.5
30W x 30L30W x 30L30.535.5
30W x 31L30W x 31L30.535.5
30W x 32L30W x 32L30.535.5
30W x 33L30W x 33L30.535.5
30W x 34L30W x 34L30.535.5
31W x 29L31W x 29L31.536.5
31W x 30L31W x 30L31.536.5
31W x 31L31W x 31L31.536.5
31W x 32L31W x 32L31.536.5
31W x 33L31W x 33L31.536.5
31W x 34L31W x 34L31.536.5
32W x 29L32W x 29L32.537.5
32W x 30L32W x 30L32.537.5
32W x 31L32W x 31L32.537.5
32W x 32L32W x 32L32.537.5
32W x 33L32W x 33L32.537.5
33W x 29L33W x 29L33.538.5
33W x 30L33W x 30L33.538.5
33W x 31L33W x 31L33.538.5
33W x 32L33W x 32L33.538.5
33W x 33L33W x 33L33.538.5
33W x 34L33W x 34L33.538.5
34W x 29L34W x 29L34.539.5
34W x 30L34W x 30L34.539.5
34W x 31L34W x 31L34.539.5
34W x 32L34W x 32L34.539.5
34W x 33L34W x 33L34.539.5
34W x 34L34W x 34L34.539.5
36W x 29L36W x 29L36.541.5
36W x 30L36W x 30L36.541.5
36W x 31L36W x 31L36.541.5
36W x 32L36W x 32L36.541.5
36W x 33L36W x 33L36.541.5
36W x 34L36W x 34L36.541.5
38W x 29L38W x 29L38.543.2
38W x 30L38W x 30L38.543.2
38W x 31L38W x 31L38.543.2
38W x 32L38W x 32L38.543.2
38W x 33L38W x 33L38.543.2
38W x 34L38W x 34L38.543.2
40W x 29L40W x 29L40.545
40W x 30L40W x 30L40.545
40W x 31L40W x 31L40.545
40W x 32L40W x 32L40.545
40W x 33L40W x 33L40.545
40W x 34L40W x 34L40.545
42W x 29L42W x 29L42.546.8
42W x 30L42W x 30L42.546.8
42W x 31L42W x 31L42.546.8
42W x 32L42W x 32L42.546.8
42W x 33L42W x 33L42.546.8
42W x 34L42W x 34L42.546.8
44W x 29L44W x 29L44.548.5
44W x 30L44W x 30L44.548.5
44W x 31L44W x 31L44.548.5
44W x 32L44W x 32L44.548.5
44W x 33L44W x 33L44.548.5
44W x 34L44W x 34L44.548.5
46W x 29L46W x 29L46.550.2
46W x 30L46W x 30L46.550.2
46W x 31L46W x 31L46.550.2
46W x 32L46W x 32L46.550.2
46W x 33L46W x 33L46.550.2
46W x 34L46W x 34L46.550.2
48W x 29L48W x 29L48.552
48W x 30L48W x 30L48.552
48W x 31L48W x 31L48.552
48W x 32L48W x 32L48.552
48W x 33L48W x 33L48.552
48W x 34L48W x 34L48.552
US Men's Pants
Brand SizeUSAWaistHip
XX-Small25-2625.5 - 26.530.5 - 31.5
X-Small27-2827.5 - 28.532.5 - 33.5
Small29-3129.5 - 31.534.5 - 36.5
Medium32-3432.5 - 34.537.5 - 39.5
Large36-3836.5 - 38.541.5 - 43.2
X-Large40-4240.5 - 42.545 - 46.8
XX-Large44-4644.5 - 46.548.5 - 50.2
XXX-Large48-5048.5 - 50.552 - 53.8
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Drawstring closure
  • Machine Wash
  • An Amazon Brand
  • Diagonal pockets
  • Rope drawstring
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