The Muppet Christmas Carol

7.71 h 25 min1992X-RayG
The Muppet's rendition of Charles Dickens' classic tale puts a unique twist on a favorite holiday story.
Brian Henson
Michael CaineSteve WhitmireFrank Oz
English [CC]
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

M NaftelReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
WHEN LOVE IS GONE - FOUND! After trying to buy the BluRay version and receiving notification form Amazon that is was unavailable (cancelled order), I decided to order the regular (2012) DVD in September 2017. Based on the reviews here, i resigned myself to finding "When Love is Gone" giving up the ghost as usual. On Christmas Day I teed up THE Song on YouTube to be ready to insert it during our family's annual Muppet Christmas Carol feast. The DVD menu, however, had an interesting notation: on the Fullscreen selection, it also said "Extended Version." Could "When Love is Gone" be that extension? Imagine my surprise and delight to find that the bridge scene smoothly transitioned to The Song. So this is it! Buy the DVD version and play the Fullscreen version. And God bless us, every one!
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SZ (Okers)Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Love Is Gone (Found!)
Verified purchase
I bought the current available $10 DVD version that's offered here about a week ago. While the back of the box doesn't say it has the full screen version of the film, it does indeed have both widescreen and full screen options. I verified tonight that the full screen version on this disc DOES have the full scene with the cut song "When Love Is Gone" so if you're holding off on buying it because you want a version of the film with it, buy this DVD while it's available. As usual, the widescreen version of the film is the cut version. Included pictures of the box in case anybody needed it to confirm they're getting the right one.

To reiterate: BUY THE DVD. The Prime Video and Blu-ray options DO NOT have "When Love Is Gone".
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Amanda Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2016
2.0 out of 5 stars
... this film in hopes that it would have "When Love is Gone" in it
Verified purchase
I bought the digital version of this film in hopes that it would have "When Love is Gone" in it. Sadly, it does not. This song is crucial to the film and the character arc of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This song not only shows the reason for why Scrooge has given up on relationships (he fears rejection and loss of love again), but the next scene makes absolutely no sense without it! The studio cut this scene because they thought that it would bore children. However, I grew up watching, and loving this movie! In fact, it was the only muppets movie I actually enjoyed. Children understand love and loss. Children are not as shallow as Disney Studios would believe, and out of all the production companies, I am most shocked that this one would be the one to edit for emotional content given their track record of highly emotional films. It's ridiculous.
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M. G. Christensen, formerly DiogenesReviewed in the United States on February 15, 2016
1.0 out of 5 stars
The Mupet Christmas Carol, butchered
Verified purchase
This review only applies to the late 2015/early 2016 Blu-ray product, UPC 786936848748. I received this on February 12, 2016.

The Muppet Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary. On Blu-ray, UPC 786936848748. If you are looking for the uncut version of this film, with the critically-important song "When Love is Gone", this is not it. Unlike the DVD release, where the song is at least present in the (horribly grainy) pan-and-scan version, you will not find this scene in an alternate version or as an extra. Once again, Disney has chosen to butcher the film. It would have been very easy for Disney to include the song, or to make a menu choice of "with" and "without". The file structure on the Blu-ray disc makes multiple versions trivial. Disney, are you listening? I am very tempted to return this. I still have my DVD, what do I need this for? Yes, I am very disappointed and disgruntled.
February 26, 2016 - Amazon is accepting my return, so I am sending it back. I'll buy it again when Disney releases it un-butchered.
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Kristi LindReviewed in the United States on December 12, 2017
3.0 out of 5 stars
Key song MISSING, damaging plot and artistry
Verified purchase
OK. This is difficult to review. For everything Disney included, it's 5 stars - but they left out "When Love Is Gone" sung by Belle! This is a really bad and artless decision. Did they think the kiddies couldn't hang in there for another 3 minutes and 37 seconds? This is possibly the most beautiful song in the entire production, and it sets up the finale of "When Love Is Found" to the same melody. It's hard to believe that anyone who really loved and knew this film could possibly have done this. Then, the song still appears, inexplicably, during the credits since there is now NO CONTEXT for this song. Basically, they hacked a chunk out of the middle as gracelessly as you can imagine.
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HolliekcReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2015
1.0 out of 5 stars
Where is the rest of the movie??
Verified purchase
I'm joining those who are very disappointed the song "When Love is Gone" has been deleted!! It is a very important part of the story and is one of the most beautiful songs in the entire movie! Disney, please redo this blu-ray and give us a chance to buy the WHOLE movie. This is so disappointing!!
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Rebecca R OgleReviewed in the United States on December 15, 2016
2.0 out of 5 stars
Incomplete version of the movie
Verified purchase
This is my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. Sir Michael Caine is brilliant, and the songs have strikingly beautiful lyrics.

I would give it five stars if they hadn't cut out "When Love Is Gone." (I am reviewing the Amazon Instant Video version.)

Without that song, the artistic integrity of the film falls apart. I know, I'm taking a Muppet movie very seriously. The reason given for removing the song was that it was "too sad for kids." I watched it as a kid. I cried. I still cry if I really get into watching this scene. That's not a bad thing. Heartbreak is sad. From this scene forward, Scrooge's journey is to heal his broken heart, and to lift the audience up with him. The emotional arc collapses without this song.

It makes no sense that Rizzo and Scrooge are quietly observing one second, and sobbing the next.
Caine's amazing performance comes off as overacting, when you take away the song.
The Ghost of Christmas Present's entrance has no impact, because it no longer contrasts with the previous scene.
Present's song makes no sense: the message "wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas" is no longer a direct response to "when love is gone."
The finale has the same problem: "when love is found" has no resonance as a reprise of "when love is gone."
Taking out this song just destroys the plot. In the original, the past serves to break Scrooge as he relives the tragedies in his life (absent father, dying sister, bad break-up). The present shows him the joy he's missing, now that his heart is open to emotion. The future takes that open heart and shows him he's not the only one who suffers, that selfishness prolongs the suffering eternally whereas charity and compassion heals.

You've got to break Scrooge, but you've got to break him as a human to whom we can all relate. Disney, when you re-release this movie intact and whole, it will be a huge money-grab. DO IT. TAKE MY MONEY. You insult Dickens and Henson's memory by butchering this film.
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NattyGann Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2016
1.0 out of 5 stars
Great movie, horrible hack job release.
Verified purchase
I was out shopping last Christmas and happened to see this out on blu-ray! I was ecstatic! Went home to wrap gifts and tossed it in to watch.

I was very upset with this. So I called the Disney Movie hotline # (on the back of the case), and complained. Maybe if enough people call they might fix this grave error.

On the whole, the movie itself is fantastic, but try to find an original dvd or Vhs release to enjoy it fully.
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