National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

6.52 h 4 min2007X-RayPG
A treasure hunter seeks the truth behind Lincoln's assassanation.
Jon Turteltaub
Justing BarthaJon VoightHarvey Keitel
English [CC]
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Supporting actors
Nicolas CageHelen MirrenEd HarrisDiane KrugerBruce Greenwood
Jerry BruckheimerJon Turteltaub
Walt Disney Pictures
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

MargaritaReviewed in the United States on January 2, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
inoffensive and grown-up
Verified purchase
I give this 5 stars because it is so difficult to find movies that are on an adult level that do not contain sex, violence, profanity, or raunchy jokes. It is interesting, fast-paced, and well thought out. I would recommend this movie to anyone except small children, who might be frightened by some of the action sequences at the end. There are plenty of jokes that will appeal to older children and some jokes that only the adults will fully enjoy (not because they are inappropriate for children, but because of life experience). Intelligent, curious children will love this movie and it would be nicely accompanied by a stack of children's history books from the local library. It is sure to spark questions in young minds (some that most of us non-historians won't be able to fully answer). For those who would like to know, I only noticed one kissing sequence that was a little long (but done in jest, not in a sexual situation at all). The scary parts are almost all in one place and not really all that scary, just quite a bit of peril that is quickly overcome. There is one death, but not graphic or definite (only seriously implied). It's worth watching a second time for many of us, and I rarely say that about movies.
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dixiepicsyReviewed in the United States on January 26, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the BEST series I’ve watched!!
Verified purchase
I loved, loved, loved the first National Treasure movie, and this one did not disappoint! Wow... if you love an adrenalin rush that keeps you on the edge of your seat — without the junk you find in so many movies of this kind (no foul language!) — then I strongly recommend watching. My mother doesn’t usually care for mystery movies, but even she is a fan! Well done, you guys! I’m waiting for #3.... :)
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Chris BlouchReviewed in the United States on July 31, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Still fun after all these years
Verified purchase
My boys really enjoyed the first film and this one was another fun romp. Like watching somebody solve one of the largest escape rooms who happens to be really good at it. Picture quality in HD was great with lots of stunning visuals and locales. You kind of knew what the ending would be but fun to go along for the ride and the twists.
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teols2016Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Worthwhile Sequel
Verified purchase
Of all the sequels to a movie, I can count the ones that solidly continue the story on one hand. This film would be #4. Sure, it features a major treasure hunt like it's predesessor, but that's like saying "Tuesday follows Monday". Sure there will be similarities...that's why it's called a "sequel". I think this film actually draws more parellels with "The Rock", another film where Micholas Cage faces off against Ed Harris, who is playing a villain who's not entirely unsympathetic. Note that Ed Harris playing such a villain is always a bonus for me...Ed Harris being in the film is always a bonus for me. It was nice to see all the major players from the first film return and it was even nicer to see that none of them had gone off the rails as some characters tend to do in sequels, making them completely unlike their incarnations from previous films. I'll admit that I feared that Justin Bartha's character might face such a fate since he was the comic-relief oddball type already, but he too managed to stay on track. I cracked up at his perfect dead-pan delivery of his line"Oh look, my tax dollars coming to arrest me." It couldn't have been said any better and it's only the tip of what I like about this movie. While it's not quite as great as the first, it's a squel worth owning...and the continuing historical facts that are dispensed throughout the plot are still intriguing. Enjoy.
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CustomerReviewed in the United States on November 18, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
yeah this is a good movie
Verified purchase
I mean c'mon, if you're thinking about buying this its either because you just saw the first one and this is the only place you can find the second one or you are literally nicholas cage and wanna juice your numbers, either way you know youre gonna buy it and I know its gonna be worth it for you, it was for me. An instant family adventure classic.
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Tari D. StewardReviewed in the United States on November 11, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Almost as Good as the Firts National Treasure.... but still 5 Stars Excellent!
Verified purchase
A truly Great and Wondferful and Fun Adventure "Sequel" movie that carries on where the first National Treasurer movie ended, and yet it is a truly Great movie in every importang way and stands all on its own as one of my Top Favorite Movies!
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Mark Baker - Carstairs ConsidersReviewed in the United States on May 23, 2008
4.0 out of 5 stars
Yep, It's a Sequel. But It's Still Fun
Verified purchase
Thomas Gates (Joel Gretsch) had a reputation for ciphers. That's why John Wilkes Booth sought him out the night he assassinated President Lincoln. But when Thomas realized he was helping a group that wanted to keep fighting the Civil War, he tour the pages from Booth's diary and tried to burn them.

At least that's the story the Gates family has always believed. Suddenly, Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) has come forward with one of those missing pages. On the page is proof that Thomas Gates was in on the assassination.

It's just not that easy for Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) and his father Patrick (Jon Voight) to believe. They just know that if they examine the page, they'll find proof that Thomas is innocent of the charges. Enlisting the help of Riley (Justin Bartha) and Abigail (Diane Kruger), they set out to redeem the family name. To do so, they have to find the ancient Indian City of Gold. And they have to enlist the help of Ben's mother Emily (Helen Mirren), who hasn't spoken to Patrick in 32 years. With someone hot on their trail, can they complete their new quest?

Let's the honest, the first movie had plenty of flaws. But it told a fast paced story with lots of humor. This one is pretty much the same. The flaws are a little more pronounced this time, but it is just as funny as the first.

There's still plenty of humor, with the great lines being spread equally amoung the characters, although Riley still gets his share. Unfortunately, several of the best ones from the previews did get cut. The plot, while similar to the first, features new locations and clues that make it feel fresh. And the acting is still good.

Having said all this, the story does have some flaws. First of all, the movie opens with a Civil War setting, and that setting kicks off the story. Now maybe I missed something (it took me two or three viewings to make all the connections in the first one), but why are they using a page from Civil War times to track items which date from the 1870's and 80's?

Additinally, plot points seem to get glossed over. We can make the connections, but an extra few lines of dialog would have been nice. Finally, the villain was too weak for the story, and FBI agent Sadusky really had no point in returning for this film.

While it has some serious flaws, this movie is fun, and that is ultimately what this is all about. So if you are looking for pure escapism, you've come to the right place.
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Kathryn A. MathenyReviewed in the United States on May 25, 2008
5.0 out of 5 stars
book of secrets on blu ray is superb and must have for any movie buff or fan!!!
Verified purchase
I just got National Treasure Boof of Secrets on Blu-Ray yesterday and am just blown away at the bonus features. Disney is just blowing the competition away with its stellar bonus features especially the ones exclusive to blu ray. i also have HD-DVD and have to admit the bonus features are becoming better on blu ray. There is a feature called Book of History:The Fact and Ficton oF National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Its part trivia game part factoid and parrt documentary. Its a game while the movie is playing but the presentation is just phenomenal. The movie is framed and there are four icons that you select when highlighted. You click on it and either a factoid a fact or fiction trivia question and its keeps track of your score and whats amazing is that if you have a great score you unlock bonus footage not seen anywhere else which is a clip of nicolas cage at the lincoln monument. Also when you click sometimes appear photo presentaion with audio commentary.
Just amazing. I stayed up til nearly 3 am playing the game and watching the movie.
Here is a list of bonus features on blu ray

Exclusive to Blu- Ray
Book of History...
2 additional deleted scenes with intro by director john turtletaub

Additional Features
The Treasure Wheel-Outakes and Bloopers
Audio Commentary with John Turtletaub and Jon Voight
Secrets of a Sequel
The Book of Secrets:On Location
Street Stunts:Creating The London Chase
Inside the Library of Congress
Underground Action
Cover Story:Creating The Presidential Book
Evolution of a Golden City
Knights of the Golden Circle

I admit I love Nicolas Cage and he is great
I was reading here that Harrison Ford would have been great
But it might be too close to the indy films
they are both treasure hunters
but it would have been great either way
but i am glad nic cage was the lead

if you have a blu ray player
dont waste your time with the standard dvd realease
get the blu ray edition
it will blow you away

it seems that when hd dvd became obsolete
blu ray has really stepped up
but disney has gone above and beyond the call
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