5.31 h 28 min1986R
A French anthropologist moves to Los Angeles and is followed by the evil spirits of an extinct tribe he once uncovered.
John McTiernan
Lesley-Anne DownPierce BrosnanAnna Maria Monticelli
English [CC]
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Sean WanderseeReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Anthropology Expedition into the Urban Jungle
Verified purchase
French Anthropologist, Pierce Brosnan with a dangerous French accent moves to Los Angeles to begin teaching at UCLA and buys a lovely house but the realtor forgot to mention the gang of punks that worship the previous owner and spend their time tearing around LA in a van. When he gets too close he soon finds himself hunted by the punks who are actually evil Inuit spirits or ghosts or both. This is all seen through the eyes of an ER doctor, Leslie-Anne Down with some dangerous 80s hair, who attends his last moments who too finds herself facing off against the mysterious punks.

For me this was a very frustrating movie. There is definitely a good movie in here somewhere but, and this is more than Pierce Brosnan’s naked butt, it never manages to figure out what it wants to do. Does it want to by a ghost story, an allegory for primitive forces in the urban jungle, or a Desperate Hours thriller? It is three dogs gnawing at the same plot bone and none of them get any real control over it. It feels like a very thin movie because of the competing plots so the movie, like a drunk optometrist, can’t get any focus. The punks are the best thing about the movie, Adam Ant, Josie Cotton, and Mary Woronov, lead a solid group of menacing punks but because the movie can’t figure out what it wants to do with them they spend too much time just hanging out while they get glamour shots from Pierce Brosnan like black leather clad zoo animals. The scene in the abandoned-ish nunnery in Skid Row is creepy as all get out but feels like it belongs in another movie. The look of the film is good and it gives the movie a great feel and place in time as does the menacing soundtrack but like so much of the movie it is all dressed up but with no idea where it wants to go.
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Andy McKinneyReviewed in the United States on October 2, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Gripping, brilliant
Verified purchase
It is hard to believe that "Nomads" was the first film by writer/director John McTiernan. Wow, what a great jump right out of the box. He wrote and directed "Nomads" in 1986. He made "Predator" in 1987 and "Die Hard" in 1988. On a roll, he made "The Hunt for Red October" in 1990. He made the excellent re-make of "The Thomas Crown Affair" in 1999. Crown also featured Pierce Brosnan in the title role. And this film, his first, still keeps us guessing and gives us the Willies after all these years.
McTiernan does have a great cast. This is Peirce Brosnan's first leading role in a feature film. I watched him very carefully. Irishman Brosnan plays a French anthropologist beautifully. The inner action between him and his screen wife, Anna Maria Monticelli seems exactly like a French academic and his wife would act. They are warm, loving, sophisticated, and touchy. And Leslie-Anne Downs as the physician who treats Brosnan is every bit as good.
Adam Ant, the rock n roller, plays one of the mysterious people troubling the couple as they try to begin a civilized life in LA as a university professor and wife.
Great direction, wonderful acting, and a genuinely frightening theme. This is the best Eskimo sprit horror film ever made.
Highly recommended.
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handicapped shopperReviewed in the United States on September 20, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
POOR timing for CC
Verified purchase
I am not deaf, but I have family members who are. And, I find that there are MANY times that actors seem to mumble their lines and I can't figure out what they said. Age, also, interferes with hearing, and the older I get, the worse my hearing gets! So, I turn on CC almost always. Most shows are great, but not this one. The CC is correct, but is WAY ahead of the story, making it very annoying! This isn't the only movie in Amazon that has had this issue. I've reported another movie version of MacBeth with the same issue. Come on, Amazon, fix your CC, PLEASE!!!!!!!

The movie, itself, is okay, not great, not even good. Pierce Brosnan has a TERRIBLE French accent, which is very distracting. They really should have made his character British, or hired someone with a better French accent! The style of the movie keeps jumping from the past, showing occurrences in Brosnan's character's life, which are affecting the life of the doctor who was attending him when he died. She keeps getting flashbacks of his life.

Color me disappointed!
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Raymond jrReviewed in the United States on July 18, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Horror, suspense, and rock n roll!!
Verified purchase
A slow burn horror movie that builds to it's ❤️ pounding, chilling finale. The supernatural has never looked this unsettling before. This is a slow moving fright fest that I can enjoy watching again and again. I was surprised to find out a fun fact about the film's director being picked by the terminator himself to direct predator because of this movie. Not everyone would like this film, but I had a better time seeing this then the witch or it follows which I thought were really boring. So if you're looking for a slow burn horror movie in the same style as the shinning and lost boys or near dark then you would not be disappointed with this.
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RockjockyReviewed in the United States on March 11, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Truly a hidden gem
Verified purchase
First thing, this is a ghost story, plain and simple, but it does require your full attention. The story is a little complex and, as far as I know, absolutely unique. Pierce Brosnan shows his acting chops in a rather dramatic role (though his French accent leaves something to be desired).

The real standout, however, is Lesley-Anne Down. Her's is a difficult part and she plays it absolutely convincingly. Her role goes through almost every emotion you can imagine and, often, in the span of just a couple of minutes. It's difficult to pull that off and she does it magnificently.

All this said, this is a movie of the 80's and the soundtrack reflects that fact with some very poppy rock songs and a little electronica thrown in for good measure. It is, however, effective; especially when coupled with the very imaginative photography used throughout the film.

If you like cerebral ghost stories, this is your movie. Great acting, a compelling story without the need for special effects.
joel wingReviewed in the United States on October 13, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
A dead man haunts his doctor
Verified purchase
Dr. Eileen Flax (Lesley-Anne Down) hears the last words of an anthropologist Jean Charles Pommioer (Pierce Bronsan) and then begins being haunted by his past. Pommioer was stalking a group of criminals (led by singer Adam Ant of all people) he called the Nomads. He was convinced they were staking out his house for a home invasion and Flax relives his experiences. The movie actually turns out to be like a ghost story.

The plot does a good job surprising the audience. At first it seems like a story about a bunch of outrageous and badly acted hoods. When Pommioer first sees and confronts them it makes you cringe because it seems like another really bad Hollywood stereotyping of what they thought Punk Rockers were like. That’s actually a trick because it’s later revealed why they act so outrageously and it all starts to make sense. What they turn out to be is also unexpected and adds to the mystery of the story.

Overall a surprisingly good movie.
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Paul C. YeagerReviewed in the United States on July 19, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
I love this movie
Verified purchase
The first time I saw this was in 1986 and still consider this one of my favorite movies and with that being said I love the story line, the sound track, the acting, everything, about it especial the ending. I really believe this movie is what launched Pierce Brendan carer. Eskimo ledges says if you see a stranger/nomad on the ice you never look at him. You put your head down and walk away. The Inuit culture has a deep history of the paranormal like the Tuunbaq.
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Carmen IrisReviewed in the United States on November 21, 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
Some like it, I don't
Verified purchase
Within the first five minutes, an Intern is touching the bloody face of some random guy, tied down with handcuffs, while wearing no gloves. Of course he dies and she get his cooties, oh, sorry, the guy's spirit. Let me not forget that he is supposed to be French (worse personification of a French guy in my 65 years of watching movies) and I couldn't understand a word he said in French. Chief nomad was Adam Ant, which describes his size. We get a lot of sexy poses from the dead guy, his widow and the possessed female. And, occasionally some "scary stuff". The movie did bad, and (get this) even rental of the DVD was a dud. Some people like it. What can I say, maybe flip a coin.
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