7.02 h 4 min2013X-RayPG-13
HD. Tom Cruise faces a frightening truth about his existence while completing a mission on an uninhabited Earth in 2077.
Joseph Kosinski
Tom CruiseMorgan FreemanOlga Kurylenko
Science FictionAdventureAction
English [CC]
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EnglishEnglish [Audio Description]
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Supporting actors
Andrea RiseboroughNikolaj Coster-WaldauMelissa Leo
Joseph KosinskiPeter CherninDylan ClarkBarry LevineDuncan Henderson
Universal Pictures
PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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ChicGeekReviewed in the United States on June 24, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
MOVIE: 4.5 • VIDEO: 4.7 • AUDIO: 4.6
Verified purchase
FORMAT: Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD + Ultra Violet
UPC: 0-25192-17090-4
RELEASED: 2013-08-06

TITLE: Oblivion (2013) • PG-13 • 2:04:42
Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough
Joseph Kosinski (Director)

I think that most of the people who are bad mouthing this movie are doing so because they expect ALL "sci-fi" movies to be "action" movies. I think this movie, while it does have a goodly amount of action, is primarily a thinking person's science fiction movie (as opposed to a "sci-fi" movie — which these days is nearly synonymous with fantasy). If you want to be spoon fed a lot of explosions, gunfights, high-tech gadgets and creepy-looking, murderous xenomorphs (i.e.—aliens), then you probably will NOT enjoy this movie. However, if you don't mind paying attention to events as they unfold, and keeping track of said events from beginning to end, then you probably will enjoy this movie. I know that I thoroughly enjoyed it because it WASN'T your typical weakly-plotted, unscientific, action-oriented, "sci-fi" movie (think ANY of the Transformer movies). Is its science 100 percent accurate? No. But, it wasn't so GROSSLY inaccurate as to take me out of the plot, and make me ENTIRELY dismiss the premise of the movie. I found this film to be a welcome change of pace from most of the recent "sci-fi" movies, and I highly recommend it.

See the other reviews for more detail and/or other opinions regarding the plot of the movie.

VIDEO: 2.39:1 • Color • 1080p • MPEG-4 AVC (35.9 Mbps)

This movie features images that are very sharp, with great apparent depth, excellent shadow detail, and great contrast — and, they also possess a muted (and, sometimes, nearly monochromatic) color-palette that works very well with the tone of the source material. Fine detail is readily visible in all of the close-ups of faces, clothing, furnishings and machines — without any apparent edge-enhancement. Also, while there is some very mild banding on rare occasions (mainly, in the scene where Jack (Tom Cruise) uses his flashlight in the (now) subterranean library), there are no other anomalies to mar the image. Overall, this movie's picture quality is excellent — and, it should satisfy the VAST majority of viewers.

AUDIO: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (48 KHz, 24-bit)

The sound quality and mix of the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack is nearly reference quality. This soundtrack has most of the things that you want, sound-wise, in a movie; namely: very intelligible and well placed dialog, very deep bass in the front, side, rear and subwoofer channels, fairly active and mostly directional sound effects in ALL (i.e.—front, side and rear) channels, ambient and environmental sounds that are effective in communicating the location of the on-screen setting and action, and well recorded music (that is utilized effectively in the front AND surround channels). Overall, the sound presentation for this movie should satisfy all but the very pickiest of listeners.

EXTRAS: Director's Commentary (also featuring Tom Cruise)
Deleted Scenes
Several 'Making Of' Type Videos
Isolated Musical Score

None of the extras were reviewed.
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Reasonable ReviewerReviewed in the United States on August 20, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
A visual feast devoid of logic that is largely derivative and disappointing
Verified purchase
The movie visuals are simply breathtaking.

The sound and score are amazing.

The pacing is super, super slow, and then accelerates to light-speed in the last quarter of the film.

The premise is that aliens attacked the Earth a generation ago, but the humans decided to nuke the Earth rather than let the aliens win ...

But, even the trailers indicate that this is not true.

This is a good movie to watch on a streaming service with friends. It is probably not one that you will watch again years later.

The problem is the logic and improbable twists (well, jump cuts really) of the plot. (Honestly, this is a good candidate for Mystery Science Theater 3000 in a few years.)

More details in the spoilers section below ...

** Beware Spoilers Follow **

The biggest problems with the movie were that it does not make any sense. (Pretty straight forward.)

There is a "law" in movie making, "impossible yes, improbable never."

OK, there are giant sentient computers with antigrav technology and space folding. As far as we know, impossible. So, that is fine.

That the aliens (more accurately the giant AI that is the only alien) would grab two squishy humans to go and hunt down humans makes no sense. Wait, no, it makes no sense.

These two people are clones. Cloning does not include the memories of the cloned creature. So, ... they would have had to insert memories into the clones for the movie plot to work, but ...

Why the heck would the AI leave in information about past spouses, etc.?

No really. This thing is so sophisticated that it can significantly edit memories and insert them into a blank brain, but it cannot figure out how to edit out potentially damaging memories?

No, it makes no sense.

OK, so what happened to all of the other 54+ clone couples when the big AI is blown up at the end? Well, all of the killer drones just fell down. Wouldn't the sky homes fall too? Hmmmmm ... you canot have it both ways.

Also, the computer/AI alien has this amazing detection system, truly amazing, but it could not see a nuclear device coming into its heart? Also, it would have figured out that Morgan Freeman was in the pod too. This AI can recreate people at the subatomic level. This makes no sense.

As far as derivative, this movie copied everything from Star Wars to Cloud Atlas to Mad Max and Judgement Day.

Again, the visuals and audio were fantastic, but plot has to count for something.
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JhoannaReviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
4K UHD looks like a DVD no grain or detail
Verified purchase
The one star I give is not for the movie itself but for the 4K version of this movie. The studio removed the grain on the 4K version of this movie causing it to loose it’s high definition. It looks extremely soft and has no detail in comparison to the regular Blu-Ray version. The studio should seriously consider going back and republishing the 4K version of this movie with care as it seems to me that the person from the studio who worked on the 4K version did a very careless job with mastering it for 4K. I’ve never seen a 4k version of a movie look worse than the blu-ray version. A 4K should at the very least be on par with the bluray if not better. To the studio, do is all a favor and redo the 4k version of this movie because this movie deserves it otherwise dont sell the 4k version please. If anyone reads this don’t bother buying the 4k version, I’m seeing this on an LG OLED tv and have a large 4k library of movies and this 4K movie is the only odd ball of all the movies I have that looks worse than the bluray. What did they do? It looks like DVD!
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M Sigurd HallReviewed in the United States on August 26, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Welcome Surprise
Verified purchase
I'm not normally a Tom Cruise fan. This movie came to me because I am an M83 fan, and the music spoke to me long before I even knew about this film. On one hand, I can tell you how many movies he stars in, I enjoy. This might be my second favorite after Vanilla Sky. His performance is outstanding. Though there is action, I never felt like he was attempting to be an action star, which is a better role for him, especially as he ages. It is when emotion hits him that he is at his best. That was why I loved Vanilla Sky so much, and like the other film, the single, short cameo of another great actor helped bring out his performance at the climax.

I thought the film was going to have its problems. I really did. The plot started making me angry as we got into Act 3. Why did the writer have to make the decisions they did to bring about the ending of the story? I usually see endings coming, and I should have with this one. But the way that it was executed was masterful. I might even end up buying the blu-ray of this so I can watch it with commentary and all that good stuff in the near future.
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monoblocksReviewed in the United States on September 4, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Entertaining movie even with its somewhat predictable ending
Verified purchase
In truth I wasn't expecting all that much from this movie; I don't do theaters these days since most of them are owned by some faceless corporation that is more interested in herding moviegoers in and out like cattle to the feed trough, and raping one's wallet all the meanwhile. So I'm one of those who settles for renting or even buying discs long after the film is cast off as dead and forgotten at the multiplex. Since this film was released years prior to me buying this Blu Ray package, that last bit is well-covered.

'Oblivion' was cheap in price for the Blu Ray pack and the customer reviews posted here on Amazon sounded quite positive so I bought in. And for the most part I found that I wasn't disappointed in the decision. I had missed all the promotion and hype for the film when it was first in general release. I had no idea if the film did well at the box office (still don't), nor did I have any clue about its storyline or premise. I did see that that whack job Scientology dude from the Mission Impossible movies was the lead, with Morgan Freeman in backup. Since decades later I still get all warm and fuzzy over feeling "the need for speed" (Top Gun), Jack Reacher was kind of a likable badass of sorts and watching Cruise die over and over was somewhat perversely satisfying (Edge of Tomorrow), all that prior content was good 'nuff for me to pull the proverbial trigger on buy button.

As stated earlier I was genuinely entertained by the film, although the ending of the movie was somewhat predictable given certain earlier sequences in the film. This movie was done and released a few years back at the time of this (ahem) "review", but I still won't go into any details since I suspect already too much has been said by others that no one needs a hack like me to pretend as if moi can be a movie critic (no, I won't go there).

As for the quality of the 'hard', kinda boring stuff: both Blu Ray and DVD discs were physically in flawless condition upon opening, and the content was easily readable by multiple player devices in our household. The visual and audio transfers to both formats seemed pretty good to my old eyes and ears; I didn't see or hear any technical flaws or glitches with their respective data streams, and both the visual effects and surround sound elements seemed pretty convincing and engrossing. As for the filmmaker's score, I didn't encounter any really annoying "mumble moments" in this movie (you know, those scenes where you wish the actors would SPEAK UP, or the sound guy would've turn up the gain on the mics), and in general I could leave the volume control on the remote and other devices set at one level throughout the film.

As I said earlier, I'm no movie critic. Not in any sort of way, whether in the closet or overt wishful thinking. So no spoilers or plot/storyline narratives from me. Not My Style, and I'm happy for it. I was entertained, the physical quality of the discs was great and that's all that needs to be said as far as I'm concerned.

Movie (content): 4+ stars
Physical media: 5 stars
Lack of overpriced, underwhelming concessions, lines and crowds, ridiculous parking costs, climbing into the car and enduring traffic: Priceless
Overall: 5 stars
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Raisuli the MagnificentReviewed in the United States on July 30, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
so-so science fiction
Verified purchase
Kind of an oddball scifi film that, unusually, takes its cues from a generic science fiction novel, as opposed to reworking it to suit some sociological agenda.

The thing about science fiction films like this one is that there's a real lack of plausibility as to what "the aliens" want, and how they're going about getting it. Hydrogen and water as a whole are some of the most abundant things in the universe. There is, in fact, a star surrounded by water vapor, though its name escapes me. Ergo this film falls in the research department.

Cruise seems okay for the role, and Morgan Freeman likewise seems to do a decent job, but unlike science fiction fare of days of yore, this film tries to be almost a bit too gritty. Thankfully it doesn't have any social messages (well, not too many anyway, there is a psychiatric subplot and framework here), just an ominous antagonist that seems pretty implacable.

It's an okay film for what it is, and thankfully is a one off and not some franchise creating thing that'll see a lot of sequels and merchandising.

A respectable watch. Even so I don't find myself wanting to see it again unlike a lot of other films in my library.

See it once and see what you think.
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Larry E. KoewingReviewed in the United States on October 12, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Well Worth The Price Of Admission!
Verified purchase
I came across this movie while channel surfing. The little I saw piqued my interest enough to prompt me to want to see the full movie. I checked out the DVD version through the local city library system. Watching it prompted me to buy the Blu Ray version. And now, for the movie. A number of one-line descriptions I've seen that are meant to give potential viewers a basic idea of what the movie is about are inaccurate. There's a whole lot more to it than that. It is a "layered" production. By that, I mean that seeing the movie for the first time lets the viewer pick up on the basic plot. Yet, most viewers will likely not pick up on numerous instances in the movie providing pieces key to a deeper understanding for what is really going on with plot and characters. Further viewings will be revealing to most viewers, giving a lot of "ah-has!" The visual imagery is dazzling (well worth a blu-ray), and the soundtrack will give your audio system a workout, no matter what audio format is used. The blu ray disc also has a number of informational clips on how the movie was made, which are valuable and interesting. That regarding the making of the movie (conception, production, direction, plot philosophy, etc) was illuminating, and if a viewer is having trouble figuring out certain aspects of what is going on within the movie, watching that clip will help to gain a complete understanding (as will listening to the director and actor commentary during the movie) of what is really going on. As other reviewers have noted, it's not a perfect sci-fi movie. At the same time, I think it has a lot to offer, and I recommend it without hesitation.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on September 4, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Movie surprised me at how good it was
Verified purchase
Oblivion is a really good Sci-Fi film about memory and resistance. Tom Cruise is stationed on a destroyed Earth when he finds out he’s in an elaborate game seeking to control the planet. That’s connected to flashbacks that Cruise has of a past before an alien invasion.

The movie begins with some great cinematography. Cruise has a floating base. There are giant water units over the ocean. There are scenes of landscapes and the planet’s destruction. It’s beautiful.

Yes there’s action as well as Cruise gets into chases and shootings. More importantly there are some interesting plot twists as Cruise discovers what’s really going on.

I wasn’t expecting much from this film other than guns and explosions but it definitely surprised me with a very smart story.
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