The Pedophile Hunters

With unprecedented access to one of the most controversial agencies within America's Department of Homeland Security, this film follows US agents in Cambodia as they track down American pedophile sex tourists. Working with local activists and police, the American agents use forensics and surveillance techniques to collect damning evidence of sexual predators preying on young children.
Simon Egan
Paul Rhys
English [CC]
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Top reviews from the United States

steveReviewed in the United States on April 6, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
This is NOT! about poltics, it's about saving children around the world from Criminals
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Many have commented about which US president signed the law that allows the US to chase these criminals around the world and bring them back to the USA. This is not about politics. These are children and every country should care about protecting every child. Allowing these home convicted criminals, to roam the earth, having more victims, just because "it's not in my backyard", Is immoral and wrong. Not allowing criminals to hide everywhere on the planet and protecting children, is a GREAT act of honor and respect. The only ones against this .. The criminals
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AnonymiceReviewed in the United States on April 11, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
ICE's Other Hat & Pedophile Beaches
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This film is pretty explicit (but not titillating), so as a survivor of child sexual abuse, I warn others who might be triggered. That being said, I am pretty conflicted about it. It is the story of child sexual abuse and trafficking in Cambodia and the US immigration agency, ICE's role in bringing Americans pedophiles, who go there to use children, to justice.

I am conflicted, not about the intent, at least as it is on the surface, but about the method. ICE is basically a US federal police agency, which I find a great conflict of interest, esp as in this case, it is acting as a foreign agent in another country, without the proper agreements, at least at the time of this filming. An ICE officer is shown explaining this and almost gleefully bragging, in a manner which would make Oliver North proud, about going under the radar, due to the paperwork hassles of getting proper agreements. Yet they are able to execute search warrants and do surveillance in another country. The act that George W. Bush put into effect is questionable, due to the real people behind his presidency: Rumsfeld, Cheney, et al. They are left overs from the Vietnam War which involved Cambodia (illegally). If you are going to mount this kind of operation, then this country and these players are the very wrong sort of people to be doing it. I'm sure they wanted some kind of US presence (and able to openly SPY!) when these countries came out from under communist rule, so this could not be more perfect a setup. Who would vote against it? Who would undo the executive order? No one who wanted a political life. This film has a release date of 2014, but things are very different in 2019 and ICE is 20,000 agents strong (with more in the budget), which many feel is too large and too powerful in the US. 2014 was also before Russia used social media to influence the 2016 presidential election (and people in the administration possibly acted as foreign agents), so ICE, in this context, seems highly hypocritical. I wonder how much we pay Cambodia for them to allow ICE to do this kind of thing? Training Cambodian law enforcement is one thing, but engaging in law enforcement is quite another. Of course, we ARE hugely hypocritical with our indignity about Russian interference, when you consider our history of coups and assassinations (or attempts). There are few places in the world we haven't interfered or acted as foreign agents in. So ICE in Cambodia is pretty much business as usual. ICE doesn't seem to be doing much about pedophiles in the US, or the kids abused and mistreated (and separated from their families) while in US custody at our southern border. Or doing such an incredibly bad job at the border (not my allegation, but the conclusion that must be drawn from politicians who feel we need a wall and that we have a crisis worth declaring a national emergency over).

However, ICE or not, Cambodia is apparently the new vacation spot for pedophiles (due to Pol Pot's genocide, a third of the population is under 14), supplanting Thailand, who want to abuse in peace. It is a critically poor country, where everything is for sale, including children (sometimes by their own parents, granted, they are being groomed by skilled, often wealthy, pedophiles). The cases profiled here are heartbreaking, all involving children 16 or under (sometimes MUCH younger). One man had taken 1,600 photos of the children he abused, so the scope is huge. These countries must seem like a supermarket free for all to these men. The good that ICE's presence does is to circumvent the easy bribery these men use to evade prison. The Cambodian government agrees, in some cases, to deport these men back to the US to stand trial, after serving their Cambodian sentence.

This film does not lay out a great case for ICE in this matter. As of the filming, only 85 men have been deported under this act. There must be hundreds, or thousands taking advantage of the situation! While it is great that even one American has been caught and brought to justice, this is hardly a justification for the money spent and intl and foreign law circumvented. If the man is not American, tough luck. How much better if this was an official program, run by the U.N., so that all nationalities could be prosecuted and this problem contained better than 85 men? Couldn't NGOs also play a part? They do as far as helping the victims and educating families, though, thankfully. It is hinted that charities are to "blame", as the pedophiles either work with them or act like they are (one man played an English "teacher"). But, hey, the secret is out and many of these men are felons, so not rocket science for NGOs or charities (the same thing) to uncover the records of these men with a simple background check even I could do. A few may get through, and have their trips paid for, but it seems like a difficult thing to pull off while you are taking 1,600 pictures of the kids you are raping.

Certainly, like poverty and corruption everywhere, this is a giant problem, with more than one solution and ICE isn't it. Education, better law enforcement and courts, jobs, better family planning, and programs for self-actualization are only a start, but a good one. This film does point out that children in poor countries are often employed as beggars or street merchants, and taught to be appealing to "rich" foreigners, but in this case, they are walking right into the jaws of abuse. There are daughters from poor countries who have already been sold into foreign prostitution, who risk it again and again for a job, even after being rescued at least once. They are often pressured by desperate parents to do so "for the family".

This film is a good argument for calmly recognizing that pedophiles exist, were born that way, and can feel comfortable seeking treatment so that they don't commit the most vile of crimes. The puritanical climate we have is not helpful and "why doncha just..." doesn't work in their case. We need to get over it and get on with the solution. Sorry this is so long but it obviously made an impact on me, which is why I gave it an extra star. Too bad this film wasn't an ICE infomercial, but looked at the problem widely, along with the solutions other than a US law enforcement agency.
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Travelingal702Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
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I watched this film with mixed feelings. I want to go over there and rescue all those children and I also want the perpetrators CASTRATED on the spot! Would I do it myself? I am a woman and I would ABSOLUTELY do it! In lieu of that, why not send the information gathered on them to their local newspaper back in their home country?. When all else fails, possibly public humiliation? Hopefully, more and more countries will get on board with America and Australia to stop this horrible crime.
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ChuckReviewed in the United States on August 29, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Tragic Twice Over
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Who is the greater offender? The child predator, or the failed justice system that repeatedly finds these predators guilty, yet sets them free to harm more children? Over and over and over again!
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Herb HunterReviewed in the United States on March 28, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good overall, but wow what a blind spot
Verified purchase
At 8:11 when discussing a Cambodian agent working for the US Embassy on these types of crimes, they flash to a picture of the agent standing with Bill Clinton. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!
One can only hope the same department will eventually investigate Slick Willie for his travels aboard the Lolita Express with Jefferey Epstein, but hope is all we have so far.

Otherwise a decent documentary that did not shy away from focusing on all types of child sexual abuse, from a variety of perpetrators.
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MDReviewed in the United States on October 10, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Pedophiles are scum and ICE is evil
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Obviously, anyone who would violate a child is the lowest form or human being. Low bar. but this film is positively NAUSEATING for its glorification of ICE and international policing. The notion that racist police are heroes would be laughable if it weren't so sad. Oh, and P.S. George W. Bush, a man whom this film praises implicitly, is a WAR CRIMINAL and should be imprisoned.
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NihilityReviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Look Into What Is Happening in Cambodia and What Changes Are Being Made
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This is a very important documentary. It talks about the sex trafficking of children that is going on around the world and how tourists from other places like America and the UK are going to the poorer areas of counties to have sex with children overseas.

Most importantly, it talks about something that is being done to help children in Cambodia. A model that needs to be followed by other countries.

America, ICE, and Cambodia are working together to catch American predators that are going to Cambodia and sexually abusing the children there. They formed an agreement between themselves to work in harmony which is something I've been looking for, and am so happy that has been started somewhere. Cambodia has also put a law into effect that makes it illegal to have sex with a child.
So not only are they starting to crack down on Cambodian sex rings, but allowing America to actually go there to assist in cases where American tourists are having sex with children. So, not only are they sentenced in Cambodia, which usually is a lighter sentence, sadly, but they are then extradited to America for the crimes of basically sexual tourism and child rape. In one case, the person was from the UK, so he was able to get away since the UK doesn't have any such agreements with Cambodia or anyone that I'm aware of.

This documentary explains how everything works and also shows us how things are done. We are taken through a handful of cases from beginning to end. It's not perfect, but it's certainly better than nothing. They are getting results. Cambodian police are shown how to spot predators, keep them under surveillance and how to handle this sort of crime. We should help other countries and show them how to deal with these crimes and as one American Investigator said "these are our citizens coming here, perpetrating these crimes, so we should be responsible for them." We need other countries to have that way of seeing things as well. The attitude of people from other countries going into others looking for children to abuse, and can't or won't do anything about it, is shameful.

Some countries don't want our help because of the past, or they just don't like us, some have corrupt governments that are involved in the crimes and are making money, and sometimes they think they can do it all themselves and are insulted by the thought of other governments trying to come in.
Also, there are some laws that prevent us from helping in many cases; that's why law enforcement agencies working together and having an agreement on what and how things will be done is important.

At the least, I think if an American is either perpetrating a crime in another country or is a victim in another country, we should be able to work with other countries TOGETHER to get justice served.

If the UK, Germany, etc., have someone from their countries go into another country and do these things they also need to work together. We need to forget about our differences for a while and our egos to stop sex tourism. These are children, toddlers, and babies that these people are raping and traumatizing. I think any serious crime should work that way. We all have resources to help one another.

The timing is important too. It seems that as soon as an American is under suspicion, ICE, and American authorities are contacted and kept in the loop. I'm really proud of America for doing this and I hope this agreement keeps moving forward. I also have a lot of respect for Cambodia in their openness to accept us, for working with us, and for caring so much about their people. They've gone through so much.

A great documentary. I recommend you watch it. Keep yourself educated and aware.
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Bee BarReviewed in the United States on November 1, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
American Propaganda
Verified purchase
The Duality here? Its great these monied Euro slimebags who are molesting these vulnerable children. Great that they are exposed and prosecuted.. (Even though most get a slap on the wrist.. )
BUT.. Attempting to portray BUSH and ICE as "good people" is a farce. and fallacious.. America wasn't caring about these kids when funding the Khmer Rouge brutal regime. Bush himself sure wasn't caring about children when he invaded the middle east taking the lives of countless children..(and their parents)
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