Philip Marlowe: Private Eye

Season 2
Set in the smog-shrouded streets of 1930's Los Angeles, "Philip Marlowe: Private Eye" consists of adaptations of classic stories from famous mystery author, Raymond Chandler. Chandler's superb story-telling and Emmy-winner Powers Boothe's impeccable portrayal of the hardboiled Marlowe make for a winning combination.
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  1. S2 E1 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Blackmailers Don't Shoot
    April 26, 1986
    Marlowe is hired to sniff out blackmailers who are bothering Rhonda Farr (Melody Anderson), movie queen and girlfriend of racketeer Lucky Landry (Allan Royal). When Rhonda is kidnapped, Marlowe unravels a complicated scheme of revenge that ends at Landry's one-time partner, Johnny.
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  2. S2 E2 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Pickup On Noon Street
    May 11, 1986
    Token Ware, is a naïve cigarette girl with dreams of Hollywood stardom. Trimmer Waltz, offers to help her meet all the right people, but what he has in mind is to do a favour for Roger Eaton, a charming , over-the-hill movie idol with an eye for young girls. While investigating the murder of another Hollywood hopeful, Philip Marlowe uncovers Trimmer's vice ring and the plans he has for Token.
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  3. S2 E3 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Trouble Is My Business
    May 25, 1986
    There's plenty of trouble for private eye Philip Marlowe when millionaire Henry Jeeter hires him to buy off Harriet Huntress, the beautiful but unsuitable girlfriend of his nephew and heir, Gerald. When Gerald is murdered with Harriet's gun, Marlowe finds plenty of people with motives, including nightclub owner Marty Estel, and the smooth and handsome chauffeur, George.
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  4. S2 E4 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Red Wind
    June 3, 1986
    Marlowe is investigating the possible theft of a pearl necklace, which leads him to the deadly discovery of a scandalous affair.
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  5. S2 E5 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Spanish Blood
    May 4, 1986
    Marlowe's friend called Spanish has been murdered and Marlowe suspects that the district attorney the man was running against might be behind the hit.
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  6. S2 E6 - Philip Marlowe: Private Eye: Guns at Cyrano's
    May 18, 1986
    Marlowe is hired to protect a young boxer who's being pressured to take a dive.
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