Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

4.61 h 28 min1993R
By accident, modern teens unleash the vengeful spirit of a disfigured boy who was murdered by teens in 1958.
Jeff Burr
Ami DolenzAndrew RobinsonKane Hodder
English [CC]
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R.A. MihailoffGeorge ClintonLinnea QuigleyJ. Trevor EdmondRoger ClintonJ.P. ManouxSoleil Moon FryeLilyan ChauvinMark McCracken
Constantine ChachorniaIvan ChachorniaBrad KrevoyMichael MandavilleAnn NarusSteven StablerJed Weintrob
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4.3 out of 5 stars

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Richard JensenReviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
C-grade tripe, terrible story, badly acted, atrocious camera work. Gag!
Verified purchase
The really horrifying part of this movie is seeing the reviews that give it five stars and call it "great storyline," because such people vote in real elections. If THIS is "five stars," then what is, for example, Alien and other such A-grade flicks?

This trash had a ridiculous story line, ridiculously acted, with ridiculous dialog, ridiculous "creature" effects that had to be covered over by endless strobe lighting that quickly became maddening, and nobody likable in the whole mess. The camera angles, and the strobe lighting were sick and wrong.

This is not worth even skimming over in ten minutes, much less watching the whole thing through.
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John's Horror CornerReviewed in the United States on November 18, 2016
3.0 out of 5 stars
A decently entertaining ill-written/acted/directed B-movie sequel, but unworthy in comparison to the 1988 original.
Verified purchase
Anyone seeking a worthy follow-up to Pumpkinhead will surely be disappointed. But adventures in search of a worthy B-movie or a silly scary movie date night will find an entertaining evening.

Some people dread the sequels of their favorite classic horror movies, often picked up by different and less experienced writers and directors and remanded to direct-to-video/DVD. Not me. Even when they never measure up, I’m happy someone tried. Director Jeff Burr (Puppet Master 4-5, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) takes the helm and follows in the footsteps of makeup special effects wizard turned one-time horror director Stan Winston (Pumpkinhead). Those are some big shoes to fill.

The opening scene is far from promising. It’s a shining example of how the video era made the 90s a terrible decade for horror. Anyone could make a film in the 90s (and today…but not in the 80s). They couldn’t necessarily act, write, direct or edit. But they could film whatever drivel that wandered in front of the camera. In this sequel the acting is bottom tier, the characters aren’t at all likable, and the dialogue is 80% lame exposition; just awful.

We flash back to 1958, when a disfigured boy is tortured and killed by a clique of malicious greasers as his elderly mother watched. Then we shift to present day and find the modern counterparts of those young criminals. These delinquents waste no time smoking pot, drinking underage, and making unwanted sexual advances. Pumpkinhead (1988) was heavily troped up, but this is just crass.

A big city cop (Andrew Robinson; Hellraiser, Trancers 3, Child’s Play 3) moves his family to the woods to become a small town sheriff. His daughter Jenny (Ami Dolenz; Ticks, Witchboard 2) falls into the wrong crowd almost instantly.

While out late and up to no good they hit the local witch (Lilyan Chauvin; Predator 2, Silent Night, Deadly Night) with their car and stumble across her cabin. In her primitive and filthy home they find a ritual, a spell from the Book of Shadows to raise the dead. But the vehicular assault clearly wasn’t enough, so a teenager (J. Trevor Edmond; Lord of Illusions, Return of the Living Dead 3) beats her, steals a magical totem and leaves her to die as her cabin burns down with her in it. So naturally, the witch curses them that the demonic entity Pumpkinhead will exact her revenge.

But what’s strange is that, after being cursed, the kids go dig up her dead son (somehow knowing exactly where to dig), desecrate his grave, and perform the dead-awakening ritual themselves! Soooooo… did the curse even matter? Well, like I said, it’s not competently written.

Well now somehow all the locals know that “it’s back” and “it won’t stop until it gets what it wants.” Evidently the local folklore is more like common knowledge.

To call the special effects inferior to Stan Winston’s glorious original wouldn’t be unwarranted. This rubber monster is certainly more than passable. The long fingers lack some of the refinement of Winston’s Pumpkinhead, which also had a perpetual mucousy sheen and a more expressive face that conferred greater personality. There’s some blood and dismemberment, but most of the flesh-rending action takes place off-screen. The important thing is that we really get to see the monster—it’s entire body—and not just his head in some shots and a swinging claw in others. We see it and we see a lot of it! And if I had never seen part 1 for comparison, I’d be pleased with this creature feature’s Pumpkinhead. One deficit, though, would be this monster’s feet. They lack the spindly xenomorphic look of 1988. No, this 1993 model is a bit more lumbering T-rex than velociraptor.

When it came to the witch, this sequel was barely even phoning it in. The 1988 witch was shrouded in menace and primitive mysticism. When she spoke your ears listened and your stomach tightened. She exuded that backwoods black magic atmosphere. This which was a lumpy latex-faced menace with no lines of substance and a cheaply over-staged cabin lair. But that would fit most comparisons to be made between 1993 and 1988. Woefully ill-written, less expertly effected, and unthoughtfully over-staged. Don’t even get me started comparing Lance Henriksen (Harbinger Down, Aliens, AVP, The Pit and the Pendulum) to Andrew Robinson; it wouldn’t be fair, especially with the hand Robinson (who was once great in Hellraiser) was dealt in terms of the script and director.

This sequel feels more campy. Kane Hodder (Smothered, Wishmaster, Hatchet, Love in the Time of Monsters) and Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Creepazoids) have cameos—really just an excuse to throw in some boobs and fan favorite actors. At one point Pumpkinhead picks up a victim and executes a WWF backbreaker—at which point any minimal semblance of creepy atmosphere the film had, is lost. A broken spine is devastating and all, but it didn’t seem like the style of a demon, nor did the “death by pecking chickens” scene.

And therein lies this movie’s greatest shortcoming: completely uninventive death scenes. It’s awesome seeing Pumpkinhead, but almost boring watching him kill (largely off-screen). That is, of course, outside of the so-bad-it’s-good chuckle here or there. With the exception of one sloppy campy decapitation, there is no gore worth mentioning. And, by the way, there are no “wings” in Blood Wings despite some suggestive movie posters. It’s just a really stupid play on a really stupid plot point.

Anyone seeking a worthy follow-up to Pumpkinhead will surely be disappointed…very disappointed. But adventures in search of a worthy B-movie or a silly scary movie date night will find an entertaining evening.
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Kevin DudleyReviewed in the United States on April 11, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
A very cheesy sequel that is still fun. (review pertains to Scream Factory's bluray)
Verified purchase
Whereas Stan Winston's 1988 horror classic "Pumpkinhead" was a well made moody creature feature with gothic overtones, the in name only direct to video 1994 sequel "Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings" is complete schlock. While by no means a good film, everybody involved clearly had their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. I have always felt like the Pumpkinhead monster felt shoe horned into the script and the extras on Scream Factory's special edition bluray release confirm this fact. The producers had a script completely unrelated to Pumpkinhead but found they needed to make a sequel fast or they would lose the rights so a hasty rewrite was done to make it a Pumpkinhead sequel. It also has pretty much nothing to do with the 1988 original other than the title creature. If you kept the right frame of mind, this movie can be a hoot and a half to watch with some friends and some cold alcoholic beverages. It really makes no sense at all but director Jeff Burr (who I still feel is incapable of directing a film and staging scenes properly) keeps things moving along at a brisk 89 minutes and it is never boring.

The cast contains some fan favorites such as Andrew Robinson in a starring role as the sheriff and Linnea Quigley and Kane Hodder in smaller roles. The cast playing the teens are alright overall. The creature is seen too much but this does help to add to the film's (unintentional?) humor. None of the rural and Gothic tones of the original are present and instead everything is presented in overly at times slick fashion. But somehow it all works.

Scream Factory's bluray like their release of the original film gives the film its due with a stellar video and audio presentation along with plenty of in depth supplementary material to enhance knowledge of how the film was made. Since this was a direct to video release, I believe this is the first time the film has been shown in its original intended 1.85:1 ratio. Detail is quite good and this is the best the film has probably ever looked and will ever look. No digital scrubbing has been done so everything retains a nice filmic appearance. The audio is presented in 2 channel lossless stereo. Extras include a little over an hour long interview with the director Jeff Burr in which he goes beyond just this film and goes into his overall career path and thoughts on independent filmmaking as a whole. I was surprised how deep this extra went actually. There's also an over half hour long look at the film's effects work and the director also contributes an in depth commentary track packed with even more information than I thought was possible. He literally never stops talking but is always interesting, honest and detailed. Rounding out the extras is some on set behind the scenes footage.

While by no means a horror classic like the 1988 original, the 1994 sequel still is a lot of campy fun and Scream Factory's bluray presents the film with a plethora of extras for fans to sink their teeth into. Highly recommended!
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SilverReviewed in the United States on October 18, 2020
2.0 out of 5 stars
lore and logic is forgotten
Verified purchase
Tommy fell down the well
but magically is buried in the dirt
did his mother that looks like a dude but back to a lady in her old age get him? yeah right

pumpkinhead as the earthbound demon xenomorph is MAGICALLY forced onto the hook again
tommy's fire truck MAGICALLY returns to the surface
tommy is also a MAN, not a boy. writing fail

the judge has men waiting to go into action.. only to be called in later. logic fail

if the spell was evil. why collect the blood and write the spell or take it from the book?
J. WestReviewed in the United States on September 13, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
The Greatest Horror In The Early 90's
Verified purchase
Andrew Robinson (Hellraiser, Child's Play 3) is a great actor, specially in this one. Including Linnea Quigley, a scream queen in the early 80's. She was in so many horror films you can count. I notice Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood, Friday The 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X, Hatchet, Hatchet 2, Hatchet 3, Victor Crowley) is in this one, he has a death scene. But I love these type of horror movies. The second one was awesome. Interesting.
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Cassandra MorrisonReviewed in the United States on September 13, 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
OK in its Cheesy Way
Verified purchase
Not a great follow-up to the Classic Original. But it's OK if you have nothing else to do.
It isn't the worst film ever made, Nor even the worst sequel.

And, on the plus side, at least someone with a sense of humor decided to put Punky Brewster in a sequel to the movie that introduced the world to Blossom 😁
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AmarisReviewed in the United States on November 3, 2001
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great Sequal!!!!!!
Verified purchase
Not to long ago after watching my most favorite horror of all time(PUMPKINHEAD)I heard that there was a seqaul.So I had orderd it from amazon.com(where I had gotten PUMPKINHEAD1)and I must say that it was a great seqaul to the best horror movie of all time PUMPKINHEAD.The plot was great and interesting and it really brings you into the movie.This seqaul though could have been alot better and possibly maby could have been better than the first if they had conciderd the following...First you can tell that they didint put to much effort and work into this one as they did the first.I think that they could have made the pumpkinhead look alot more real like he did on the first but this time they had hired a different suit desighner and you can tell that the one they hired is not as talented as the first desighner.They tried to follow the original desighn as best they could but kinda went off track and made the pumpkinhead kinda rubber lookin.Its not that bad but it still looks kinda fake.The acting could have been inproved especialy by the teens and the black female doctor.They also wanted the pumpkinhead to move alot faster so that when he was chasing somone down he wouldent be taking his time like on part 1 but in the procces of making him move alot faster it also made him move more like a human which also lets it look more fake telling you that theres a person inside wearing a costume.But I think that they was just trying to be realistic because on the first he was chasing them down slowly not caring if he got them or not but just killing them for some one else who wants revenge so on part one pumpkinhead is more of a slave but on here you can tell that he really wants to get the job done and not take his time.In this movie a deformed boy named Tommy is killed in the 50s and then the present teens summon him and he then turnes into pumpkinhead and goes after his killers.So in this one for pumpkinhead it is more of a personal revenge thing instead of him killing for somone else.In here the pumpkinhead actually has a personality unlike the one on the first who does not even have a soul.You can see the anger in tommys eyes every time before he kills his victems making the movie alot more interesting than part one.Pumpkinhead2 is also alot more gory than part one and the pumpkinhead deals with his victims alot more brutal in this one.I love this movie and its a great seqaul but still does not compare to the greatest,scariest,most thrilling and realistic movie of all time PUMPKINHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AJReviewed in the United States on January 22, 2015
3.0 out of 5 stars
Maybe worth a watch
Verified purchase
I remember liking this a lot more when I was in high school. Used to catch it on cable (might have aired on USA Up All Night, or maybe Joe Bob Briggs--can't recall exactly). While the first film is a must see classic, this sequel is a little bland. The performances are decent though, it's just the story isn't nearly as strong as the original.
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