In Pursuit Of Honor

7.11 h 49 min1995PG-13
[HBO] HD. Four U.S. Army men risk their careers--and their lives--to stand up for their beliefs in this rousing drama based on a true story.
Ken Olin
Don JohnsonCraig ShefferGabrielle Anwar
English [CC]
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

Testflyer70Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
This movie is a 100% fraud...
Verified purchase
Wow; out of 380 people that reviewed this, only 7 other people took the time to research this and find out that it is nothing more than HBO/Hollywood liberal lies. God bless the US Public Education system; how many Third World countries rank ahead of us???
This is a perfect example of how Hollywood really operates. There doesn't have to be a shred of evidence to back up their narrative, and they will still represent their fiction as "based on actual events" as they did in this movie. I guess i thought the Hollywood leftists were smart enough not to tell lies that are so easily disproved. But maybe not if 373 out of 380 fell for it.
The movie grotesquely portrays a military unit in 1934 inhumanely mowing down a herd of horses with machine guns, and blames it on orders from Douglas MacArthur as part of a transition from a horse based cavalry to a mechanized cavalry. From then on the movie shows the "heroes" who "hate the United States" rescuing the horses from the evil military. And of course the other hero, FDR, also tries to save the day.
1: MacArthur loved horses and dogs throughout his entire life; they were a passion for him. He would not have followed an order to commit such a crime, much less issue one.
2: The military used a mounted cavalry until 1946, when the remaining horses were sold at auction. FDR wasn’t even alive when this took place.
It is amazing that the MacArthur family didn't sue everyone involved in producing this for the absolute lies that were represented as facts in this movie. Maybe Ken Olin could skate (he was issued his Manhood Dismissal papers in the '80 for doing Thirty Something (all the "men" on that show wore dresses)), because he was just following orders, but the ones who were responsible for this...
Returned to Amazon for refund...
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Usagi3Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
This movie has no basis in documented, historical fact. Casts a poor light on an already fading aspect of the US Cavalry. There is nothing honorable in misleading the public in favor of a quick entertainment buck.
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shane gibsonReviewed in the United States on March 28, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
A great story
Verified purchase
So I don't normally write reviews but because I saw too many negative reviews on this movie in regards to historical accuracy and factual narrative oh, I decided to leave a review primarily for those people and anyone who would agree with them. It is stated on this videos trivia that this story is not based on actual events. No it never happened. No the Army did not Slaughter it's horses. No Renegade Cavalry soldiers did not lead hundreds of horses thousands of miles north and cross them illegally into Canada. It is a story! It is a movie! It is no more true then a John Wayne western but that has nothing to do with it being a good story and a good movie! So for all of you who are bashing it because it's a fake story, get a life! And for everybody else please enjoy it because it truly is a wonderful movie :)
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Bakermom4ChristAZReviewed in the United States on April 28, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
Here's the weblink: Actual TRUE story, not this hollywood counterfeit.
Verified purchase

Had this story never reflected a historical event in U.S. history and was just plain fiction, & presented as FICTION, then the acting, drama, quality actors , are grade 8.5 out of 10, but
STORY TOPIC & CONTENT TRULY is APALLING, HORRIFIC, &DISGUSTING by Hollywood. At least the executives , creators, who authored the creation of this movie truthfully revealed Hollywood's insidious character. That's the TRUE part.

Then again,
If the intent of this movie is to justify the Preservation of the beautiful God-annointed creatures .....then Fine!, but aproaching this topic with a sick angle vilifying American Govt staffs responsible for ordering this heartless ,dishonorable solution to rid of countless herds of skilled, military veteran horses is JUST WRONG!

Just like the liberal, demoncratic news media networks , along with hollywood, and few incognito-operative billionaire elites , in this era,.... this movie is a disgusting way to show how important it is to honor & care for such beautiful animals....instead of creating
"a false manufactured crisis" for these herds of horses.
All of Hollywood and their business cohorts are so full of themselves, even this storyline propogates the actors as fake heroes--essentialLY it's really about them( abt the few soldiers who disobeyed & enhanced as heroes, not the horses service history) , provided if the story was presented as fiction. BUT if so, General McArther's name should have never been mentioned AT ALL , as the source that triggered the order to rid of the horses.
I would have sued. This movie stains the honorable, respected reputative and character of a much deserved respected General. Hollywood did spit on
Gen.D. McArther for entertainment!....
Really?.....WOW! No wonder I never heard of this movie from military movie lovers & I'm a daughter of a retired veteran, USAF Colonel E.R. Surgeon officer.
Imagine if there were more movies made about former police dogs, or retired, former, professional racing greyhounds being used in a movie to elevate the egos of these counterfeit heroes behind these decisions? Those retired service animals are not even treated this way when they have outlived their career, as they age.

But as far as this film: They could have developed a better narrative showing the ACTUAL TRUE POSITIVE SOLUTIONS as explained by the weblink above! Hollywood didn't have to tell this FICTIONAL, "MANUFACTURED,
the Only Truth revealed here , is evidence of their dishonorable self-serving agendas , ....maybe politically, grooming the public of a false evil image of the greatest country on earth that is the ONLY country with the greatest, most stable TYPE of government. What a shame, that this movie incites such negative feelings twds the greatest democracy ever created &inspired by God.

The Acting IS Excellent,

but the PLOT SUCKS!!!!!....

& if organizations such as PETA endorses this movie, bcuz of it's strong message of animal preservation topic, ......well,
all I can say is F$@$#^&K PETA.

Everything can have valuable purpose; sometimes multiple purposes. So long as the source was not related to any ungodly, immoral, depraved , wasteful, deviant,demented intent and with activities that definitely does not aligned with God at all ( best to check HIS BOOK, aka:Bible ver. ESV)
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ChrisSherrillReviewed in the United States on October 14, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I was getting ready to research this movie to see if it had any basis in history, then I read some reviews and learned that, though promoted as being based on an actual event, that event never happened. I did the research anyway and found that the other reviewers were correct. When confronted HBO apparently retreated to “someone heard the story as a child”. What BS. Read the other one-star reviews for additional detail. For my part, this blatant deception earns this movie zero stars. I wish that were an option, but it isn’t, so one star. Another example of “the world according to Hollywood”. Sad.
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Mary LawrenceReviewed in the United States on November 2, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I actually watched 3/4 of this movie and had to stop..
It's Hollywood at it's worst as far as i'm concerned !!

I Hope people read this and see it IS NOT Based on Fact !

Cavalry soldier.
In 1995, a movie with actor, Don Johnson, called In Pursuit of Honor. It tells the purported true story of Army in the 1930’s plans to kill surplus cavalry horses.

Three sergeants and a lieutenant round up 400 condemned horses from a military post in Texas and drive them to Canada to save them from being destroyed. Is the story true? The movie says it’s based on true story, but the names, except for General MacArthur, have been changed. It’s a good film but what’s the skinny? Did it really happen?

Based on all the available evidence, the ordered “massacre” of some 500 cavalry mounts in 1934 never occurred. There are no records in the Royal Canadian Mounties nor did the records of any Army unit recorded such an event.

The story was written based on oral history from some Montana cowboys during the 1940s and thus becomes fact. This usually falls under the category of “Stories told to me by my Uncle Billy who heard it from a guy who knew a guy who saw it firsthand.”

Military historians say it does a discredit to the Army and General Douglas McArthur whom, the movie claims, ordered the killing of the horses. There is no record of any such order given.

Also contrary to the movie version of the event there was no killing of veterans during the 1932 Bonus March incident in Washington as depicted in the opening scene. In fact, not a single shot was fired.

Furthermore, there was a horse and mule shortage during the 1930s and the animals could have easily been sold. A cavalry mount was worth $100-$150 dollars that equates to some one million dollars in today’s dollars so I don’t think they would squander that kind of money during the Great Depression.

Army officers are bound by a Code of Honor…..Duty, Honor, and Country and no officer would open fire on his own brothers-in-arms and no officer would take pleasure in doing so as Colonel Hardesty did in the film. That would only happen in a Hollywood film and this one really smeared the officer and non-commissioned officer corps, the code of conduct of an honorable breed and the cavalry in general.

The graphic violence against horses was also way over the top, especially considering the story was supposed to be true. This certainly had a shocking effect on audiences.

In the Old Army the bond between the cavalryman and his horse was ironclad. There are many stories of battle-toughened cavalrymen weeping openly when their mounts were killed in battle.
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Inquiring MindsReviewed in the United States on May 22, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Dont pass this movie by - it will reward you for your time - and open your eyes to some of life's important truths...
Verified purchase
One of the best movies about horses you possibly can find put into movie format. Acting was outstanding from the character roles played by each performer. The filthy mouth language of the "Bad Guy" was the main distraction from an otherwise excellent script. D.J. was at his best in his part as main character that kept the movie going strong till very end. Not recommended for younger children because of some necessary violence (cruelty) to the horses. The integrity of the Calvary men with their love for horses will make you weep a little (maybe a lot) but there was retribution at the final outcome. You will come away with a much clearer vision of the concept of Honor when you watch this movie. If you liked "The Man from Snowy River" you'll love this movie. Don't miss it - it's a rare treat - it teaches some of the greater truths of life and respect for animals.
7 people found this helpful
M. G.Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
As other have pointed out, this is PURE FICTION.
Verified purchase
As other reviewers have already pointed out, this is PURE FICTION.
If the events had actually happened I'd have given it a few more stars, instead of the 1, (or ZERO), it deserves.

As I watched I thought how implausible it all seemed, my instincts were right, these events simply NEVER happened; at least there's no records anywhere to be found that proved they did.

Few of the events described in the film made any sense, the fact that the producer chose to lie and claim these events happened is the only thing that does make sense. Why would anyone shoot horses that could easily have been given away or sold?

Don't waste your time on this nonsense.
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