(2,773)6.11 h 51 min2009X-RayPG-13
Two young Americans with special abilities must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization called Division does.
Paul McGuigan
Colin FordJoel GretschDjimon Hounsou
Science FictionAdventureAction
English [CC]
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EnglishEnglish [Audio Description]
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Dakota FanningRobert TsonosBrandon RheaCamilla BelleNeil JacksonChris EvansKai Cheung LeungSun Nan HungCorey StollScott Michael CampbellWai Man TamHal YamanouchiLu LuKwan Fung ChiJacky HeungBiu Law CheMaggie SiffLam WongBun Lam ShingHung Liu KwokCliff CurtisSiu Yin MingRain LauSai Tang YuMing-NaPancy ChanCheuk Shing SumFanny LeeNate MooneyMing-Fai SheungMan KitYuk Hing ChanJason WongAndy TsangWoon Ling Hau
David Bourla
Summit Entertainment
PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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Smokingalcohol usefoul languageviolence
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on August 5, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Exploitation of powered people leads to their resistance
Verified purchase
After World War II a range of people with different abilities were found and used by various governments. Push is about the powered fighting back against their exploitation and oppression by the authorities.

Most of the movie is a cat and mouse game in an attempt to determine the future. Cassie (Dakota Fanning) has visions of the future where she finds her mom and stops the abuse of powered people. She finds Nick (Chris Evans) to help her who has telekinetic abilities. They try to track down a girl named Kira (Camilla Belle) who has some secrets about the government’s latest experiments. They in turn are being chased by the U.S. and Chinese governments who have a slew of powered people. The problem is their actions keep changing the future, which confuses them and their pursers. Not only that but they have to plan their actions without knowing what each other will do otherwise they will be discovered by the those that can see the future. It’s an elaborate and well executed story by David Bourla who scripted the movie. The main themes are the manipulation of people by the powers that be and the resistance that creates.
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Rich VReviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Definitely a watch
Verified purchase
There are so many "super ability" movies now, what can you say? After a while, you sort of get sick of all the make believe? Anyway, this movie had some interesting thought put into it. There could definitely be a sequel, but I don't think it made much money from what I've read. The acting was really very good in my book. Dakota Fanning knocked it out of the park, but there really wasn't a poor performance, every part was nailed and well casted. Highly recommended!
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2004Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Neo-Nazi flick- this a black supremist anti-white hate filled dream come true
Verified purchase
You must see through the garbage, why is not OK to see a blacktivist blow his load all over his own face-yet all we see is white men getting killed and Asians getting whacked repetitively? Is this not the same racism from so called Jews that are actually Nazis making mind screwballs for the world to watch? Get real- have some balls and quit feeling sorry for black lies! Now, all I see is a cry baby blacktivist who wasn't a good enough actor to bite the bullet on video... Any real white actor isn't afraid to do a a scene portraying self-mutilation, this movie does not give off a sense of black supremacy- I can tell you that, quite the opposite- cry baby is all I saw, maybe they should have entitled the movie- velvet plush and done some real pushing towards independence. Maybe that's what the director really meant was cut! black...
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Thoughtful ConsumerReviewed in the United States on January 28, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Interesting Premise, Decent Production Quality, OK Acting, Terrible Writing
Verified purchase
This movie starts out sort of stupid and lame. Production quality is actually very good, and an interesting premise. But it just goes down hill from there. Spoilers... the world has people with various super powers, from ESP, predicting the future, to screaming very loudly (yes, apparently, that's a sought after special power), there's super sniffers who can track you around the world by sniffing your 10yr old tooth brush (yes, super sniffer is real), and lastly, there appears to be an inordinate number of women who can see into the future. Let's see, if you can see in the future, but you want to intercept someone with $6M as your goal. If you can even predict 5secs into the future better than 55% of the time, you can make, I don't know, a few hundred TRILLION dollars in the stock market in about a week.
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SomeoneReviewed in the United States on June 23, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Some people have powers like being able to move things with their mind or getting inside a mind and manipulating it, seeing the future, or in some cases a supersonic scream that can cause physical damage and destruction. A government agency called The Division tries to recruit any of these special people they can find, and if they don't volunteer they are voluntold and forced to join. Story is about a couple of super powered peeps that want to live a free life and have to fight against The Division to maintain their freedom. Think this is geared more toward teen audience as most of the people with super powers are teen aged in this movie. Okay movie, not great. Some of the stuff like acting and characters vibe together felt a little off. But probably younger teen audience would less aware and care less about these type of issues. This was a good idea for a story but movie execution itself to me is about 3.5 stars. First time viewing. Watched digital streaming rental with Prime Video.
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Piraha MuraReviewed in the United States on January 18, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Plot too good
Verified purchase
Superheroes with a difference, good. But the plot is too good. Spoiler. The plan to defeat the division is supposed to be a desperate move made up in a hurry. But it's made up by a mover! A mover isn't supposed to be brainy. A watcher may be more convincing. Because for the plan to succeed it has to predict a lot of things that aren't supposed to be predictable unless for a watcher.

The locations are refreshing too, old fishing boats, old harbor, old buildings, old markets, giving you an alien feel as in Bladerunners. All these scenes intertwined with skyscrapers, which actually won't be out of place in Bladerunners.
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Wes BurgessReviewed in the United States on July 10, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Hold onto your hat!
Verified purchase
Push is a fun, fast-paced action film. I won’t spoil the film by telling you all the details, but I’ll tell you just enough to see if you will like this film and a little extra to help you enjoy it a little more:
In the future, genetic tinkering has caused a few people to develop psychic powers and the government has a drug to make them into deadly psychic soldiers. A man and a child partner up to steal the drug and to stop the government genetic program. This film is shot with frightening clarity, convincing psychic powers, and a throbbing music track. That’s really all you need to know to enjoy this film!
However, many people tried to follow the details from reviews and became confused. Everything comes clear after seeing the film a couple times, but I’ll lay out the plot details here, if you like.
Sarah, the world’s most powerful psychic, looked 10 years into the future and set up a plan to save herself and her daughter. Sarah told her young daughter to look for a secret case when she was 13. Sarah also arranged for a telekinetic, a psychic healer, a psychic memory wiper, and a powerful psychic shadow to help Cassie in her future search.
Ten years later, as the movie begins, drugged and imprisoned Sarah jams a security door with a marble, allowing psychic prisoner Kira to escape with a secret drug. Kira hides the drug in a case, hides the key in her shoe, and has her memory wiped so no one can find it. Sarah’s powerful elder psychic now guards the case from discovery. Then Sarah’s daughter Cassie (who also sees the future) gets telekinetic Nick to hunt for the hidden case. They find Kira through a lost bead, and are all pursued by 4 psychic US agents, and a psychic Chinese gang family, who all want the case. Nick gives sealed orders to each team member and then wipes his memory so psychics cannot find out his plan. The film culminates in a psychic battle between government agents, the gang family, Kira (who has been turned by a US agent), and Nick, who discovers he has new psychic powers, overcomes the aggressors, and escapes with Cassie.
PAUL MCGUIGAN (Wicker Park, Sherlock, Lucky Number Slevin) directed Push.
DAKOTA FANNING (War of the Worlds) played Watcher Cassie Holms who draws the future in metallic marker. Many of the clothes she wore were her own.
CHRIS EVANS (Captain America…, The Avengers…, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) played Mover Nick Gant who befriends Cassie. Channing Tatum originally had the role, but it went to Chris, instead.
DJIMON HOUNSOU (Constantine, Blood Diamond), played government agent and super Pusher Henry Carver. A former fashion model.
CAMILLA BELLE played Kira Hudson, Nick’s Pusher love interest, who has received the psychic enhancement drug.
NEIL JACKSON (Quantum of Solace) played Mover Victor Budarin who is the bodyguard and muscle for Agent Henry Carver.
MUSIC: A crushingly great score by The Kills, Radio Citizen, Working for a Nuclear Free City, Neil Davidge, Unkle, The Notwist, and others. Tweak your stereo and tune your speakers for this one.
1) Watchers can see into the future.
2) Pushers can control other peoples' thoughts.
3). Movers (telekinetics) move objects with their minds.
4) Wipers can delete peoples’ memories.
5) Shadows can protect people from psychic detection.
6) Sniffs can track people by sensing the residue on objects they have touched (psychometry).
7) Stitchers can psychically heal or hurt people
8) Bleeders scream and burst peoples’ blood vessels.
9) Shifters change the appearance of inanimate objects. Be careful, though, it won’t last long.
1) When a locker door is smashed to retrieve the case, it magically heals itself.
2) When Nick threatens Carver with floating guns, the guns are not reflected in the mirror ceiling.
Push is a fast-paced, well-photographed action film with colorful multicultural scenes and driven music. Dakota Fanning’s performance is infectious and her close sister/brother chemistry with Nick is palpable. The conflict between independence and teamwork feels familiar, and the intrusive, social and governmental threat is believable. It will keep your heart and your mind racing until the end. I really like it.
OK. This is a fantasy that supposes people can have paranormal powers. If that is too much for you to imagine, don’t get this film. However, Push doesn’t have sappy absurd romances, ridiculous overblown heroes, or wild swings of luck that make most “reality” movies unbelievable to me. Take your choice.
On the other hand, there were real military experiments into psychic powers by the Soviet and United States governments. I was party to some of the results of the US “Stargate Project” and I can tell you what I saw was poorly designed, unscientific nonsense. So don’t get too far into the fantasy.
I’m always on the look out for fantastic films you may have missed. Push is frequently offered on cable, but I suggest you get your own disk for higher fidelity —my Blu-ray is great. BTW, Push has some bleeding ears but no unacceptable, language, nudity, or demons.
If you want to see other stuff or follow my reviews, click my name.
I hope this review has been helpful. Enjoy!
stephen the constructive criticReviewed in the United States on February 22, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Great concept. The scene at 17 minutes is spectacular, and at that point it seemed as if Push was going to be really good - then nothing...fast forward to...nothing. We all understand the idea of suspended reality, and are willing to allow movies to be unbelievable but entertaining. However; Push is just stupid (and stupid for stupid's sake is fine). The bad guys have the guy they want to kill down. They need one more pulse to finish him, but no...they have a discussion about the girl, and just leave him. Then mind control girl makes the typical, "no shave for 5 days cop" kill his typical, "no hygiene code, no dress code cop" friend, but then she gets in a big wrestling match with him, and she oddly has no power, and he cannot overcome a girl half his size - funny because he could have killed her by rubbing his stubble face into her. Dakota Fanning really is 13 when she does this, but why do they cover her with makeup, and the remnants of a 6-month-old blonde dye job (just what we need - another fake blonde). So now we have 13-year-olds looking 21 and 40-year-olds looking 21. Since Fanning has always played parts that made her seem smart beyond her age, that was the image I had. However; you can access interviews of her speaking about her role in Push, and she sounds similar to every other idiot Hollywood actress - "I...um...like...you know...um...like...yeah...action... sort of...um...amazing. Oh...well...you probably have a stubble face that you rubbed into your ex - girlfriends genitals and then wondered why she left you...so watch it... you will not even notice it is dumb.
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