Real Steel (Plus Bonus Content)

7.03 h 28 min2011PG-13
Starring Hugh Jackman, Real Steel is a riveting, white-knuckle action ride that will leave you cheering. Real Steel is a pulse-pounding, inspirational adventure filled with heart and soul.
Shawn Levy
Hugh JackmanDakota GoyoEvangeline Lilly
English [CC]
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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joel wingReviewed in the United States on July 5, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
An old sparing robot becomes a foil for repairing a father-son relationship
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Real Steel is a sci-fi movie set in the not so distant future where robot boxing has become a major sport. Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton a washed up robot boxer who has a dump of a machine and owes various people money. The movie is about redemption as Charlie is suddenly reunited with his son Max (Dakota Goyo) that he has had no contact with. Can he become a father and save his robot boxing career?

Jackman played a different role than he traditionally gets. This time he’s a sleazebag. He scams money from people and is a habitual gambler with a huge debt. Of course the movie was also very traditional in the fact that it’s his son offers Jackman redemption.

In between all that there’s plenty of robot boxing matches to tell and scream about.

Added bonus, if you’re a fighting historian you’ll notice at the end they borrow from Muhammed Ali’s Rope A Dope.

Overall this makes for a very good family movie.
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CC38Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Shameless Fluff but Great Fun
Verified purchase
Imagine that robot technology has reached a point where humanoid robots can convincingly engage in slug-fest fistfights that send metal flying in all directions. This is the reality that Real Steel takes place in. In the not-so-distant future, Remote-Controlled robot fighting has become the ultimate fighting sport because robots can fight to the death without blood being spilled (only hydraulic fluid and coolant). The robot fighting looks REALLY GOOD in this movie and I could definitely imagine the sport becoming a real thing some day, technology allowing. The plot of this movie involves a father connecting with his son whose life he hasn't been a part of previously. Played by Hugh Jackman, the main character manages, to somehow be unlikable at first but I think his character arc through the film is realistic even if the execution can be a tad sappy. Overall I think the movie is a fun watch and I can definitely recommend it as a crowd-pleaser.
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Langlois 1604Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
My grandsons both give it 5 thumbs up!
Verified purchase
I bought two copies, one for each of my grandsons. I got a call from my eldest daughter cursing me for buying it, because my grandson has had it on constant repeat since he got it. The next day I received an eerily similar call from my middle daughter. In all seriousness, we all watched it as a family and enjoyed it. My wife even said that if the grandkids brought it down she would totally watch it again. Coming from her, that's high praise. It's a redemption story like none I've ever seen.
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Moreena BellewReviewed in the United States on September 4, 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
No digital code, convinced it’s a copy.
Verified purchase
This movie was on cable a few weeks ago, and my son has been asking to watch it ever since. He’s three. So I purchased this BlueRay for him. Expecting it to come with a digital code; as all blue rays do, and it didn’t. I begin to examine the case and I’m convinced that this is a fake, or some type of burnt copy. The disc it’s self was not “blue”, the case is a lot thicker then regular blue ray cases, and even the font on the paper inside is very, very hard to read. As if it was copied.
Aside from that. The movie itself plays just fine, and my son is watching it at least once a day. I on the other hand am very disappointed that it did not come with a digital code. For times we are away. Three stars seems a bit much, but there is no unfunctional to the movie (disc) itself.
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MarkReviewed in the United States on October 26, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
A family favorite and just a good, fun movie
Verified purchase
This one of our family favorites. Jackman is great as Charlie, an ex-pugilist and hapless opportunist (with a good heart buried in there somewhere), turned owner-operator of a robot boxer. The robot boxers are huge finely-tuned remote-controlled robots that now dominate the boxing ring, and the movie makes them appear very real. Evangeline Lilly is beautiful and convincing as Bailey who still believes in Charlie, but is becoming fed-up with his get-rich-quick schemes. Kevin Durand steals the scenes he has as Charlie's rival/nemesis, and Anthony Mackie does a great job as the streetwise fight promoter. I let my 8 and 11 y.o. sons watch this movie and they love it. There is a tiny bit of rough language, and only a brief and subtle sexual inuendo between Charlie and Bailey, when just back in from the road Charlie jokingly says to her, "I need a shower. Bailey, you want to take a shower?" She laughingly rebuffs him of course, and there is no physical intimacy displayed between the two of them. At one point after giving up custody of his son because he realizes he has endangered him, an emotionally and physically drained Charlie returns to Bailey and lays next to her and sleeps in a very caring and respectful way. The next morning they share a single kiss and as Charlie prepares to leave again to go to his son, Bailey remarks, "You came a long way for just one kiss", indicating that that's all that happened. Also, there is a fist-fight scene when people come to collect a debt from Charlie that may be scary for younger kids 8 and under. IMHO, compared to the risque' and deviant themes some movies foist upoin our kids these days, Real Steal is very tolerable in that regard and delivers a fast-paced story with heart and good special effects, and we meet a variety of characters along the way. In the end we see the fruits of the efforts of a father and son who find each other and a place in the world together. At the heart of this story are themes of the value of loyalty, family, contrition, courage, accepting responsibility and taking initiative on your beliefs and dreams. In the end and even with all his faults, Charlie, who is never really portrayed as a hero, learns to be a better man and father. And it's all done against the back-drop of giant brawling robots!!! My kids keep asking when the sequel is coming....
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Jeffrey C. MeadeReviewed in the United States on January 29, 2012
4.0 out of 5 stars
Pretty Good
Verified purchase
The Real Steel is not a film that you would go to expecting a really good movie, but, for the most part, it is enjoyable. Is it perfect? Of course not, but with all the garbage that comes out these days, this movie was a pleasant surprise.

Its story is made up of, or reminds you of, other movies you may have seen. Rocky, Transformers, and Over The Top are the ones that stand out for me. Overall, it works. A problem I have with many movies these days is a difficulty feeling any connection to whats going on or major characters. There are plot holes, things move to fast, or it just doesn't work. Real Steel is able to have fun with the fighting robots while also having a story between a father and son, and both sides of the movie come together to make what ends up being a decent movie.

You really dislike Hugh Jackman early in the film. He is basically a scumbag and deadbeat dad. Though they don't go into too much detail through out the film, you can tell part of why he has become this way is because he was a pretty good boxer in the past and was replaced by these robots which made him obsolete. I really was getting into the fight scenes and they were done in the Rocky way, which means you are almost cheering from your seat for the good guy to win in the end.

Overall there's not much I can say against this movie. It gets a little dull a couple of times earlier in the movie, and a couple of the minor parts in the movie were not really necessary, but the negative reviews for this movie really make no sense to me. At the least its a good popcorn flick, but you may walk away surprised that this kind of movie is as good as it is.
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E. StoddardReviewed in the United States on January 28, 2012
4.0 out of 5 stars
Very Entertaining
Verified purchase
Okay, I'm not too good with reviews, but Amazon doesn't allow one to just rate the film (Oh, please Amazon, make that happen like Netflix and IMDb do. Please!) - we have to write something about it, too.

I, frankly, didn't care for the apparent stupidity of Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) in the beginning, and honestly throughout much of this film. The acting was good, it's just Charlie was a stupid, selfish, inconsiderate, stubborn, self-absorbed ex-boxer who couldn't make it. It's no wonder to me he was such a loser in the ring - he certainly didn't know how to handle anything in real life.

What really helps Charlie though, is Max, his long abandon son. One could (should actually!) say Charlie has all the brawn and Max all the smarts. Max, at 11, is like three times smarter than his dad - must of that he had to have gotten from his mother! Okay, so I'm being a little to hard on Charlie, but I've seen plenty of dead beat parents in my life, so much so that even watching such a character is almost annoying for me. Fortunately, Charlie does smarten up. Mostly because his son is modeling very intelligent behavior for such a young one. Of course, for anyone, it doesn't really matter where our lessons come from; what is important is learning to where we actually change our behavior. Charlie finally gets it in the last third of the film!

This is one of those films where the child is more the parent because the adult is too busy making his own noise in the world. Still, the bot fights and the education that Charlie goes through at the hands of Max was very entertaining, especially where Max sticks to his convictions and never wavers on what he thinks is best for himself, his family, and Charlie.
Dr. Henry JonesReviewed in the United States on March 29, 2016
3.0 out of 5 stars
Mildly Best
Verified purchase
My son was so excited to see this movie with me (hopefully he sees this review many years down the road).

I found Real Steel "watchable," at best. I'm a Hugh-ge Jackman fan, so I was more than mildly disappointed to see awkward acting when it came to several scenes between him and young Anakin Skywalker. However, Jackman's acting prowess was definitely a saving grace for the rest of the movie, and the premise, albeit laughable, was still nonetheless enjoyable in watching mechanized men duke it out instead of "real people."

My only real qualm with the movie was the end - what happened between Jackman's character and Skywalker's? Jackman goes back to get the kid for one last fight...was that it? He gets the kid for that final fight and then takes him back to his custodian, never to have any contact with him again? Huge, HUGE plot gap that I wish they would have filled with at least an answer, if not a nice tear-jerker ending where "Dad" stayed in the picture.
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