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A riveting revenge thriller where a driven man hunts down the Nazi who murdered his family in WWII.
Atom Egoyan
Christopher PlummerMartin LandauHenry Czerny
English [CC]
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4.4 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

SevertReviewed in the United States on May 6, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
If you are interested in the Holocaust and a Fan of Christopher Plummer, this is a must see film! It is slow paced and somber but given the incredible acting and the unexpected ending, you will enjoy it! I am usually not surprised by the ending of films but this one took me by complete surprise!
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Jay LaneReviewed in the United States on March 5, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Remember Your Promise...
Verified purchase
Will I ever tire of Christopher Plummer? This time he is a man who suffers from senile dementia but he sets out to find the former Nazis who killed his family (and the family of another man in the same senior facility) at a long-ago concentration camp. The movie opens with him awakening and calling for his wife. Alarmed, he leaves his room and finds himself in some sort of quasi-medical facility. One of the women who works there has to tell him that his wife died two weeks earlier.

With a wonderfully unpredictable script by Benjamin August ("Class Rank") and cleverly directed by Atom Egoyan ("The Captive"), we are on a hero's journey that goes from gently humorous to white-knuckle tense. The people he encounters are consistently helpful and kind. The children in this one are particularly good: smart, polite and considerate.

The cast:
* Christopher Plummer ("Elsa & Fred") Zev Gutman is a survivor of Auschwitz (with the tattoo to prove it). Max has given him a set of instructions, unlimited funds, transportation and hotel reservations: all the help necessary to fulfill his mission. He forgets at times what he is about, but every time he re-reads Max's letter, he gets back on track. We are pulling for him all the way.
* Martin Landau ("Entourage") Max Rosenbaum never forgets his mission - revenge - and he won't let Zev forget his promise. Health failing, he is restricted to his wheelchair and his room, but he has his telephone and ample funds, powerful tools indeed.
* Henry Czerny ("Revenge") Zev's son Charles is concerned about his father's dementia, but he's furious when Dad goes missing from that home for seniors.
* Bruno Ganz ("Vitus") Rudy Kurlander #1 is the first person Zev contacts. I can't tell you about it because it would be a spoiler.
* Dean Norris ("Secret in Their Eyes") Sheriff John Kurlander has lived all his years in the United States. The fellow Zev seeks is his father. Another sure-fire spoiler, so I can't say more.
* Jürgen Prochnow ("Hitman: Agent 47") Rudy Kurlander #4 is happy to see Zev. That's all I can say... you know... spoiler...

This is an impossible review to write because I would be spilling the beans, no matter what I say about most of these characters. As I said, this script is unique and unpredictable. Plummer is flawless, with a slight hint of a German accent, the right amount of missing hair and confused eyes. We feel his anxiety in the passenger bus, at Customs, with that barking watchdog, and amid a family crisis at that mountain retreat. Like him, we loved the children.

The movie is R-rated (threatened violence and understanding of concentration camps), so expect some tension, very little profanity, no blowie uppie stuff and limited but effective gun play. Our screening audience was vocal and excited as we exited the theater.

This one is outstanding.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on June 2, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great movie with an incredible twist one never sees coming
Verified purchase
Ah Christopher Plummer! One of Hollywood's greatest! I will truly miss him. Some of you seasoned people may remember him as Von Trapp who starred opposite Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music which came out in the early 60's. Ironically, this musical depicted Plummer as Von Trapp, who escaped Austria to avoid having to join the Nazi navy. I still remember how much I, only a very young child, enjoyed the movie. And some of the songs, I can still remember like "Doe Ray Me...." Being an Ashkenazi Jew, who lost at least one great Aunt in an awful concentration camp, unlike one reviewer who stated concentration camps fascinated him, is something I cannot understand. But both Plummer and Landau, {the latter being an Ashkenazi Jew and one of the original actors in The TV show, Mission Impossible} outdid themselves in this dramatic and tragic move.
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TafkaswfReviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Nazi Hunter Movie I've Seen
Verified purchase
We've all seen the nazi hunter movies featuring the brave young Mossad teams. And in all these movies, it's clear who the hunters are and who the hunted nazi is. But Remember does nazi hunting differently, and I really liked it.

In Remember, the nazi hunter is elderly, with all the frailty and memory decline that goes with it. But with all the time in the world to plan the hunt, with nothing to lose for doing it, and with all the vengance of being an actual victim of the nazi so many years ago. You watch this movie feeling so sorry for the frail old man as he is on his nazi hunt. You fear that something bad is going to happen to him, like what happens in real life to frail, elderly people out in the real world. He's nice too. And you keep cheering him on. He's still in hunt! He's getting closer!

But the nazi hunter isn't who you think it is.... and the nazi isn't who you think it is... and there's more than one nazi. Remember has the best twist and the best ending I've ever seen in a nazi hunter movie.

And the acting - especially Christopher Plummer - is superb, as is the scenery. Remember also superbly shows the drudgery of travel. Anyone who's been on countless business trips and stayed in countless chain hotels can relate to the scenes in this movie, as will those who take long-distance bus and train trips and taxis. We've all traveled like this quiet, elderly man is traveling.

As you can read, the reviews of this movie range from one star to five. I honestly would dismiss any reviews lower than three stars. That's how powerful, unique, and well-done I think this movie is. You haven't seen one like it.

Definitely watch Remember. I think it's an amazing movie, and I'm pretty picky about four and five-star movies.
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GottatrotReviewed in the United States on May 12, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Much better than I thought it would be
Verified purchase
The shipping: First I should say I bought it here used through HPB-Movies and it took a month to get to me. We all wrote it off as 'missing' because they used DHL shipping (the worst) who along the way hands it off to the USPS (a little better)...Absolutely NO tracking information was given to me, HPB says them either, well maybe...but it did eventually arrive & in decent condition for a decent cost. Still think I'll avoid HPB-Movies, at least for awhile.

The movie: I don't want to repeat what's already said. What I can add is that I'm new to Egoyan's movies & have been 1 @ a time buying/watching them, seen 12 of his 16 films with 2 more on my counter (& have seen a few shorts (surprisingly good)). First I searched for & reranked all the ranking lists I could find online (4 or 5), then combined them (wanted to start with those considered his/their best). Consistently people tend to rank Remember in the last 1/4 of his works so I didn't expect much. We were pleasantly surprised at the story quality through & to the end. Very glad we bought it. There are a few things here & there in the movie that are a stretch for the imagination (but not so ridiculous), and an unrealistic insult of State law enforcement. (To tell you the truth at one short time in my life I had neo-nazi neighbors who I'd hang out with a little once in a while to be on their slightly better side (no I never bought into their so-called logic no matter how much they tried to convince me, yes I do try to see the good & the bad in anyone & everyone), but when I was watching this movie, in particular when we meet the neo-nazi, I was pretty shocked & floored at the realism of this person's attitude, intensity, & lifestyle. I had to pause the movie; it brought back shocking kinda painful memories of the insane behavior of some of them that I had forgotten. This person is a little over the top, but not by much. Truth. Also though, over the years I've worked very closely with a lot of police officers outside of their work environment, all branches city, county, state, federal...I have to say I've met up close the whole range of personal integrity with these men & women. My experience is that they are no less logical, no less integrious, no less kind than any other profession I work with (lawyers, medical staff, librarians, grocery store employees, etc). For me experience has also been that State law enforcement agencies seem to make integrity & social skills a higher priority in personnel placement, so seeing this State officer's integrity portrayed so badly didn't stand to my experience & did hurt a little to see. (no I have never worked in law enforcement). Now I've met a few unruly city & federal officers here & there, each a little wild in their own way. (Now my apologies for the long side-track)

Anyway, if the price is good get it. We plan to watch it again, maybe a few times.
HAWAIIAN KAWIKAReviewed in the United States on January 6, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Movie making at its finest with the finest professional actors.
Verified purchase
I lucked on to this movie when I had some time to burn. It is quite simply a masterpiece. The best. Do not let Christopher Plummer's age and his acting of a bona fide dementia patient fool you. Do not let current bad and predictable writing lull you into a sense of " I know what's going to happen next; you do not". This is true craft MASTERED in Mr. plummer's twilight years. He is as good as it gets and he HAS aged like fine wine in his craft. The supporting cast, while minimal, is outstanding, too. Look at everything and see everything and see if you can figure out the ending aforehand.. The ending is as realistic to human nature as it ever gets and utterly realistic. I cannot say enough about this movie. Urinate before watching so as not to miss a word or jesture. I am a retired commercial pilot from Aspen and now retired to the Islands while still young with a young family. I am an accomplished writer, was a famous DJ and producer and KNOW the great from the absolute greatest attainable. I have met men such as these portrayed from around the world. This is the real deal, but father time is running out the clock, big time, for these men. SEE IT NOW, while you can still imagine them actually still alive today. and "REMEMBER" what happened. It could easily happen again. I know. I give it 5 ++++++ stars. If you are intelligent and better still a are well traveled, it will knock you down and get you THINKING! Besides, it's a very easy watch (no thinking necessary if you do not want to), and suitable for the whole family. They have to learn sometime. This is true craft. Mr. Plummer is unbelievable. Martin Landau is superb. The ORIIGINAL Hawaiian Kawika (David, me), requests that you to watch it.
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SkyReviewed in the United States on June 26, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
A smart film full of twists with top-notch performances by all
Verified purchase
A remarkable film that is ostensibly about two very elderly Holocaust survivors who live in a nursing home. The able-bodied one suffers from dementia and has difficulty remembering anything for more than an hour or so. His wheelchair-bound compatriot conceives an elaborate plot whereby the two men can finally get revenge on an Auschwitz SS officer who'd murdered both of their families. This Nazi officer had managed to sneak into America under an assumed identity. Problem was there were four men of the right age and nationality who shared that same name.

The film is not just about Holocaust survivors. It deals with the tragic consequences of dementia very realistically. Modern day anti-semitism is also dealt with. There are numerous twists and turns culminating in a final one that is a real shocker.

All of the acting is superb. Christopher Plummer, best known as Baron von Trapp opposite Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music", stars as the dementia suffering survivor with a mission. Martin Landau is his wheelchair bound co-conspirator. The supporting cast is equally strong with special mention given to Dean Norris, Jürgen Prochnow and Henry Czerny as the son of one of the conspirators.

This is a smart, well-thought out film. It's not an action movie but one must pay close attention so as to not miss any of the subtle clues given along the way. It's a movie about revenge, family, history, and I was absolutely riveted every moment. Highly recommended!
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Ellen Gwaltney BalesReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Movie of the Decade
Verified purchase
Where has this movie been hiding? I just discovered it on cable and I'm so glad I did! First of all, Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau are top-notch in my book, so I couldn't NOT watch a film starring those two. The Holocaust has always fascinated me since I was a child and first read "The Diary of Anne Frank" in elementary school. I could not fathom how one group of people led by an insane tyrant could treat another group of people so barbarically--and I still can't.
The film was a bit plodding in parts (my boyfriend fell asleep at one point) but it picked up when Zed began visiting his "candidates," all of whom turned out to be the wrong one.
I won't spoil the ending but it was a complete surprise and left me saying, "Wow!" I would watch it again just to see what I might have missed to leave me so unprepared.
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