The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

1 h 36 min201416+
A computer programmer becomes fascinated with the digital currency Bitcoin, and through his involvement in the Bitcoin community, we learn about the impending global impact of this amazing new technology.
Nicholas Mross
Daniel MrossCharlie ShremJered Kenna
DocumentarySpecial Interest
English [CC]
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AnonymiceReviewed in the United States on June 4, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good History of an Alternative to Current Monetary Control
Verified purchase
Much, much better than I thought it would be, esp from the sort of silly start, and not the infomercial I feared, but a nice overview of the history of the bitcoin. They didn't delve deeply into the white paper behind it (if you have the math knowledge for that, you are free to research it yourself) but most questions were answered. Both sides of the possible futures of bitcoin were laid out. I would have liked it if they had explained our present monetary system a bit more and how tightly it is controlled and how a few at the top are making trillions and controlling governments, but that gets into politics and conspiracy, which is out of scope of this doc, but more needed to be said so that people knew where to start looking when doing further research. They did clearly make the point that our money is already just digital, like bitcoin, but bitcoin is not government backed (sold to us). This US was founded primarily to end the trade deficit with Britain caused by their control of the money system/banking. The first USD was as the bitcoin, a free market currency. The War of 1812 was fought when we would not capitulate to the British banking system, when the first USD issue expired. Why do you think Britain (or the US or any power through the ages) is colonial? Not only for oil! To sell them money! The US got control of the world money system and the USD replaced the Pound as the world currency basis after WWII. It was a deal we made for helping them out. All the regulation the Fed does, all the money laws we have to 'protect' us, are just ways to control it. If you get paid via direct deposit, is little different than bitcoin as both are then just bits and bytes, but the difference is that your bank is using most of your money to invest on their behalf, with no return to you for the privilege. Just fees and more fees for our trouble. That is why we are strangely encouraged to use direct deposit and many accounts are free if you direct deposit. So much faster and cheaper than a physical check which must be then deposited and cleared. Just cheaper cost of business for the banks. I wish this doc had pointed out clearly that currencies are traded like stocks NOW. Wall Street has us betting on things that *might* happen (futures). When you can exchange money, people will figure out how to profit from that by buying low and selling high. That is not bitcoin's fault or invention. You can bet the bankers will not go quietly while bitcoin takes some of their business, another thing I wish this doc had spent more time on. As soon as they understand what a threat it is, heads will roll (literally) as no one lets go of a trillion $$$ business easily. Wars have been fought over banking and money systems, so little is off our bankers' plates. it is high time this free currency happened, but it will be a revolution in every sense and not easy. I have not yet used bitcoin, but always meant to look into them. BTW, today (Jun 4, 2017), the bitcoin closed at $2,541.42! Its market capitalization is $4.6BILLION, so it has come quite a way since this doc. The chart over its lifetime is mostly up up up, with one big correction the doc mentions, then up up up again. If any of us had bought bitcoins when new, we'd be millionaires many times over. Or at least made a tidy profit. You can be sure the world bankers are going into high demonizing mode over this, and as you can see from the doc, even then, with all the arrests and allegations. Strange they will arrest bitcoin business owners yet did not put one banker into jail for the latest financial crisis! Sorry this is so political, but you can hardly speak of bitcoin without doing it, although the doc did better than me.
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varnukeReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Very good video - Great idea - Pretty shaky (in my opinion)
Verified purchase
For me this was a great documentary on Bitcoin, seeing as how I did not understand much about it, after hearing and reading about it in the media. Now after watching I think the concept is really a great thing, as far as it has its own value that cannot be changed by anyone, and has a value that can be used universally around the globe. I still don't completely understand how Bitcoins are "mined," or how to acquire them, but it looks like they have to be purchased with hard cash using some country's currency. What I kept thinking is, if you didn't buy into Bitcoins up front when they were worth pennies, and you had to buy them when they were worth $200/coin to get into the system, how does everyone get into the system and still remain with the relative wealth they had when Bitcoins were worth one dollar per dollar.

The biggest thing that troubles me with having much invested in Bitcoins is that their use DEPENDS on a functioning Internet around the world. At least that is what it looks like to me. That seems to me to be pretty fragile, especially if a submarine can maneuver above a transatlantic or transpacific fiber optic cable and send either an underwater robot or diver to cut the cable in several or more places. Same goes for sabotage of trunk lines within a country. Without the Internet, how could anyone use Bitcoin around the globe or in their own country? One thing that is assumed, in my opinion, is that the Internet will always be up and running worldwide for a secure, stable system of currency.

Another concern is that since the Internet is controlled by governments, what's to keep government from cutting the feeds through the Internet infrastructure if the order goes out by the "Swamp" controllers, big banks = Federal Reserve, etc.? Nothing.

Looks pretty shaky to me, the way I understand it now. On the other hand, I do see money going the way of total electronic system, as predicted by the Bible, where no one will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast - whatever that may be technologically-speaking. Cold cash will someday be a thing of the past, but putting an embedded electronic "number" into humans seems to be something already available, just like they do for pets.

After watching a couple of videos on two self-sufficient men living like hermits for 30-60 years in the north where winters are as bad as those in Siberia, I think living in a temperate climate with winters three months long, having a garden in the summer, a root cellar, a way to gather and purify water, a shelter and clothes, etc., and tools of a trade, I don't think Bitcoins or currency will be that important to me if everything collapses. And I doubt that if I had to barter some actual gold, silver, or liquor for something I needed to survive, I don't see anyone with any common sense that will be willing to take a Bitcoin in return.
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Steve ThomasReviewed in the United States on July 22, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Preaching To The Choir
Verified purchase
This isn't an exciting Tom Clancey or Jack Grisham story, but money has a certain excitement of its own, and this is a well-told documentary.

People tuning in to this are likely to have several questions:
1, How do I get set up to use bitcoins.
2. How do I get bitcoins?
3. Where can I use bitcoins?
4. Why should I bother?

The fourth question is partially answered. Maybe you shouldn't. At this point, bitcoins are mostly bought and sold as an investment, by people who want to keep their affairs secret from the government, and speculation is inherently dangerous. The first three questions are not answered hardly at all.

Interesting show, but for now, I'm putting my life savings into things like food, clothing and utility bills.

Of the two "bitcoin documentaries" I find on Amazon Instant Video, I found this one to be MARGINALLY more a cheerleader for the concept; they both try to appear neutral, but both are rooting for bitcoin, this one slightly less-well hidden.
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Glen HarrimanReviewed in the United States on March 23, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
The documentary was ok and very educational from the perspective ...
Verified purchase
The documentary was ok and very educational from the perspective of introducing the premise behind Bitcoin as a currency, but I think it was biased. The title alone infers that Bitcoin is doing nothing but increasing in value, which is not true. I thought the instability of the technology and theories behind it should've been covered in greater depth and a little more information could've been provided about the crimes people were charged with, in relation to manipulating portions of the Bitcoin trading processes.

I learned a lot by watching the film and know more of what it entails, the premise behind it and some of the bigger players, but again, the overall theme was that Bitcoin was the end-all be-all of the next form of currency; when it is just a beginning idea and not fully vetted out yet.
S. TurellReviewed in the United States on April 29, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
I liked the focus on individuals involved in the field
Verified purchase
While I agree with other reviewers that this could explain Bitcoin more fully, I assume this would involve some fairly sophisticated mathematical and economic concepts, which would probably be too technical for most viewers. I only had a passing familiarity with the phenomenon and was glued to my set the whole way through. I liked the focus on individuals involved in the field. While this might have contributed to the lack of concise explanation at times, Bitcoin is also a social phenomenon and the focus on real people helped define shifting attitudes and social changes. Do recommend.
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TomHunter1968Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent primer on the reasons and rationale behind the global foundations of Bitcoin, its developers, users, and its future.
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Excellent primer on the reasons and rationale behind the global foundations of Bitcoin, its users, and its future.

As I get older, I find I have less and less knowledge of even the very profound advances in technology, particularly as related to the Internet. The more I kept hearing about Bitcoin, though, the less sense it made as a "trustworthy"/verifiable form of virtual currency. This doco explained, at least for me, all I needed to know to develop a basic but thorough understanding of this system and how and why it does work, and appears to be something that will be around for years to come.
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Chris CannonReviewed in the United States on April 17, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great for novice's and intermediately informed as well
Verified purchase
As you can infer from the name, this is clearly a glorification piece on Bitcoin. I was totally okay with that as I can do my own research on the negatives. Just don't expect a "balanced" view from this DVD. They do, however, point out some of the issues surrounding the use of Bitcoin, the fact that it is getting harder and harder to mine them and some of the scandals surrounding some of the big Bitcoin early adopter companies.

I had a pretty good background on Bitcoin going in. My wife knew nothing. We watched it together and both enjoyed it for different reasons. I had a much better understanding of people's expectations of the future of Bitcoin. My wife had more questions after watching than before, but still learned a lot.

Lots of great discussion points if you wanted to use this in an economics or finance class. I would like to see a follow up in a couple more years.
PattikReviewed in the United States on March 25, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in what ...
Verified purchase
Documentary was interesting for the most part. Provided in-depth information regarding this not so new, but an up and coming form of digital currency. There is legitimacy in the information provided in that both sides of legal and financial issues were presented, not only by those in support of Bitcoin currency, but government detractors. Watching The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin reminds me so much of the era. Instant millionaires, but unlike the industry, failures come quickly, riches lost in a second. There is no doubt that digital currency is quickly becoming the norm and will be the platform for doing business in the not so distant future. Would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in what the future will be.
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