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Witness the journey of an incredible horse named Secretariat.
Randall Wallace
Diane LaneJohn MalkovichDylan Walsh
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

ApollosReviewed in the United States on April 8, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
This movie is thoroughly entertaining and, thankfully, has a happy ending to it. I've read reviewers' comments that it wasn't the way Secretariat's real-life story went, etc. But in my opinion, it captured the essence of the horse's life and racing experiences, and the people who were involved in helping to make him, what many believe, was the greatest race horse of all time.

The movie leaves you feeling very good, and aware of just how special this horse was. One of the most amazing things that keeps coming back to me is: in the Belmont Stakes, which was the longest track in the Triple Crown, Secretariat ran every quarter-mile faster than the preceding one! So on the final stretch, instead of running slower out of fatigue, he was running faster than at other point in the race. And that wasn't put in the movie for sensationalism -- that's what happened in real life, back in 1973. AND, Secretariat set a record time at Belmont that hasn't been broken to this day. One person remarked that it hasn't even been "approached."

Sure, there are parts in the movie that didn't happen in the real life story. But the movie does capture the essence of Secretariat's life, his greatness, and his owner's, trainer's, and exercise rider's relationship to him. And it does so in a BEAUTIFUL and JOYFUL way that will make you feel great having watched it.
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Mike TarraniReviewed in the United States on August 8, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Close to factual, but entertaining nonetheless
Verified purchase
I spent most of my youth in Caroline County, VA where part of this movie took place (although none of it was filmed in that location.) For that this is a big nostalgia factor. However, I am going to directly compare this film to Seabiscuit. The pace of this one is more nuanced, but in my opinion, did not have the cadence of Seabiscuit, Moreover, while both movies had a lot of character development, Seabiscuit's was more germane to the story than this one. Secretariat was more personal and emotional. That's not to say that Seabiscuit didn't have some emotional moments too, but that movie elicited excitement whereas this one brought forth darker emotions (for me, anyway.)

Acting in this movie was excellent, and casting was pretty spot on as well as the cinematography. :Like anything out of Hollywood there are a lot of liberties taken with events and sequences. This is, after all, entertainment and in that department it definitely delivers.

I am not sure about the script. It may have been better than I imagined and the cadence crippled in the editing. I do think that the directing was pretty good considering the scenes and sequences.

Would I watch it again? Definitely.
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Grafton Wisconsin readerReviewed in the United States on October 27, 2019
2.0 out of 5 stars
Pennery Chenery and Secretariat both deserve better
Verified purchase
I am a huge fan of Secretariat, the Triple Crown winner who in 1973 gave the greatest performance of any horse in thoroughbred racing history by winning the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths. His story--his true story--is remarkable, as is the story of his owner, trainer, jockey and groom. There is enough excitement and drama in it to make several great films. "Secretariat: The Movie," however, is not a great film, and it veers from the truth in so many ways that it is impossible to catalog them all. There are some decent performances--Margo Martindale and John Malkovich in particular--but otherwise the film is pretty flat. It does effectively build the tension so each time I watch I still wonder if Secretariat is going to win. But the film's inaccuracies create a fault line right down the middle of it and do an injustice to some people, some horses and the truth itself. In typical Disney style, we get a happy ending but it's a fairy tale worthy of the Grimm's Brothers, not a true story.
In the first place, Penny Chenery does not live happily ever after in the sense that her family stays together, which the ending implies. She and John Tweedy divorce soon after Secretariat's amazing year. Secondly, Poncho Martin, Sham's trainer, is portrayed as a rude, churlish braggart, when in truth very respected and well-liked though he did have a quick temper and was very exacting--as was Lucien Laurin. Not only that, Secretariat's rival, Sham, was owned by Bull Hancock and raised at Claiborne Farm. Seth Hancock helped Penny to sell breeding rights to Secretariat at the same time his own horse, Sham, was vying to beat Big Red. The horse that gets no mention--also owned by Penny Chenery's father and trained by Lucien Laurin--was the great Riva Ridge. It was Riva Ridge who saved Meadow Farm, not Secretariat. Consigned to history as no more than Secretariat's stablemate, Riva Ridge won the Derby and the Belmont in 1972, with Ronnie Turcotte up top. Riva Ridge only lost the Preakness because he was hopeless running in the mud, and rain had soaked the track the day of the race. In addition, Riva Ridge was Penny Chenery's favorite of the two horses. When both the great stallions were in retirement, she would visit them at Claiborne Farms when she no longer owned either of the horses. She later recalled that when she would call out Secretariat's name, he rarely came. "He had a hundred people calling his name," she said, whereas Riva Ridge always recognized her voice. ""He had only me." I like Diane Lane a lot; her performance in "Unfaithful" with Richard Gere (who also turned in one of his best performances), deserved an Oscar; she was nominated. But in Secretariat, her portrayal of Penny Tweedy is B-flat. She brings no depth to the part, and one is always aware that it is Diane Lane playing Penny Chenery rather than a portrayal of Penny Chenery by Diane Lane. This is always the challenge when playing a real person, and Lane just plain misses the mark. The script isn't very good, either, which is no help. Good soundtrack is one high point and the painstakingly re-created racing scenes are truly remarkable. I also like the way the director chose to vary the way in which each race is presented. We watch the Derby and the Belmont from the stands, but we see the running of the Preakness on the tv along with Penny Chenery's family in Colorado. This shows how amazing it was from their perspective to see their unexceptional-seeming Mom on tv, doing something only men had done before. It's an entertaining family picture, but no more. Both Penny Chenery and Secretariat deserved better.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on December 1, 2017
3.0 out of 5 stars
The story is boring the special features are great and make up for it !
Verified purchase
I bought this dvd hoping I would find out a lot about this famous horse Secretariat but not so much I mean there is some information throughout the movie but the movie is primarily about the family who owned this horse and let me tell you and this is only (my opinion) the story of the family and its ups and downs is boring boring boring. I'm sorry but I did not buy this movie to find about the families problems I wanted to know about the horse. I have watched the movie all the way through...once and will not watch it again. Yes there are tidbits of information thrown out through out the movie about Secretariat. When I pop this dvd into my player this is what I do when I want to watch it. I go right to "scene selection" I click on the part were Secretariat is going to win this famous race he ran and this is the movies version of the race (not the real race). Then I go to the "special features" and there is a ton of great stuff here about the trainer and others and also about the horse. The special features to me is what makes this dvd not the movie itself. I don't recommend the movie at all but do recommend if you are interested in hearing the real people that were actually involved in this magnificent horses life and watch the actual race which is and will always will be unbelievable and magical then get it for the special features.
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Deborah BlakemoreReviewed in the United States on September 22, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Down with Disney
Verified purchase
TONS of Disneyesque cringe in this movie; so much that I no longer even try to watch the entire film. I usually start at about 1:10 to 1:15 in, and catch the Triple Crown race depictions. I know I shouldn't have even bought it because animal abuse, but I'm a sucker for beholding each of the beautiful horses who portrayed Secretariat. Speaking of animal abuse, Disney was so busy glorifying Mrs. Tweedy, they didn't bother with even a mention of the cruelties of horse racing. How I wish I weren't stuck for now with the on-screen keyboard, and that we could cuss in these reviews because I've got one Hell of a cuss-laden rant for Disney! LOL. Update: I've become even more disappointed with this film lately. Even just a little reading reveals how much fiction was added. Penny, for instance, had a very strange way of 'trying to save' her family. She was having an affair with Lucien Lauren. They didn't bother to include all of the famous call at the Belmont; the most famous part being: Secretariat is frightening now! He is moving like a tremendous machine! I still enjoy seeing the pretty horses who portrayed Big Red so I still watch this sometimes, but YouTube vids of the ridiculously gorgeous REAL DEAL are almost always better.
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3genrailroadReviewed in the United States on March 15, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Splendid Movie!
Verified purchase
I had the privilege of growing up in Lexington, KY, where there are two things you know: college basketball and horses. Basketball is seasonal but horses are year 'round. Horse farms are everywhere. Spring and fall meets at Keeneland. Horse sales. On the 1st Saturday in May the elite thoroughbreds meet to see who is the fastest. All eyes are on Kentucky for the most famous of horse races. I've never gone to a horse race in my life. Nothing can compare to going to the farms yourself, seeing the horses train and watching them run and play. People don't make videos of everyday life and conversations about the sport so that a movie can be made later. Movies are made to entertain. This movie entertains. It may not be 100% factual in every aspect but it explains the love we have for horses. This is a movie about a horse that captured every heart. Especially mine. I would visit Secretariat at his paddock at Claiborne Farm in Paris, KY. He'd always come over to greet me. He'd look at me and seem to say "watch me run" and then he would take off. One time he was just standing around and a little girl and her mother came up to the fence. The little girl asked him if she could take his picture. He stopped nibbling on some grass and actually posed for her. He was a great animal.
One more thing, race horses are not abused during training as a couple reviews claim. Abuse happens when trainers don't know what they are doing or don't understand horses. Horse love to do one thing and that's run.
Take it from me. If you like horses and understand them a little, then you'll love this movie.
Athena PNReviewed in the United States on June 15, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
Splendid Truth with excellent make-believe
Verified purchase
The movie is terrific: watch it for the splendid truth of Secretariat, the most magnificent horse ever to run under the silks and be thrilled either again or for the first time. Disney did a great job with the horse actors chosen to represent him: it looks like Big Red again! Ron Turcotte, Secretariat's jockey & true believer, is well represented in this film: it was Turcotte as much as Secretariat that made that Triple Crown, brilliant athletes both. Secretariat, Turcotte & groom Eddie Sweat are well & honestly represented in this film, there is truth to their stories.

The human storyline of Penny Tweedy & Lucien Laurin is an engaging fiction. Diane Lane does a great job playing a Penny Tweedy who might have existed in a parallel universe: the 'little housewife' fighting against the big ol' boys club of thoroughbred racing. The Penny of the movie who researches her bloodlines & believes in her red horse is a terrific story & one I enjoy with each watching although it is an utter fiction, as is the 'retired' Lucien Laurin, well-played by John Malkovich. Even though I well remember Secretariat, and his Meadows Stables predecessor in the Derby, Riva Ridge, and have read everything available, I still enjoy the lovely little make-believe of this movie.

Of course, the Belmont Stakes of 1973 was no make-believe: it was the most incredible horse race anyone has ever seen. The movie does it justice (you can also see it for yourself on youtube, in terrible '70s TV coverage!). And if you want the real story, by all means read William Nack's 'Secretariat' - it's the truth, and it's much, much better than any movie could ever be. The movie got that right: the man writes like a poet.
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OhTwoReviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great movie - Great Blu-ray
Verified purchase
I'll go on record that I am a huge Secretariat fan - the actual horse. I remember watching the horses being introduced for the Kentucky Derby on TV in 1973. Secretariat was being hyped all over the news at that time and before his name was shown I remember thinking that I didn't know who Secretariat was but he was going to lose to the big red horse I saw walking out. Much to my surprise, that was Secretariat! I've never stopped being a fan and this movie takes me back to the time when I was much younger and truly enjoyed watching this historic horse run. He was an amazing animal and fun to watch run and show off for the cameras. The movie captures these moments very well but I'm not sure of all the background moments but they certainly add to the movie. Plus, Penny Chenery has a small part in the movie and a tribute is provided to the actual Secretariat and the people involved with him.
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