Seeing Other People

 (30)5.81 h 30 min2004R
Engaged couple Ed (Jay Mohr) and Alice (Julianne Nicholson) think a premarital sexual free-for-all will help ease their tension. As it turns out fooling around with multiple partners as a method of strengthening the sanctity of marriage isn't as easy as it appeared.
Wally Wolodarsky
Jay MohrJulianne NicholsonLauren Graham
English [CC]
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CDUReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2020
3.0 out of 5 starsFair as entertainment, but here's a better suggestion for exploring extra-relationship sex...
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First, I have normal human sexual hunger, and I can enjoy reckless passion, but I have always been able to find this in the context of committed, loving, relationships. In other words, I prefer making love to f***ing and scr**ing "around," but I am glad to f*** and scr** the person that I love, if the lover and the desire and the commitment seem to be totally mutual. I guess it's mostly about trust, and the premise of this movie is that two people who REALLY trust each other to keep loving each other could agree to F & S "around" with others, as long as it was "just sex."

For a more in-depth and believable exploration of the idea of sex with others in the context of a committed relationship, I recommend the Swiss-language* series Monogam-ish. Not the movies with that title. The 2-season, multi-episode series has enough time to really develop the characters, and to show every stage of what would likely happen to a committed couple if they chose to have an "open" relationship.
* Swiss language is an interesting combination of German, French, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, and English (think Spanglish and Franglais, but on steroids), so if you understand at least English and one of these other languages, you may not need to read the English subtitles to get what is going on. I know watching foreign-language movies is not as easy as watching movies in your native tongue, but this series is truly worth the effort.

The movie-making, itself, is fine. My issues are with the premise and the story behind the screenplay. As I already mentioned, for me (and I, suspect, for most people, whether or not they realize it, any fulfilling sex involves connection, and connection requires trust. So when this couple attempts to have sex with "others," they are both subtracting from their mutual relationship (less time, less sex (in the long run}, and Iess trust that they can still give to one another), and giving some of that to these other relationships, no matter how "meaningless" that sex with "others" is intended to be.

The more obvious example of this is how the woman finds ONE other man and discovers that repeated sex and time spent with that other man turns into an unintended relationship.

The less obvious example is how her fiancée, when trying to follow her suggestion of sleeping with others (a suggestion which starts out with self-serving intentions on her part), finds himself only able to pick up sex dates when he first opens up with intimate details about other words, he has to create the connection of the beginning of a relationship with each new woman, before he can succeed with so-called casual sex.

I DON'T believe that a truly committed couple...
A) would jump right past trying some sexual fantasy and sexual experimentation WITHIN their relationship, instead going to the extreme of extra-relationship sex
B) would try to maintain their original committed relationship, if it was clear that relationship was not "enough" for either or both of them, because that's the kind of thing that people take personally, as in "If I'm not enough for you, no matter how hard we try, then this is over," and
C) would both, essentially "cheat" on their relationship, even if you don't consider it cheating on one another in a situation where there is mutual advance consent, and THEN somehow believe that they can put their relationship back together, without always wondering whether one another will cheat on them, or cheat on the relationship, again.

Again, this story MIGHT happen in real life, but not in a relationship that involves me!
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SylReviewed in the United States on November 10, 2017
3.0 out of 5 starsCertain themes were more appealing than others
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The story becomes very interesting when Alice, Ed's girlfriend brings up the topic of having an open relationship. Alice seems very enthusiastic about it. I like the young woman named Sandy whose attending college that Ed goes out with. She seems so liberal, fun, and spontaneous. Sandy suggest a three way between herself, Ed, and her friend Myranda. I liked when Sandy calls Ed a "square", I thought that was hilarious as well true.
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thecardkidReviewed in the United States on February 20, 2012
3.0 out of 5 starsGreat concept, but too many flaws
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This review contains spoiler's about the film.

I have actually never rated anything on Amazon before, and while the majority of the time, most of the movies I watch I've enjoyed, this one falls a bit short, and that's why I had to write about this one.

I've broken the film down into 2 parts: Story and Technical Aspects


The films main characters, Ed & Alice are soon to be married, and she decides that she hasn't been with enough guys, so she wants to sleep around before the wedding.

Not only does it feel a bit forced, but quite cliched, because she convinces her fiance, (played by Jay Mohr) to agree.

And that is wherein lies the main problem for the remaining film, because the writers and director could have pushed the envelope here. Because, there are 2 ways the film could have went, either a dramatic approach, to both characters having sex, and eventually their selfish-ness causes their relationship to crumble, or it could have been much funnier, in which, kinda like karma or something, the individuals they decide to sleep with have specific problems. Think of "After Hours" where Martin Scorese pushes the envelope as much with the main character in the film (played by Griffin Dune) or "The 40 year old virgin." Both films go so far in their content of the story, but it falls flat here.

This felt more like something a film student, just out of college would direct as their first feature.

The secondary characters, didn't do much to help this film out either. Lauren Graham, usually plays the same type of role, so very little came from her in this. And, if you've seen most of her work, then you'll realize that. Andy Richter was not too bad, but playing the same type of schtick means that you really don't have as much talent, as you have a knack for those types of parts.

The two funniest characters, in my opinion were played by Helen Slater & Bryan Cranston. Cranston plays an english guy that is married to Graham, and Slater plays a divorcee mom, who is dating Richter. Although both parts are not long enough in the film, these two actors played these roles to the wire, just hilariously funny, which is why I really bought it anyway.

The other problem, was there were too many loopholes within the relationships between the characters, and not enough concrete obstacles. It should have had one after one after one, building up to a great scene near the end.

There was also the scene, the 2nd one with Slater & Richer, where he tells her he loves her, she seems a bit shocked. But then, later in the film, she's apparently 18 days pregnant??? To me, this should have been much more important for the story line, but it seemed like the punch line when Ed (Mohr) tries to say something funny about it.
There wasn't as much character development between not just these characters, but many.

Technical stuff

When both Alice & Ed walk outside their house to go about their day, they head off in separate direction. A wide shot is used. The same one is used later for a different day & scene where they again, go in their different direction. And again, it is used again. You can tell that the director shot all this stuff just in one day, and again, a major problem is that maybe he should have shot a closer scene of them leaving, maybe even while it is raining. The framing of these sequences could have made much more of an impact, say, if it helped add to the story, or caused some dramatic tension.

Centering people perfect in the frame is quite amateur. There were many shots, that if framed different might have had a unique effect with this film. Maybe it could show how both of the characters are trapped in a relationship that will eventually fail.

Cut aways annoyed me also. There were several cutaways once Ed came back home, when both Ed & Alice are talking, and we get a shot, from waaay back, wide shot (which the director loves) that is framed off on the left. Then, once Ed was telling about their problems, it would cut, and again cut. Obviously this was to show a passage of time, but it wasn't a montage, nor a series of shots, but instead, just cut aways. I found this quite annoying, irritating, and it pulls you as the viewer out of the film. And more importantly, that scene could have had such an impact. I wanted to know everything they were talking about.

One of the other things, that would have been neat to use, was early in the film, they talk about having sex at night, as well as during the day, and the director & writers could have incorporated this much better. Maybe Ed should've had sex in a car, and a police car drives by, during night. Or maybe Alice could have done something more risky during the day. While this might fall more with the script, it is clear that the concept had potential, but the story fell short.

These were just some of the many problems I had with this film, and while it's always hard to write & direct a feature film, I also know that every film has something great in it. For me, Helen & Bryan's over the top performances made this film worth watching, but it only rates 3 stars because of the writing and direction of the film.
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solsonScrzReviewed in the United States on September 27, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsfunny in more ways than one
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Laura IbaReviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018
4.0 out of 5 starsFour Stars
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Good movie. Made you really think in a different perspective.
don1126Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2014
5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars
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Good deal, fast shipping
mr stephane dulucReviewed in the United States on November 15, 2014
5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars
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thank you , very much
Marwan ElyakoubiReviewed in the United States on December 24, 2016
4.0 out of 5 starsis that so terrible? I don't mean to screw everything or ruin ...
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"I just want a little bit of sex, is that so terrible? I don't mean to screw everything or ruin everything.. When Ed and I were together and sometimes we just sat there at night , we'd stay and watch movies and do our laundry . It sounds boring, it was boring but it was fun, it was nice and good" the catch phrase said by Alice closing to the end of the film. Which I think bring back some hommage to the traditional, man-and-woman, monogamous relationship.
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