The Seventh Day

4.51 h 27 min2021X-RayR
A renowned exorcist who teams up with a rookie priest for his first day of training. As they plunge deeper into hell on earth, the lines between good and evil blur, and their own demons emerge.
Justin P. Lange
Guy PearceVadhir DerbezKeith David
English [CC]
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Dallas SonnierAmanda PresmykKimberly HwangChelsea Davenport
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3.9 out of 5 stars

4787 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United States

Jeffrey A. LynchReviewed in the United States on March 27, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Do not watch, instead take a one and a half hour walk.
Verified purchase
I can't tell if the decline of the catholic church is responsible for decline of these styles of movies, or if the decline of these movies is responsible for the decline of the catholic church.

I think they can stop making exorcist themed films from the perspective of the catholic church. I would like my $5.99 back.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on March 31, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
worth a watch or rent
Verified purchase
The acting isn't that great; but quite frankly, all horror fans have seen much worse. Production quality is solid for the genre, and there is legitimate entertainment value here. We've been pretty starved for horror movies, especially possession movies, over the last year. By default this basically gets an automatic bid for the top-10 of 2020-2021.
I don't really know what everybody is complaining about. All exorcism movies that came out after the original Exorcist are bound to be derivative in some capacity. You're really gonna tell me this isn't better than something like the exorcist II, or one of the garbage Amityville renditions that come out on a yearly basis?
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TomHunter1968Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Terrible film. Don’t waste your time or money.
Verified purchase
It’s rare I find one actor can rank a whole movie. But the co-star Durbez was terrible. Throughout this film, his face is almost expressionless. He wears the same bland expression no matter the situation, making it difficult to lend any kind of sympathy or concern for his character, thus ruining the ability to really buy into any of the otherwise “scary” or interesting scenes. That actor aside, this film is abysmal on its own. How they got Guy Pearce to go along with appearing in this one is beyond me, unless they bought him a vacation home in Fiji. Avoid this one. Don’t waste your money. Trust me. You’ll be disappointed.
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Gerald MooreReviewed in the United States on March 29, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Original refreshing twist to an exorcist movie!
Verified purchase
What a refreshing original twist to an exorcist movie... Comer from a veteran exorcist movie watcher, I want to let you all know don't listen to the negative reviews and give it a shot.. I think you will be impressed...several quotables and love guy Pearce's performance as well as "father daniel"
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jb0127Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
I liked it!
Verified purchase
I read a lot of bad reviews on this movie but it really wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the greatest movies I’ve ever seen but it certainly wasn’t the worst. If you like exorcism themed movies give it a shot!
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nosajmunsonReviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Really Disappointed, so much potential, not much delivery
Verified purchase
This is Training Day meets The Exorcist. The movie treats Priests performing exorcisms like a Super Hero defeating a Super Villain. The acting is great. Stephen Lang stands out as the Archbishop.

Basically, a seasoned "Badboy" Priest trains a Rookie Priest to battle demons and perform Exorcisms. The Seasoned Priest is haunted by an exorcism that went bad and took the life of his mentor. The Rookie Priest has issues with his faith. Together they drive around town looking for demons.
And there is a twist ending that a blind altar boy could see coming from a mile away.

Ultimately, this is a cliche run of the mill exorcism movie that never really delivers any real scares or original ideas. Which is too bad because the cast was great, but the plot was not.
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Chris WolfeReviewed in the United States on April 25, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Completely unbelievable
Verified purchase
Throughout the movie I was exclaiming, "THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!"
Yes. It's a horror movie, so it's a given that much of the plot will be based on things that, to most folks, are unbelievable. BUT in this movie NOTHING was believable. Everything from the discussions the novice priest had with church officials, to the kids he dangerously involved in the situation, to the medical doctors who didn't know proper psychiatric procedure, to the kidnapping stunt he pulled, etc. etc. NONE of it would have happened the way they portray it in the film. The list of OVER the top, unbelievable things that occur in the movie is endless. This is an hour and 27 minutes I won't get back. If you're going to watch it, wait a few months so you can see it for free. It's not worth 7 bucks.
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Steve S.Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
I guess Guy Pierce just does terrible movies strictly for money now.
Verified purchase
Not real good. Seems all of Hollywood is just scrambling to put out content no matter what. I'm a Guy Pierce fan and it's the only reason I watched. I'm usually pretty sharp but my wife this time told me the entire plot 5 minutes into the movie. I said you think so? Well, she nailed it. It would be ok at $1.99. Guy Pierce should not do this junk just for money. His fan base will dwindle. Oh yea, this movie is about Satan and it's poorly done.
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