Streets of Fire

6.71 h 33 min1984X-RayPG
Set against a brooding rock & roll landscape, "Streets of Fire" tells the story of a motorcycle gang that kidnaps a young diva. Her only hope for rescue lies with three unlikely heroes comprised of a soldier of fortune, a beer-guzzling low-life, and the abducted singer's manager.
Walter Hill
Michael PareDiane LaneWillem Dafoe
SuspenseActionDramaRomanceMusic Videos and Concerts
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Rick MoranisAmy Madigan
Lawrence GordonJoel Silver
Universal Pictures
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

HR HamadaReviewed in the United States on June 13, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
A rock and roll fable Make sure you order the 2017 collectors release, not the earliereuropean releases
Verified purchase
A rock and roll fable. It's not meant to be serious, just great, stylish fun from the costumes, set design, stage design, music and lighting, this is stylish. Even the graffiti interstitials were unique and full of color. Incredible music from the Ry Cooder originals which drove the film, or the set pieces produced by written by the likes of Stevie Nicks, and the concert song written by Jim Steinman (the man behind Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler). And don't forget TWO songs by the Blasters.
Dianne Lane does some of the best lip syncing of ANY actress portraying a singer on stage, or any real life modern pop singer who almost all use lip synching to perform now days.
A young Willem Dafoe is incredibly menacing and Lee Ving (from the group Fear) does a cameo as one of the henchmen)
Michael Pare is Michael Pare.
Also look for Amy Madigan, Bill Paxton, Rick Moranis, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Robert Townsend and a quick Ed Begley Jr cameo. And who doesn't love a very partially clothed Marine Jehan dancing at Torchy's. She was the body double in the movie "Flashdance".
TONS OF FUN. It's schlock, but it's meant to be schlock.
Again, it's a rock and roll FABLE, not meant to be an accurate depiction of a time or a place

The 2017 re-release has very good sound and very good video quality. There is some dust barely noticeable, but the lighting is incredible. They even hired lighting and stage design by people who work with major touring shows like Pink Floyd. Here, the whiting out or blacking out lens flare and light against grain are used creatively. The older European releases are NOT up to par. I just wish the internegative could have been at 4K instead of 2k. Even then many videophiles still use this as a test disk and it was very positively reviewed by bluray bloggers.
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Kevin AlfordReviewed in the United States on March 13, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
This has become my favorite movie of all time
Verified purchase
Maybe it doesn't say great things about me as a person, but I can't imagine liking a movie more than Streets of Fire. Something I usually find missing in modern movies could not be more abundant here: atmosphere. This movie creates a splinter world where the 80s crashed into the 60s, and everyone decided to talk like a Dick Tracey comic. The music is literally the best of any movie, ever, both score and original soundtrack. The characters are thin in a way that lets you read into their actions to assume more, but not so bad as to push you away from them. The direction and writing is purely Walter Hill, so if you've ever enjoyed the Warriors - or if you've enjoyed it a few hundred times like myself- this is going to bring you unbeatable joy.

Even after watching Streets of Fire more than a dozen times, I am still brought to bouncing excitement by the story and dialogue. I've gotten my wife hooked on the Fire Inc/ Ellen Aim songs. I've bought copies for friends. I might even buy copies for my enemies. Just go watch this movie. If you're not utterly dead inside, you will at least have fun with it.
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JamesReviewed in the United States on July 24, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent Release
Verified purchase
I saw “Streets of Fire” on its first release at the Empire Leicester Square in London. Its huge screen and amazing sound system did justice to this film that is eye candy for the senses and made for a stunning experience. Although the film did not gather the praise and box office returns it deserved on first release, especially in the USA, it’s great to see that through home video it has gained such a cult status and appreciation.

The film is visually stunning, set in some amazing undefined past era with the screen bathed in neon light. Like Walter Hill’s previous film “The Warriors”, this owes less to the real world and far more to graphic novels. With “Streets of Fire” it even borrows its main story from the western genre and its anti-hero is dressed in a coat that looks like it came from Hill’s western “The Long Riders”. The dialogue is stylised as is the acting with its cast doing a great job. Michael Pare looks great and plays the role as the somewhat dumb anti-hero with his heart in the right place exactly as the part needed. Diane Lane looks tremendous as the female lead especially during the stage sequences: the climactic scene in that red dress is awesome! Willem Defoe is terrific as the villain though I have never warmed to the idiosyncratic clothing he wore. The film has a really visceral climatic fight sequence with sledge hammers. The film’s back bone is its awesome music that drives the film. Apart from the very effective songs, the score by the wonderful Ry Cooder is excellent: it’s a pity so little of his score has ever been released on CD.

The Earlier UK blu ray release was an awful disappointment. The picture was far too grainy. There was also a fundamental problem with the 5.1 sound: nothing out of the rear channels!

Shout Factory’s new release is far better than the UK version. The picture is as good as you could expect from an 80’s film. The 5.1 mix is well-reproduced, with those amazing wipes swishing round the rears, but don’t expect it to sound as good and well-defined as a modern film. All of the UK extras are included on the second disc plus a brand new 100 minute documentary. Although there is some duplication with the UK 80 minute documentary, there is plenty new to make it worth seeing both.

An excellent release from Shout.
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a waltherReviewed in the United States on November 23, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good music in a Rocknroll Fable
Verified purchase
Walter Hill’s Street’s Of Fire is a self proclaimed Rocknroll fable. The movie is also notable for filming on some very impressive indoor sets that were created to look like they were ‘outside on a city street.’

I also own a vinyl of the Streets Of Fire soundtrack and wish to point out 2 songs written and performed by Ry Cooder as well as The Blasters are standouts. A third song—One Bad Stud—is written by the legendary duo Leiber and Stoller and, also, is performed by a full Blasters band. Diane Lane lip syncs wonderfully to the Fire Inc. closing song Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young (still gives me goosebumps, somewhat embarrassingly in my advancing age).
Another song is written by Tom Petty and Heartbreaker keyboardist Benmont Tench while another song is written by Stevie Nicks (Marilyn Martin sings). Dan Hartman—who was part of White Trash with Edgar Winter—wrote and played on arguably the albums most famous song I Can Dream About You.
Bob Seger wrote a song (not on my vinyl) that is in the movie.

So, the movie, itself, has a memorably wicked bad guy performance from Willem Dafoe who was close to being typecast (see To Live And Die In LA released 1985) in the 1980s as a big time heavy.
Michael Pare (Eddie and The Cruisers) is cool in leather jacket playing the Hero (not a great actor). Amy Madigan helps as a tomboy grease monkey, just back from an unnamed ‘war’.
Streets of Fire is a fable, so, throw historical accuracy and actual American location out the window. Just go along for the good vs bad, will there be a love story, action movie ride.
Great memories movie for me. The Fixx song is good too,

A flaw is a fight scene that is too brutal for there to be no fatalities. Sledgehammers? Really? The movie becomes strangely violent and even less realistic (see fable premise).
Otherwise Streets of Fire is 93 minutes of action, music, bikers, cool cars, gangs, Diane Lane, and some cheesy dialogue in the face of danger. It is never dull.
4.6 stars
Postscript: I should add my Universal 2003 DVD is widescreen, but the picture seems like it could have been easier to see especially the night time scenes.
BALACOBACOReviewed in the United States on July 22, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Inexplicably good.
Verified purchase
There is something really inexplicable about this movie.
The dystopian setting is not well established, the story is too simple, the acting is average (but adequate to the script)... but somehow miraculously, it all fell into place. There are 90 minutes of film that will leave you with an indelible sensation.

As for the Blu-ray edition, it is majestic. Extras are real extras! There are two documentaries that are over 90 minutes long! But the video clips of the time.

But best of all here in this movie: there's Diana Lane.
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Bratty AnnReviewed in the United States on March 12, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Michael Pare is such a magnetic actor. I was goofy for Eddie and the Cruisers 2 - so, knowing there would be no more Eddie, I craved Pare in another role that would give him that same edge, but different. And he came through as Tom Cody. Cody is sent for by his sister who needs him to come and rescue his ex girlfriend, played by Diane Lane, who was abducted by a motorcycle gang, headed by Willem DeFoe, from the stage as she was rocking the audience. The search brings in a handful of colorful characters. Amy Madigan is especially wonderful as Tom Cody's go-to "soldier". Bill Paxton has a short spot as a bouncer at the concert where the rock concert took place and again as the bartender who apprises Cody of what happened to his ex. A grand tale of rock fantasy. Ry Cooter's music carries you through the entire story. Loved this one.
David E. BaldwinReviewed in the United States on November 18, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Unmistakably Walter Hill
Verified purchase
If ever there was an underappreciated Eighties chestnut this is it. Along with Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" this has to be the most stylish film of that decade. The look of the film recalls director Walter Hill's "The Warriors" but doesn't mimic it. It reminded me of an industrial "American Graffiti". It was clever of Hill to set the film in some ambiguous rock 'n' roll universe where Link Wray and the Fixx coexist. Longtime music collaborator Ry Cooder offers up an appropriately bluesy-rock score that heightens the atmosphere. Hill deliberately cast youthful or relative unknowns in the main roles which is something of a mixed blessing. Willem Dafoe, Amy Madigan, Bill Paxton, and Rick Moranis are effective in supporting roles. Nominal leads Michael Pare and Diane Lane not so. Pare might have had movie star looks but as this and future ventures proved was charismatically challenged. Lane is one of our finest actresses but at that time in her career when she was transitioning to adult roles was clearly overmatched. Regardless these casting flaws do not diminish this intriguing effort.
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SReviewed in the United States on May 27, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Love this movie so much.
Verified purchase
I love this movie. It's fun and not to be taken too seriously. Wonderful music. Reminds me of my childhood. It's got some camp to be sure, but what 80's movie doesn't. It's a cult classic for a reason but I can't help but to love it. Michael Pare as Tom Cody made my heart melt when I was a little girl and he still kinda does. If you like really good music, this is right up your alley.
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