Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

 (4,255)6.81 h 24 min2018X-RayPG
A villain's maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks the Teen Titans who dream of Hollywood superhero stardom!
Aaron HorvathPeter Rida Michail
Greg CipesScott MenvilleKhary Payton
English [CC]
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MacJunegrandReviewed in the United States on January 16, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsPlaying the long game
Verified purchase
The Teen Titans cartoon had a rocky start with the fandom, as it was criticized for having an animesque visual style, dumbed-down storylines and relying too much on humor as opposed to the rest of the then-current DCAU, but later amassed a huge fandom who still appreciated the show for what it was, to the point where these particular versions of these characters became iconic. Fast forward a few years later and history seems to repeat itself. "Teen Titans GO!" is the series that replaced the previous show and suffered from the same criticisms yet also has garnered a huge fandom.

Full disclaimer: I haven't really watched the show this movie is based on. I watched an episode or two and was turned off by the excess of silly humor and lack of actual heroics. And you know what? That's fine, not all superhero shows have to be the same, but I figured it wasn't for me, so I let it pass. But then the movie came out. While I had absolutely no interest in it, they actually did something that made me buy it. Years ago I promised myself that if Nicolas Cage was ever cast as Superman, I'd pay to see it, and what do you know? This movie did just that.

I confess I was a little wary as I popped this disc into my console and started to play it, but a few minutes passed, and I was all in. This movie is silly, yes, the animation is, for the most part, simple, and the basic story is generic, but it's actually quite entertaining and humorous. While not all the jokes land, at certain points it is actually pants-wettingly hilarious. And, while obviously the level of entertainment kids will get out of this is different from what adults will, there's a lot of humor directed exclusively to the latter that kids will be entirely unable to pick up.

What's interesting is that this movie takes the major complaints about the show (too much goofiness, not enough heroics) and makes solving them its central plot. The nature of those issues coupled with the middle-credits revelation really makes it look like, rather than being a product of listening to complaints, this had been their plan all along. Looks like the writers have been playing the long game, in a majorly risky way, and it certainly seems to have paid off.

As an aside, this movie is a boon for any DC fan. There's quite a lot of obscure jokes and references to the larger DC universe, and I even caught a reference to a popular webcomic that makes a lot of Batman jokes. While it'd be the cynical response to think this movie is a cash grab based on a fad, I think it's pretty clear the writers have done their jobs and are looking to entertain.

So, I really liked the movie and I'm looking forward to the twice-teased sequel. It's a recommendation from me.
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Louis D.Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2018
5.0 out of 5 starsSilly, but fun.
Verified purchase
I've been a big fan of DC animation going back to Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toons. I originally watched the first iteration of the Teen Titans when it came out on Cartoon Network. When it ended, and Teen Titans Go replaced it, I didn't like it. While the first Titans was a little silly and slapsticky at times, Teen Titans Go cranked it up to 11. So I was a bit apprehensive to see this movie. But the trailer looked pretty funny. I don't know if it was that I had low expectations for this movie, but I really enjoyed it. And I have to admit, it was one of the best movies I've seen in 2018, (at least in the top 5).

If you've got pre-teens, they'll love this movie. But there are enough laughs to go around, even for adults. If you liked any of the Lego movies, you'll like this.
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Julian KennedyReviewed in the United States on March 13, 2019
3.0 out of 5 starsThe Kids are not alright.
Verified purchase
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: 5 out of 10: The popular cartoon series for children heads to the big screen with plenty of cameos from your favorite DC Characters (And one Marvelous guy) as Robin tries to get his own movie deal in a universe that would rather have a movie about Alfred the Butler.

This is all Moviebob’s fault. He gave this three and a half stars and said it was as good as Lego Batman. Well, it isn’t. It’s not that bad mind you. The plot involving DC heroes being too busy to fight crime due to all their film commitments is a funny take and there are plenty of deep dive cameos for the comic book nerds. It just isn't that good for either intended audience.

Of course, a lot of the jokes are shall we say fart related. Which I guess should be expected for a movie for six-year-olds. Which is a bit of an issue. The movie is way too loud and seizure-inducing to appeal to sober adults and yet the funniest bits are clearly aimed at the parental unit.

The lessons in the movie are not all that kid friendly either. There is a lot of murder and cruelty for a film aimed at six-year-olds who may not be able to get the meta humor. Okay, honestly I didn’t get some of it either. As my wife mentioned Mr. Rogers would not approve. No, he would not.
Drowning, shooting or running people over with cars and then running away from their dead body might make a fun sight gag in an over the top action film but does it really have a place in entertainment aimed at toddlers?

There is too much of well everything to sit through for the fan service (no not that kind of fan service thank god) and honestly, I would be hesitant to let ones kids see this. Kids are enough of a terror as it is really no reason to encourage them.
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TritonReviewed in the United States on June 8, 2019
3.0 out of 5 starsThe Teen Titans Go!-iest movie that could ever Go!
Verified purchase
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is exactly what you would expect if you gave the regular crew of the show an hour an twenty minutes and access to a Hollywood Rolodex of B, C, and D-List actors. It's incredibly stupid (in a good way, I guess?) with multiple fart/poop jokes and an incredibly simple story that takes too long to come together. If you've ever seen Family Guy, you are familiar with how they spend 7-10 minutes of their 23 minute run time to get to what the episode is actually about. They begin with farting around with scenes that have nothing to do with the episode and setting up three of four plot threads that they aren't going to follow before we get to whatever lunacy the episode is actually about. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies spends too much time establishing the plot, which is meager in itself, so we don't really get to spend enough time with it. What saves the movie, is how goofy and free it is too play around and make fun of the genre. I disagree with some of the casting choices, as it seems that for most of them, they just wanted another recognizable name on the marquee. Since nobody in the entire Teen Titans Go! universe is like their real comic book counter-parts, Nicolas Cage as Superman was fun, but why the heck is Lil Yachty John Stewart (and why is John Stewart the only human Green Lantern? Where is Hal?) and what moron thought Halsey should voice Wonder Woman? Wil Wheaton has never had a good performance in any medium and you get Tom Kenny on the payroll and you give him a random robot to voice? But I guess it works within the "wild and wacky" world of Teen Titans Go!. I loved all the small references to DC properties and most of the big ones were fairly clever. For what it is, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, is a surprisingly funny, occasionally clever, and consistently entertaining film. It's certainly not going to be held up favorably against any live-action super hero film, but that's not really what it's trying to be. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies isn't really a super hero movie; it's a solid goofy kids animated movie who's characters are super heroes. I wish they had spent the money they used on stunt casting to make either a longer movie or at least a more focused one, but it's not a bad way to spend eighty-something minutes. The Blu Ray release has some special features, but it's not really what I was looking for. I don't want to see a Lil Yachty music video or sing-longs, I want more deleted scenes or maybe a featurette where they explain their ridiculous casting.
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BenReviewed in the United States on October 17, 2018
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Buy.
Verified purchase
Had a great Daughter and Dad night. Movie was funny with a lot of great jokes and Easter eggs.
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Arlo SanchezReviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018
5.0 out of 5 starsCharming and Hilarious
Verified purchase
I can't lie, I grew up watching the original Teen Titans show and was originally iffy on the concept of Teen Titans Go, with its different animation and departure from the serious storytelling the original had. But watching the Teen Titans Go show was nothing but a great time; it's a crazy funny show.

The movie takes everything that makes Teen Titans Go great and dials it to 1,000. It's very similar to The Lego Batman Movie, in that it's very self-referential, has a joke almost every five seconds and is an absolute joy to watch the whole way through multiple times. When the characters aren't spouting one-liners, there's a background visual gag that'll have you laughing, or a subtle reference that'll have comic fans giggling endlessly. Seriously, this movie is a blast for both kids and adults.
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AndacarReviewed in the United States on November 19, 2018
4.0 out of 5 starsMuch better than I was expecting. Could do without the rap
Verified purchase
I've been a fan of this show for a while now. The humor is very "meta," like a lot of cartoons today, but often very funny, especially if you're older and understand some of the references. This film clearly answers the fan angst of wanting to see the Titans Go actually fight and does that well. The plot is enjoyable, the voice acting as great as usual, the animation very appropriate. I could have done without the rap. Not sure how I feel about the show getting "serious" again. The original was honestly not much more "heavy" than this. Worth watching!
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AmazonMunchiesReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsTL;DR Let's Go!
Verified purchase
TL;DR (Too, Long; Didn't Read) Version

We're a huge fan of the early 2000s older Teen Titans, but this light-hearted version hits all the right notes. That's right DC "Titans", no one wants or asked for a 'darker' Teen Titans.

The good
- The Easter Eggs are fun to watch.
- All the cast in the movie nails their character perfectly.
- Although the movie is targeted at younger kids, older youth, parents, and young people will enjoy this movie.

The bad
- There are some pacing issues where the story drags in some scenes, but it is very minor.

Final Verdict: A perfect film to enjoy with the family, a date night, or even alone in your room with a bag of chips.
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