The Saint

British actor Simon Dutton dons the golden halo based on the timeless character created by Leslie Charteris. Simon Templar known as the Saint from his initials is a suave, sophisticated super-sleuth with a taste for theft and beautiful women.
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  1. S1 E1 - The Brazilian Connection
    June 1, 2014
    1 h 36 min
    Simon Templar coolly interrupts a criminal transaction at a high-rise under construction, then makes an airy getaway. Later, a baby is abducted in broad daylight, and Templar uncovers an international crime ring.
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  2. S1 E2 - The Blue Dulac
    June 1, 2014
    1 h 40 min
    When two of Templar's friends are killed by a bomb blast in their Paris home, he travels to France to trap their murderer. The Saint's mission is aided by a priceless piece of jewelry and others seeking justice.
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  3. S1 E3 - Fear in Fun Park
    January 1, 1989
    1 h 39 min
    Templar arrives in Australia to investigate the disappearance of a client's daughter. By chance, he meets an old flame who asks him to help her father out of a shady real-estate deal. Against a backdrop of Sydney's most spectacular landmarks, the Saint is drawn into a maze of illegal activities including blackmail, slavery, and murder.
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