Tickle Me

5.91 h 30 min1965PG
A guitar-playing rodeo rider, working at a dude ranch for girls, attracts all of them except the physical instructor, until he helps her to find buried gold in a ghost town.
Norman Taurog
Elvis PresleyJulie AdamsJocelyn Lane
ComedyArts, Entertainment, and Culture
English [CC]
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Jack MullaneyMerry AndersConnie GilchristEdward FaulknerBill WilliamsLouie EliasBarbara WerleJohn DennisLaurie BurtonAllison Hayes
Ben Schwalb
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Paul KyriaziReviewed in the United States on October 9, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Streaming Has Great 1-2:35 Panavision Print
Verified purchase
Allied Artists was going bankrupt in 1965. What to do? Producer Hal Wallis said, “The only sure thing in Hollywood is an Elvis Presley movie.” So, the studio raised 1.5 million dollars, gave Elvis $750,000 plus 50% of the profits and produced Tickle Me in 23 days. Money was saved by using Elvis’ previously recorded music, making every song special.
The story of a rodeo champion working at women only health-ranch starts out with a great ‘in joke’ when Elvis asks a bar owner, “How am I going to eat before rodeo season?”
Tickle Me made five-million dollars world-wide (45 million today). It was the #3 top grosser in Allied Artists’ history, after El Cid and 55 Days in Peking.
Recognizable supporting actors are: Julia Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Bill Williams (Kit Carson, Assignment Underwater), Red West (Black Sheep Squadron), Alison Hayes, (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman), Richard Reeves (Target Earth), Edward Faulkner (five John Wayne movies) with Jack Mullaney being a good Jerry Lewis substitute.
Julie Adams told me (name-drop) that black & white photo of her and Elvis ruining a serious take, was because of laughing at Elvis’ guys behind him staging a fake fight.
Elvis has five cool fight scenes in the movie, three using karate, which was new in the USA at the time. He saves his karate for the real bad guys in the story. For fights with jealous guys, Elvis uses good, old haymakers.
Elvis romantic interest, Jocelyn Lane has been said, by many fans, to be “Elvis’ most beautiful co-star”. Yes, more than Ann-Margret. Lane and Elvis make romantic heat in several scenes.
The two writers, who wrote 20 years of The Three Stooges shorts and movies, came up with slapstick, sight gags not found in any other Elvis movie. The long haunted-house sequence has jump-scares, stunts, fights, and laughs.
Final verdict: “If it feels so right, how can it be wrong?”
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Jamie M.Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Check out Tickle Me is now on Bluray
Verified purchase
Tickle Me dvd (listed here) is also in Bluray, import from Germany. This is a review for the Bluray edition not the DVD edition. Just in case you would rather upgrade to blu ray edition. The Bluray plays on "all region" Bluray players including US standard Bluray players. It looks to have been released in Germany for the 50th year anniversary, while in the United States Viva Las Vegas was released for the 50th anniversary. Why was Viva Las Vegas released again on Bluray in the United States is beyond me since it is one of the few Elvis Presley movies that has already been released on Bluray. Still, I jumped on the chance to purchase "Tickle Me" on Bluray since it is All Regions, not dubbed, and in English.

Bonus material: Bluray release contains movie trailer, photo movie stills and poster gallerie(s), and music jukebox (jumps to scene of movie with that Elvis song). Awesome bonus features better than most United States Bluray releases, especially on older movies.

Warning: the Bluray box art, collector booklet, and Bluray menu are in German.

For English select option of "Set Up" on the Bluray movie menu.

1. Ton Spur - "Englische" for English spoken language (original and not dubbed).

2. Englische Untertitel - "AN" for subtitles On or "AUS" for subtitles Off.

Bluray Positives:

1. The Bluray had great quality transferred to this new media which is not always the case with older movies where sometimes the technology can surpass the movie production. But overall this was not the case here at all. Highly recommend this Bluray and the German Released surpassed even some rushed US Bluray releases I have seen especially on older movies. It was obvious that this movie was well loved in Germany because the quality of the Bluray transfer was spot on, crisp, clear, vibrant colors, great sound, etc. Also the German packaging although in German seems detailed with a 8 page glossy collector booklet. Wish I could read German but the publicity stills were great. The quality was just lovingly handled. Highly recommended this purchase. This is one of my favorite Elvis Presley movies. Wish they would release on Bluray next Double Trouble, Girl Happy, and Kissing Cousins. Fingers crossed!!

2. Another Elvis Presley movie released on Bluray, which are too few. To date only the Elvis Presley movies Tickle Me (German Released Explosive Media), Clambake (Kino Studios), Flaming Star (Twilight Time Limited Release), Follow That Dream (Twilight Time Limited Release), Frankie and Johnny, Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, and Viva Las Vegas.

Tickle Me Bluray stand out scenes to me were the following,

1. Opening scene on the bus. You could actually feel the wind in Elvis Presley hair when he is singing. It looks so soft and thick. No wonder women loved and envied his hair. Wow! Must have taken hours to style. Did not notice that before on v.h.s and dvd renditions.

2. Opening bar fight. When Elvis Presley is talking to Julie Adams you can literally see the sweat pouring down Elvis Presley face. I thought to myself "Wow! I have seen Elvis Presley sweat". Very authentic.

3. Pam attempted kidnapping at party/Louai. I always knew her dress was pink but I did not realize just how pink like a fusia pink. Wow! And the dress had tassels like fringe. Very 60s. Again did not notice this in v.h.s and dvd renditions.

4. Pam dresses. Wow! It was really the 60s. I mean I knew that but the dresses were toga like in some scenes and what an uncomfortable scratchy fabric it must have been. Good thing it only took 2 weeks to film because I pity the poor girl having to wear that scratchy material any longer that that. Still the details on Bluray are amazing and make you feel like your there as a participant.

5. Ghost town hotel for the night. The wallpaper was amazing. You could practically feel the texture on the walls. Wow! Loved it. Felt like I was really touring a historic home from that era.

Negative: Only drawback to me (but did not make me regret purchasing the Bluray by no means) was the one scene when Elvis was unloading a truck and set backdrop was obviously a studio set of mountains and looked like a stage set for a talent show. Bluray is great in some ways but the technology surpassed the production dollars for this scene at least. Still, I just shook my head and ignored it because it's Elvis and I am just grateful it was released in Bluray format at all.

SIDE NOTE: If you are looking for the Tickle Me movie soundtrack you can find all the songs on the CD set, "Elvis From Nashville To Memphis: The Essentials 60's Masters". It is 5 compact discs with most of his most memorable songs including like I said all the songs from Tickle Me movie soundtrack.
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J. WadeReviewed in the United States on October 14, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
It's a silly movie that can't really decide what it wants to be, but I still love it
Verified purchase
The movie is so fun and good-natured that you forgive the goofy story structure and bad acting of anyone who isn't Elvis, Jocelyn Lane, or Julie Adams. It never takes itself seriously and the music is top notch for an Elvis film because it's from previous albums instead of being composed for the movie. Unfortunately, that also means the music doesn't have any connection to the goings on in the movie. All in all, everyone looks like they're having a good time, and Jocelyn Lane was a total smoke show, so that doesn't hurt.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on February 17, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
One of the better Elvis films
Verified purchase
Before his stint in the Army Elvis was in all black & white movies and he could act very well. After the Army he was in color and very few movies would be well received by critics. Tickle Me was largely panned by most. I'm one of the few that agreed with those critics that thought Tickle Me was fun loving and had a sound track that was one of the best. It could have been subtitled Girls Girls Girls part 2.
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V. Risoli-BlackReviewed in the United States on May 23, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
Elvis's "B" Picture that Scores High
Verified purchase
This little picture, which saved Allied Artists from bankruptcy in 1965, the same year Elvis starred in "Girl Happy" and "Harum Scarum" for bigger studios saves Elvis from a lot of embarrassment about his career in films. The Colonel knew he was packaging a "B" film for Elvis as Elvis in his films recorded the soundtracks first, so integral were they to his esteem, but with "Tickle Me" to save on the time allotted to the picture (which is rumored to be about a two week shooting schedule), no new songs were recorded, the nine songs in the picture taken from Elvis albums released in the several years that had transpired since his release from the Army. The script was by the team of Elwood Ullman and Edward Bernds, the team responsible for some Three Stooges comedies. It never took itself seriously and Elvis even parodied himself which added to its charm. His co-star was the stunningly beautiful Jocelyn Lane as "Pam" who gets the least credit in the Elvis Film Encyclopedia and even marries him in the film. Directed by Norman Taurog, a veteran movie director who had won an Oscar for directing Jackie Cooper in "Skippy" in 1931 and directed ten Elvis outings in all was considered an "entertainer's director" and once again he pulls off a rather satisfying movie. Taurog believed in Elvis obviously and thought that with better quality scripts, Elvis could really be quite an actor. But with a carnival huckster for a manager like the Colonel, Elvis as a freak in a freak show was wearing thin. The more the Colonel tried to stabilize Elvis's career like having him do travelogues to bossa nova numbers and putting him in the Army, the less we could see the true potential of his star attraction. Elvis plays "Lonnie Beale" a rodeo star who earns extra money working on a dude ranch... for girls! Also in the cast are the Norman Taurog staple Jack Mullaney as Elvis's sidekick, "Stanley," Julie Adams as his boss, "Vera Radford" and Merry Anders delightful to see again (of TV's "How to Marry a Millionaire" TV series) as one of the clientele. "Pam Merritt" is a co-worker of Elvis's at the ranch looking in a nearby ghost town for her grandfather's hidden gold. The trio are challenged by some unscrupulous locals after the hidden money. Warner Bros. who now owns the film have provided a great transfer. Each time the film comes up with new packaging, I understand it makes its cost back yet once again. It's a crying shame Elvis never got to know really how well he was doing, despite the coming decline of his film career. The picture is colorful, tuneful and because it does not take itself seriously is definitely a lot of fun. It takes a little picture like this to show that, in the day, only Elvis and Disney were for certain money-makers.
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J. ClydeReviewed in the United States on June 27, 2015
3.0 out of 5 stars
Elvis, Jocelyn Lane and the usual hi-jinks and low-jinks.
Verified purchase
Tickle Me is not a great Elvis movie. And maybe not a very good one. But I can't help but like it anyway. By the time Elvis made this film, his films for the most part were on a downward trend with the plots being almost interchangeable. Insert some mostly forgettable songs, one jealous love interest, and then surround Elvis with a large group of adoring female fans ready to swoon over each and every one of his muscle twitches.

But this film has just enough for me to give it a recommendation. First and foremost it has Jocelyn Lane as his co-star. And she is a knock-out. I thought so the first time I saw this movie in the sixties and still do. Who cares if she isn't given a lot to do? Believe me, it isn't important. But Pam (Jocelyn Lane) does have a secret involving some lost gold coins and there are some bad guys hanging around the weight loss dude ranch for pampered females where she works and Elvis as Lonnie Beal mostly plays while he figures out a way to break down the iceberg known as Pam. It doesn't hurt that Lonnie always happens to be nearby whenever the bad guys try to do Pam in.

Jack Mullaney is on hand as the goofy second banana, something he was pretty good at in these types of film. Julie Adams is the owner of the ranch, Vera Radford, who hires Lonnie and not because of his rodeo skills and later throws cold water on the Lonnie/Pam duet when Pam walks in on Vera's seduction of a pretty willing Lonnie. Well, Elvis relationships in these films were never easy.

The songs are forgettable for the most part, although I did enjoy a couple of them particularly the catchy song Elvis croons in the jeep to Pam at the end, Slowly But Surely.

There's a pretty decent slapstick sequence that takes place in a restored hotel that may or may not be haunted. The mystery of who is after Pam's treasure (the gold coins, not the other one) may or may not keep you guessing. Norman Taurog directs, and his Elvis films always seem a little bit better than some others probably because I don't think anybody takes this stuff seriously and they weren't kidding themselves that it was high art. It looks like they all had a good time doing that and it shows up on the screen even if the production values aren't there. It's all done on the studio lot. Watch closely every time that jeep drives out of the ranch. The film is obviously speeded up to make it appear it's driving out faster than it is and it's kind of funny.

The digital Amazon HD presentation is okay but I have nothing to compare it to as far as a DVD. I do know the HD presentation on Warner Archive Subscription Streaming was better (I sampled both), but they stream in 1080 P and Amazon in 720 P so obviously Warner had the edge and it shows. Maybe it's time for Amazon to up their game.

Anyway, if you're an Elvis fan I'm sure you'll watch regardless. Everybody else might find something here to be amused with. And failing all that, well there's always Jocelyn Lane. Nobody has ever filled out a pair of white gym shorts and a T-shirt any better. And you can take that to the bank.
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Brian E. ErlandReviewed in the United States on February 23, 2008
4.0 out of 5 stars
"Strictly Business" ~ Where Oh Where Has My Jocelyn Gone?
Verified purchase
Synopsis: Lonnie Beal (Elvis), a temporarily out of work rodeo rider gets a job at what he thinks is your everyday conventional cattle ranch. On arrival he is pleasantly surprised to discover that it's a fat farm/retreat for a bevy of beautiful women. As I'm sure you guessed, he immediately becomes the most sought after commodity within a hundred mile radius.

Critique: The '65 release `Tickle Me' is your typical Elvis movie famous for there predictable storyline, atrocious acting, inane dialogue, schlock humor and extremely attractive women. See Elvis win the heart of many a fair maiden with his classic good looks, charming personality, manly fighting skills and incredible singing voice. However what sets this particular film apart from the rest of the herd of Elvis cinematic exploits is the presence of one of the most stunning beauties of the `60's, or any decade for that matter, the alluring, rarely seen Jocelyn Lane. For me this isn't an Elvis film, it's a Jocelyn Lane film and the - 4 Stars - are all for her.
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DVD WatcherReviewed in the United States on October 18, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
fun movie
Verified purchase
I actually purchased this DVD as a gift, but remember seeing the movie when it played in the theatre. It was the only Elvis Presley movie I liked. Good cast with Elvis - Jack Mullaney (It's About Time), Julie Adams (Creature From the Black Lagoon), Bill Williams (Kit Carson), Ed Faulkner (McClintock). It will be more fun for me to watch this movie now as I have met Ed Faulkner several times at Western Legends Roundup in Kanab Utah (held every August).
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