Traffic Stop

[HBO] HD. Academy Award(R) Nominee Documentary Short Subject. A profile of Breaion King whose brutal arrest was captured by police dashcams.
Kate Davis
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Top reviews from the United States

MattReviewed in the United States on March 10, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Dont waste your time. Pure propaganda
Verified purchase
I watched this film with an open mind and I can tell you that this doc isnt worth the film it was printed on. This woman has an obvious dislike of the police. You can tell by her initial words to the officer and her attitude and disrespect for the fact that she is being pulled over and needs to comply with the officers commands. By the way, the officer was polite, and was calm in his demeanor up until the point when she decides for whatever reason to not comply and the rest of the story unfolds.
Do I think the officer used excessive force? I do not know. I was not there. I can tell you that when a person is being pulled over by the police, you need to comply with the officers commands. You dont fight the police in the street. You fight the police in the courts and with peaceful civil demonstration of your 1st ammend rights.
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ChandiceReviewed in the United States on July 12, 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Oh brother here we go again.....
Verified purchase
This was a terrible documentary! Clearly the women knew she was speeding and in the wrong. She was rude to the officer and uncooperative, agrumentative and was using the racist card!! Had she cooperated it would not have escalated to her violent arrest! She was speeding it had nothing to do with the fact that she was black. She made it the issue because she is black! Such a one-sided documentry.
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Mimi GReviewed in the United States on June 2, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
why is this even a movie?
Verified purchase
She disregarded the posted speed limit. She saw the police car and pulled into the parking lot to avoid a ticket. She repeatedly refused to follow the directions of the officer. She was intentionally antagonistic to the officer. The first words she spoke, can you ticket me if I'm already parked, we proof she knew she was breaking the law wnd was trying not to get caught. She got physical with the officer first. After that, he is not obligated to arrest her gently. More propaganda BS. I live here, and these cops put up with a LOT trying to do the job as best they can while keeping the public safe wnd going home to family every day. Garbage like this has no business being made. Shame on them for not telling the whole story
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AnonymiceReviewed in the United States on December 23, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good Short Subject Film
Verified purchase
Wow, lot of shameful, ignorant racist trolling here from people who haven't a clue about being a POC. I really don't either, as a white woman, but I know the basics from black friends, and I've feared for their lives when they were on the road. I watched the whole thing on YT from a couple of sources. The traffic stop video shown in this film was NOT edited down and nothing omitted in the part shown, contrary to the claims of the 1star reviewers. The video in the film started before the stop and ended on the ride to the station, except it didn't show a few things even more damaging to the police, like the 3 cops doing an extended giddy play by play analysis after ("That was exciting!", said like it WAS invigorating and cool, not sarcastically) and getting their story straight and determining how much was on video. A bystander came up as well and offered to be a witness, as he said he saw her resisting, but unclear how much he saw, but I seriously doubt he could see what happened in the car or before that.

She also did not pull the race card, but asked calm questions about racism on the way to the station (the whole thing was so obviously racist, esp if you understand the entire black/police situation). She also asked for a black officer after she was subdued (like that would have helped!) and she said they (the officers there) were BS (they were), but it didn't strike me as unusual or racist, after what she had been through. She just wanted help. It's very hard to tell whether she indeed tried to hit him, but it is easier to see that he most probably hit her in the car (the video is at such a bad angle, but an analysis would show these things. Due to the award, I imagine that I saw it correctly. After the initial struggle in the car, he asked her to stand up and get out of the car, and she then said, "I'm getting out, let me get out. Get off me". But he gave her no room to get out of the car and in fact was still holding her, bending over her, so essentially making it impossible for her to obey his commands. I can't say if that was intentional by him or not, but it obviously gave him what he thought was an excuse to slam her all over the parking lot and the nearby pickup truck.

So she lied about speeding and tried to wiggle out of a ticket. Like none of us ever has? A ticket means going to court, defensive driving, or having your insurance go up, or losing your license if 3 tickets in 2yrs, I think. So money and time out, or no license. She seems like a very emotional, intense person and it sounded like she was on her way to work (maybe late?). Anyone knows how awful it is to be stopped. I get very nervous and begin to cry. They have to tell me everything twice for me to take it in and comply, but I'm WHITE, so it doesn't matter. I've gotten smart mouthed and even angry over a couple stops. I started in with the "Are you serious?". And let him know by my attitude that I was very, very mad. But he did nothing but say, "Have a nice day, ma'am.". If I had done what King initially did, I would not have been arrested and certainly not body slammed, because I would have been allowed to sit in the car with the door open, so things would never have escalated. She gave him her license immediately, too. And why did he jump out of his car like he was after a burglary suspect or she had run (she turned left as she was in the left lane, of course)? Searching her car was also unwarranted. They never would have searched a white person's car without actual cause (well, they do, but I mean, as a habit). And no, use of excessive force and bad judgement is not cause to search a car. He had her license, which would tell him what he needed to know.

She also didn't seem to be speeding that much, from the video, in fact, I wouldn't have even noticed her car. Anyone in Texas knows that you can go 180 and not get stopped, esp without radar, well, unless they WANT to stop you. Austin cops must be really bored to pull this kind of stuff. Someone give them something to do!

Black people know that they could be killed over an encounter with the police, or, at the very least, arrested, so they are essentially fearing and fighting for their lives in these encounters. I can drive for months with an expired safety sticker or forget to put on the new license sticker, or commit any number of moving violations freely, but my black friends get stopped right away. Some of my black friends have felonies, basically for being black with no money for a lawyer and having to plead to a crazy felony, after a trumped up arrest (it's really frightening). If I was black, I would be SO angry all the time and if stopped, I just wouldn't be having any of it. I mean, at some point, you just get fed up.

It's been a while since this incident, and several things have happened. The City of Austin awarded her $425,000. Officer Richter was fired before the verdict after a complaint was filed about excessive force in *another* case. Duh. Cops are now trained to fear the worst, in every situation, esp with POC. This terrible training produces these kinds of violent, arrogant, trigger happy police and adds to the racism.

Apart from the assault, I was really dismayed by the racist remarks of the officer who transporter her (it's on the YT videos). He said that black people had "violent tendencies". He didn't say "some" or qualify it in any way, and went on to dig himself even deeper. This is how he justified some people being afraid of black people (and presumably her arrest). The white fear of black people is a whole other subject for another day, but it goes back 450yrs.

I know it is a short film, but I really wanted to hear more about Richter and even the racist transport cop, although perhaps they couldn't or didn't want to make it look totally biased against the cops. As it is, the viewpoint stands for itself as the cops damn themselves. We do hear from Breaion, about her life before and after and the accomplishments and a little about the effect this has had on her daily life. Nothing extended, but enough to know that she's a well educated (master's) teacher, a homeowner, dancer, singer, etc. She had never been arrested before and didn't need to "arrange" that whole thing for money (are people even serious when suggesting that?). But I guess since black people have "violent tendencies", the officer was just protecting himself (from a 112lb woman).
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bobReviewed in the United States on February 5, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Not a fan
Verified purchase
I don't think being a pain in the ass to cops is a very good idea.

Cops do have the onus on them to act more professionally that regular citizens but there is a point where you have to obey some simple instructions.
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carla lopezReviewed in the United States on February 26, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Complete Waste of Oxygen
Verified purchase
What a complete joke! Putting this attention-seeker out here behind Prime time's relatively decent reputation is very irresponsible, folks. Wasted my time, energy, attention... This person is only about attention. And she's pretty good at blowing her own horn and unfurling her flag of accomplishments to quite a sizeable audience. That is, providing there are more out here than the gullible HBO fans who trusted your logo... HBO. Professors? Tears? Lawyer? And at the end, get you full name - first/middle/last, college degree... I'm sorry. I tend to ramble when I am disgusted. Don't do this again. It makes you appear weak, and desperate for any audience.
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LyssaReviewed in the United States on July 29, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
She deserved every thing she got!!!
Verified purchase
I absolutely cannot believe that she had the nerve to get on camera, on an HBO doc, and LIE to everyone.....even with video evidence that shows exactly what happened. That's borderline pathological. I also cannot believe that a "teacher" is allowed to keep her position when she very clearly is racist, has an issue with authority & continues to try and play the victim. She 1000000% was in the wrong! She had an attitude, DID NOT COMPLY SEVERAL TIMES, she was fighting and even WHILE she was not complying, she was screaming that she was following his commands when she was not. I guess she thought if she was yelling it, that other people would only hear her, and not see what happened and she would have more people take her side. Furthermore, she continued to lie to the police by saying that the initial police officer lied when he very clearly did not. I am not racist in the least; I believe that we are all the children of God. However, despite her "wonderful" accomplishments....she made many bad decisions that day & has apparently made that an ongoing trend in her life, since she is still to this day lying about the events how they happened. She apparently needs to win a big payday in order to pay for her "House, two cars & to go back to get her doctorate." Mrs. King, your mother would be very disappointed in you and your actions, I'm sure. From the way you describe her, she doesn't seem like the kind to try and take the easy way, or to want to be given things she does not deserve. YOU DO NOT DESERVE ANY KIND OF SETTLEMENT. You fought the police, you got what you asked for! The police officer showed restraint where he could, he was polite to you the whole time, even afterward. He never cursed at you, like you did him. If you truly are a Christian, then perhaps you should consider hitting your knees and not only asking for forgiveness for lying, but for trying to portray yourself as something you are not (someone who was discriminated against because of the color of her skin, a good Godly woman all the time-none of us are btw, someone who is a victim). You ma'am, are none of these things. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, humble yourself...a lot, stop trying to play the racism card, stop lying to yourself and the world, stop playing victim and carrying on with the "poor pitiful me, I am such a great person and look what they did to me" & start taking responsibility for your own actions, admit that you were in the wrong, you made bad decisions & you have serious work you need to do on yourself. Maybe lean into your faith more and start realizing what you are doing to other children of God & start taking a long hard look at the things you are not doing right. Make sure you remember how you treated the police, the next time you need help.
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LucyReviewed in the United States on May 17, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Had to stop watching
Verified purchase
She started with an attitude, entitled and then resisted. Do not feel sorry for her one bit. Take your ticket like a man. Its only a ticket not worth the trouble you got for it. Now do I think a white woman would have so quickly been arrested, no. But if she had I'd say she deserved it too. This woman is incredibly arrogant and the film makers might want to rethink who they side with because this does just the opposite to their clear agenda. I believe there is police brutality and I'm fully against it. FULLY! But not every interaction is worthy to stand up and fight for, save the outrage for the real brutality not this arrogant, lying drama queen.
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