Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

1 h 39 min1995X-RayR
Seagal reprises the role of Casey Ryback, the mild-mannered cook and resourceful ex-Navy SEAL. This time, the danger is on the rails instead of at sea, and the stakes are even higher.
Geoff Murphy
Patrick BreenEric BogosianKatherine Heigl
English [CC]
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Gary GoldsteinJeffrey NeumanMartin WileyPatrick BreenArnon MilchanSteve Perry
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Top reviews from the United States

ShaneReviewed in the United States on January 8, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Classic Old-School Segal!
Verified purchase
Always enjoyed the Under Siege films from Segal. I never knew they ever released the 2nd one on blu-ray. The transition to blu-ray is great. There are some scenes that were filmed on a blue screen that are quire evident, but that was also on the DVD version, so it has nothing to do with the transfer to blu-ray. As far as the physical merchandise, it came in a very well protected package. The case and disc are in great condition, and the movie played very well. Thank you for selling merchandise in great condition!
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Douglas SherwoodReviewed in the United States on September 29, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Awesome movie
Verified purchase
Prime Video purchase. Awesome movie. Was filmed in Colorado. Shows the original Union Station as it was before remodeled to what it is now. "Dark Territory" is a real place in the mountains of Colorado where you cannot get any type of signal or even be tracked or traced, and the train goes right through there. I would really recommend this to anyone who enjoys action/martial arts!
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MichaelReviewed in the United States on May 18, 2008
3.0 out of 5 stars
Runaway Sequel
Verified purchase
There's no denying one thing: "Under Siege 2", directed by Geoff Murphy ([[ASIN:B0000399WE Young Guns II]]), is one of Seagal's biggest movies. Shot on a $60 million budget, the follow-up to the top-grossing [[ASIN:0790732238 Under Siege]] promises big and features Seagal's most endearing film persona - former Navy SEAL-turned-cook Casey Ryback - taking the fight to the bad guys on a moving train. It's not, however, his best. Reportedly part of a trade-off offered by Warner Bros. so Seagal could direct [[ASIN:0790740826 On Deadly Ground]], it doesn't feel as fun as Steven's previous pictures and is, in my opinion, the first wrong step in a career riddled by them.

The storyline: now retired from the Navy, Ryback (Seagal) joins his niece (Katherine Heigl, [[ASIN:B00005JO9J Grey's Anatomy]]) on a train ride to Los Angeles to visit the grave of her father. However, when the same train is hijacked by mercenaries headed by a computer genius (Eric Bogosian, [[ASIN:B00005JLFV Law and Order]]) who gains control of a military satellite with destructive capabilities and the passengers are taken hostage, Ryback must race against time to disarm the terrorists and stop an automated attack on the Pentagon.

Though the film still falls under the label of Seagal's "good" movies, I was disappointed by it as a whole: the edge is off the excitement experienced in the prequel, and when comparing it to his earlier titles, this one seems more superficial and reliant on special effects than physical talent. Seeing Seagal beginning to put on weight also isn't cool. The aikido master had never been much of a bodybuilder, but up until this point in time, he had been pretty trim; perhaps it's age, but by now, Seagal's face is pretty chubby and his build is a bit heavier. The villains also sort of disappoint: after seeing Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey in the original film, Bogosian and his giant cohort Everett McGill ([[ASIN:B00003CXAF Quest for Fire]]) just don't seem fun, crazy, or even particularly competent enough.

Luckily, the film still includes plenty of Seagalian violence: lots of arm-breaking, wrist-snapping, and gunshots to the head, culminating in a scene where our hero slices a villain's fingers off with a sliding door. Stunts include Seagal hanging by a rope over a canyon and jumping between train cars - it's obviously a double doing that stuff, but scenes like that help show off the impressive scope and budget of the film. The supporting cast pulls its weight well, with the villains remaining deplorable-yet-intriguing and Katherine Heigl showing she was a capable actress even at age 17. A fairly young Morris Chestnut (later promoted to top villain status in [[ASIN:B0000844MD Half Past Dead]]) plays the stereotypical black sidekick and kind of gets on your nerves after a while, but Andy Romano and Nick Mancuso reprise their government roles from the first flick to give it a greater feeling of continuity. These things weigh in for the film's favour, but all in all, the movie really doesn't live up to its predecessor. The train setting gives the film a much smaller scale than the prequel and the plot offers no innovation of scenarios, action, or Seagal's character.

In the end, fans seem to be nicely divided between which of the two "Under Siege" films they prefer, but as a legitimate enthusiast of Seagal's, this blockbuster represents a step down the ladder. Nonetheless, the film should be right at home in the collections of other fans. Casual action-lovers might want to compare this to the original film before considering a purchase.
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Scrooge McDuckReviewed in the United States on November 13, 2001
5.0 out of 5 stars
Seagal's best and one hell of an exciting ride
Verified purchase
Since 2001 Seagal has been quite happy to let his film career crash and burn while sings the blues and does all his strange little things in his personal life (have you ever tasted his wine or his energy drink?). But there was a time in the 90s when his name guaranteed you an hour and a half of broken bones, severed limbs, bad guys in agonizing pain and a showdown with a head villain who stands no chance against the awesome hurricane force that is Steven Seagal.

I never really like the first [[ASIN:B000JLPMPI Under Siege [Blu-ray]]]. I found it to be too low key and slow and after enjoying such brain-free fare as Marked for Death and Hard to Kill in my youth I had come to expect a tougher movie than the what we were given (though the tyrannical BBFC cut the film to shreds and denied me what I wanted to see). I was dismayed at the lousy 15-rating and not even Erika Eleniak's boobs could cheer me up (she's blonde-not my thing).

Flash forward to July 1995 and the awesome poster for Under Siege 2 started showing up in cinema lobbies. It featured the impassive one clinging to the side of a burning train hurtling through the countryside and featured, quite frankly, the best subtitle of any sequel ever 'Dark Territory'. This time it was rated 18 which meant I could look forward to all the blood and gore that the first Under Siege lacked. Obviously I couldn't see this film in the cinema, being only 15 and all, so I had to wait until the video came out in early 1996. By that point the BBFC (those people from the dark-ages again) had censored every last bit of red stuff to the point where it could be shown on the friggin' Disney Channel if it weren't for the swearing.

I would have to wait until 1999, when I bought the uncut US version on DVD, to see the film in it's entirety. And when I did it was like watching a brand new movie.

Casey Ryback, now the head chef of the Mile High Cafe in Denver, had retired from the Navy but still works for the government doing the odd secret mission here and there. When his brother is killed in a plane crash he takes his niece Sarah (the lurvley Katherine Hiegl) on a trip to LA on the Grand Continental, but that particular train just so happens to be hijacked by crazed computer genius Travis Dane and his band of menacing mercenaries featuring dead-eyed Everett McGill and the sleazy Peter Greene. He has a beef with the government and is only too happy to use his skills to blow the Pentagon off the face of the Earth and collect a nice paycheck from the Saudis.

Luckily for Ryback, he was momentarily absent when the hostages were rounded up as he nipped into the kitchen to bake a cake. He teams up with naive porter Bobby Zachs (Morris Chestnut, bringing life to an otherwise ordinary sidekick role) and begins his skulking, lurking mission through the shadows and voids of the train to pull the brake and free the hostages. Do these nasty people really think that they stand a chance against Ryback's awesome power and apparent invincibility? Sit back and watch them get annihilated with a variety of improvised mêlée weapons and other gruesome tools.

The train is a better setting than the boat. This time instead of a plain black backdrop we've got lots of pretty scenery and the constant forward motion of the loco gives the movie a nice momentum. Basil Poledouris' score soars miles above Gary Chang's bland notes of the first one and it honestly ends up being one of the best scores ever and a perfect example of how action music ought to be. And don't worry about this one being slow as the first. Under Siege 2 is edited so quickly that coherence is almost lost. You have to pay quick attention and perhaps watch the film a few times just to catch everything.

The comic-book nature of the plot, the cliffhanger feel of the ever-escalating mayhem and cartoonish villains might normally result in a campy movie but Under Siege 2 is as hardcore and sadistic and mean-spirited as the come. That's probably the reason the BBFC chose to cut it, claiming that it featured 'gloating and pervasive violence'. Well, I never found it to be that evil, just entertaining. Which is why I don't like narrow-minded institutions telling me what I can and cannot watch.

No one could possibly have a bad time watching this film (unless it's the UK version) and if you've had enough of Shane Meadows doing pretentious black and white stuff or Keira Knightely in a frock to last you a lifetime then the brainless and breathtaking action of Under Siege 2 is just what you need.

The Blu Ray features a 1.85:1 1080p transfer that is a vast improvement on the DVD. The sky is bluer the explosions are more colorful and the depth of the photography has a lot more clarity. Unfortunately Warner have only given us a regular Dolby Digital soundtrack, which is strange since they gave [[ASIN:B001CT877Q Eraser [Blu-ray]]], [[ASIN:B001CT876W The Gauntlet [Blu-ray]]] and [[ASIN:B001CT876M Outbreak [Blu-ray]]] brand new Dolby TrueHD remasters. A real shame, but the sound design of the film is lively enough to satisfy anyway. Only a bunch of trailers are included as extras.
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DANNReviewed in the United States on May 26, 2010
4.0 out of 5 stars
Blu Ray review
Verified purchase
One of my favorite action flicks of the 90's and my favorite Seagal film - I liked the sequel better than the original!

The blu ray audio quality is fantastic on this film: A for audio quality.
The blu ray picture quality is certainly an improvement over the 15-year old DVD version, but lacking in richness in color, but like I said, at 15 years old it is hard to quibble too much about it: B for picture quality.
The blu ray extras are really non-existent. Just some trailers of other blu ray Seagal films. Of course the original DVD didn't have any extras either, so I wasn't expecting much there, but still disappointed a little: D for blu ray extras.

If you are a fan of the film, it certainly is worth the $10 to add this one to your collection. You will definitely see a big improvement in sound quality over the original DVD, and a noticeable difference in picture quality & clarity.

Don't deprive yourself of great lines, such as: "Chance favors the prepared mind"....."No one beats me in the kitchen".....and "assumption is the mother of all (s)uck-ups." You gotta change the 's' to an 'f' on that last one!
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LambertRecoveryReviewed in the United States on May 18, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Be under no illusions this is as good as the first US
Verified purchase
The original "Under Siege" was and remains, Steven Seagal's best movie ever. US 1 was fast moving, highly entertaining, plausible. This sequel, taking place on a moving train--is just dreadful and I'm sorry I purchased it. Seagal is traveling with his niece Katherine Heigl who is obnoxious in her tight jeans and headphones, and a contrived plot unfolds with another terrorist (Eric Bogosian) threatening to blow up the world unless Seagal can stop him. As great as the original Under Siege was, this movie is bad.
Michael RenteriaReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Not Classic Seagal
Verified purchase
I remember watching Steven Seagal as a toddler with my dad in the late 80s. From 1988, with the release of "Above the Law" Seagal would rewrite the script on how martial arts were done; with his classic "no bs", break your arm at the elbow style of fighting Seagal quickly became the must see star of the gritty action flick genre. Above the Law, Out for Justice, Hard to Kill, On Deadly Ground and Under Siege are all amazing movies. Under Siege 2 has less of the vicious Seagal and foreshadows what his movies would sadly degenerate into. Fire Down Below was his last great movie. I still hold out hope that somebody will shoot a classic styled Seagal movie before it gets too late.
Sebastian SanjurjoReviewed in the United States on July 24, 2008
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Guilty Pleasure That is as Good As The First
Verified purchase
I don't care shoot me, but I think this movie is as good as or even better than the first Under Siege. Sure the movie is a little cheesier in some areas, but the plot and action is to me better than its predecessor. The fight scenes in the first film are in the dark and majorly censored. The fight scene with Tommy Lee Jones and Steven Seagal wasn't that great, really short. In this sequel there is plenty of more action, and the violence is not censored at all. This movie also marks the first out of 3 times that Morris Chestnut worked with Steven Seagal.

The movie commences with a new satellite being launched into space. This satellite it seems is no ordinary satellite. Aside from viewing anyone, anywhere; it can be used as a potential nuclear weapon....Very original, right? This plot has been seen hundreds of times, particularly in 007 movies. Aside from its unoriginal "satellite" idea (that of course obviously falls into the wrong hands) it manages to be fresh and entertaining.

Anyhow back to the plot of the movie, Segal once again plays Casey Rayback, now retired and out of the Navy is planning to get some quality time with his niece(Katherine Heighl) of course as all action movies go its impossible for our hero to have a nice time. Instead he has a nice bone crushing time. A cuckoo computer hacker and a group of mercenaries overtake a train and passengers, along with Rayback and his niece. The hacker it seems is the designer of this satelite...And guess what? That's right he is taking the control of El Satelite. his plan, to threaten the U.S. of possible areas where he may attack, this way he can get ransom and everyone lives happily ever after. Seriously though the movie is a worthy sequel that even though it may not be original it surely knows how to entertain in its guilty pleasure sense. Worth owning all the way.

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