6.31 h 38 min2017R
When her own agency turns against her, an undercover CIA agent (Noomi Rapace) must run for her life while racing to prevent a biological attack that could destroy London.
Michael Apted
Noomi RapaceOrlando BloomMichael Douglas
English [CC]
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4.3 out of 5 stars

2076 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United States

JuicerNoviceReviewed in the United States on December 14, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Pleasantly surprised
Verified purchase
When I saw its rotten tomatoes rating being only 26%, I wonder if I should waste time, but I liked Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, and the description looked interesting, so I gave it a try. I loved the movie! The plot twists, the acting, the action, all top notch. I honestly don’t understand how critics could rate this movie so low. This is a fantastic spy film. Highly satisfying.
39 people found this helpful
DarkwebfilmsReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Loved how this film breaks the mold
Verified purchase
Loved how this film breaks the mold. No Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis stunt doubles doing unbelievable circus acts. This is more for those who appreciate classics like "Spy Who Came in From the Cold" and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." Plus with Noomi Rapace as the lead the acting is much less ego driven (refreshing) than your typical Hollywood film. A good mix of action and suspense for those who don't care about waiting in line for opening night of Mission Impossible 17.
92 people found this helpful
Juan LoboReviewed in the United States on September 4, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Screw IMDB. This movie should at least be an 8+! lots of action, no stupid chase scenes!!! Lots of intrigue!!!You won't be sorry
Verified purchase
Salt, Bourne, Jack Reacher, Mission impossible etc etc, This is on the same scale but slightly more interesting and plausible. And more importantly, Lots of fun to watch! Plenty of action and intrigue!!! But truth be told there is nothing new under the sun, never the less, this was a treat!!!!
75 people found this helpful
DeadManWalkingReviewed in the United States on September 1, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good spy thriller
Verified purchase
Pretty entertaining movie. No, there is nothing groundbreaking or original here, but if you like the spy/action type of films, this one is good. Of course, it's also cool that the main character is a woman played perfectly by Noomi Rapace. The rest of the cast are all very good in their roles, with many faces we all know(Michael Douglas, John Malkovitch..etc.). As for the plot, I pretty much knew what was going to happen, but it was still an interesting story that kept me engaged. The action is good, but not over the top, and fit the movie very well. The guide for this would be some violence(some blood for the gore), no nudity, and minimal bad language. All in all, I would recommend this for anyone who likes the "Bourne" type of movies and just wants to be entertained for about an hour and a half.
47 people found this helpful
BeachAnchorReviewed in the United States on October 6, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Rapace. Noomi Rapace.
Verified purchase
Action spy movies have a tendency to be too predictable and this one has some predictable moments. That said, it also had a few nice twists and turns that were unexpected. The overriding theme of government creating havoc in order to prevent bigger havoc is interesting to ponder in today's terrorist driven world.

The plot is more complicated than a typical Bond movie, and that we liked. The pieces all come together in the end, you just have to be patient and enjoy the ride until you get there.

Noomi Rapace is fantastic as the lead agent. It was nice to see Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom and John Malkovich in supporting roles.

If you're in the mood for action, this movie is a couple hours well spent.
32 people found this helpful
Brian NorbyReviewed in the United States on September 5, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Glad I Found This Movie!
Verified purchase
Now THIS...is just what I needed to end a long day at work. Good action! Good storyline! DEFINITELY looking forward to watching a second in this series if they decide to make one! Enjoy!
26 people found this helpful
Mark O.Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Not a big budget, but, still a decent thriller.
Verified purchase
Not a big budget, but, still a decent thriller. This movie doesn't have a big budget, yet, it does have a decent story that keeps you interested. Noomi Rapace's character is a CIA agent who had a bad experience that put her in a bad place emotionally and she hasn't been doing her job for a while. She has been scaled back on her activities and doing administrative work.

Then she gets activated and is tasked with interrogating a terrorism suspect. But, something is not quite right and she ends up on the run from unknown operatives that are trying to kill her for unknown reasons. Yes, there are a lot of familiar elements to this story, CIA agent hunted by unknown bad guys and unsure of who to trust, but, it's still nicely done and made for an entertaining movie. And, yes, I figured out who the bad guy was fairly quickly. It's still a good movie and has a good, satisfying ending. And, there aren't a lot of movies that have a decent lead heroine, except for "Salt," "Wonder Woman," and the new "Tomb Raider."
10 people found this helpful
Fencik&BuchalterReviewed in the United States on January 9, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Noomi Rapace and Michael Douglas!
Verified purchase
I watched this movie, then found out the director just died, so I will be nice.

This is a solid 3.5 star movie, not incredible in anyway, but entertaining as a spy/terrorism/chase thriller.
There are no over the top expensive set pieces or chases. But there is competent action and a followable plot that tries to toss in a few twists. Some call it predictable, which it is if you have watched too many spy movies, but that is fine. Noomi is a talented actress. I have watched her other two turns in action movies...."Close" and "Whatever Happened to Monday". I think I preferred this movie to those, even though the other two were more ambitious and gritty. Maybe I am sick of overly gritty and violent films. Or maybe it was because the addition of John Malkovich, Orlando Bloom and Michael Douglas that kept me invested in this one. If there is a weakness, I would say it is Noomi herself. She does not come off as a sympathetic straight up heroine. I see roles such as the German agent she plays in Jack Ryan more suited for her...mysterious, can't tell what she's thinking type. That is just me though.
4 people found this helpful
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