Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) leads a distinguished cast in this gripping WWII drama. In this true story, senior Nazi party officials and top members of the German military enter into a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler and end WWII.
Bryan Singer
Tom CruiseKenneth BranaghDavid Bamber
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Top reviews from the United States

Dr. PaulReviewed in the United States on July 12, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Suspenseful history
Verified purchase
I’d heard the name Valkyrie over the years, but it was not until my PhD work that I’d learned much about what it really was: an attempt by insiders on the life of Hitler. I had a professor at the time who had produced and written (and appeared in) a film about it. So when I saw that Tom Cruise (and a cast of incredibly talented men) had done Valkyrie, I had to watch. It was such a powerful film I grabbed it when Amazon had a good deal on their streaming version. Valkyrie is the story of a group of insiders - some closest to Hitler and many who had direct access to him - who came together to try and assonate the dictator and save Germany and the world. Risking their lives they put together a fairly large group of co-conspirators who would sneak a bomb into a meeting with Hitler and kill him, then take over the leadership and bring an end to a horrific part of history. Sadly their efforts fail, but throughout Valkyrie one waits with anticipation, hoping... This well done script is finely acted, directed, and filmed. It is a well done historic piece and interesting to watch.
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Nicholas D. GoughReviewed in the United States on August 15, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent film with some controversy which may/may not detract from its significance
Verified purchase
Excellent film account of the last attempt to kill Hitler. I've read of the reports before, and have seen some accounts of the attempts in films dealing with other aspects of WWII. This film is as accurate as is possible. There are some aspects which are not as they occurred in real life, at least according to many articles and comments and historical accounts of the entire plot. However, that is not terribly important as this film shows how brave the many men and women were in wishing to rid the world of a madman. In many respects, the chaos which ensued on that day in July of 1944, actually led to the Nazi regime unravelling bit by bit from within due to very irrational decisions of how to end the war with no chance of winning. The Nazis were hell-bent on winning or taking everyone down with them. Unfortunately, they chose the latter and many more innocent lives were lost with increased Allied bombing, the ever-advancing Allied armies on all fronts, and the complete destruction of the navy which was so much a part of Hitler's plan to conquer the world.

It is sad to know about how the current German govt. wished to not have Tom Cruise play a central part in this film. Their insistence to reject Scientology and claim it to be a cult is admirable and I don't disagree with them, but when all is said and done, Tom Cruise did a remarkable job in his role, as he is quite a fine actor and took this role very seriously to the point where I believe it may be his best effort. I have no argument with either side on this issue and look at the film as a very good account of how Germany tried to rid the world of the worst madman in recorded history.

It is quite a testament to von Stauffenberg that he is still honored to this day. He was a remarkable man who sacrificed his life for an incredibly important cause. It failed due to hesitations and minor mistakes which snow-balled very quickly as Hitler was not assassinated. von Stauffenberg was a hero if anyone can ever be called such. His family lived through the rest of the war and went on to live very normal lives, if that is possible for the relatives of a very principled man who died trying to save the world from Hitler's holocaust which ended 9 months later.

Lots of people wonder what would have occurred if von Stauffenberg and his cohorts had been successful. That's not what occurred, and to guess is quite silly, but we know for sure that many tens or hundreds of thousands of people would not have lost their lives, from the quest of the Nazis to fight to the last man. All else is speculation.
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AnanomousReviewed in the United States on April 11, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
"To those who did not bear the shame"
Verified purchase
As the end credits said, this movie is an excellent tribute "to those who did not bear the shame, but resisted with by sacrificing their lives with freedom, justice, and honor."

I know there might be a few historical inaccuracies, but this film is stellar. Hitler became so powerful because he was able to unite the church, academia, the culture, and the government under his authority. Resisting him meant standing for personal convictions while your pastor, your professors, your favorite celebrities, and your government institutions (basically everyone a person could look to for truth) called such efforts evil, stupid, isolating, and illegal. I'd like to say I would stand with these men and women in such a terrible situation, but I hesitate to make such claims to courage.

The movie itself was well-acted and the plot was developed in such away that people who have never heard of Operation Valkyrie will be able to understand in 1 viewing. And it is very entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing. But what I liked most about it was the character development as each person had to pick a side. I liked seeing the diversity of motives as the film wrestled with the question, "What does true patriotism look like?" Is it loyalty to a leader even as he commits such atrocities that his nation is no longer worthy of respect? Or is it loyalty to what one dreams one's nation should be: a nation of justice and freedom, a nation worth fighting for? Is patriotism really worth giving one's life? Seeing these people who recognized that truly loving Germany meant overthrowing Hitler, having to make decisions about whether it was really worth sacrificing one's life to attempt a coup when Allied victory seemed inevitable, made this film worth watching.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on May 9, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Plot against Hitler failed as most of Germany remained loyal Nazis
Verified purchase
Valkyrie was based upon the 1944 attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It starred Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg who set the bomb in Hitler’s headquarters.

The story revolves around a group of mostly German army officers who are tired of the war and Hitler’s rule and want to eliminate the dictator. They recruit Stauffenberg to their cause and attempt to kill Hitler and stage a coup. The first part of the film focuses upon the plotting, while the second is on the actual attempt. The tension starts with the conspirators having to work around Hitler to get their plan in motion and only grows once the bomb goes off.

The one drawback is that there is not much time spent on why the plotters wanted to get rid of Hitler. Stauffenberg writes a letter at the start about his own opinion, and there’s a slight discussion about it with the schemers, but I guess the idea is the audience already thinks Hitler is bad so they didn’t have to really go into the argument for killing him.

One of the strongpoints of Valkyrie is that it shows how entrenched Nazism was amongst the German army. The Nazis were losing in both the west and east at that point in the war, but the majority of the population and military still believed in Hitler.
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Gregory BennettReviewed in the United States on August 30, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent performance in a historically significant film
Verified purchase
I knew the history and exactly how it turned out, but this film still kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Tom Cruise's performance as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg carries the film with an excellent supporting cast and outstanding production values. To the best of my knowledge, the film is historically accurate in all the major details. One point that came out in the film played only a minor role in the development of the events, but it is a significant history lesson: Some of von Stauffenberg's advisors said that Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler was the important target; there was no point in killing Hitler unless they got Himmler, too. Based on my reading of history, I agree with them. It appears that Himmler was the true author of Hitler's madness. But, alas, von Stauffenberg was blindly focused on the poster boy for the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler.

If there is a moral lesson to be learned from this story, it must be that if you find yourself supporting a leaders who turn out to be a psychopathic madmen whose decisions are destroying your country, you need to take action long before you are forced to attempt desperate schemes to get rid of them. And don't overlook the source of the disease while you are treating the symptoms. Don't be blinded by the superstar. That lesson is just as applicable in 2015 as it was in 1944.
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Matthew D'SouzaReviewed in the United States on August 8, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Valkyrie Is a Feast of Character Actors Giving Compelling Performances!
Verified purchase
A nerve wracking suspense film like few others!

Bryan Singer’s historical war drama Valkyrie (2008) depicts the failed assassination plot against Adolf Hitler with a nuanced character study alongside riveting espionage and intrigue. Despite Singer’s personal issues, Valkyrie remains one of my favorite war films ever. It is every bit as tense and sweat inducing as when I first watched Valkyrie.

His direction is compelling for a 2 hour run-time of mostly setup for a botched bombing. Valkyrie makes great use of its running time with a quick pace of engaging dialogue and magnetic performances. Christopher McQuarrie’s script is filled with deep character motivations, complex character types, and a neatly structured out explanation of assassination plot. Newton Thomas Sigel’s cinematography is really cool as it focuses on the faces of the men involved in each scene. As conspirators convene, their faces will either be shot close-up for emotional reveals or across tables and in between people for a realistic cramped space feel.

John Ottman’s score helps drive the emotional weight of the massive scale coup attempt in Germany during World War II. The dark melodies from Ottman fly through the air as troops ready themselves for a hostile takeover after Hitler’s supposed death. The music aides Valkyrie’s unbelievable tense situations as every scene is more suspenseful than the last!

Tom Cruise is fantastic in Valkyrie and the heart of the film. His dramatic portrayal of German hero Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who conceived of Operation Valkyrie. His use of an eye patch, eye contact, hand make-up, and stern vocal command make Cruise’s performance so gripping. Cruise is capable of a cinematic energy that few film stars can compete with when he is on top of his game. Valkyrie is one such film wherein Cruise commands your attention every second he is on screen with a heavy gravitas and undeniable presence. I hope Tom Cruise continues to pick dramatic acting opportunities like Valkyrie as this film remains one of my favorite Cruise roles. Cruise gave Stauffenberg the brave, intellectual, and heroic portrayal he deserved for standing up to Hitler.

Valkyrie boasts a massive cast of talented actors. Namely, Carice van Houten is wonderful as Nina von Stauffenberg. She has a nice chemistry with Tom Cruise that immediately makes you like her. Houten finds an emotional center as a troubled wife and mother, who had to bravely stand aside. Kenneth Branagh sets off the plan’s organization in a brief, yet memorable part as Major-General Henning von Tresckow. Bill Nighy is excellent as the cowardly and nervous General Friedrich Olbricht, who understandably was nervous about Operation Valkyrie, but did the right thing in the end.

Furthermore, Tom Wilkinson is fearsome as the loathsome traitor Nazi General Friedrich Fromm. Wilkinson has never been this scary. Thomas Kretschmann as Major Otto Ernst Remer gets a quick role as the commander in charge of arrests after Operation Valkyrie. He provides a perspective into the mind of a Nazi during a tumultuous moment in German history.

Then, Terence Stamp is stalwart as General Ludwig Beck, who supported Operation Valkyrie from the beginning despite the risk for him all for his love of country. Eddie Izzard makes an awesome dramatic turn as the communications General Erich Fellgiebel. Izzard gets you to completely buy him as a serious dramatic actor. Fellgiebel severed all communications from Hitler’s compound as ordered, unfortunately it was too late. I should mention Tom Hollander is frightening and particular as Colonel Heinz Brandt as he suspects Tom Cruise from his scrupulous observations.

Lastly, I have to commend David Bamber for his uncanny depiction of Adolf Hitler. There is so much documentation and speculation around the most notorious dictator in human history, but Bamber gives his portrayal a quiet menace. Hitler’s inner fury and madness is all in Bamber’s eyes and remarks. He delivers a very difficult acting role to elevate Valkyrie further up in the sky like Wagner’s folk figures.

Overall, Valkyrie holds up as an educational historical film, a suspenseful espionage plot, and a compelling series of performances in this WWII drama.
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Matthew SandersReviewed in the United States on October 6, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
But that propaganda though...
Verified purchase
Ok, so back when Bryan Singer was still considered cool, he directed a movie about possibly the most ballsy assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler during his time as King of Germany. Operation Valkyrie was initially a plan of action in the event of civil unrest in Berlin, until Klaus Stauffenberg, played patriotically and intensely by Tom Cruise rewrites it to be used as a means by which to seize Berlin, and thereby all of Germany. The only catch? Hitler has to die for it to work. No pressure. The movie puts forth the notion that Cruise and his comrades were acting as patriots standing against a madman in an attempt to bring their country back from the brink of annihilation due to the world conquering whims of a megalomaniac. This is not historically accurate, as the real life Stauffenberg was loyal to the nazi party and a fan of Hitler. The reality is that they were attempting to stop the war and thereby save themselves the trouble of a likely execution. I'm docking a star for this, but would stress that it in no way hurts the overall film. The characters are portrayed in a way that we can relate to and cheer for. Overall, the whole movie is extremely well made, and intensely enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it. One of Mr. Cruise's finest performances.
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RHReviewed in the United States on August 13, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good cinematic production
Verified purchase
This is an elaborate and involving cinematic production featuring one of my favorite actors, Tom Cruise. As always he gave a great performance in his portrayal as the leader in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. I have always enjoyed watching Tom Cruise because he is a very intense, believable, and talented professional. There was much action and suspense in this film as the intricacies of the assassination attempt are played out and the roles of each character in this attempt are revealed. This movie has an enormous cast with elaborate war scenes and perilous situations faced by the characters. The family element of the movie was a bit weak but I guess is necessary giving a more "human" touch with the soldiers. The film also had good portrayal of emotions of the characters through their facial expressions and dialogue. With that said the sound and sound quality was bad. As I was watching the movie the sound was breaking up and in many scenes the actors were whispering or speaking so softly it was hard to understand some of the dialogue even if I turned up the volume. The background music also had a choppy sound quality at times which was quite annoying. But aside from these technical issues, this is a movie that I do recommend.
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