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Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart star in the edge-of-your-seat thriller about a detective with a traumatic past who investigates a suspicious death in the town of Wander, Texas.
April Mullen
Aaron EckhartTommy Lee JonesKatheryn Winnick
English [CC]
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Top reviews from the United States

Logain UT AblarReviewed in the United States on April 25, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Not Feeling It
Verified purchase
Wander was a tough film for me to watch. One of the key reasons for this is because I absolutely hate the way it's shot. The constant hand held, shaky cam captures made the film feel like a dirt budget student film and the editing is so erratic and abrupt that I was constantly annoyed. My first attempt to watch Wander led to me yawning after 20 minutes, asleep in 30. Then there's the story. Hey, I like the misdirection used in the film and to be fair the ending does bring the film full circle in a manner of speaking. But by the time the end credits roll, the only thing the film says is the conspiracy theory isn't a theory, it's real and who cares?

If some shadowy government figures are conducting experiments and murdering people in Dirt Town USA you would think that they would be far more efficient and more thorough than needing a broken down retired investigator, on his meds pushing a conspiracy based podcast to clean up loose ends. The whole government cover up plan got laid low simply because Eckhart took photos. That's it. He had irrefutable receipts and took it further when he pulled the chip out of himself in the last scene. Total "Come on now" moment at the end when Eckhart is used as the patsy. It's like watching the entire run of the X-Files only to find out Mulder isn't a FBI agent, he's a janitor with delusions of grandeur, making up the entire alien conspiracy and Scully is his neighbor that's divorced and lonely. Entertaining Mulder because she can't decide if she wants to sleep with him or throw him off the roof. But at the very end, in the last scene you find out the aliens are real. It sucks.

Wander also has some notable actors and actresses presented within it. Aaron Eckhart made me a fan when he played Two Face in The Dark Knight. Why he wasn't allowed to continue that role is beyond me considering I liked him in the role more than Tommy Lee Jones (which should have been Billy Dee Williams, just sayin'). Did he not want it or is this just the result of more Hollywood stupidity? Tommy Lee Jones's body of work speaks for itself but I didn't really like him in this film. The writing of his character wasn't the best when the hints to indicate that his character wasn't who he said he was were about as subtle as a partner saying "we'll start slow" in the intro to kink part of their relationship but pulls out a baseball bat and KY. It was good seeing Heather Graham since the last time I saw her on camera was in From Hell with Depp, but her part didn't do much for me. Her character wasn't a huge part of the story, her screen time was limited and the writing is suspect at best. Still looks great in jeans though.
Katherine Winnick is also wasted here. I loved her in Vikings before I gave up on the series after being reminded that the Vikings really were annoying jerks constantly robbing other people's stuff. It's really annoying to have so much talent in a film like this. It's like having Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Tracy McGrady and Kevin Durant in their prime on your squad but you decide to play broken, busted, NBA Live instead of a real game of basketball.

This all goes back to Wander just simply not being a good film. This makes sense when I looked up the past projects the director April Mullen worked on. She directed 88, with Katherine Isabelle and that project left me feeling like Katherine was wasted in a film that should have been better than it was. The same Katherine Isabelle that led in the awesome American Mary, co-led in Ginger Snaps (the original still being the best version in the series) and was in Insomnia which isn't the best Pacino film by a long shot (reminded me of Pacino in The Recruit, which sucked) but Robin Williams proved that he can play a fantastic and really creepy villain. Robin Williams, "sigh" the greats always leave us too soon but I digress.

2*. I can only recommend Wander if you're having trouble sleeping.
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earlybirdReviewed in the United States on July 29, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Don't believe the red-hatted reviewers
Verified purchase
I watch a LOT of suspense/thrillers, and it's almost every novel I read. Give this movie a chance. I was glued to the spot, beginning to end. It's not brilliant, but it is worthy. It's a mystery & psychological thriller. It's not for people who just want to see things go boom. I like that stuff, too, but I'm down for a cerebral flick as well.

It's clear that some reviewers who gave one star were immediately triggered by the film's opening statement about race, and its acknowledgment that it was filmed on a reservation. After that, they could only see red. *cough* Meanwhile, I completely forgot about the statement until I saw the reviews. If your feelings are easily hurt by a factual statement about race & US history, then you'll likely be turned off, too. If not, give it a chance.
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VektraReviewed in the United States on May 4, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Paranoid delusional psychosis is one of the most insidious illnesses I've ever personally seen, and this movie actually portrayed it fairly well. The world in which an unmedicated patient with this disease lives is a confusing tangle of time and disjointed thoughts. But it is also extremely exciting. The dopamine flows strong in their brains, erroneously rewarding them for making false connections and concocting fantasy worlds.

Meds help return some to a 'normal' view of the world, but... it's boring, difficult, and disappointing in the extreme. Imagine waking from a fantastical dream where you are a super-spy, only to find you have an incurable disease and are arguably a broken human being. And so the cycle begins. You take meds. You feel better. You say "I don't need these meds". You stop taking them, or medicate with other things... like alcohol. Your perception of the world becomes increasingly delusional. You're eventually hospitalized when you attempt to hurt yourself or others. You're forced back on your meds. You're released because it's illegal to keep you forever (even though the disease WILL be with you forever). You begin again. All the while, those around you in your life watch you self-destruct again and again, until their patience is absolutely exhausted.

One of the worst things you can ever do for one of these people is confirm, in any quantum, their delusions. Their brains are already a powder-keg of positive feedback, yearning for any confirmation bias they can receive.

That's why I give this movie only 4 stars. The garbage ending does indeed leave the interpretation to the viewer. Was it real? Was it fantasy? In a few moments, the door would have been opened and the other characters could have confirmed things either way. Instead the possibility for confirming his delusions remained intact. Maybe only he could see the chip. But the damage is done. Any delusional person watching this would immediately read this as confirmation of every last delusion they have. ("See?! Lizard people are real! They ARE spying on us all! Q-anon!") The cardinal sin in dealing with these patients.

If you do watch it, apply a heavy dose of skepticism to every shot, probing it for authenticity. Is this scene 'real', or is it delusional? I think you'll get much more out of the movie in doing so, rather than taking everything as factual.
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linda galellaReviewed in the United States on May 9, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Yet another movie trashed by 1* reviews from trolls
Verified purchase
who didn’t bother to watch the movie - A R G H😡🙉😡❗️

Please, can’t you just shut the movie off and shut up about it? Watching less than 25-30% of a movie, (or reading a book), doesn’t give any basis for an intelligent review. It’s cool to hate it, but give a reason - real reasons ABOUT THE FILM. Ok, soapbox over...

This is a weird movie and I was all set to give it a 2* review; right up until the last few scenes. T. L. Jones and Aaron Elkhart are both cast perfectly in this project. Heather Graham plays the lawyer/friend to Elkhart’s character, Arthur. Arthur is a retired cop with mental and emotional issues stemming from the death of his daughter and attempts on his and his wife’s lives. Jimmy, (Lee’s character) is a friend he met in psych rehab. They are partners in a conspiracy theory podcast that broadcasts from Jimmy’s place in the desert; truly the middle of nowhere. A mother calls into the show concerning her missing daughter and the film is off and running as Arthur takes on a missing person's case with Jimmy assisting.

Once the investigation begins, we’re able to see the depth of Arthur’s pain and potential illness. It’s easy to question what’s real, what’s hallucination, what’s drug induced. There are many antagonists to consider not the least of which is the unreliable narrator. At various points in the movie I was completely aggravated, considered fast forwarding and then something would pop up that didn’t ring right. Don’t be so quick to
judge this film.

Not an easy to watch movie, but a 🧐🙉🥴❓😏 Sometimes pictures are much better than words🍿

May Action & Adventure, Thrills & Chills 2021 #6
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Annie DavenportReviewed in the United States on April 21, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Who's an Ostrich?
Verified purchase
I am a huge, huge, ginormous Tommy Lee Jones fan. Although in his role as 'Jimmy', he was cut down, hypothetically, to fit this part. Also, please realize that he is in his mid-seventies and not his mid-sixties.
If one is paying attention to the fast and furious changes taking place in the United States amid Trumpism, the unrecognizable GOP party, (POT - Party of Trump?), the partly defecting Democratic party that has always been behind Mom and Pop businesses and the working man, and even the turn the Unites States of America (Trumpland?) is taking, the premise of Wander is not a difficult grasp, but an easy stroll.
Seriously, take a look at how our 'Land of Free' is being shrunken. The GOP is desperately doing all they can to stop anyone who doesn't agree with them from voting. Voting IS what makes America works. Trump did all he could to deny the poor and elderly health insurance, he did all he could to defund Social Security. And look at the enabling army that is growing! Does this not scare anyone? How about all of you that are still paying into Social Security? Are you not worried of how you will support yourselves if (when) SS dissolves? Does this not smack of conspiracies to anyone? Wander is not a tunnel-visioned movie, but it is meant to open the eyes of the blind and open the ears of the deaf. Look around, people. Wake up! The fight to keep America as a democratic republic is just beginning. The U.S. was founded on a two party system, not the one party that is being pushed and shoved into existence. The technology within Wander does exist. If we relax and take a 'yeah, right' attitude, we'll all be Wander residents. Just look around and see the depth of corruption and enablers we are facing today. I do believe this to be the true premise of Wander. Wake up! Wake up! I never thought that I would embrace my 'golden years', but I am happy to be here as I won't be around to witness the withering of my beloved United States of America at the hands of a greedy, power-seeking few. Wake-up while there is still time to beat back the coming oppression. From the United States of America to Wander is just a short walk. That is the message the movie is sending to everyone.
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AeromonkReviewed in the United States on May 1, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Less Awfully Bad Than More
Verified purchase
The acting was good, the protagonist's dialogue was raspy and mumbly, so Grado headphones helped, the setting was cool, the movie was well-directed. Much of what was depicted seems to have happened--people penned up and brutalized and marginalized and the like. Add a little tech flare and detective scheming, and you've got a safe bit of cinema.

But this movie has no mandate to depict all of the horrors of humanity--just the southern border of the United States in the 21st Century through the eyes of a maddened, conspiracy-theory-driven lunatic angelically aligned with getting to the Truth.

The trouble with slanting these stories so steeply towards a particularly prominent mea culpa is evident in all of the one-star reviews. It's tempting to pity, but the villains depicted here are not emblematic of the entirety of the receiving end of human cruelty, deceit, betrayal, and homicidal gerrymandering. The popular facet of suffering in this film is getting all the attention right now.

However, anon more facets of the human drama should be examined before irreparable paranoia motivates confused actors not unlike what's screening here.

I watched this movie only to write this review after reading all of the one-star reviews. I hope some return to read this.

All victims are not people of color. But it's OK to witness when they are. All persecutors are not white immigrants' sons and daughters. But it's OK to witness when they are. If you get it into your marrow that the lands in this film were taken, and that the filmmakers are correct, it should also be in your marrow that these same lands were taken before they were most recently taken. And they were taken before they were taken before they were taken. The line stretches out to the crack of doom.

So... the tribute in the beginning of the film--OK. Understood. But understand this too. If the film industry persists in pigeonholing white American citizens as endless perpetrators of violence against to-be-pitied victims of... take your pick, see better. Please. You're clever people. As the tic toc boys say, "do the work!" Clap, clap.
BoonefrankReviewed in the United States on April 19, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
A highly intriguing deviation from the norm of modern picture.
Verified purchase
An outstanding deviation from the norm of what makes a modern day picture.

Aaron Eckhart gives his all on what must be one of the most convincing acting works I've EVER seen! Outstanding work! Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as always and convincing here - a real comfort to still have the man around doing his thing. Not bad. No spoilers in this review - I urge you to NOT listen to these negative reviews and watch this movie with an open mind and make sure you're nice & relaxed. Sit back and enjoy the experience.

This movie has a totally different feeling than anything else I've really ever seen. Beautifully unique desert landscape experience and with a satisfying decent into madness. That is art - that really is a feeling and realization that you have to feel at least once in your life. So now you can get that without having to go crazy yourself!

Man, I really feel like taking a road trip out to some weird small town in the desert after this one. Might bring some vintage military rations along and eat some 75 year old biscuits out in some really sketchy dustbowl of a spot. Go out on a solo trip and drive around with no real plans! Well anyway, I hope this review was helpful to someone out there and have a nice day. Alright cool, see ya.
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gssReviewed in the United States on August 11, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Descent movie
Verified purchase
Interesting twists to the plot.
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