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After meeting one lonely Friday night at a bar, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) find themselves caught up in a lost weekend full of sex, drugs, and startling emotional connection.
Andrew Haigh
Tom CullenChris New
English [CC]
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FL1969Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Modern Day Love Story
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There are a lot of LGBTQ movies out there these days. Most are made-up, fantasy type stories that are a little more on the unrealistic side. You really need to struggle to imagine that anything like this would be happening to you and/or your friends. But this movie is very different and much closer to reality than any other movie I've seen.

The 2 main characters are very much average, every day, young gay British men. They live in typical middle class, just out of college type areas/homes; they have typical jobs that 25 year olds would have; and the do many typical things that 25 year old gay men would be doing including going to parties at friends house, hitting the bar on the way home, and searching for someone to have a relationship or one night stand with. It all feels very commonplace which makes the story one that you can picture happening to yourself at that age.

What makes this story different and, in my opinion better than most, is the real connection that these guys have with one another. The animal attraction they have to one another one minute and the honest, sweet conversations they hold with one another the next. Some discussions are more dramatic and on the deep side which allows the viewer to see their true connection with one another, however, not at all campy or over-acted.

The ending is not a happy storybook ending. You really feel their pain and sadness that adds to the reality of the story. Many of us have been in similar situations in our lifetime. It's a well-acted, well-directed, gay story that's definitely worth the watch!
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R. PetersonReviewed in the United States on August 8, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
A time tested, proven masterpiece
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If this movie weren't so excellent and the characters so sympathetic, I think I would hate this movie because it ends up where I don't like to be at the end of a movie - feeling sad, empty, and not knowing what is going to happen to characters you are brought to care for.

First, this movie is a masterpiece of filmmaking - absolute perfection - the writing, directing, acting and cinematography. But it is 2018 and most people already know this. (Seven years have passed and I think we finally have another gay masterpiece in "God's Own Country")

For me, what makes the movie "Weekend" so special is that I never got a sense that the two leads were acting. For all purposes, Tom Cullen is Russell and Chris New is Glen. Both are completely in character throughout the film. A remarkable feat since the camera never seems to leave them. Tom Cullen is especially brilliant in his sensitive portrayal of Russell. He even looks the part perfectly - a face that still shows vestiges of youth (adorable/cute) but clearly now in adulthood (masculine/handsome) - definitely not out of anyone's league. It took me a long time to realize that this is the same person who played Lord Gillingham on Downton Abbey. In hindsight, it is easy to see why his career took off after "Weekend".

"Weekend" is not quite a "love story". It is an engrossing emotional prelude to what might end up as a love story or what might just be an ode to a beautiful weekend encounter and a final, forever good-bye. But we will never know. (God, I hate this kind of ending.)

At the end of the movie, it is not evident what the nature of the relationship between Russell and Glen is or will be. This is most clearly illustrated when near the end, Russell tries to explain "Glen" to his foster brother/best mate Jamie, but can't. Even though we are left with the feeling that both Russell and Glen are incredibly sad that they don't have more time together. And even though we get the feeling that if they had more time, they might very well become a couple. For unknown reasons, neither decides to change their plans to make for more time. In the final scene, Russell even tells Glen that he has not come to stop him.

Initially, Russell and Glen meet at a bar to hook up for sex. However, both men are really seeking something more. They both come across as lost souls. Through dialogue, sex, and drugs, they begin to make a deeper connection. Both sense or see something in the other that they like and want to pursue.

Russell is by far the more open and honest and hence the most vulnerable and lovable. As Glen tells Russell "he would make an incredible boyfriend." Russell tells Glen directly that he wants to be in a relationship, strongly implying that he would like to be in a relationship with Glen. Russell is hurt when Glen rebuffs this suggestion. However, Russell believes that deep down, Glen does want to be in a relationship. (In fact, throughout the movie, Glen seems to be pursuing Russell as much or more than the other way around.)

Glen is much more closed. In their conversations over the weekend, Glen does not really reveal that much about himself that is deeply personal. He hides behind an almost lame cover story of conducting interviews as part of an art project. Through Glen's roommate Jill, we learn that Glen was hurt in a prior relationship. It seems that Glen has developed a protective facade that is not penetrated until the end of the movie. Hence, Glen comes off as somewhat superficial and less likeable.

While Russell appears to be the more emotional of the two, it's is Glen who breaks down at the end, sobbing in Russell's arms at having to leave. It is also important to note that in this same scene, Russell overcomes his aversion to kissing in public as the two embrace and kiss each other in the middle of the train station. Russell holds himself together a bit longer - at least until Glen boards the train and leaves. But Russell also ends up having a hard time holding back the tears.

The joy of this movie is in intimately sharing Russell's and Glen's weekend experience and getting to know and care for them at a deep personal level.

The frustration (which the movie is under no obligation to address) is in not knowing what becomes of Glen and Russell. Will they keep in touch (through texting and phone calls) and remain friends or maybe become lovers? Or was this a final good-bye? Will Glen remain in his protective shell and will Russell remain alone?

Dear Mr. Haigh, what has happened to Russell and Glen?
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Critical MassReviewed in the United States on December 23, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Set in the English Midlands this is basically the brief story of how a gay one night stand that nearly didn't happen turned into something unexpectedly moving, intimate, and possibly enduring. Unfortunately the excellent realistic acting is marred by a draggy and incoherent storyline, almost unintelligible dialogue (even with sub-titles), and puts one in the uncomfortable position of feeling like a voyeur. For all that, I also found it profoundly boring. "My Dinner With Andre" was more exciting, and I sensed no genuine chemistry between the two major protagonists. It plays like two ships that did not pass in the night, but instead collided and happened to remain stuck thereafter.

The ending of this film felt as abrupt and sudden as its beginning. What is even more shocking is that this movie received nearly two dozen awards. Given that fact, the reader of this review may be enticed to see "Weekend" and judge for himself. I would, however, suggest a strong martini along with a bag of potato chips. That will make it go faster. Caveat Emptor.

In passing I would rather recommend the series "Knightfall" which stars Tom Cullen who is the main character in that film as well as this one.
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S. NeedhamReviewed in the United States on November 23, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
A modern gay classic
Verified purchase
The gold standard of quiet, slow-burning, gay love stories. Exquisitely directed and acted, everyone involved makes magic out of commonplace situations and conversations. Dramatic, without overreaching into camp, the film can at first seem slow paced until you realize that you really have witnessed two people falling in love in a most natural and unexpected way.
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K. E. StranskyReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
An Incredible Love Story that Most of Us Have Experienced.
Verified purchase
I just loved this story as it is just so incredibly real and close to home. I feel that most everyone has had that one short romance that lasted a short time yet changed our lives forever. This is one of those stories. Not wanting to give away the plot I will just say that I found this to be a perfect movie of an unlikely gay romance. A MUST WATCH STORY.
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Wld8hrtReviewed in the United States on March 4, 2012
5.0 out of 5 stars
Romance is alive in gay cinema
Verified purchase
One of the most romantic gay films I have ever seen. The reviewer before me must be even more cynical than I am to have totally missed out on the chemistry that these two have. They are not your typical gay characters, in fact it just so happens they are gay. No "after school special" or "Lifetime" feel here. No tragic illness or event. Just good conversation and attraction.

The end practically left me in tears. The relationship that builds between the two is a joy to watch.

I am not easily entertained and especially critical of film. I usually prefer more cerebral fare like David Lynch or Woody Allen. But once in a great while a film comes along that surprises you and touches your heart (and not by manipulation ala New Years Day, etc.). Sit back and watch these two very different people in a realistic portrayal of discovering each other and themselves.
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Bryan ChicagoReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the most refreshing movies about same sex issues/romance I've ever seen
Verified purchase
I LOVE this movie. I've seen a lot of same sex movies and a lot are poor and focus on men without their shirts on and perfect bodies, this is so much more realist and relatable. It's not a huge, expensive set such as Brokeback mountain and I found the intimacy and non-Hollywood structure so much better. It's a long weekend and two youthful "kids" (I'm 45) meet and have a romantic weekend. It's a down to earth, realistic drama/unconventional romance (or maybe conventional and not the Hollywood fakeness). There's more than just a weekend romance, there's talk about life, coming out story, activism, closetness (word I just created!). There's a lot of bars, alcohol and some drugs, not in a tragic way just a realistic way for a lot of young same sex men coming out and the difficulties of it. I know a lot of people that turn to alcohol when first coming out as the historic place to meet friends and partners were bars, now it's a little different as people are coming out much earlier than me when I was 21. Plus there are apps and the internet dating and other sites that people can meet. This movie doesn't encompass that, it's more like it was in 2011 and before.

I've seen it twice and I rarely see movies once let alone twice. It's more Indie and that's my speed. I loved it (if you can't tell!).
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Dustin MertonReviewed in the United States on January 30, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
lust to love at first sight
Verified purchase
anyone starving for a good gay film, i implore you to give this one a chance. i watched this movie again on prime, even though i do own it. so many gay men can relate to the endless drunk gay pick ups in bars. there is always the potential of finding something worthwhile, or more typically the tired one night stands. on character ends up with more than he bargains for when his one night stand wants a little more and forces the other to really open up. the whole movie transpires over one weekend and lives are changed. people are so often closed off and find it difficult to open up about things. both men go through separate journeys to reach the end of the movie and find out something about themselves in the end. can people really fall in love over one weekend? stranger things have happened.

so often people are afraid to speak openly or to reveal anything that is absolutely true about them self. what kind of reaction would you have if a trick all of a sudden started interrogating you the morning after? the concept is interesting and terrifying at the same time. ask yourself how often you are willing to open up to a stranger asking what and why they hooked up in the first place. it is very scary to be approached by someone who can totally disarm you. its almost an attack on your senses, you are scared to answer openly and honestly, but perhaps you should because said person is asking.

this movie is a fantasy. two men fall in love over a weekend. they unabashedly explore and delve into each other, in more ways than one. the sex scenes are nice, nothing smutty, feel real and unforced. i still call this film a fantasy because so many gay men would not let a weekend like this happen. we all have too much baggage and fear to open up like the men in this movie. but its inspiring its a challenge we should all take. to let people in to let them see our true self. to be fearless and honest. to let yourself be loved and to allow yourself to be transparent. it challenges gay men to be open to their feelings, to be allowed to feel true feelings. honesty is such a hardship in our community, take the challenge to be honest with yourself and with others. at the end of the movie both men are changed and heart broken. the romantic thing about and the refreshing aspect of the movie is how in love they are by the end of the movie. i love the heart ache in their faces, the passion of the kiss they share at then end. the movie is a challenge to gay men, watch the movie and take the challenge. opening up with yourself and others may be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

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