Where Hope Grows

6.61 h 38 min2015X-RayPG-13
A troubled ex-ballplayer finds his life reinvigorated through his friendship with a mentally challenged grocery-store employee. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14
Chris Dowling
Kristoffer PolahaDavid DeSanctisBilly Zabka
English [CC]
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Steve BagheriSimran SinghJose Pablo CantilloMilan Chakraborty
PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

KAOReviewed in the United States on August 8, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Rare film. We need to see more of these types of movies on Amazon Prime.
Verified purchase
This is a rare film. A film that deals with so many issues, yet weaves them all together in one cohesive story. It's a feel good movie. Yet, hard to watch. Inspiring. Funny. Sad. Shocking. Just watch it. Whoever wrote and directed this film, needs to think of other movies to make, because these people are genius. Rare gems in a sea of mindless, mediocre movie mush. So tired of boring, idiotic movies that show us nothing but violence, murder, rage, loveless sex and hopelessness.This is a movie where someone actually used critical thinking skills to weave together many issues into an intense, realistic looking, touching film. Rare. Rare. Rare these days. We actually see issues in this film that we can all relate to. Real. Raw. Love it. Again, I am so done with the ridiculously low level thinking junk that is out there everyday. Please, for the love of God, will more directors make movies like this. I don't even mind intense or raw themes, just so long as there is tangible HOPE at the end. Redemption. That is what makes a movie. Hope.
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Lanna S. SeuretReviewed in the United States on July 5, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Too much of one bad thing
Verified purchase
I'm one in the camp of "hard to watch and digest" viewers. Just to get this off my chest, Danica McKellar was wasted in her small part, other than her beauty. She complemented the 2 other pretty women, the AA leader, and the daughter of the main character, but she was featured too rarely, and I could never sew her into the fabric of the plot.

What went on too long? The main character is a guy who made it to the Majors in baseball, and froze. He is still grieving this, but not dealing with it , so to realize he has to love and understand that part of himself, thus he is a
now scruffy, unshaven, badly dressed and puffy faced alcoholic. We see too many days of his Breckfast of Champions: whisky on ice. Sorry, I've forgotten what happened to his wife, but the family member I really care about is his daughter, just turned 17, and has long suffered his lack of attention, his inability to actually listen to her, and try to understand what she would like or needs from him, and his failure really to keep up with things.
(The house is always neat and clean- and pretty - a mansion really to me, but where is the housekeeper?). Anyway
when he's sober, he tries to go shopping at the nearby big market to bring food home, but the basket is heavily
laden with beer and/or liquor which is difficult to hide.

Here he meets his saviour, a cute little guy named "PRODUCE" who is a Down's Syndrome person, and quite engaging. Maybe it is alcoholism and the loss of social brakes that makes main character susceptible to Produce's very real innocence, charm and cheerful outlook, because instead of judging, as many people do, he just listens
to Produce with openness. He actually ends up going there frequently just to chat with Produce, because it just
makes him happy! At this point, I am just tired of seeing Baseball hero keep drinking and looking like a mess, it
is a social mime now, isn't it? if you see someone who's an alcoholic, you tell him it's time to get to an AA meeting.

Yet, this time is filled with teaching Produce how to hit a baseball with a broom (this happens in back of the store, in the driveway; it was so funny a scene I enjoyed it immensely!), But while becoming actual friends, the drinking continues with VERY BAD consequences for his daughter! I felt really scared in those scenes. Her dad know what
kind of guy her boyfriend was (views sex as his due, and his convenience, but is totally unable to see women as human beings; an abuser, he is definitely) but Dad cannot get through to Daughter because he's lost her long ago,and so she is going to find out things for herself!

As another reviewer said, the plot has many aspects, one of which had some less than ethical buddies who were
somehow trying to involve or use Baseball Hero to make money. This also had a very detrimental outcome.

I definitely agree the writers and producers weaved this complex story brilliantly and successfully. It's just that I
wanted Miss Happy Danica McKeller, and this was the wrong movie; the consequences were all actually very real
but sad, and this evening I needed "happy." Therefore, this review is just to let someone know that this is a realistic movie dealing with real but difficult tendencies in our society, and the ending includes these things.
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Butterflymom54Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
An eye opening effort
Verified purchase
3,499 people all reviewed this movie. Hopefully we all took the seed of truth this movie portrayed and learned a thing or two. While I can appreciate the vision and efforts everyone put into this movie, I found that far too much time was spent displaying people's bad actions and attitudes and less time on how Christ would address these issues. Just carrying a Bible or attending an AA meeting or going to Church does not change lives. However they are all a part of a new mind-set. An addiction does not go away over night. Spoiler alert!!!
The main character not being the one killed but instead the former best friend seemed contrived to shock the viewer. The way everyone in the paint ball place suddenly became unable to understand a young woman was almost raped while two other people just stood by yet a person with Down Syndrome hit the rapist, was silly to me. Far too much of the movie seemed to be contrived, not to show a real event but to lead one around with their emotional response. We
watch a grown man neglecting his daughter with a really bad attitude. A Father who is obviously self focused. Great! We watch this all then suddenly buy into an overnight change? Choppy. Important information left out. I will not advise anyone to not watch but be prepared to ask questions and pray that we get what we should from the story. I took one star away for the lack of time getting some advise that might have fine tuned the production value a bit making it a less frustrating movie. God Bless you for the effort though. :)
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rbmusicman/and/movie-fan'Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2015
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
A Religious Inspired Story -
Former Baseball-Star 'Calvin Campbell' (Kristoffer Polaha) isn't in control of his life these days, he drinks far too much,
his home-life is in disarray, his daughter 17 year-old 'Katie' (McAley Miller) has lost all respect for her father...his life
is going nowhere fast.
'Katie' against her fathers wishes is dating a boy 'Colt' (Michael Grant) who he considers to be too old for her right .
On a shopping trip to the local Supermarket, he meets 'Produce' (David DeSanctis) an employee at the Store working in
the produce department, 'Produce' has Downhil-Syndrome and has a simply philosophy in life, even when your feeling
down ~ Smile, and things will look a whole lot better.
'Calvin' impressed by 'Produce's' outlook in life begins to visit the store more frequently, not always to shop, but talk to
the boy perhaps hoping whatever keeps 'Produce' smiling will rub off on him.
The two begin to spend time together away from 'Produce's' work environment, perhaps they can help each other after
all 'Produce' lacks self confidence, 'Calvin' lacks self respect.
'Produce' attends the local Church and would really like his new friend to go with him sometime, however 'Calvin' is at
first reluctant to do so...until he realizes that a lady he'd met at the Supermarket whilst talking to 'Produce' also attended.
This is an often a film that will pull at your heart-strings yet also has a feel-good factor as the two unlikely friends search
for a new beginning.
Can 'Calvin' kick the drink and find a purpose in life and regain the respect of his daughter......will 'Produce' get the recognition
for his hard work that he craves ??
Worth a spin, perhaps one to catch on the movie-channel sometime.
8 people found this helpful
Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on May 2, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Must Watch This Movie
Verified purchase
This movie was amazing. I don't want to spoil this movie for others but it covers such pertinent issues facing society these days. Being in healthcare - I see a part of what the alcohol does to families. Yes I agree that someone who suffers from Alcohol addiction does good things too, but too often we see the tears of loss of so many things in life due to alcohol addiction. I am glad this movie did not make it a "God can solve everything" movie because while it helps - we as humans need to help ourselves and help each other. I am glad they talked about AA, about having ppl around you who will not judge you and support you and not enable you. We see the human side of seeing that we are all different no matter what and we need to see the good in others. "Produce" David DeSanctis was just phenomenal in his acting skills! Amazing!
Elaine L.Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good solid movie about faith and reemption
Verified purchase
No Violence ! No special effects ! No sex ! Just a nice inspirational drama about an unlikely friendship that grows between a young man with Downs Syndrome and an alcoholic There is a little too much focus on the pathos of alcoholism and the alcoholic, well played by Kristopher Polaha, and not enough on the life of Produce, who works in the produce section of Valu Mart. He is remarkably acted by David De Sanctis. I would have liked to have known more about this boy . What does he do outside of work? The movie drags a bit. But when all is said and done, when the movie was over I was smiling and I felt good.. I think there should be more movies that leave the viewer feeling happy.
Goat GalReviewed in the United States on January 13, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Good Story with a Great Message
Verified purchase
This was a really good movie with a great message about accepting people with disabilities and seeing them for who they are rather than what they struggle with. The story was well written and well acted with a nail biting climax. My only complaint is that the picture could have been a little better. The color was a bit faded, giving it the look of a movie from at least the 1990's. Other than that, it was great.
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DianneReviewed in the United States on May 16, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Exceptional Movie with a great message!
Verified purchase
There are a lot of good lessons in this action packed movie! As my sis is special needs, this story is dear to my heart! I love how it was stated in the movie that 'just as the 'N' word isn't acceptable, neither is the 'R' word!! And then ... the message that when we pray, God isn't a 'genie' giving us everything we want! But that He is our Heavenly Father that loves us and knows what is best for us! Great truth! Produce, the main character, was awesome!! 5 thumbs up! Great movie! Definitely a MUST WATCH!
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