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From executive producer Wes Craven comes this fantasy-horror cult classic that spawned three sequels. When a jewelry appraiser is given an ancient gem, she unwittingly unleashes an immortal spirit that grants humans wishes in exchange for their souls.
Robert Kurtzman
Andrew DivoffKane HodderRobert Englund
Science FictionHorror
English [CC]
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4.2 out of 5 stars

693 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United States

James DewittReviewed in the United States on May 27, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Make your wishes!
Verified purchase
Wishmaster is a fun horror flick that didn't catch on, but it's always been one of my cult favorites. An evil Djinn is let loose on the modern world and claims his victims by granting their heart's desire. You can tell they were trying to make another Nightmare on Elm Street: highly imaginative kills delivered by a charismatic horror villain and boy does this movie deliver. The final bloodbath is great fun, let me tell you.

Andrew Divoff stars as the Djinn and it's such a shame the series didn't take off because he could have been the next Freddy Kreuger. He's scary and charming at the same time, with or without makeup and always has an eternal, deliciously evil grin on his face you can't help but love.

It's packed with cameos from horror greats and an entertaining watch. Sadly, it didn't have the budget that it needed and was released at a time when horror movies weren't getting the respect they deserved, but I suggest any one who loves special effects-driven, fun horror movies check it out.
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
While not at top of the 90s horror films Wishmaster is still a good watch
Verified purchase
The djinn originates from the ancient Middle East and was made popular in movies and TV shows as jinnis. In Wishmaster a djinn was about to be freed after giving three wishes to a ruler in the past but was exiled into a red ruby to stop it. In the present time the ruby is discovered and the djinn released upon the world. He goes around coaxing people into making wishes but turns them into horrible curses. That’s the fun of the movie to see how the djinn can twist around things people ask for.

One of the best parts of the film is the appearance of other horror leads such as Robert Englund from Nightmare on Elm Street and Tony Todd from Candyman.

While not at the top of the 90s horror films Wishmaster is still a good watch.
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United States on December 11, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
aged liked fine wine. way better than remember
Verified purchase
has almost every horror icon in movie is added treat (robert englund, Tony Todd, Kane hodder, Reggie from phantasm. movie is far from perfect but scratches every inch of guy who loves nightmare on elm street and hellraiser, Some early CGI but mostly uses pratical effects. Some awesome mack up and cool monsters and deforming humans. Movie was way better than I remember with an awesome beginning and ending. Reminds me of a mouth of madness a truly underrated horror classic. This is the direction the horror needs to go into with more fantasy and less generic slashers. writing could have been better and would love to see a remake in the way IT was done where movie reimagines the story rather than a shot by shot remake.
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DrewReviewed in the United States on October 16, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Underated Gem
Verified purchase
As straightforward and sometimes silly as it is, there are real layers here.
Not that its super profound, but it is intelligent. A truly smart and well-written fantasy film.
Well-executed modern take on an ancient and dark tale. Fans of myth, folklore, ancient religion, etc will love it.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Educational. Kid safe. Family Fun. Perfect for Halloween.

A true hidden gem. I vaguely recall hearing of it when it came out.
Watched on a whim this as a tangent from a Wes Craven research and watch binge.
And so glad I did! Perhaps a new favorite.

Not surprised that everyone doesn't get this film - ancient religion is very niche.
And superficially, it is rather unremarkable, perhaps even corny or cliche.
But it gets better the second and even third time. There is actual substance here.
Its truly great and also truly predictably destined to be a cult classic, not a blockbuster.
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h hansenReviewed in the United States on July 11, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
This movie is a real gem. Get it?
Verified purchase
This movie is a real gem; Get it? Every thing you can wish for in a horror move is here. Seriously a good horror movie with a female hero that doesn't act like the female version of Rambo. Too bad the sequels are terrible.
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SBC97223Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wits, Integrity, and Thoughtfulness Win!
Verified purchase
This is a four star movie where Tammy Lauren brings Alexandra's battle with an ultimate evil to live in a refreshing and believable way. Wes Craven has always stuck me as somebody who takes the time to make their fantasy/horror world internally consistent enough that you can follow why characters do what they do and why things fall together. This is most likely a solidly above average movie that I am tossing an extra star at as I really appreciated the heroine using her wits, intelligence, and thoughtfulness to defeat her ultimate evil. Smart Girls Rule!
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alistairvilleReviewed in the United States on July 24, 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Quite fun romp in the light horror genre. Glad I watched all four.
Verified purchase
Aside from the tedious and annoying nature of the vocal characterization of Andrew Divoff in the Wishmaster role - which was a waste of Divoff’s talents and a lack of understanding by the director as to how Divoff’s acting powers work - the movie is entertaining. Four movies in this franchise. Not intellectual. Not rubbish. And quite interesting. The first three movies are closely related to the first movie, but the fourth is a little more original. I enjoyed all of them. Worth checking out if you’ve not previously. Films three and four add bare womens’ breast’s into the mix. Seems totally irrelevant and gratuitous, but ignore and they are still good movies.
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bugmanReviewed in the United States on January 1, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
B-Movie Perfection
Verified purchase
Despite being inanely stupid, Wishmaster (1997) is a ton of fun. The make-up FX are a gooey treat, and this movie delights in transformations, items bursting forth from bodies, and crazy bodily mutations. One of the best effects shows a skeleton tearing itself out of a body. Awesome. KNB handle the effects, so you know they're good. The movie is also a veritable walk of fame of horror cameos and performances: Robert Englund, Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Ted Raimi, Joe Pilato, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder. The film looks great, too, as Jacque Haitkin, ANOES DP, shoots it. Good fun.
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