Wonder Woman 1984

5.42 h 31 min2020X-RayHDRPG-13
Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing a wide array of foes including: Max Lord and The Cheetah.
Patty Jenkins
Gal GadotChris PineKristen Wiig
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aReviewed in the United States on February 18, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
No affinity for heroine, no chemistry, dumbed down story and characters
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I'm sorry - had hopes for this, but right away had no respect for the child WW who cheated, then the adult WW was mean, cold, wooden, and condescending to the blond woman trying to be her friend. Wears sexy high heels but tells men to go to hell, alienates coworkers...what kind of role model is this. The evil TV guy isn't a good actor - not very believable, can't see why the blond woman was interested in him. Also, she acts too dumb in an unconvincing way. A Ph.D in archeology and all her specialties just wouldn't act that silly. Depiction of the '80's isnt accurate at all - clothes are not really right. Women would not wear off the shoulder tight blouse and tight leggings to work at the Smithsonian in the '80s. They shouldn't wear that to work now either. Professional women in DC wore nice suits then. (I was one of them.) The outfits in the movie are just frumpy but they didn't show the nice style of the '80's including hairdos - this is just modern styles sort of tweaked to look from a distant decade, not designed by anyone who worked in the '80s.
The '80's music wasn't right either. I guess for young people it doesnt matter - they won't know the difference but to me it was bizarre. I didn't really see any chemistry between WW and Pine. Story was fragmented or something - and it didn't make sense if you didnt see the prequel. Not sure it was a great storyline even if you did see it. I gave up after about an hour of this. This heroine doesn't compare to the original WW who was beaming with smiles and light and goodness.
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JM_B GreytReviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Just save your money wait for it to be free!! Trust me you'll thank me!
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Horrible! Just so bad! Gave it a star because at the very end, right after the credits a very small cameo appearance,The real Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter!!! That's the best part of the movie!
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jwwReviewed in the United States on February 12, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Well, I liked it

Wonder Woman 1984, which surprise, surprise takes place in '84, has Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), finds herself miraculously reunited with the love of her life Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). But, what caused this and other people's wishes to be granted? The answer will propel WW on a mission to save the world. I had a fun time with this.

The reception online has been VERY bipolar. I can understand those who had issues. The outfit WW wears in this is really shoehorned in, the villain The Cheetah (played by SNL's/Bridesmaids' Kristen Wiig) is given a great beginning and build up but a lousy conclusion and final battle (see more on that later), the manner with which Steve comes back is "problematic" and raises icky questions, there are, perhaps, one too many wishes which stretch out this two hour, thirty-one minute film, and the lighter-hearted and, at times, goofier tone does not match with that of the previous film.

That all having been said, I came in expecting to be entertained and this delivered. I know I'm not the first person online to make this comparison, but it feels a lot like the original Superman quadrilogy/Supergirl movie. Wonder Woman 1984 is lighthearted, even more so than some Marvel movies. It's trying to just be a pleasurable viewing experience without a focus on a kill count and emphasis on the hero actually saving people.

The wishes gone wrong idea isn't new (mostly relegated to horror), but you've got to admit that they haven't done it in the superhero format. Though the movie does lean a little too heavy on the concept, I do admire the various ways the film takes advantage of the wishes and how out of control some of them get. Antagonist Maxwell Lord (The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal) actually does some really smart things with them that you haven't seen before.

A strength of this is the four main characters. Gal Gadot once again does a great job as Diana and continues to cement the character as the more passionate superhero. Pine again works well off her. However, I missed the more serious earnestness he had in the last film. Here, he's fed more jokes.

Cheetah's backstory of a scientist who's disrespected and put upon by society has been done several times already and feels pretty obvious. However, her descent into evil is executed really well and Wiig does a very good job. But, like I said, there wasn't enough payoff. Her full supervillain form didn't jive with me design-wise. The computer graphics weren't the best and the final battle has her move so quickly that you barely get to make her out. Pascal is fun as the main villain Lord. His trajectory is the opposite of Cheetah's. He starts off small but gets more interesting as the story progresses. He's also a change of pace as he's more of an amoral business-guy type who's just trying to grab what he can get unlike someone actively evil. (Admittedly fans of that "big" dark Wonder Woman storyline with ML might be disappointed with how light they went with him here.)

The movie looks nice; it's definitely the most colorful and brightly shot of the DCEU films. The music is excellent.

Overall, the first Wonder Woman movie is definitely the superior film. However, I personally don't think WW84 is a fail. It provides a different viewing experience than other superhero films and is a good time-filler.
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Janene M.Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Do not waste your money.
Verified purchase
I like both of the actors in this movie, however this movie is horrible. I could not finish watching it, and there is not many movies that I have done that with.
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KyleReviewed in the United States on February 14, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
DC still can’t make a decent movie
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Slow and very underwhelming. Watched till the end hoping things would turn around, they never did.
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BorisReviewed in the United States on February 13, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
It's crap.
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R. BenReviewed in the United States on February 13, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Wait tell it free to watch..
Verified purchase
Huge let down.
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JatoReviewed in the United States on February 18, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Still entertained despite the flaws.
Verified purchase
I know this review is what it long so bear with me. I liked this movie, I liked it a lot, there are crazy good action scenes, and lots of great characters, and super cute funny scenes. Its entertaining. Gal Gadot is an amazing Wonder Woman and I believe she was born to play the role. And if you're a fan of the comic books you get to see the super awesome Amazon Gladiator championship display. That being said there were issues with the movie but overall I watched it to be entertained, and I was. I watched it because I loved the first Wonder Woman movie and couldn't wait to watch the next one, and I'm super glad I did. I liked it because I love seeing a strong female character and I don't think there are enough of them in lead roles..... especially with superhero movies. I mean seriously when was the last one besides the new Black Widow movie, and Captain Marvel?....Tank girl and Elektra, both from the 90s? Yes the movie is filled with morals, values and self-sacrifice but thats what superheros do. Honestly that's what they do all day long, all life long? (all long life long?-cuz you know they live like wicked long lives) they self sacrifice so that the world can be a better place, that's what heros do (but I'm not going to hit myself in the head with a red rubber ball😜)
Pseudo Spoilers:
Unfortunately DC has some serious continuity issues. She supposedly walked away from mankind a hundred years ago yet at the beginning of this movie you see her helping mankind.... or was it childrenkind.......hmmmm....maybe she only walked away from mankind and didn't walk away from childrenkind, MAYBE.... I misunderstood her at the end of Batman versus Superman....OR they didn't have to do the movie in the 80s and instead could have done it in present day, after Justice League, and still done everything that they did BUT it would have made a lot more sense..... and she wouldn't have called in the Justice League people because she knew deep down that what she doing was doing was wrong and so they could totally leave those characters out of the movie, no biggie....just saying is all.
You never got to see her with the poofy 80s hair.... there's a picture that was circulating the internet of her in a white dress, with her hair to the side in that god-awful poofy hairstyle, bad perm frizz thing from the 80s, and in the movie it never gets there. She still has her gorgeous, non frizzy, curly hair swept to the side. It would have been awesome had she had the super crazy perm hair...now THAT would have been an 80s flashback for sure....uh at least for me😜. In fact if you truly need that 80s fix, and only you would know why, go watch Batman with Michael Keaton. That movie is definitely filled with lots of gawd awful hair, dress, and color....the soundtrack however..don't lie you know you got down to 'Partyman'...of course I was 10 soo.....but...I digress.... The roles of her and Steve are reversed. There is still amazing chemistry between the two and of course crazy heartbreaking moments but in this one Steve is the one that has to be explained what things are and she is the one with the knowledge of the way of the world. Just the fact that he's even there is a huge continuity issue but maybe DC will get their act together and in the next movie someone will steal this entire memory from her and that's why everything else in all the other movies will make sense....food for thought.
Total Spoilers:
Going back to the continuity issue....At the beginning of the movie they have this big huge amazing for the comic readers, Amazon contest that... awesomely... the little girl who played her in the first movie got to renew her role with, but Diana didn't get caught being trained until she was in her early teens so why is she allowed to participate in this crazy contest when her mother wanted her to be a child that doesn't fight, just be a child....maybe because there's not any actual fighting, except for when that one Amazon pushes the other Amazon off of the poles, AND it's an Amazon Warrior contest, kind of like the Gladiator battles they had on T.V in the 90s, where she has to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow while riding a horse and jumping over canyons and stuff like that. Things that her mother didn't want her to learn.
Give it up for Steve Trevor on continuing his character trait of being the self-sacrificing human to save the world/day. And give it up for Gal Gadot for being awesome at totally playing the heartbreak moment to the hilt. I know that wat hi guys her broke my heart. I mean come on haven't you ever had that one person in your life that you just never wanted to give up but you had to? Maybe it's just me. Now if you watched the first Wonder Woman movie you know that she has already learned how to fly. She doesn't learn how to fly very far, or very well, but when she fought Ares, they both flew, plus, at the end of the movie when she jumps off of the building she flies into the city. However what I didn't understand was why she had to fly so far to go back to get her apt. to get the suit when they were already in the city she lived in. I mean she did like a lot of flying. My friend said that it was because she was burning off some steam, and pain, so she had to fly around for a little bit.... plausible...... but now she's wasted a bunch of time or the bad guy to do more bad guy stuff and she could have taken all that Steam out on the bad guy....whatever..... what do I know?
Cheetahs metamorphosis was grand to watch. To see her go from just kind of an awkward little person too hugely confident and then to a killing machine was beautiful. I really wish that the movie had been longer so that we could have seen more of her, especially as the killing machine...although I will say that her metamorphosis did kind of remind me of those 90s movies where the nerdy girl all of a sudden becomes beautiful because she takes off her glasses and pulls her hair out of a ponytail....I know you've seen that it.😜
Maxwell Lord...what to say about this guy....he definitely had some greed issues. I didn't love him as THE bad guy, I think Cheetah being the main bad guy in the movie would have been much more awesome, but I understand that they couldn't have done what they did and have that still happen. Still, he was just greedy and not much of an actual scary bad guy or even a bad ass.
Ultimate spoiler!!!! You've been warned!! Do not go any further if you do not want to be spoiled in the Ultimate Way!!!
Okay about the suit....for starters since they were making Asteria who we all know they made her to be, her eyes should have been wicked blue when she was fighting the world of men. Instead they were like this greenish-blue, more green than blue, but we all know "her" eyes are ocean blue, like blue blue, no green. Also, the suit didn't do Diana any good. She already knew how to fly so she didn't need the suit to fly, and Cheetah ripped the wings to shreds. Diana kicked way more butt after she let loose the wings. My conclusion of the suit is that it was to show how awesomely strong Cheetah was with out injuring Diana very much. I guess also to protect her from Cheetahs claws.... but of course Diana didn't know that Barbara had become this ginormous, awesome looking cat when she grabbed the suit, and yeah I think Cheetah looked pretty freaking rad. However it's a good thing she grabbed the suit, otherwise she would have been cut.....like a lot. The other reason for the suit was for the big cameo at the end, that's it. Because the suit honestly did not help her save the day at all, it just helped her from being cut, like I said.....a lot. I don't know, I could be wrong.
Now with all of my whining and griping and criticizing aside I still liked the movie and I still give it five stars because I was entertained and I wanted to watch it again right after I finished watching it and I can't wait to buy it so that I can watch the first one and then the second one right afterwards, but that's just me.
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