Wreck-It Ralph

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From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a hilarious arcade-game-hopping journey. For decades, Ralph has played the bad guy in his game. In a bold move, he goes on an action-packed adventure and tries to prove that he is a true hero with a big heart.
Rich Moore
John C. ReillySarah SilvermanJack McBrayer
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Top reviews from the United States

Garnett F.Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
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Its a ITunes app movie only and iTunes sucks big time as you cant watch thru VUDU or MoviesAnywhere so I would stay away from this and only 1 any good is the 3D disc only!! This was a rippoff and I don't like iTunes at all and don't care for their sorry app and I never place anything on there unless it does goto VUDU or MoviesAnywhere and this 1 just goes to iCrap app!! Wish they would jerk that thing off the net completely along with all the iphones that cost so much that they actually toss another out behind a new 1 to get you to spend for an upgrade and there is a controversy over that now and they are in DEEP water over ipi**X and thnk they will be making refunds from all I have read up about those jerks!!
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SureWhyNotReviewed in the United States on December 18, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Just watch it.
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I'm in my 30s now. I have a kid and I grew up gaming in the NES, Genesis, and arcade machines. This film has a lot of novelty to it and a lot of allusions to things I grew up with which makes it both fun and familiar. I took my daughter to see it in theaters so when a digital copy came up I had to get it.

All in all its a film about being ok with being a bit different and that sometimes you gotta be the bad guy in a situation even though you're not a bad guy.

Well written, cute, and all in all a lot of fun if you're like me and can relate to the games and help bridge a bit of old with new.
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Mom2TwoReviewed in the United States on February 9, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
My kids love this movie
Verified purchase
I was not expecting to enjoy this movie, but watched it because my 8 and 11 year old daughters wanted to try it. They loved it, and I have to say, it is a very cute movie. Worth watching as an adult, and highly recommended for anyone watching it with a child. We rented the movie at first, which was a mistake because we had to buy it. Since then, my daughters have watched it at least 6 more times, and my older daughter developed a trivia game of all Wreck-it Ralph questions that she plays with my younger daughter. It's a good story, with plot lines that have generated more than a few discussions of "why did..." and excellent character development.
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Rose TylerReviewed in the United States on May 28, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
When Can I see you Again?
Verified purchase
This is one of the greatest movies Disney released recently. It's a wonderful story about a videogame bad guy (John C. Rielly) who wants more out of life, and tries to be the hero for once. In the process, however, he ends up accidentally releasing a force that threatens to destroy his world, and he must try to stop it. At the same time, the hero of his game (Jack McBrayer) tries to find him and bring him home before their game is unplugged. Along the way, Ralph meets the little candy-coated glitch with a snarky attitude but a sweet heart from the Candy-themed racing game Sugar Rush, Vanellope Von Shweetz, (Sarah Silverman) and the kick-butt commanding officer of the First Person Shooter Hero''s Duty Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch). It has many great messages, including loving yourself and how wrong it is to bully and put people in boxes and judge them, and that friendship is more valuable than winning.

This has something for everybody. It has a great story, wonderful acting and BRILLIANT music by Henry Jackman. There's also lots and lots of wonderful details throughout this amazing videogame world they created, including tons of videogame character cameos and references all throughout the movie. It has action, adventure, surprising plot twists, a wonderfully believeable world, great characters, comedy, a nicely woven romantic subplot, and a wonderful friendship at the heart of the film. If you're a Disnerd, a videogame nut, animation nut, an adult or a child, You will love this.

Fair warning, though: The Cybugs in Hero's Duty may be a bit scary for very young children, and there is some rude humor and cartoony/videogame style violence and perilous scenes you'd expect from a world of videogames. But nothing too bad, though. There is definately alot for all audiences: kids, teenagers, and adults alike.
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KenReviewed in the United States on July 23, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
This is a must-see movie!
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I find in my old age I never actually go to a theater to see a film. I wait until it comes out on Blu-ray, and now that I have a 3D TV, I buy almost every film in 3D (even if 3D does bother my wife).

WRECK-IT RALPH is amazing, not just for the wonderful animation, but the story as well. It's a story of the "bad guy" in an old arcade game that is living on borrowed time. Ralph (John C. Reilly) goes to meetings of a sort of AA group for villains of arcade games, but he's determined to not be thought of as a bad guy. The other characters in his game, "Fix it Felix," don't want to associate with Ralph, and give him no credit for wrecking things so the game has a reason to exist so Felix (a really nice handiman) can fix-it. Felix gets a medal each time he saves the day, and Ralph feels he'll be accepted if he can get a medal. He sneaks into a commando game, and breaks all the rules to finally win a medal, but in the process releases a "bug" that he accidentally introduces into the sugary-sweet game of "Sugar Rush" Stuck in that game, and searching for his medal, he meets the Glitch, aka Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), an outcast who is adorable and irritating at the same time. She is determined to win an upcoming race, and Ralph sees her winning as the only way to get his medal back - until King Candy convinces him otherwise.

The rest of the film is brilliantly funny plot points and endearing moments as Felix and the Commando leader search for Ralph and the bug, and Ralph realizes that Vanellope is really meant to be the main character in Sugar Rush, and fights to make things right.

This film is amazing, and a wonderful work of animation from Walt Disney Feature Animation. It is to Disney's credit that, even after acquiring Pixar, they continue to also turn out wonderful animated films in their Animation division. See this film, unless you feel blood and guts is the only way to have an adventure.
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R. McAdamsReviewed in the United States on March 22, 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
My new favorite movie. Seriously.
Verified purchase
This will be my 300th review on Amazon, and I saved it for something truly special, and that something special is Wreck-It Ralph. It is my new favorite movie, taking the crown from my last favorite movie, which reigned from 1995 until 2013. I was so awestruck by this movie that after we rented it, we bought the HD digital version from Amazon Instant Video before it was available on disc, and watched it over and over again, and I have now bought the movie on blu-ray as well (Disney is getting their money out of me) so I can watch it without having to wait for things to buffer :)

This movie resonated with me in ways that I haven't experienced in a long, long time. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING "clicked" perfectly for me with this movie. I realize that just because I love a movie, doesn't mean everyone else will, but I will try to explain below my reasons why I love it, in the hopes that people who may not have wanted to give this movie a chance, will do so.

First, the sound is just perfect. If you played video games in the 1980s, you will immediately recognize the sounds they use in the movie, and that will raise the nostalgia level for you. They also integrate those same types of sounds into the music, making the whole movie "feel" like a video game.

Second, the themes in the movie of the misunderstood "bad guy" and the underdog situations are very compelling to me. [Minor spoiler] And being the father of an adopted daughter, I empathized strongly with Ralph adopting Vanellope and looking after her, and putting her goals and needs above his. I think anyone who has cared for a child will resonate with that theme.[/END: Minor spoiler]

Third, the voice acting is superb. I love, LOVE Sarah Silverman, and having her voice Vanellope was just beyond genius. She has one of those voices that I would recognize anywhere, like James Earl Jones -- it is instantly recognizable. Even the supporting cast got great voice actors that fit their characters well. I especially loved Alan Tudyk's take on King Candy as a modified Mad Hatter-type character (he has stated himself that he based his character's performance on the Ed Wynn's Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland).

Fourth, I loved Calhoun (the tough female soldier). I love that she is a nail-biting no-nonsense soldier who also feels vulnerable on the inside when someone calls her a "dynamite gal." Her side story with Felix is very believable and very touching at times.

Fifth, I loved the idea of "Bad Anon" as a support group for "bad guys" in games, and seeing old favorites from Mortal Kombat, Mario, and even Pac-Man sitting around and sharing about how they "may be bad guys, but, that doesn't make them ... bad ... guys..." :)

Sixth, I really can't get enough of the "Toy Story" idea of what's-going-on-when-we're-not-looking? They said so themselves in the special features of the blu-ray that they were exploring that trope with this movie, and I am more than OK with that. I find it fascinating to think of video game characters living out separate lives from their games once the humans go away ... and they've barely scratched the surface of gaming! There are MMORPGs, console games, handheld games, phone games, Flash games, and more to still explore. I can see all kinds of possibilities for a sequel.

Finally, I loved the ending.
[Moderate Spoiler Warning]
There are certain kinds of human actions that I think most people will say captivate their attention, send shivers running up and down their spine, and invoke a certain kind of awe -- and I would say that self sacrifice for the greater good (a'la Spock) or for a loved one, tend to rank the highest in our admiration. The moment where Ralph makes the tough decision and realizes what the greater importance is, and what kind of honor and medals truly count, and then acts on it, is a fantastic one. The music of the moment is perfect, and the build-up to the moment is perfect, and the resolution to the action is perfect. (See, I didn't spoil it too badly ^_-)
[/END: Moderate Spoiler Warning]

In my opinion, Disney hit it out of the ballpark with this one. I was mildly surprised to see that Disney was behind the movie when it came out, and impressed. They have certainly come a long way from Home on the Range (widely considered to be not just one of the worst Disney movies of all time, but one of the worst animated movies of all time).

I own this movie, and I love it. It is a rare gem. It is heartwarming, family-friendly comedy/action/adventure with a video game twist. There is no swearing (although there is a bit of juvenile bathroom humor I could have done without), there is no serious violence (the only things that get truly hurt or killed in the movie are monster bugs, and Disney-villains, and they just vaporize when they die), and there are no serious dark elements to the movie. It is a movie you can put on when you want to feel better about the world, and it is my new favorite movie.

5 stars.
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summerReviewed in the United States on January 21, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Perfect family movie...adult friendly! awesome storyline
Verified purchase
This is one of the best movies disney has made recently, seriously adults can not only sit thru this with their kids but will probably enjoy as much, if not more than the kid. Its about a video game villain who decides he no longer wants to be bad amd tries to enter other games looking for the opportunity to be a hero. Ralph comes from an older 8 bit atari type game, other games he visits range from n64 era to ultra modern call of duty type games. I love this concept and story line and all of the references to real games were great! Theyve made many nods to classics. This movie is really great for the whole family. My husband hates watching kids movies but i made him give it a chance and he really enjoyed this one. I've even heard him recommend it to friends who dont even have kids. weve wached it a few times over with our 14 month old. This really touched us as were 80s kids, and my son loves the animated characters and can follow the story even without any fore knowlege or history. This really is an all ages movie. My son first saw the movie at 7 months old and the colorful scenery and action really held his attention more than any other movie ive ever shown him since. It was his very first movie and is now his all time favorite. His 8 and 10 year old cousins really enjoy it too.
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H. SnyderReviewed in the United States on December 9, 2013
4.0 out of 5 stars
Who Knew? Video Games Have A Life Of Their Own
Verified purchase
Ralph is a home wrecker. Or at least he is an apartment wrecker, climbing the same apartment building for years, smashing windows and breaking masonry, only to be followed by Fix-it-Felix who repairs the damage with a magical golden hammer. After a hard day's work, what do video game characters do? Like the toys in Toy Story, they kick back and relax, leading their own lives until the arcade opens again tomorrow. Ralph's video game has reached the implausible age of 30, and the resident characters are having a party to celebrate. But they have not invited Ralph, who lives in a junk pile of broken bricks across the street from the apartment.

Ralph is despondent about his role as designated bad guy, and even attends a group therapy session for video bad guys. He's advised to follow the philosophy "I'm bad, and that's good." But he wants to be recognized as a hero, and starts by going to Game Central, a kind of Grand Central Station where video characters can shop and recreate on their days off. It also offers the forbidden opportunity to access other video games in order to confirm his heroism. In a combat video he wrecks his way to a medal, but has it stolen by a villain and carried off to yet another video game in Candyland. The King here is a cross between the Mad Hatter and the Wizard of Oz, and just too goody-goody to be true.

The big auto race known as the Sugar Rush is coming up, and here we encounter an archetype from Disney, the neglected Princess with a fatal flaw. Will Ralph become a hero? Will he rescue the Princess? Will his game avoid the dreaded un-plugging that results from becoming obsolete? Tune in to Wreck-It Ralph for the answers to these and other exciting problems that face the denizens of videoland.

This offering from Disney is fast, colorful, and features a host of characters that are interesting without quite becoming loveable. They teach kids by example that you can improve yourself if you try hard enough, and that obstacles and even personal flaws ("glitches") can be overcome.
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