Wyatt Earp

6.73 h 10 min2021X-RayPG-13
Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner) grows from innocent Iowa farm boy to respected Dodge City lawman. Joined by his brothers, along with Doc Holiday, he wages war against the outlaw Cowboy gang in a defining battle of America’s Wild West.
Lawrence Kasdan
Kevin CostnerDennis QuaidGene Hackman
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Top reviews from the United States

Quintis Arrius Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
An Epic American Western
Verified purchase
Inevitable comparisons will be made between this epic, and the more action-oriented TOMBSTONE. Both films came out within several months of each other, and the general impression I get is that Tombstone seems to be the favored film. That being said, I have to say that I like one as much as the other, although they are two very different films covering familiar ground. I've always been fascinated with the stories, and I think the only way you could really tell what "historically happened" would be to travel back in a time machine and take a front row seat! I appreciate that this film takes a look at Wyatts checkered past, leading up to the events at the OK corral. His character doesn't seem to be "whitewashed", and the man is definitely not perfect, but you can appreciate him just the same.
In the past, I thoroughly enjoyed director John Sturges' decades-apart films of the events, GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL(1957) and HOUR OF THE GUN (1967). I despise director John Ford's rediculous MY DARLING CLEMENTIME ( Tombstone,Az. set in Monument Valley? Pretty cute considering they're 505 miles apart, just for starters.) Frank Perry's DOC (1971) is a depressing mess.
Anyway, I highly recommend WYATT EARP as both an epic of the American West, and yet another fascinating version of the events preceding, and following probably the most famous shootout in American history.
I also recommend Blake Edwards' SUNSET, a fun imaginative story set in Hollywood in the 1920's, where Wyatt Earp (James Garner) arrives to be a technical advisor on a western starring Tom Mix.(Bruce Willis).
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a waltherReviewed in the United States on March 20, 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Costner is good as Wyatt
Verified purchase
This is the LONG version of the eventual Gunfight at the OK Corral. WYATT EARP definitely regales more backstory for the Marshall who (somehow, luckily, by fear and/or reputation) is never shot while being shot at quite often; and (for example) risking his life in the face of a mob demanding to lynch a man without a trial: "I'll take 10 or 12 of you with me before you get him," Kevin Costner as Earp firmly states as he cocks the hammer. Dozens of torch bearing hangmen disperse mumbling among themselves.
Costner is good as Wyatt, the other Earps (Michael Madsen as Virgil) hold their own with James Earp given a good part although he was never a lawman. His wife (Jobeth Williams) works as a prostitute in a bar with James Earp knowing full well what she is doing because the money is good; and as James Earp states: "I'm not paying for it."
The authenticity that sinks in while viewing WYATT EARP may have the more discerning movie-goer realizing EARP is actually better than the more immediately entertaining "Tombstone" which seemed to be more widely viewed and appreciated after similar release periods. While Val Kilmer in Tombstone had the best part with all the quotable lines Dennis Quaid's portrayal of Doc Holliday deserves a reminder that his performance sure seems more authentic and believable as the gunfighter dying of tuberculosis. Quaid is gaunt and menacing in his not as attractive roll, yet, he is still amusing while being a man of intense (for sure) loyalties. (story at the time was he really did make himself sick, losing weight to the point most of those around Quaid were really concerned about his health.)
No xtras on this one but I spent $4.09 for this well made Lawrence Kasdan western who had fared well with a less realistic but obviously intended western entertainment Silverado(1985). Jeff Fahey (Ike Clanton) is in both westerns as was/is Costner.
One missing link is Johnny Ringo who was much more memorable in Tombstone as played by Michael Biehn. Ringo is almost invisible in WYATT EARP story but there is more to do with the wives of the Earp brothers (in WYATT) while just the mere presence of the modern "Jewish" girl by old west standards (the lovely Joanna Going) is a major improvement over Dana Dalany in Tombstone, Wyatt's eventual soul mate.
WYATT EARP also explains a very close "family" type relationship with Bat Masterson and his younger brother (Tom Sizemore and Bill Pullman, respectively) who worked with and for WYATT EARP as buffalo skinners before becoming lawmen also!
This is a good history of WYATT EARP and his brothers (Virgil, Morgan, James ... and Warren) with Gene Hackman appearing as the Earp patriarch who instills Wyatt with a simple moral code.
Tea Leoni has a small but rather sexy part. Betty Buckley (Eight is Enough) portrays a mother (of course).
Annabeth Gish is a young Mrs. Earp.
This is a good explanation of why WYATT EARP stuck to his guns (pun indeed) the way he did.
WYATT EARP in Widescreen is a very good 3 hour informative watch.
4 1/2 stars
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Roger O. ThornhillReviewed in the United States on August 2, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Wyatt Earp and Tombstone both fail, but for different reasons
Verified purchase
This is a review of both movies. "Wyatt Earp" at least tries to tell a story with real characters, a sort of origin story like we've seen for superheroes such as Superman and Batman. But the tale is undone by three things:
1. the bad guys they face at the end are not worthy opponents – they are just unwashed dummies with guns who think killing and stealing are loads of fun! If you want an INTERESTING bad guy, check out Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Cobb in “Silverado” (a much better western also directed by Lawrence Kasdan): Dennehy’s Cobb is a shrewd, magnetic man with a gleam of mischief, who plays on the thin line between honest and rotten and can seduce good people into his web. Now that is a villain.
2. the casting of Kevin Costner sinks the film. Whatever he may be in real life, as an actor he does not deliver the goods -- we have to believe this lawman can quell an angry mob with a look, but the scenes where this supposedly happens read as absurd. We need a scary, smoldering intensity; instead we get a dull, toneless voice and a slack face. No hint of madness or danger, no touch of the devil. Kevin gave a fine performance in "13 days" – check it out – but here his performance is a disaster.
3. the story keeps shooting itself in the foot. Earp betrays his longtime companion (a game Mare Winningham) by falling at first sight for an attractive person (Joanna Going, who was so fine in “Still Breathing” but is wasted here) about whom we learn nothing that can make her matter, and as the story plods on, he decimates the lives of his brothers and their wives and children, who follow Earp in spite of his complete lack of charisma and his motives that seem only selfish.

Tombstone has a slightly better cast. Kurt Russell gave a wonderful performance in the underrated “Tequila Sunrise” where he played a wily cop with a wicked sense of humor who outsmarts himself and loses the girl (Michelle Pfeiffer). But here, as Wyatt Earp, he comes off as two tiny eyes and a giant moustache – like a kid on Halloween – and again he just doesn’t have the menace and machismo that could make strong men quail. Val Kilmer gives a justly celebrated performance, but his is a character in search of a story, and there just isn’t one. All we have is: the good guys wear smart vests, the bad guys look scruffy, they shoot at each other. That’s it. And again Earp falls in love at first sight, again with a person who doesn’t project any real gravity (Dana Delany). We are supposed to take it on faith that this is monumental love; but such a thing has to be shown to us by way of narrative, and that doesn’t happen.
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MJ SmithReviewed in the United States on October 15, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
A great telling of the Wyatt Earp legend, right up there with Tombstone, but it is a little too long
Verified purchase
This is a GREAT interpretation of the Wyatt Earp legend, more historically accurate than some of my other favorites, such as Tombstone, but because of it's more accurate account of the historic Wyatt Earp, it is one of my personal two favorite tellings of the story. First off, why 4 stars? The movie is long, and it's debatable whether they should have added in all the earlier parts of Wyatt's life (and just as importantly, are those earlier parts historically accurate?). But, those earlier parts of the story, Wyatt losing his first wife and it having a devastating effect on him, was in truth instrumental in forming the fearless peace officer who became the Legend. I also like the fact that it showed Wyatt's formative days making a living shooting buffalo and working on stage coach lines. The real Wyatt Earp was such a multifaceted person, working many jobs, not just as a law man. But what is also an important part of this telling is you notice in the movie that Wyatt only drinks coffee, never alcohol. This was one of the notable quirks of the badass lawman Wyatt Earp, who according to one of his best biographies Stuart N. Lake, he was noted as never drinking alcohol or cursing, which made him an oddity in the land of hard drinking and hard fighting cowboys.

Some of my close friends have criticized Kevin Costner's performance as wooden, and poorly acted. Personally, I liked the interpretation of Wyatt being someone who was not a smooth talking people, at times very hard, person while still having a very approachable human side for family and friends, since Wyatt Earp was known for his fierce loyalty to family and for standing for what was right. I also think Kevin Costner did a great job showing the badass gunfighter side of arguably the greatest gunfighter and lawman in the west. You always have to wonder what it would take to have the incredible cold nerves of someone who could tame some of the bloodiest and toughest cowboy towns in the West. And that is where I really like Costner's interpretation. Of course Tombstone, with Kurt Russell, is my all time favorite version of Wyatt, but because Tombstone has some glaring inaccuracies about the historical Wyatt, namely that he was "afraid" of facing down certain gunmen and consequently had to let Doc Holliday deal with worst gunman, is complete BS. According to biographer Stuart Lake, who personally interviewed not only Wyatt himself, but also interviewed many of his deputies and even some of the outlaws Wyatt dealt with, Lake says that Wyatt was described as the most fearless gunfighter in west, and was also faster on the draw than any gunfighter ever witnessed by his deputy Bat Masterson.

All of this being said, I think Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner, alongside Tombstone with Kurt Russell, are the two classics and pure fun movies when it comes to trying to capture the Legend of Wyatt Earp. And this particular movie, because it is more historically accurate in terms of Wyatt's character, puts it right alongside of the very best movies on this great character. It's biggest downfall is only the length of the movie, which definitely could have been shortened, and so I have to give it four stars, since that is a glaring editing issues with the movie.
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I Am The CheeseReviewed in the United States on May 26, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Confounded By All The Great Reviews
Verified purchase
I can't believe I just wasted 3+ hours of my life on this - and am confounded by all the good reviews. A star studded cast here, ok, but all of them were on sleeping pills or something because their performances were all so unbelievably dead beat. Dennis Quaid was the only one who seemed even remotely to care that people were going to pay money to see this travesty. I've always thought Kevin Costner is one of the most overrated actors of all time - he's always the exact same in everything he does - there's just no life in his performances. Dances With Wolves was watchable - I guess. I'm also sick of Mare Winningham playing absolutely pathetic women - she built an entire career on it! Anyway - to add insult and injury to the bad performances - was a terrible script - and the bad dialog. I get trying to tell the true story - or closer to it - but you can't go about it with nothing but the intention of killing your audience at the OK Corrall - with sheer boredom. Don't waste your time...like I did.
freedom readerReviewed in the United States on June 6, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
Great video quality but revisionism ruins it
Verified purchase
I'm in the minority in preferring Wyatt Earp to Tombstone for its better overall cast (except the bland and boring Joanna Going), the fact it doesn't cleave to Stuart Lake's biography (I believe it was intended for kids, hence its lack of any moral ambiguity), and vastly better music and script. Since the DVD runs on 2 discs I wanted to pare down the collection a little, but this Blu-Ray is as bad as the one for Iron Man in that scenes that were in the theatrical cut, such as facing down Native Americans on the buffalo hunt, are now cut from the film and relegated to deleted scenes, and scenes cut from the DVD are part of the Blu-Ray version. I'm actually considering keeping the DVDs instead.
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EveReviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Firstly, I love Kevin Costner movies and I have been wanting to add this to my dvd collection for some time and it finally had a price point that was great for my budget. Secondly, the story line is wonderful and has an all star cast to bring this adaptation of history to life with a different point of view. Lastly, the dvd itself had exceptional quality when played, I recently got a smart tv and I was blown away by how much it looked like I was in my own little theater all I needed was the popcorn and pop. If you want a great western story, I highly recommend this one.
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LeonReviewed in the United States on February 11, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the best.
Verified purchase
This is one of my all time favorite movies. Star studded case, great story telling with amazing cinematography. It is an epic slow burn and it's long. This movie goes it into detail about not only who Wyatt was but who were the people around him who contributed to his game as a law man. Great movie. I like it because it is a well made and thorough endeavor. It's slow in the best way, yeah, this is not a movie that you watch with a crowd, this is a solo viewing that you'd watch alone that is if you're a loving of deep details. This movie is not made up of disposable material, this movie does not waste your time as a viewer, you will be rewarded for the length of this classic.
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